Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, October 13, 1903, Image 8

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8 Kendall, Montana, October 13 1903 CHOICE LINE OF STATIONERY AT WILSON'S DRUG STORE CArlP AND COUNTY NEWS The Montana Lumber Co. It.te estab- lished a yard at the new town of Moore. E. E. Kiog is the resident agent. Dr. F. F. Affix, Lewistown, Mont. * I Tom. Wilson, owner of the stage line 'between Lewistown and the raitroad, is yet undecided what lie will do aid' his stock and coaches when the lailroad teaches the county seas. It is hoped he may find a new opening somas here, for he isa man who understands the !mei- nem The I.Owistown Meat & Provision Co. carry fresh meats, fish, home-made lard, and home-made hams and badon. Daniel McDonald of Butte, the well- known leader in labor chides, registered at the Shanles Saturday. He was ac- companied by Henry Lynch of Lewis - !Owe. Go to Clingan &Hamilton's for W. H. McBorer's celebrated Cedar Brook whis- ky, ',tattle tin bond and gtiaranteed by the government to be strietly pure. David Scott and M. B. Darrow of Lewistown registered at the SI aulee on Saturday. Dressmaking, Poetoffice block, Kendall C. W. Curtis of Lewistown, registered at Similes' hotel Wednesday. Hunter's Rye whisky at (linen iSt Hamilton's. H. 11. Lang, enperintendent of the Kendall works, ilee0tOputlied by Mrs. Lang, visited Lewistown Saturday. Ureseohltis tor Tweets Years. Mrer. Minerva Smith. of writes: \I had bronchitis for to rutty years and never got relief until I need Foley's Honey anti Tar, whi.:11 is a titre care.\ Sold by L. C. Wilton. John P. Barnes, resident business manager of the Barnes -King company, was at the mine Friday' and Saturday. Ile is well pleased at tb114 way the Prop- erty is developing. George McLean, a recret arrival .in Kendall, is building a residence on Mc- Kinley avenue nest to the McKay home. Mr. McLean is employed it the Barnes - King. A Dusan Time. a sight. NIt. Owen Dunn, of Benton Ferry. W. Va., writes: \I have hal kidney and !dinkier trouble for years!, :old it became so bad that I was obliged to get up at least a dozen time* a night. I never re- ceived soy permanent benefit front any medicine until I tried Foley's Kidney Cure. After using two. bottles I am cereal.\ Sold by L. C. Wile011. Repairing the Barites -King Mill. The Barnes -King Company is making some improvements and repairs in its mill. In a few days it will be necessary to close down the mill; but the suspen- sion will be but for a brief time, New screens are to be put in the mill, and the ether canges to be made a ill add mate- riully to the efficiency of the plant. In • the mine everything is moving aiong in good order. The ileveloptnent on the 200 -foot level shows the ore body con - dime* as depth is attained. Spout Moro Moo •1000. W. W. Baker of Plainview, Neb , write e: \My wife 'ettffered from • lung trouble for fifteen years.. She tried a number of doctors and. spent over ;woo without relief. She became very low and lost all lon.e. A friend recommend- ed Foley's Honey and Tar and thanks to this greet remedy it oared her life. She enjoys better health than ehie has known in ten years.\ Refit SO subetil ides. Sold by I.. C. Wilson. — Railroad Work. It is now about settled tlmt the rail- rO:l(l comp my will be running trains in- to Lewistown by November it at the laud. Large gangs of men and many teams are employed and the construction a, irk is being rapidly closed up. Happily Wedded. Roy Dutcher, one of the popular young men ofiKendall, who, with a brother, has the contract. for hauling the ore to the Barnes -King mill, was united in marriage on September 30th to Miss Florence Terrill. The ceremony a -as performed by Ray. R. S. Van Orsdel, at Cora, this; home of tne fair bride. The happy couple arrived in Kendall on the 7th. The event was the occasion f o r some of Mr. Didcher's friends in the evening giving a \serenade\—one of the yle affairs in which the music of tin calls predominated. However, the groom submitted to the ordeal graceful- ly, and later many toasts were drunk to the happiness and properity of the new- ly wedded couple. Mr. soil Mrs. Durcher are keeping house at the tipper end of the avenue. He Turned Off a Significant Remark A. S. Wright, the aell-knoa it mine promoter, was in Kendall one day last week, in connection with a deal he is interested in. . M. McClean, the civil engineer, was here at the same time. Mr. Wright, elide here, gave out the cheering information that something exegedingly favorable would most likely take place very soon, and it won hi be of material importance to Kendall. To slightly alter one of Soionnotes trite ob- ea vadat :—\As watei is to a thirsty soul so is good news concerning a mining deal during dull times.