Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, September 29, 1903, Image 1

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KID CURRY.1Editorial Minds at Work. ORE IN IR ,;. g!ta-tnir, A an who Has Commit. ted Many Crimes. CM-Bio - oded Murders and Many Highway Robberies. Some of the Thrilling Episodes in His Western Career. Cnrry, murderer, batik rohber, cattle thief and desperado, is goiliewhere M in northern Montana. James cPhee. land, a Pinkerton detective, gives the following details of C•urry nod his gang to the Great Falls Leader: lit the latter part of the 'Ws three hrouters, John, Loney and Harvey Lo- gan, who hail been born in Kentucky, and raieed by an aunt at ltobson, appeared, under the name of the Curry brothers, in 1Vyontiter, st here ,Infin, the oldest, took tip a ranch. John hail a cat : tie brand, and the first knowledge of his crimea we have is that lie started in to brand mavericks. This was followed by wholesale cattle stealing, in %filch all three brothers participated. Harvey was the baby of the family, :inil Mal! dubbed the kid, and in after life arts known as Kid Curry. It is not known why they streamed the name of Curry, and can only be ex- plained by the fact that at the time they settled in Wyora;ng John met a the name of Georg Curry, alias Hat - Noised George, anti the two became fast friends. The ilepreilations of t hese four men became PO great that the cattle associa- tion got after them. It was made so hot for them they let t. for Montana. After going to Montana, the four (settled in a most lugged spot in the northern part of the state, making their headquarters hundred feet down on the shaft is beimg sunk to tap the body of cyaidile ore that is lwlieved to exist at depth in th this part of e Abbey gn cotel Until this shaft was stai hal all the velopment wort: on the Abbey had twint pmsecrited la\ ar three hundred feet to the 8 81111. Iii those workings the on. body hiy in such a poeition as to con- vince the managerneet that it would lye etieonnterthl at ilepth Ii) the northward. Superintendent John- son not (idiot% work on the galena prvosition, hut (lie tilted the artival of President Cook of the Abbey company. As yet the trite nature of the galena vein is 1111.1et.englilled. It is tss it t l e it kiwi} least to a large body of Ira* ore; ItIr 301ilitg011 ft tys it in ty be a meat St ritt4t.3 of the m d ain epopit. The findng i of a hi t t Italy of emelt ing ore ill this camp %old,' create betied lion indeed. It would put a new phase on A Wine that IS MI Hercule• In Irnes a. the situation. A silver-lead proposition, vi•ti as In Name. • for itintance, would await the extension Major Kingsbury, the millionaire Spokane niimi owner, in speaking a ith a KENDALL CHRONICLE. \lhe North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and liave Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. 2. KENDALL, MONTANA, SEPTEMBER 29, 1903. NO. 29 of the NIontatia railroad to Kendall. The ore could I* shipped to the Ileletia - — IILUL smelter at a low freight rate; or a mei- - — Spanking Machines the Latest. ter could he built to advantage in the - TI:e newest of the new fads iii ethica- North Moccasins. There is plenty of tional circles is the spanking machiiie. A Vein Cut Last Week in th e I n _ coal to be hail e Vertical penmanship, nature study, lose at band for coking purposes, at all other supplies cottlil he had at moderate coet. M'Ibile the South side of the North Nloceesins curries cyanide ore, a vast \room\ of ProliPti6ine work done on the northern and western slopes of the inoliebihis 1131S show it up ninny veins of cal departure front tt ne-honoreil .c us- , cm the Northern Slope. free milling gold atiid silver ore, along tom, comes from the state training school of Minnesota, where the machinewith copper. In the country at the has been used 'with ___ gratifying results. head of 11'011 glitch there are vast deposits This is the limit. The time lets arrkeil '1110 monotony of sinking zri incline of iron. In_ places tgreat quantities of it alien vigoroits protest must he tittered , No iii '.t the fail in education. To further shaft through a blue limeetone fornottion is scattered over tlie surtare, and it can disregard the threatened danger to our in the Abbey mine was relieved ono ill'' , be Klee croppieg ritit iti reefs of rum - in- most cherished institutions would helm- last week by the workmen encotinterieg Otis size. Now taint IN there beneath pardonable. The reign of tile fliddirt a i Fit n of galena ore. ust end. It Las been pretty had h ve a ere- . , - . The Shot that first I this iron eappitig? RosslataPs bonitlizas t a m , b ut now, w h en i t i, 1 . 0 .01 , 0 „ 3 , 1 t. ,, mew Out tire stuff Created a sensations i are beneath air irmi cop. Substitute a contrivance of wood an d among throne on shift as no such chat - ac- In the, early ...lay,. -consideridile aiit k steel for the human hand a s : k spanker, ter of ore hail lieretbfore been encom:- was 41 ()!Ie ill ale Iron gulch lkiciollY all`i a halt must be called.large sums of Mottev spent in sinking tered, tier Was it . ,at SP anticipated. 