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S .4 KENDALL CHRONICLE The North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. 2. KENOALL, MONTANA, SEPTEelBER ae, Woe. NO. n SE OS ON THE FAIR. Large Crowds Attend and Get En- o' meta Out of It. Lewistown is Hospitable -The Dis- plays Occasion Favorable Com- ment—A Few Features. ^^...•/* • ' The county fair 411003 ie asi evenrof the past. 'foe ers y that had gathered last %A* ek at l.ewfiij,n have reentered to the emir corners Of Fergne, and all that females of the week's festivities is a tmleasatit memory, „ Lewistown entertained wore people last week than at any time in its4sjory, The crowds came to attend the Gar, and they had a merry time of it. NoCiAPP of people in the United States have a bet- ter time npon occasion than the Montall- eAtiM. They rise to the opportunity. let the occasion be whae it may: , awl when the event It a fair they' seem piirticular- ly I appy. Vieitors to the fair came front all parts of the weeny. Families from the southern townships greeted families from the north; those from the .... n - teems Shook lianas with residents of the valleys mei enjoyed themselv4. - keine all like a great fend* reunion, an& quite as sociable. The weather leas Weal, alba tint helped to make everehody feel good-natured end comanueleative. Lew- istowe threw open its doors to the visit ors and extended them a hearty with come. There was no Writ of selfish corn tercels I ilea matte manifest ; prices were not advanced for the occasion. So 'whitey had reasra for coefPleito on that score. The fair lastel three daYa, *teethe at- tendance was good. It wino a well -dressed, well-behaved, happy crowd Matte/em- i t ted each iimmy at time fairgrounds. to take in the sights and wittiest§ Heels of steed on the kite -shaped track. The mane - gird of the fair spared no pains to melee the exhibition of the county's erteducts a creditable one, and their that end were well rewarded. The (heresy of fruit, and vegetables, for instance, while not estensivo, was creditable. The ex• faiths ehewed what the SOil and tem- shine of Montana cite prodnce, and the fine apples, potatoes, cabbage and other promIncts of the garden and orchard, were a pounce of wonderment to those Ito haul suppoowl Fergus wits . e :purely stock reefing section. But mt featere of the general display was the mineral exhibit, analio part of the fair attracted greater attention. At all lroure an interested crowd could be seen studying the different ine s. Even prac- tical mining tate acre aerprieed at the great variety of ores shown. • Every camp in the county was represented. Many of the specimens acre attractive to the eye, especially those ores that carried the ',nee stews with the gold and silver. owing to the large month- ly shipments of gold bullion from Ken- dall afetrict, the crowd* were particu- larly interested in its collection of cyan- ide ores. All the leading ntiiies hero were well ropreseeted. Some of those from the \hack townships\ were (temp- yointell, however, as they could not see the gold sticking out in pixie view, and were credulous about the ore beiras of • 80y particular valet.. Snell people, how- ever, were delighted with the aisploy front the sapphire metes: they could see the polished gems, the sewers in the rough, and as they appeared tu the floe - nix. Ti, all the display in the in department was a leeeon in mining. The display made in the hoesehold departtnent drew forth tee greatest amount of entelned applatise. Anil well it might, for it was a remarkably tine exhibition ot \what a WOMNII cret eheie were hundreds of speci:nens of • r needle work, eeery one an exquisite • example' of skill. There were samples of excellent 'painting in oil and water colors . and of free hand dela ing, sketch- ing and photography. The lee& and &awn a ork display was particelarly merritorioute awl attracted 3 crowd every hour the doors were open. Un- fortunately the displuys in this depert- ment were too crowded, and the effect was leesened in consequence. Tin -re a ere sOille specimens of \buret eork\ that would attrazt attention at arty Int The eublic school exhibit of writing, mime hug, etc., also proved loll of interest. The work showed the schools o( Fergus are op to else stand:me met keeping elerteset of the times iii eleentioeal methods. The Montana Hardware Co. and the Power Mercantile Co. made fine die pleya le their oe n building on the g . ride. The former @hotted so -me of their speciwitiete arul. the latter made a display of high-cluse furniture that woe it estimated prethe. (It her en terprieing firma in Lewietoen ermel inure had dis- plays if 11;ere had been proper ocean- moitalioes. In the poultry and live tuck depart - emote there were siwcitimens that at- tracted tench attention, thought the ex- hibits were dot hnmerene. , Of course the races were a strong drawing card. Montana people—old and young, men and a omen—love to see a good horse race, and their tastee were fully gratified at the fair this year. There were three end four turf events every afternoon. and at no time was there talk me jockeying or jobbing. Everythieg wag/mu/000d Oil time level, and it i be- lieved the best horse won in each event. On the racing program the relay race for belies 11%1/1 a feature. There two en- tries, Miss Patterson and Miss Marshall. At the end of I he first Ilay ' s race the former had the lead, maintained it on the second day, and when they appeared for the final four -mile run she bad much the beet of