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KENDALL CHRONICLE. ihe North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Lett for Honest loll VOL. 2. KENDALL, MONTANA, OCTOBER 20, 1903. NEIGHBORS HAVE A SCRIP 1st rs• - r! Over the Privilege of Using Water from a Spring. A Winchester Rifle, Many Flying Rocks and Red Hot Language Play an Important Part. The second chaloor in the Nelson -An- derson shooting affray, a hich occurred a week ago Monday, was delineated in Justice Jackson's presence on the after- noon of the 15111, when Robert Anderson and his wife appeared as defendants, to answer to the charge of tumult, preferred by Mrs. W. F. Nelson. The details of the difficulty are elaborate and so com- plicated, that w hen the statements of all concerned are taken in review, It Illxes even an extremely analytical mind to sift out the facts as they . occurred iii chrbnological order. , At the outset it may be well to sate that the episode upon which this article is based, was the outgrowth of a neigh- borhood row over taking Atter from a spring situated upon the public high- way and in front. of the Nelson and over which spring the Nelsons claim exchorive jeriadiction. The climax of this feed culmivated on the 11 th, when, in the midgt of a 411141114, Mr.. - Nene:tit, discharged her trusty W,incliester, after which she was disarmed by Robert An- derson. After Mrs. Nelson had discharged her Wiechester, and the contendrug forces deserted the scene at the spring, she thought over all that had happesed, and concluded that the proper cornea to pur- sue was to go to the county seat and give her version of the affair to the proper of ficiats. While at Lewistown Mrs. Nel- son was informed that w hclever court proceedings were contemplated they must take place before the Juetice iii Kendall. So Mrs. Nelson returned and swore to a complaint charging Mr, and Mrs. Anderson with agsault. Part of her evidence against i he defelatiallO1 was an injured arm and a lame -thumb, which she carried to court, and at the proper time they were filed as exhibits A and B. When the case came on for hearing there were no attorneys present to OEM - duct proceedings, so each side had tp be tent with giving their version of what happened . in their own language and in their own way. To sum up the evidence as offered by the two defendanta, Sum MeMurtrie, E. E. Wright and wife and Frank Keys, it appeared that Mrs. Nel- son wag first to assume hostilities. Mn. Anderson, in her statement, said Mrs. Nelson hurled rake and epithets at her, and wound up by firing a Winebeeter aimed in her direction. Mr. Andermon told how Mrs. Nelson hit him in the hack with a rock, and how later lie grap- pled edit her and wrenched the rifle from her vigorous grasp. Sam McMur- tre mid he saw part of the hostile pro- ceedings, and so did Frank Keys. Al- though 111r. McAltirtrie was a witmees for the people, hie evidence IMP not favora- ble to Mrs. Nelson. Mr. Wright was a long ,lishinee away when the,COntliCt was in full SA ing, yet lie beard the idle shot and Mrs. Nelson's voice reverberating through the each. Mrs. Wright heard the noise from her premises. Mrs. Nelson, in her version of the dif_ Ben I ty, deniedthat she shot at Mrs. s - derron. \If 1 had wanted to 1 could have shot her dead, for 1 am n handy with a rifle,\ is the way She put it. She Paid site only fired to frighten the crowd away. She denied having used bad language to- ward Mrs. Anderson, or having hit An derson with a rock ; hut' declared he struck her with a pail with such violence as to displace one .pf the bones of her right arm; while Mrs. Ander - Bon had dis- join ted her then& %%lib a rock thrown with unerring aim. Mrs. Nelson had no corroborating testimony to eupport her rtory as told in court, and as the wit- nesses for the defense backed each other' The famous lit renles mine, a hich is Justice located a short distance from Burke, idaho, ts estimated by its owners to he wot - th at least $10.000,000 because of the big f tlike recently made in its lower nel. The tunnel cam a ledge of en- nOus width. Part of the ledge is of first wieldy, running about 75 per cent. lead and 80 minces silver, while the re- mainder is concentrate ore. The min- eral is a fine•grained steel galena. The rich carbonate ore in the upper works lies to the westward of this poin:. It is thought if the tunnel has opened the ledge below the water courses the car- bonates will be replaced by galena, but this will not be determined for some time, as the carbonate zone is some dis- tance away. The new level just opened is 500 feet below the upper level, from where about 1000 tons of crude ore are being ' , hipped monthly. The stoves have been worked on the ore shoot for 300 feet towards the surface. The Early Struggles of the Owners of the Hercules. A Long Search for the Hidden Bo- nanza, and How it was Nearly Mkned—A Lucky Drift. up on all the material points, .1;Wkson declare(' the ulerSallailtti guilty of :issatilt, awl ordered them In summing up his views of the ease, the Justice took occasion te score Mrs . . Nelson for the part she played with the Winchester. lie autionticed that if she or any one else apotriired before him charged with tiring a gen aimed aten- other person ,t hey would \get all that was coming to them.