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KENDALL CHRONICLE live North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for honest Toil VOL. 2. KENDALL, MONTANA, OCTOBER 13, 1903. No. 31 11 BOON TO AGRICULTURE. o te5.)i r Poor Soil Made to Yita'Abundant Harvest. Nitrogen Breathing Microbes that Feed Plant Life—The Creat- est Discovery by Science. While the recent discovery of radium has provoked much diecneeion in the scientific world, a diecovetty of what promiees to be of far more p,ictical vale he been made in tire Microbe, la hich is intended to rejevenate wornout soil. The agricultural department at Washington ha e been making some eer, soiling investi- gations on that subject. Dr. T. J. Sill bean, city health °War of Butte, says the Miner, has become greatly interest- ed in the tilecovery and since he read a recent magazine article relating to it he has been studying the subject more closely. He lies reached the conclusion that the farmet's microbe is one of the most wonderful and liertislielel discover- iee of the age. In discussing the matter he said: \le cultivating and ahmtributing to the farmers a microbe that has the power of restoring impoverished soils ankl Increas- ing the yield of crops from iworoino tenfold, the agricultural dapI rtmeitt is doing a work that w 01 resilit n the 're- clamation of millions of aces of ex- hansted and wornont land, arid add im- mensely to the agricultural weelth of the country. It is considered by scientists to be the most important achievement of the century. One of the moat ouporeent constitu- ents of the animal holy, and one of the most difficelt to obtain', is the element of nitrogen. Yet nitrogen is one of the most abundant of all theelements, lot ut- ing as it does four -fifths of the atmoll- pliere. It forme one -fifth of all fields, yet none Of it comes from the air we Ii reathe, and for our necessary so pply we meet depend on the lean meat all the vegetables we est: ; • ) 1 - . I \Although there are 38,000 tons of nitrogen suspended over every acre, and the plants breathe it through their leaves, they cannot appropriate any of the element in this way, but must rely on the ammonia and nitric acid their roots absorb from the aoil. This con- stant elimination of nitrogen from the soil is what impoverishes it ; and as the guano deposits are about depleted, and the great nitrate beds of Chile and Peru are almost exhaested, the scientists have been gravely prophesying and carefully calculating on a nitrogen fam- ine., \The prospect of this great calamity ham been averted by the discovery of a nitrogen -breathing microbe that has the power of taking nitrogen from the inex- haustible supply in the atmosphere and supplying it to :time soil in an available state for the nutrition of plants, and in this way indirectly supplying it to the animal kinedorn. It has been a matter Id cemmon knowledge for generations, to farmers and gardeners, that the bean, that well- known legume, would grow in wornout soil, hut the reason sits not known. It is now known that the bean is no provided with the nitrogen -breathing microbe, and the reason it flourishes in impoverished soil is that the microbes multiplying in the ground take from the air the necessary nitrogen and impart it to the soil. It is this microbe cultivated and improved by a special course of feed- ing on nonnitrogenous food, that the agricultural department is now ship*eing to the farmers all over the country. \During the department's ex eeri ments n process was discovered by a hich the microbes could be dried and preserved several months in a state 'of suspended animation. A 'landfill of absorbent cot - toe is soaked in a solution ewarming with the bacteria, and when dried and compressed to the size of au ordinary yeast cake, contains bout fifteen billions of this useful farm worker, ready for shipment to any part of the world anti ready, after a simple process of prepara- tion, aid in multiplying the yield of gar- den and field. The preperatioU of the bacteria requires no special knowledge, and the directions accompany each peek - age. The absorbent cot till is soaked in a vessel of water and fed on certain nu- trient salts sent out by the agricultural department. The microbes not only be- come reanimated, but multiply exceed- ingly. The seed intended for planting are now immersed in this solution, dried and planted in the usqal manner. This minute package contain a sufficient number of the bacteria, alien used in the manner described, to completely fer- tilize an acre, and a man could easily carry in the pockets of an ordinary suit of clothes the equivalent of a trainload of ordinary fertilizers, or enough to en- rich a quarter section of land. 