Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, October 06, 1903, Image 1

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sos KENDALL CHRONICLE. The North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest lull VOL., • . II I KENDALL, MONTANA, ()CTOBER 6, t903. „., . No. 3o THE GREATEST LOME Mill That Montana Boasts of is Near F' Kalispell. It Cali Cut 750,000 . Fat Per Day. Handling Lumber by Electric Tram—Tie Pickling Plant. In the yard@ of the big sawmill of the John O'Rtien Lumber company, operat- ing at Somers, near Kalispell, no horses are employed, the lumber being handled between the nulls and the cars by elec- tricity. This is the only SAN mill in the United States having an electric trolley system in connection with the plant, the system being devised and put iii opera- tion by John O'Brien, the president of the company. 'This trolley system in the one/ling about our big plant in %hie!' I take spe- cial pride,\ said Mr. O'Brien to a Uelena Independent reporter, \a1141 it in also the admiration of himbermen 311 over the country. Our trolley' systoon embraces almost tee miles er track, the track be. mg of a two -foot gauge. We find that ee can handle lumber much cheaper and intMh faster by this method than by the old Tvien of tering horse*. For in one of our el••ctric engines IS capa- ble of pulling 40.000 feet of lumber away front the mill at one load.\ The John O'Brien company's mill has a is of 250,000 feet of lumber per stay, and shout the mill 500 men are em- ployes!. W'ithin a few hiii.dred feet of the mill is the tie pit:klieg 'slant of the • G eat Northern Railway company, Mr. O'Briett'e conopeny li vi tu mc eontract e lilt ilie railway people to furnish (lea for the plant. VP have been cut tine a lot of rail- road ties hi the pant three years,'' the big lumberman rantinnetl,'\ittitl I guess you can find our ties scattered along the o;teat Northern track from St. Pant to the coast. At the present Cline we sire delivering to the company 4000 tire per day. These ties are being pickled and %%ill he shipped to variona points along the road. \Mr. Hill, of the Great Northern, as- serts that a tie treated in the pickling plant a ill last for 25 years. Inasmuch as the plan of presert ing the ties is a Coln partitively new one it e ill take Rollie time to determine the full -measure of Its eticcess, het it is certain that the trout- mem accorded the Ilea aill prolong their service. Tim pickling plaut is very in- teresting and is one of four plants of its kind in the United States. \After being cot the ties are allowed to relinain ill the anti for sixty Ilays, after which they are treated. They sire then put into Isir tubes, there being four of theee tube*, which are of mammoth axe. The air Is pumped out of these ttilms to create a vacuum, after which, under heavy measure the ties are treat - ell in ii chie,iuieu,l MniiitiOn of chloride of zinc, tenpin and glue. The ties are treated for about six !Mill's, ;mot the plaid has a capacity I if about *10) ties per day. treat the ties in dile man - tier costa'alwout 12 centa each, thus add- ing about 50 per cent. to the original coen of the lieS. \The Illiiiher,resonrces of this state are magnificent and they will laat a long time. At the rate lumber Is liehti manufactuf:411 irl 'this state at the pret- ent time there will be plenty of the finest' kind of -timber hpre thirty years herice;::,. The aslen.t. O'Brien is operating colt. nee* a million dollars, and is beisg added to.!' Editorial Minds at Work. W liernfoshe is Lace sig. One of' the /ending Democratic join:. mils of the ittete is pleading for harmony in its par e f:y 'ranks, and ojferrt more or less goal advice' . under the headline: \Montana Democrats should be united.\ Unfortimately for tlie wospects of that politieal organisation, the record of its ',eeriest Wet& InAttrying up members of the legirolaturie ericking• primaries and piirchissi'itg the sutmort of its state com- mittee, has disgusted so many of the self-respecting members of die pally that deney AU the' leading Democratic dailies and weeklies from the east, -or neatly all, -are pronounced in favor of the 110111111ation of the an fisherman of Buzzard's Bay. They insist that lie is the only candidate who Can unite the warring factions of the party, and com- mand the sopi)ert of the buoiness men. The trusts of the country are down on Theodore Roosevelt, and they want Cleveland, and that is all there is of it. Let our Democratic brethren in Montane wet their whistles and get ready to shout for Cleveland and reform next year. - Marysville l mntaineer. Impounding its Slums. The Kendall company has under con- struction a darn in the gulch some dis- tance below the mill site. When com- pleted it will he twenty-two feet high. The Purpose of this dam is to impound the sitnits that flow from the mill after the cyaniding has been completes]. The volume of slums that run doe the they cannot conscientiously work tor ill success.--11enton Press. gultas is very large, and recently land Han well Attended. -o owners along the route have been coin- The Kendall base ball club gave it ball - Getting Down to theAVhlte Nlat.s.• Letel If he keeps on tlegenetating the In- dian %till socni be no better than the white mate Monday inorniug„ . ..tgit Mere tee, chief of the !minty, police, boarded the train loving in hie custody John Charley and Mrs. Marley liebe, two In- diana (nen the 1 7 1atheitT remervitiMn. 