\ Working on the Victor Group. On Monday a load of supplies went out to the Victor group of claims, located at the head of Plum creek. I. is the inten- tion to make some open cuts and pi-os- pect the vein. On the Vietor a tunnel was run one lintltireil feet., and the vein *bows up well. It is a free gold propo- sition of promise. The Victor property is owned by W. L. Martin and S. A. Armstrong oh Great Fall.. For the Cause of Unionism. Daniel McDonald, president of the American La k bor i t Mon, addreseed a well. attended meelirig in this TOWII SlitUrjily evening, Mr. McDonald is a fluent and effective spesker, and his brief dis- citsaion of the labor question he pointed out many reasons why the Unless of the land ',hada stand together and work for a single purpose =the betterment of their physical and mond condition. 'f lie labor unions of the country had done The Barg sin much to lighten the Inn -41 is of the toll- ing matters. This was the sole aim of unionism. Attempe ale being made on every hand to break the power of tuiipui- ism, bitt the efforts of its enemies will be in vain. Throughont the land the friends of organized labor are proud of allot has already been done by their o gani- wations to procure fair pay for a fair day's work. The greatest enemy the cense 01 tudonitin cam have is lie who mould profit toy what unladen' has accomplish and tit the same time withhold his aid in times when there is no controversy, and openly antagonize it when a strike is on. Mr. McDonald urged hie hearers to stood by their brethren in this county. His remarks elicited much applause. I have opened my store in Ken- dall with a line of Art Needle Work and Millinery I am showing a choice lot of Ladies' Embroidered Handkerchiefs The Work of Nuns in Ireland Gentlemen will be interested in my stock of Pure Linen Handkerchf's Silk Suspenders Lessons given in DRESSMAK- ING and FRENCH NEEDLE- WORK. Pupils given the experi- ence that will enable them to earn their own living. Mrs. Harry B. HillKENDALL zi.-11igh Grade Union Goods ---7 This is the Kind of Stock I Carry. _ _ Choice Canned Goods, Fresh Fruits, Nuts, Candies 4$ 41 And the leading brands of Tobacco and Cigars. ..16 My Prices arc Right J. J. JEFFRIES WKINLEY AVENUE, KENDALL We are Making a Big Cut IN PRICES To Ma).,- ..... for our Winter k. there are a few figure., Cotton -ribbed Underwear, medium $1.50 a Suit, now - A good line of Summer Overshirts, 75cts to $1.00, now going at Neglige Shirts, former price $1.5o, Take your choice now weight; price was which sold for from at N. BUTLER Giver. Kendall, Mont Returned to that Dear Kendall. Fred. L. Stephene, who %%NS the to neer hotel man here and made a popu- list landlord, but who liOS been absent rot Pane time, returned to Kendall lest week, and will do the right thing for the boarders at the Barnes-Kieg eatery. Will Speak on Socialism. P..1. Cooney, the a ell -know n socialist orator, is billed to speak this evening in Iluson's hull. Mr. Cooney null offer his views on tide great mo.sticra, which is at more than usual a tten tion in many parts of the world. After the speaking there will be a dance. Prepara- tions! are being made for a large gather- ing. Born—On Monday, Oct. 12th, to the wife of Ernest Ebbage, a daughter. Born—Out Monday, to the wife of Geo. McDonald, a son. J. J. Jeffries of Kendall not only sells union made goods but buys from union holeealere. JUDITH HARDWARE 00. LEWISTOWN IS THE STORE THAT KENDALL PEOPLE SHOULD ADDRESS Their mail orders to, and when you visit Lewistown always come in and see us. We can serve you best whether you want Powder, Picks and Shovels, or Stoves, Ranges, Cooking Utensils and Crockery, or Buggies, Harness, Robes and Sporting Goods, or Farm Machinery, Garden and Field Seeds or anything from our large stock of GENERAL HARDWARE Telephone 63 Fin Shop in Connection r• Al•tt

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 13 Oct. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.