the race. Unfortunately, however, on the last day, at the end of the first mile, Miss Marelell fell as she wee changing from one horse to another, and was rendered unconscioue, and the accident put an end to the race. Much sympathy was expressed for the young lady, and in a few moments a handsome sum of money was collected for her from the crowd. It wet, a source of (Beep- pointment to the fair teenagers and to the lovers of horse racing that many of the racers booked to appear failed to show ne. owing to the postponement of the fair at Billings, where the horses were in attendance. As it was, however, the race rogram was a good one and gave neieersal satisfaction. On the last day AM Crowley's horse Etta V. trotted a mile against time. She made the circle - en 2:20; a purse of $150 wes hung up for her to beat the track record of 2:22k. A very stiff breeze was blowieg when she et temetea the feat, which handictipped her effort to marked degree. Bid Fredericks a Good '11n. Kid Fredericks, in his two tights last week at Etwistown, gave adaitional proof that lie is it very clever man in the dee; alma not only that, proved he lute! lots tmf pluck and endurance. Friday night he met Kid Foley of Ante. and won Sy a knock out in the! eighteenth round. It was a stubbornly i -contested fight and was fast ftom start to finish. Both teen were in goal condi- tion. While Frederick wits the fevorite in the betting, the big crowd present showed a warm feeling for Foley. The latter made an uphill fight. Along about the sixth round it looked se though his cleverness would help him win; but Fredericks' hard and frequent blows gradually began to tell; and long before the knockout come it eas plain Foley coeld win only by a clma»ee blow. Dur- ing the fight Foley injured one of his lianas, and from that time on fouglit it e disadvantage. In a fast fight last Tuesday night Kid Fredericks knocked out Doc Flynn in the seventh rotted. It was hammer and tongs from the first tap of the gong to the last ininete a actual fighting. when Fredericks rent in a terrific hook to the jaw and Flynn went to the floor,, and \the subsequent proceedings intert•sted hint no more.\ Killed While Hunting Doer. Saturday morning the 12th Jesse likageadass shot and killed by Mellie Baker,,While hunting deer at the bead of Chttonwood canyon, in the Snowy mountains. Hodges and the two Baker hove were trailing titer, and while Hoeges was in the brush Mellie Baker mistook his figure foe that of a deer and fired. The ballet entered the boay from the back near the spinal volume and came out just above the heart. As soon as possible the wounded man was taken to camp two miles away. In the mean- time a mersenger hastened to Lewistown and returned with Dr, leinig. Medical however, was nnavailing,_ one Hodges died the following morning. The deceased had been married but a short time. The funeral took place at Lewis - toe n. Time Lewistown Meat & Provision CII. carry freelm'ments, fish, home-made hint, and home-made hams .and bacon. , Public School Natters. In two months' time, if the weenier 8 at all fat -arable, Kendall will have a school house that will be a credit to the camp. The schomml trustees have sold ;4000 in bonds and let a contract for the building. The bonds went to the Union Bank and Teat Co. of Ilelena, that institution \ bettlimmg *4025 for them. The Royal Trust Co, of Chicago lett in a Lid at par. The bonds draw 6 per cent. interest and run ten yeti, Inie,inay be; reitleemed in foum r. 1 . 113 contract for building the echool house was let last Saturday to George Wells and henry Parrent, at the con- tract price of $3876. Work will com- mence at once and hurried to comple- tiont In the meantime school -will be held in a building formerly used for a store. School opened Monday for the winter term; 62 children reported and a lutypiar tot of pupils never aseembleri for instrustIOn. Re's Another Fellow. .1. F. O'B., Gilt Bulge—You are wrote.; in assuming that Bonepart, the man who is investisatitig certain Indian Ter- ritory affa i rs, is the same person that the Duke of Wellinstoit knocked out at Waterloo. Ile is *Ninety agreed nephett of the original Iflonapsre _ _ A 'Lew 4s,ree, Hdltor's l'estisovoulal. M.• Lynch, editor of the burg, N } I., Daily Post, writes: \I have , tubed tasety kinds of medicines for coughs !eel colds in my faintly but never austleser so good as Foley's Honey and 're.: 'I cannot say too much in praise of it.\ For sole hy L. C. Wilson. _ &Meat • The CAI -ammeter *Ma and Clak 31. ; Maker w \ anis ; has opened a shop at C drug More LEWISTOWN it here you can get your match repaired end pet in es good order SR the day it ;eft the \factory\; also jewelry repaired and new jewelry made to order from Native Gold. Right CARD In the In the Shoulder In Style In the In the and in Neck Front Back Price We are not competing with \reamlyena store\ clothes : Their clothing Is slot in the POnie class unit the Stein -Bloch custom tailored gartnenta. Theirs is turned out by tnachiimes; our* is liameinade—the product of cutters and tailors who command fancy salaries. Wears after men , A110 pay Illil.K0 LSO to $tso for snits to order. We can save them half their money and dress them hetter—in the very height of fash- ion, for $15 to $27 SEND US TOUR MAIL ()RIAU LE T W COIVIMER LEWk>ill I STOW \\ \. \ CiAlico- I( )NT A \ N N POSTAGL PAID ON • Air. %ill!. ORDER , — r

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 22 Sept. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.