Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, October 13, 1903, Image 3

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Kendall, Montana, October 13, 1903. 3. .1 .„ 4 NEW SCHOOL LAW. --- -- Prowl*Ions Which Should he Understood. The lasts Legislature made some im- portant chatigee in the school law with reference to the compuipory education of all children between the ages of eight and sixteen: Senate Bill No. 33 requires all parents, guardians and other persons eho have care of children between the ages of eight and fourteen to send them to a public, privete or parochial echool, for the full term that the Reboot attended is in see mime and said attendance shall be- ing with the first meek of the school term, unless excused from such attend- ance by the superintendence of the pub- lic selleele, in city and other districts having eueh superintendents, or by the clerk of the boar , ' of trustees in village and [0%4'11811'p dietriets not having such superintendent, and all children between the eget of fourteen and sixteen years, tiot engaged in some regular employment shall attend school for the full term of the schools of the district in which they reside, unless excused as above men- tioned. Section 1921 of said bill is amended, and reads in part as f Howe: No child under fourteen years of age obeli be em- ployed or be in the employment of any person, company or corporation during the school term and while the public schools are in session, unless such child shall present to such person, compeny or corporation an age and schooling cer- titIcate approved by the sum.. i tendent of schools or by a person authorised to approve of such certificate. Any person, company or corporation employing any initior contrary to the provisione of this section shell be fitted hot lees than $V!) nor more thud 050 for each and every of- fense. To aid in the enforcement of this act the law makes nrovision for the an- pointaneet of a truant officer, vesting tim with police powem, teutivority to -serve warrants, etc. FACTS ABOUT GOLD. — The Yellow Metal Po Qualities Not Generally Knows, Gold is malleable and ductile to a greater extent than any other metal known, and it possesses these properties at all temperatures below the point of fusion, says the Mining and Scientific! Prem. A single rein weight of gold can be drawn into a %vire 500 feet in length, and sheets can be ob*eine4 by beating of Which 300,000 wanid bb re- quired to make an inch in thickness, and these leavers though so thin as to trans- mit light (green in color), may be still further reduced in thickness by floating for a short time on a molution of cyanide of potassium. In hanluese gold is be- tween aluminum anti silver. Pure gold has a tensile strength of seven tons per square inch, but, an ad- mixture of some other metals having high atomic velem, such as lead, bis- muth, tellnrinm, etc., renders the metal very brittle. One part of bismuth in 2000 of gold make alt alloy which may be crumbled in the fingers. Gold fusee at about 2240 deg. F., and when highly heated is slightly volatile. The volatility of gold is increased by Alloying with some other metals. Experimeete have shown that 100 parts of gold alloyed with twelve parts of :topper, if 'subjected to a heat ;efficiently high to keep it melted for a period of six hour's, loses 0.234 per cent of gold and an increase in the amount of copper was accompanied by an increase in the lose of gold. Gold al - alloyed with silver only is not as volatile as when copper is also present. There is always a certain loss by volatilization when gold is poured from is melting pot into molds, particularly when copper is present. Folev's Ermici - and\far cures coughs and colds and prevents pneumonia. Take seffistitnte. Sold by L. C. Wilson. PERON LEADS. Gold Bullion at the U. R. Assay . 