'flie spanking for just five thousand, six mutt- vein proved to he al4iit a foot wide, and s fluhafts mid rant i ling It - lintels. But finally nk run low atm! ' work was iliscontiti- 'file human hand has done the won Id's drcil and sixty-four years, according to was increasing in ui.1.11 as the incline rued. But this pruspetaitig was trot e i lite Jew iidi ealenilai , and for fifty *nil- eun ti m ied d o w n an d out of the ve i ns met _ Out resnits: it proved there were fissure lion years, as the geologists have it. In ter. Samples of the ore brought to town t n .e i( t ) t e t t se l i t i te cn re n ' ea S e a k . tlir i th k e i ) n . . e l art.i . e , - ‘ 1 4:,', a i li n t ri s ti o ) f . e s all t t hat ti me the apanking has been very well ilorie. and there appears to bt no showed the ore to be rich inI go•ena , see itiame big minter on the north side,\ physical eulttire and the rest of the hob- chile Shaft. biis of the present day'editcator are back tiumbern_pow. No saciol , silly he consilTh.ed as at. up 'to (late in- stitution unless it is equipped with a What a Big Smelting Proposition spiteking machine. The au uovnicernent. of this innovation, wiiieht is Bottli a radii- Would Lead To—Ore Veins •tree.1 for the prop Bed substitution. amt at the same time gave evidetsce of And this protest is not a Cry against pro- carrying gold and silver. Returns re- gress — Anaconda Standard. ceiveil from the assay office give good —o— values. The ore Was struck about two /looker 1'. lIa• Ins Hand* Fall. Some la -alone andarell-menning term of Philadelphia have seen fit to con- demn the efforts of Booker T. Washing- ton to lift .up his negro la ethien la.- earet5, in t heir judgment, lie has placed 100 reitIC tl stress on such thinga as Hack- smithing Red carpenteriug and Mot trot paid attention to ''the religions and the moral side.\ As well might these men protest tsgun sims the [knows Polytechnic 'Institute because it undertakes to give it practical edricatioti ill the industrial arts and iloes not open each period of instruc- tion shit prayer. Supposing even trod the great need of the negro in the South is the goat eh, and not the ability to SUS- tido himself, thete never ) et has been shoe n a hirk of mianionaries fur a prom- ising field. The ()Wolin duty of the Philadelphia objectors is to go into the field end preach. Booker Washington Iii, his hands hill a tilt the work lie has tinglertaken.—Heleits Rocoril. A GREAT PROPERTY. which OW118 a five -eighths intereat: In- cluded in this family us But ard Boyce, the ex-htlxir chainpion, who married sister to Harry Hay. The on liens File 11bPoilltely independent of the smelter tr'us't. Mary Atkwright Mato'', a ho is the Logan. with (elide stealing. 1 - 11 - 1 K 1 -- I know n m lirolighont the mining catnps of enraged John Logan, Mins Curry, am' the northa eat and who has heel) an ac his two brother!, and they swore to kill IiVç politician, is tinder/Ito& to own one - Winters at the first opportnnity. one pi x Nr l i een K t t Ii n ii w s tte btir e n xt s i a nys tli ti i wail e l p o rt i tpert inslaffiC day several mouths after the threat Was eh...rein poor People, and aitholit the issued Winters and the Logan boys tnet aid of capitalists, have by persistetit near Harlem. fort totem -ere! a bonanza and are in e The stgtu al \'inters was the si g nal i t i rn i r t e io t i t ' re l lw b ritg i \ :r i t e i r rei univ art. h the ow mu - ern are realizing a profit of at lesst $100, (Connintied on page 5) l ON a month. Butte Miner reporter, a few days ago, : \Vkithent doubt the richeet melte in Line Coenr d'Alene country today is the Hercules. The owners :ire indepen- dent anil have a standing offer id $5, in aeil around Harlem and Landusky, 000.000 for the Property, which they have steadfastly refuted. They have a vein in the neighborhood a here other notori- of ulore than 100 feet wide of redid gall- ons cattle and boil* thietes resided,. lees ore. whirl' Is shipped to the Selby t'attte rustling was carried On V. ill) , attellet in San Prate:Ism. They have !right hand awl the rairthers about art,' 50 ubanur,blit simply take out I he c ripl e intimideted, fearing death at the hands Ore stal place it on the cars. The own- ers if the mine have recently ilia - tithed if one or the o ther i f th e y ingile any Pr'- iuterest in the Selby work ii Awl have test. However, the. Montana Cattle as- made a ten-year contract to Phil) the ore sociation took a hand in the iroutile. to these works The principal owners of this pcopertv tire the Drily family was eullected and one tying, W. Winters, a %validly t.atile masa, who had lost it great deal of stock thro the operations of the gans, had !terve enough to se ear to a complaint charging is the Way is prominent 1113111 put it yes- terday_ and this scan is drau hat (lit'i dentin from the eyanide properties ion the south slope of the Mom:writ*. A New J4-r.ey 11Colliner TestIna. , 441141. M. i s , Lynch, editor of thus- Ph lips - burg, N. I., Daily Post, writes: \I II8NC need malty kitela oh medicinen tor collides and colds in tily family but never anything so 1 /00g1 as Foley'a Honey and Tar. I Calilolt say too ioneli ill praise of it.\ For ph 1,,\ The Clerelosekr Watch an41 Clock Maker has opened it shop it C. II. Williams' drill store LEWISTOWN here you tan get your %stitch n epaired and pot in HY gqval order AP the day it wit the \factory\; also jeit elf y a epaire.1 nutil t.ew jewelry made toorder frm o Native Go 41. Right CARD In the In the Shoulder In Style In the In the and in Neck Front Back Price wp :ire not emu petitig with \ready-made. elore\ clothes : • Their ellahina is not in the class is ith the Stein -Bloch citylom !piloted totrinents. 'flitting is turned old by machines; (Mrs is liaig.1-tosole—Ilte prolgict of cutlers and tailor• a ho ...ottoman.] fancy -illai.ies. We are after :min it inn pay tailor,- $30 to \181 for Plitt P to order, w... -:in •ave diem half (Iwo nionia .111.1 dieggs Ilgenti Itetter- in Iltg• t..31 - 1,ei011 ol fitg.1, Ion, for Nit $15 to $27 „END us YOU It MAIL ORDERS E W 1,1.11VI -4(1W I STO N, McoNTaNa Nisi -AGE pArn 44. A I.I. MAII. ORDEI:: , A

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 29 Sept. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.