'The increase of crops on poor land tSeeled by this process is from 100 to 1000 per cent.; clover on land yielding MX) porinds to the acre harvested 2000 pounds a here fertilized Jrith the nitro- gen -breathing microlw. Not only is the amount of the harvest increarted, lint the quality of all foods raised under this sys- tem is greatly improved by the greater quantity of protein found in them. Pro- tein is a nitrogenous product, which forms blood, muscle mid bone, end has heretofore been deficient in American fo.xletuffs. This has been due to a lack of power to absorb nitrogen, a condition which will be remedied by the nitiogen bacteria. \The possibilities of this wonderful discovery are almost heyntul comprehen- sion. It means the reclamation of the wornont, barren, New England fields, and the continued fertility of the land now in tree, as well AP the enrichment and cuitivetion of land now considered useless.\ Will Manage His Own Hotel. E. P. !Millen Revered his connection with the Shanks hotel on the 10th. Mr. Shaules will hereafter manage the hotel, and lie promisee ti treat his guests right, which means a good deal in this inetatice, for lie is a man who never does things in a half say manner. Transient guests anti regular boarderm will get the best there is going. Mr. Shanlem has put a great deal of money into Kentlell, and hie friends would like to see him make big money on the Investmynt. ^ t)singsr In Fall Cattle. Fall colds are liable to hang on all min- ter leevine the seeds of pneumonia, bron- chitie or consumption. Foleybi Honey and Tar cures quickly and prevents Peri- one results. It is old and reliable, tried and tested, Pale and sure. Contains no ttpiates and ail' not constipate. INCIING FED FOR MINING Fergus County Offers Inducements to Capitalists. Bonanzas Already Uncovered. and Others Awaiting the Energy of Courageous Investors. Ferg tie county,, according to reports, made a fine display of minerals it the state fair. The eshibit that was made at the county fair was seut to Helena, and there ettracted general at'eution among ininieg men. To many of these cyanide ore was a curiosity. The display of ore froiu this county naturally directed attention to the tlia• triets that were represented, ‘ mint as A corehepience good will follow.' 'file.ter- ails exhibit is to go to the St. Louis fair, where it will attract still greater pollee, and good resulte are cettain to again follow. The Kendall company sent some fine samples of its cyanide ore to the Inlited Empite fair, which WAS held last week at Spokaion It would twee a for- tunate 1110M for this county if a general displey of its ores had been pent to that exposition, where the exhibit of min - ends ass an extensive we anti he -hided collections from Idaho, Oregon, littlish Columbia and the leading camps ttf the Evergreen state. There is in Fergus county a yore area of mineralized territory that is practical- ly unproepectisl.. True, mile surface here and there has been gone over hi a super- ficial way, but as for \going hitt) the ground\ is concerned, but little of SIICII a ork has been tIone excepting in two or three particular localities,—in the North Nloccamin rind Judith motm- tains, for example. These two dist riots are making Fergus county famous AS a gold producer. Is is only fair to ass -trine that there are otlir localities within the comity's conthrs-that cotitain gold pro- ducing ore Isidies equally as large and rich RS t11083 already teeing operated and so handsomely. , Fight here in the North Nlocaasine there is a turret inviting field for mining operations and the safe inveettnent of ciipital. It is' astonishing what little real mining has been done here outside the Kendall and Itarnee-K Mg properties. Even the ground butting up against Olive bonze's:is has not been \looked Into.\ liens and Hive is a short tun- nel, a shallow shaft or an open cut, lull Iii of the workings going more than fifty or a hundred feet in lterth,—not deep enough to get even below the surface theturbances in the general formation. Instead of there being but two or three companies at ii Om' there mountaill9. !tliere should be by this time at least a .10Ze n under full headwee. Itut a change for the better will come when the merite of the district are better known ' to the right kind of men. When !inch spirits take hold here the output of gold will astonish the mining world. ! Moat of the nuattrinery for the electric I plait at Lewietaii p has arrived. — salt NE j \\ T. W. 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Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 13 Oct. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.