1 lila ii tieaecond d u o, J o ne Charley limo stolen Chittley!Gabe's AN. Such examples of mineled naihtu depravity ere seldom shown exeepletly white people.- Hamilton Reptiblicon,,,,, -0- There are Lot• of Halt Haskrd Meow It is 110 - WOnder that the poor are al- ways with there are so many men who ale abrolutely \no act:mint.\ Wm will never realize how \no at:comsat' sonic men ere until you have had 00.:11. sten to hire a few of them. It is next to imporisible to secure a man who will k r.i ahead with his work without trifling or pottering or asking superfitious ones- tious. The tritiiiig man rimy be in los- trions ; lie may have the best intent ice's its the world; be may imagine that : pc is a captain of indestry, as it were; and yet he is it failure. -Forsyth -0- Jost what It would Amount T... When a matt tells you in all @cilium nese that lie is it socialist because he is against trusts and combinations of cap ital and is in favor of collective owner - !hi p of all the means of production and government control of everything. One naturally wonders abet ails the fellow. It occurs to its tit It government owner- ship, to the exteut ii Ivac 'test by the So Mallet creed, would create joist it little bit bigger trust than Itockerfeller ever I Ireamed of.-Res1 Lodge l'icket. - One Way to Atop Divorces. Teach your boys breadwinning, and your gills breatimaking and the divorce mills will soon run out of grime -Proud der Sentinel. -0- The P..o n ie Mmm.t Pay the Freigh., Oh., Same. When the cattlemen get their 0% ii packing house trust esrabliabed the p0i . lic will sloubtlese be treated to high 4.44t- tle and high meet, instead of low Cat! It. and high meat. -Dillon Examiner. II It Is Grover. then Whet. AS time goes on, it becomes more ap- parent that Cleveised is to be time notiti- 'tee of the Democratic party for the Ferri- J. Stephens and W. G. Runzler, of Lew- istown, and II. C. McEvony of Gilt Edge. Later the directors elected officers as follows: President, G. NI. Nelson; Vice President, A. S. Wright; Secretary, W. G. Runzler;Treaserer, F. E. Wright. The company is preparing to patent its claims, which are atone thirty-four in number. The survey work is now in progress. Rivet Your aye on the Long Green; I tangerouts counterfeit hank notes are in circulation iii Montana. and it is ared smite of them have reached Kendall. They are $ , 5 and $20 'totes Coned by ;lie \State Bank of New Brunswick, New Jersey.\ in 1864, which failed loug 11g. I. They are printed on thin paper frOM steel plate. The face of the notes eon - lain portraits if George 1Vashington iii the left bagel side and Beejarnin Frank- lin on the right hand side. They are quite likely to deceive unless closely fernttnized. elaining of the overflow on their prop. Friday night that proved most eujoyable ray. 'The dam will hold back much of. There wars a large attendance, and the Otis detritus. 1 ladies outnumbered the gentlemen. The 1 - - i music was excellent, and dancing was 'Will Saw Lumber. . kept up lilt a late hour. Machinery is now being set up on the,- Shanks rench, just west of town, pre- ' A ii... Times a Night. pitratory to ***Mg lumber. Steinke ilaS Mr. Owen Dunn, of Benton Ferry. W. Vim , writes: \I have hiesi kitineY 811 1 oevend timusaral feet of logs tin hand, bladder trOtil.le for yeara, and it heroine and Whet: they are worked up into line- Po bald Ihnt 1 `, 1 \ \hh!!'\ 1 to, get .tIP 't ber ti h pe product, ot much of it at least, east a dozen $ • 1 ceiv wilt find its way to the Kendall mine, esl any permane nt benefit from any medicine until I tried Foley's Kislitey Cure. After timing two bottles I a iii cured•\ Sold by I,. C• Wilson. Doing Assessment Work. Since the suspension of work oil the -- Abbey properly Elting Johnson anti Ora ! 1.11srretica have , been doing assessment cork on the F,.aymaster company's prop erty, which consists of five claims. The' c are a good many claims in this district that have not been represented so far this year. The chances are many of these properties will be subject to relo- cation January lit. °Goers for a Gilt Edge Property. At a ineetieg of stockholders of the Chica t to-Sloniana Gold Mining Company held at it few days ago the follow ing directors were chosen: Jobe Garbed'', Chicago; G. M. Neilson, Si. P .ul ; F. E. Vright, A. S. Ilrright, Alf. .aliV(11 ,C1;t:`. 3 ' T. W. Tfilllit11 The Cluronometer at aid Clock Maker Ints °petted a shop at C. 11. Williams' simg store • LEWISTOWN a here you call get your catcht repaired awl putt in as good order as the day it ;eft the \rectory\; also jewelry repaired end revs jeeelry made to order front Native (jolt!. Right CARD In the In the Shoulder In Style In the In the and in Neck Front Back Price We are not competing with \ready-made store\ dollies : Their clothing is not in the same class e ith the Stein-111nel, Custom tailored garments. Theirs is turned out by machineto; Ours is hartd-made tho' product of cutters and tailors who command fancy salaries. We are after men a Ito pay tailors $34) to $60 for snits to order. We ran save them half their money and &este them better -in the very height of reale ion, for $15 to $27 SEND US TOUR NAIL ORDERS • E W liOMMERCIALGO LE WISTOW I STOW N, MONTANA N POST A43 F; PA ID ON ALI. • MA II. ORDERS —

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 06 Oct. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.