Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, October 20, 1903, Image 8

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8 Kendall, Montana, October 20, 1903 CHOICE LINE OF STATIONERY AT WILSON'S DRUG STORE CA, - 11° AND COUNTY NEWS Dr. F. F. Attie, Lewistown, Mont. • W .11: Barney will move his store from Rockford to the new town of Moore. Butler, the hustling merchant, let yesterday for a load of goods. Greenblatt departed yesterday for his home in Germany., where lie. will re- main. .1. J. Jeffries is'increasing his business !gilt along. He has evidently struck he right gait. Hunter's Rye whisky at Obligati dr II a milton's. Tom Wilson, the stage man, lifts estab- lished a livery stable at the new town of :Moore. W. A. Grainger, representing a Kamilla City liquor house, did business in Ken- laB week. Among the guests at the Similes Sun- day were F. B. Petersot and J. M. Ward, of Lewistown. Dressmaking, Postoffice block, Kendall C. 0. Donason, a promoter from Spo- kane, was in camp last a eek. His mis- sion was kept a secret. Miss Kate Maginnis, well-keown bele and is Lewistown, is doing well milli a bakery lii Gilt Edge. Halsey Watson, -Wiriness manager of the Argue, was in town Sunday and reg- istered at the Shanks. A man turned op last week who said he recently saw Kid Curry in Idaho. The fellow shonld be turned down. A dispatch says that Japan is anxious to fight. Did you ever see a bantam rooster that did not want to engage in a scrap? Foley's Honey and Tar cures coughs and colds and prevents pneumonia. Take no substitute. Sold by L. C. Wilson. A. E. Hanke, a hardware man of Free port, Ill., and a brother to It. A. Henke of Lewistown, was in Kendall last week. On October 5th at the home of her brother-in-law, E. C. Ablyat, near Gilt Edge, occurred the death of Miss Lizzie Stuart, a well known young lady of thia county. Not to be completely eclipsed by Ham- ilton in the matter of a gold discovery, a ,kieleua paper announce last Wednes- Jay that a housekeeper of its town found six bits' worth of gold lin a duck's craw • that the was dressing. 00 to Clingan & Hamilton's for W. II. 1111:Slyer's celidirced Cedar Brook whis- ky, bottled in bond and guaranteed by the goeernment to be strictly pure. Among the visitors in town last week was Herman Clausenaf Galva, Ill. He is a brother to ,Mrs. Harry Brown of Lewistown. Mr. Clausen is well pleased with what he has seen of the \boundless a est \ Faplls wIth Iteeord. Following are theiliames of the pupils 1 the Grammar department who were neither tardy nor abilini during the first month at school: Art -her' Barnes, Lincoln Dennis, llelen 4 'handler, George .„Cliandler, K it( ie Cal- der, Olga Bensen. John Benson, Ella McLaii,, Melia Moran, Cleveland Da - Grilling Jacket:on, John Kelly, Ida Benson and Mary iglen There were but three cases of tardiness, Tilltnat Alnittea. J. II. Tillman' halt tbeon ° foond not guilty of the charge if 'Murdering Editor Gonzales. In South Carolina the man who is \quickest on the draw\ is con- sidered a ten). • Danger In Fall Cold.. Fall colds are liable to hangami all *in- ter leaving the seeds of pneu:nonia, bron- chitis or Consumption. Foley's Honey and Tar cures quickly and prevents pen - oils results. resnits. It is old and reliable, tried and tested, safe and sure. Contains no opiates and will nbt constipate. UNITED STATES WINS. LA DI ES A lAnidon dispatch says the Alaskan commission has granted the United States all it contended for. It gets all the waterways to the rich territory ex- cepting Portland canal. America loses not a foot of land. Editorial Minds at Work. An Easy Way to Do It. Those politicians who have been wor- rying about the surest way to get rid of the surplus in the national treasury could save themselves lots of worry by taking the Helena Independent's advice and turning the surplus over to the Dem- ocrats.—Glendive Review. o— nes HO the Gray Matter? If the various newspapers owned by Senator II. A. Clark can have their way about it, the Bette copper magnate will surely be nominated for the presidency of the United States by the Democratic party., Fot instance the Great Falls . fribune editorially reprints a coalman - cation from' a man down in West Vir- ginia, who is represented as going into ecstaciee over the Montana will whom he alludes to \as a mail of wonderful brain power.