0ffice at Helena A Pew Figures. During September the total amount of gold received by the U. S. assay office at Helena was $275,655.45. The re- ceipts for the month of September of last year amounted to $238,090.05. which is an increase of $37,565.40 it) favor of the present year. The record of the assay office show that there is an increase front the states of Idaho and Montana eind also British Columbia, while there is a falling off in the total from the states of Nevada, Washington and Oregon, anti also North- west Territory. Montana's share of the sum total for Sept., 1902, was $198,208.93, and for Sept., 1903. $234,769.44. From Idaho there was sent to Helena's office in Sept., 1902, $10,655.40, while this year's September gold from that state amounts to $11,438.41. In 1902 British Columbia's gold that went to the Helena essay office during September amounted to $14,554.22, while for last month the figures from that quarter are *22,472.54. The total from Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Northwest Territory Sept. of last year was $14,670.50, and the same month this year. $7,035.06. As to Montana counties, Fergus still leads and also shows the biggest increase. Fergus' gold output in Sept., .1902, was .62.024.57, and this year, $113,650-85. Lewis tind Clark county shows R de- crease, her share for Sept., 1902, being $42,082.88, and this year, $26,354.50. Madison county can boast of a lead over last year of some $11,000. Missoula County's figures for : Sept.. 1902, are $17,- 107.18, and for the same month this year $11,056.19. The difference between the gold from Park county last year and this year is not large. In 1892 it was $18,780,75. This . year it was $17,190.32. NOTES AT RANDOM. Jamaica hopes to export over 12,- 000,000 bunches of bananas this year. Among the articles made in Philip- pine prisons are tables inlaid with pearl anti “31,ter A robber in Philadelphia, trying to escape from a policeman, ran through a trolley car and set the passengers iq a panic. During one week there were no few- er than 27 suicides committed in Madrid. Love and financial troubles claim most of the victims. Paul Rev er's house in Boston, from which be started out on the \ride\ on April 19, 1775, immortalised by Longfellow. is now is \Hance Italiana.\ Selling elevated railroad tickets for SO cents apiece is the latest ruse adopt- ed by swindlers who prey upon newly landed immigrants at the Battery in New York. • There were by the last printed an- nual report 1.191 retail liquor dealers in Maine. a prohibition state. 15 whole- sale dealers, 2 rectifiers, 5 breweries, 260 retail dealers and 29 wholesale dealers in malt liquor. The very perfection of imperfection is to be found in Parisian post offices. They are dirty. illy ventilated and in- sufficiently manned, and the transac- tion of business with indifferent clerks Is a trial of pretense. If one wants stamps, it is better to buy them at a tobacco store, where there is also a post box for letters, etc. Newer Ask Ali•irel. When you have a cough or cold don't ask what is good for it and get some medicine with little or no merit and per- haps dangerous. Ask for Foley's Honey and 'far, the great throat and lung rem- edy, it cures cough, and colds quickly. Sold by L. C. Wilson. The law firm Of Con t Worden has been dissolved. i Club Saloon t * CLINGAN & HAMILTON, Proprietors • I .1 ' • High Grads oc Cigars TRY OUR Cedar Brook Hunter's Bourbon By. Whiskies Utml$40.4iliffirfirrirfir.*40 - 44410.4044144114 - 44444414.4 1 414 ,, 4,9 ONTANA Rustlers for HARDWARE Trade COMPANY Lewistown Montana Now is the Time to Buy a Stove or Range We Have a Complete Line of the Best Sportsmen's We have anything Goods you may want in the way of Guns, Ammunition, Etc., Etc., Etc. Send Us Your Mail Orders Montana Hardware Company -- Telephone 53 $* When in Lewistown Call on Montana Lumber Company Mail Orders Promptly Attended to Everything in the Lumber, Sash, Door and Moulding Line Largest Retail Stock in Montana. Prices Reasonable. (iive us a call. Telephone 77 3103*0 0000 00-000 C. W WELLY H. A. mot ITON KELLY & MOULTON ABSTRACTERS Conveyancing Real Estate Insurance Collections Abstracts of City, Ranch, or Mining Property Electric Building LEWISTOWN, Telephone No. 3 MONTANA There are 420 pupils attending school at Lewistown. According to the rat hi in most Los 118 this should give ICI% ittloW11 population of 2100. Hunter's Rye whisky at Chile)] A tlantittomu 's. Kendall Bakery and Confectionery Store .1f.411TIN CL.4USEN Proprietor Bread, Pies and Cakes Fresh E. cry Day Candies, Tobaccoes and Cigars, Very Choice No danger of consumption if you nee Foley'n Honey and Tarteenre Shot stub- born cough. Kohl ity L. C. Wrie08. Local Agent for Kendall Stages

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 13 Oct. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.