Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, October 13, 1903, Image 6

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Kendall, Montana. October 13 1903 • NET -FISHING IN THE LAKES. How the Fresh Water Fish Are Cap- tured for the Markel. of - the Country. Practically all commercial fishing in fresh waters is earr On,by the use of nets, whether a t; 7 br an up- to-date tog is employ e gill net is the handiest and is sed in Lake Erie. This forms Zr s the bottom of the lake about six feet high and any- where from 800 - feet to several miles long. Vleie nets aretrnede of thin cord and eanbe stovoetlawiny in a verY small compass, says the 1311ffalo Express. A fish will swim against the fence of net- ting, get its head caught in the mesh, and will stay there until taken out by the fishermen. The nets are kept in -position -in the water -by lead sinkers km the bottom and cork bobs on top. \The entirenetja aillifechorediectire- . 1y. while the 'Stint is marked by'a boy. 4;ill nets often come in sections 300 \feet long, and are fastened together in gangs. Fishing tugs often set a gang that is over four miles long. Each boat Is equipped with two gangs. • Pound. nets, whitise , uie n.New York waters is prohibited, are used in Ohio 'and Canadia i n waters. They form large receptacles in the water into which fish find their way and are prevented from getting out by a trap -like ar- rangement at the entrance. Game fish are often caught in pound nets. Then there are •Iso smaller Ira, nets, tyke cte, and many other varjeties, some of which are peculiar to different lo- calities. Some commercial fishing is carried on by the use of set lines for sturgeons, etc., but such means are not, 'exten-. sively employed. MEXICO MAKING STRIDES.' Our Sonthwedetern Neighbor I. Rap- idly Taking Da the Driaknas• or Asset:lea. Dr. Charles Ameacu,a,i0 the City of Mexico, who is a gentlapan of scien- tific attainments. told I Washington reporter how much impressed he was with the beauty of Washington and with the surpassing beauty of its au- tumnal days. \There is one thing,\ said he, \that probably a great many cf our readers do not know, and that is how rapidly the republic of Mexico. is becoming Americanized. Our people know of the tremendous progress of cur great sis- ter across the Rio Grande, and vt bile they . realize that there is yet an enor- mous gulf that separates the one from the other, still the United States is an inspiration and an incentive. We re - Meets' 1.7.nd States take precedence of The monarch- ies, and do not doubt it will eclipse them all. \With such an object lesson before us it Is no wonder thAtedexico is like- wise making rapid str ties along the road that leads to neeienal greatness. The country is awake, vvide a akt!. and everyhody'Veemh irutine'd Hit tlie idles) of a glorious destiny. We are praying. also, that Oen. Dial v Vflay trav6 his iffe prolonged for at least ten more years. bees,use,he,is really j amonegreat fac- tor in our advancetrAtt ; v end as hinges he lives no one f eqt,Apt that all will go well with our country.\ Atot Sport is appnrentIT gel considered* 'recessary eieutent in r a sctoiiit 4 . boy's education. An order . has . justt, gone foi..11 from thrector grAlrek, of elewen ta ry sel polio forbidding nxis• t ers f o allow t heir pulls to play leap - frog. foothill% rounders, tops, hop- scotch anti otter gakes. Dr. Laker. the chess.champion, in a recent interview, declared. that chess playing. not ca r;ied to excess, improves n mon's . heitIth. \) of the promi- nent play?rts\ he told'ad,rlive to an ad.- vit need 'age. But nervous people P111 , 111e.111 play chess at night.. If they do they can't sleep. Nee in the morn- ing, or 01(.3 can't work. They shouldn't play . at ail. in fact. „Clies is In neflcial to a normal man, just aa.s , thietica is good for him. The cb.ess player lie* loagrr than the.atblitte.\ WU'S GAS METER. • Alk Ho Aprons It on the Empress Dow- ager and It Wag a Petunia to Her. \This observed Wu, as he lifted a box -like affair from his trunk, \lions of the gre:lest wonders of America.\ \It doesn't look very wonderful,\ commented Tsi Ann, tucking one foot up where she could sit on it and the throne at the smite time, relates tlie Chicago Tribune. \No; but ewlitni in America no one tall understand It, ''Listen. \Don't put that thing to my ear,\ cautioned Tsi Ann. \Is this another of those telephones?\ \0 no. ;This is worse than the tele- phone. lt is a gas meter.\ \A gas meter? What does it do?\ \yhe . consumer?\ doshillp work' '• .111'hat is ainiatery. It is only known that it works! always -'and It works while you sleep and while you wake. It never stops. It is con- structed after the Newtonian theory of creation. It has something in it that just keeps it -whirling on and on, at so much per revoldtion, and nobody knows what beeps It moving, and no- body can stop it.\ • \That's funny.\ \Funny yes. But wery sad in Amer- ica. Listen to it. Hear it running right along. Thank Confucius and the 900 gods of the Pale Glisten mOunt Sins ! The gas company never will -get the chance to read- what this meter has recorded.\ \Hot Said the empress. \is there no escape from this in America?\ \None.\ \It must be worse than manifestdes- ti ny. \ \It is.\ \Wu remarked Tsi Ann, with that intelligent smile which has enshrined her in the hearts of curio to - gee:hors. \Wu I am glad you were sent to Amer- ica. At one time I almost had decided• to become civilized.\ \So had I,\ acknowledged Wu, \but the bite of the dog. Hs the foreign dev- ils put it, will cure the hair.\ DOG WITH GOLD TOOTH. Philadelphia Canine of the .. R.IP• Breed Hits Remarkable Month Adornment. A well-known . rhil•delphia, pet stock dealer some ytra ago hit 'noon a eery odd and effective way to iden- tify a dog, says the.Philadsiphia Rec- ord. The owner of this dog called on him and said: \ my valuable bull, is running area& all the time. So far he has been traced and found in each of his flights, but it has been smatter of diMenity, and Tarn afraid that some day he will be irretrievably lost be- cause of the lack of some positive and striking mark of identification.\ \You want,\ said the dealer. \a good identifying mark? Well, I'll tell you what to do. Go to a datist and: have a gold crown put on one of the dog's front teeth. The crown won't hurt the tooth; on the contrno, it will prep/owe it; and alwars it *141 be. mark whereby your dog will . be readily known.\ The ()the , . did as the dealer advised, and since then there have appeared from time to time advertisements in the newspapers that began: \Lost A bulldog with a gold front tooth.\ Cradle oil American Genius. Eight go‘ertors. three United States senators, three gererals of the civil war, one of the world's greatest engin- eers, e distinguished ;ovinter and sculp- tor, two novelists who are read w her - ever the English language is known, a poet whose songs have thrilled mil- lions of heorts, a rear admiral and a gallant commander whose heroic and tragic death is known to everyone, to- gether with almost innumerable state legislators and a num!ier of financial magnates. consaitute Brooks ille's (Incl.) contribution to the genies of the world, writes Landon Knight, in National.. Of the- eight governors,. was She first. i , Have PRINTING Chronicle done ---.. JOB Your at the Job Office TTIFT7\/TIMITTY HHHHHHHHHHNHN ..kAA.a./..i A.A..a.A.A. We in fact the at Print Letter Bill Statements Business Visiting Posters way A Lewistown Heads Cards Cards everything of ;' w: Prices Heads Job Work in

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 13 Oct. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.