\ Democracy certainly needs brains. • Thequestiou is, CHO Clark deliver the goods?—Red Lodge Picket. , —0— 'Reiter Thee the Average. The beat harvest story yet comes from Wesley Newton. He had a field of thir- teen and a half acres at oats which aver- aged on machine measure 122 brislieht to the acre, and the oats weighed forty-five pounds to the bushel. He bail also a field of barley of thirty-three acres which averaged 62 bushels to Om acre, and the whole yield was sold at the tap figure of $1.05 per 100, which makes the respecta- ble gross income of about $32 per acre.— Gallatin Republican. LADIES MI Beautiful Winter Hats are in, and I am now ready to show them I am prepared to do all kinds of dressmaking I have a fine line of linen handkerchiefs for ladies ani gentlemen I wi'l instruct you in all kinds of art needle work, and ca.. furnish you with material to do same. Will give lessons every afternoon from 7 to 5 and Saturday after- noons for school girls. MRS. H. B. HILL High Grade Union Goods This is the Kind of Stock I Carry. Choice Canned Goods, Fresh Fruits, Nuts, Candies J 1 JS And the leading brands of Tobacco and Cigars. I My Prices arc Right Spent Mere thaw •I000. W. W. Baker of Plainview, Neb., writes: ' - My wife suffered from lung trouble for fifteen years.' She tried a number of doctors and epe.sit over $1000 ithont relief. She became very low and lost nil hope. A friend recommend- ed Foley's Honey and Tar and thanks to this great remedy it saved her life. She enjoys better health than she hes known! in ten veers.\ Refuse substitutes. Sold by L. C. Wilson. No Place Like the North Moccasins. H. C. Brown and wife, and Mrs, W. B. Miner of Lewistown, were in Kendall Thursday, and registered at Shaules hotel. They greatly enjoyed the outing, and the gold and crimson tints of the mountain foliage was it feast for their eyes. „ George I. Wiedeman, the hustling business man of Lewistown, pliOteti party of friends to Kendall last Wednes- day. it was a day of rare oleatare to the The Bargain Giver. J. 3. JEFFRIES M'KINLEY AVENUE, KENDALL. We are Makin a Big Cut IN PRICES To Make I: for ,,or Winter %lock. lit -re are a few 'figure. Cotton -ribbed Underwear, medium weight . ; price *1.50 a Suit, now - - - -- A good line of Summer Overhirts, which Sold for 75cts to $1.00, now going at - Neglige Shirts, former price Ste°. Take your choice now at - was $11 .00 from 50CtS _ _ $1.00 N. BUTLER Kendall, Moot company. It is surprising that more people from the somber, monotonous plains below do not , cut loose for a 4Iay from the prosaic life of that region and come up to Kendall the quaint, Ken- dall the 'picturesque, Kendall the town oh destiny, of possibilities but now faint- ly dreamed of. Nowhere else in Fergus coenty is the air so mild yet so invigorat- ing as in the North M, crashes; nowhere else are the autumn tints so brilliant. Now the golden glow is on the nspen cud the crimson on the Oregon grape. To wander in nature's art gallery at this season is to be in the maelstrom of de- light; the spirit, is with the gods. - ----- ..Wateh the Kildebeye.\ \Whet' they are affected, life is in danger,\ says Dr. ,Abernethy, the great English physician. Foley's Kidney cure makes sound kidneys. Sold by I. C. Wilson. Moses Solomon has closed his place amid a -ill go to Benton in the interest of the Kendall King Mining company. No danger of consumption if you nee Foley's Honey and Tarte cure that stub• bora cough.' Sold by L.C. WPson. JUDITH HARDWARE CO. LEWISTOWN IS THE STORE THAT KENDALL PEOPLE SHOULD ADDRESS Their mail orders to, and when you visit Lewistown always come in and see us. We can serve you best whether you want Powder, Picks and Shovels, or Stoves, Ranges, Cooking Utensils and Crockery, or Buggies, Harness, Robes and Sporting Goods, or Farm Machinery, Garden and Field Seeds or anything from our large stock of GENERAL HARDWARE &c. Tin Shop in Connection lelephone

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 20 Oct. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.