\ — • A Capitalist's Praise of this District. Matt Dunn, the Great Falls capitalist, was a visitor to Kendall last week. .:\He is interested in the Victor groat, of elainia, situated at the head of Plum creek, and on a hich considerable work is being done. Mr. Dunn Statel that :Ind around the Falls is K004 and 'the people generally promperons. He expr . essed himself well pleased with the outlook for mining ill Ul seetiont He seen a great native for this camp, and for Fergus county in general. A county with such MagniiiCelat agricultural, and stock-raiming re.murces east sot fail to advain•e it) material growth. To Help Along Xining. The Prospectors' l'rotective Aesocia- lion of Gilt Edge bag elected the follow- ing officers: President, 0. Sawyer; Vice President, Hugh Green; Secrete y, Sam Hurvitch; Treasurer, R. W. Jones; Ex- ecutive committee, H. C. AlcEvony, Charles 'feting anti V. Gies. The object of the association is to advance the in- terests of mining in that district. Will Visit Owl Creek. Elting Jamison, who has large mining and real estate interests here, left Thurs- day for his home in Portland. On his way to the coast lie visited Owl creek, in Bitter Root valley, the scene of the new mining excitement. It may be he will I find something there that will induce him to make an inveettneti t. Benefit Ball and Supper. Next Friday evening a hall and supper a ill be given for the benetitof the public echool library. The ball will take; place in Cook's hall, and the supper will he gerved in linson'e hall. It is expected there will be a large attendance. The object is a worthy one, and begides that, the occggion will be one of keen enjoy- ment. It is more then likely that the greatest turnout of the season viiH take place Friday night. A Dozen Times a MOO& Mr. Owen Dunn, of Benton Ferry. W. Va., writes: \I have had kidney and bladder trouble for years, tied it became so had that I was Oliliy(e41 to get in , at leaat a dozen times it night. I never re- ceived any permanent benefit from any medicine until I tried Foley's Kidney Cure. After ushor two bottles ( arfl cured.\ Sold by L. C. Wileon. • carapany is now making preparations to drive a new tunnel which will open the ledge 750 feet deeper, and will he 4000 feet long. After this tunnel is complet- ted another a ill be run from the town of Burke, the lowest point at which the ledge can he opened by tunnel. The company estimates it has 1700 feet of looping ground before it %%ill be nieces - nary to sink. The discovery of this mine reads like I it fairy tale, but it is nevertheless true. has opened fl shop The owners were all poor men and most of them were tint very well vereed in mining. They were advised to quit by all their Diem's, and by several \min- ing men,\ but they continued &tiredly No. 32 this way because one of them believed 810-Ry of II Ripi NNE the ledge was over here, and then run • ning it that way hecange another be- lieved it was over there. Consequently they have about as crooked a tunnel as can be found in any nutting country, and after all their twists and turns and cross - cam they clime within a few inches of missing the ore altogether. One day at small streak of gray carbonate wee found ti) one corner of the tunnel, and tin old Italian. who had been working for the owners for two or three years, wanted to folloa that streak. Some of the others wanted to go in it different direction, ha C. 11. Reeves told the Italian to drift sway, if lie %vented to, and left them, go- ing to how ii. A few days after another of the ow nere went to town and told Reeves there was no use working no there any more. \Viten asked for his reason he said they had blasted out all the rock there was in the face of tbetitn• eel and had struck lisle P Mid staff. Ile was very moth diacouraged and would hot go back. Reeves stispicioned they had struck (ire and went up and found the old Italian patiently digging away at the richest body of silver -lead Carbon- ates ever found in the district. They Intl followed the small streak but a few Feet. The Italian is drnwing a pension from the company of $3 50 a duty whether lie works or not. Bronchitis fur Twenty Years. Mrs. Minerva Smith, of Danville; writes: \1 hail bronchitis for twenty yeais and never got relief until I need Foley's Honey and 'far, WiliQ11 is a Lure cure.\ bold by L. C. Wilson. The Chresosieter Watch aid Chock Maker at U it. Williams' drug store LEWI TOWN II here you Cali get and put in AP good left the \factory\; and cew jewelry at thsir work, first running the tunnel Native Gold. your watch repaired order as the day it also jewelry repaired made to order from Right CARD In the In the Shoulder In Style In the In the and in Neck Front Back Price We are not competing with \ready -made - store\ clot hes; : Their clothing is.not in the pante clan a ith the Stein -Bloch custom tailored garments. Theirs is turned out by machines; Ours is hand-made—the product of cutters and tailors alto command fancy salaries. We are after men who pay tailors $.10 to $e0 for suite to order. We can save them half their money and drew) them better—in the very height of legit - i„„, for $15 to $27 tom) cs; Y UR O StAII, O D RE RS Ewi LEWISTOWN, 141hlia ST OW Alio . MONTANA N POSTAti li s A 1.1.I. MA I I. OR IW. ItS

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 20 Oct. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.