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KENDALL CHRONICLE. VOL. 2. lhe North Moccasins Have 'VieIdfd Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil KENDALL, MONTANA, OCTOBER 27, 1903. No. 33 MILLIONS ARE IN SIGHT. Owl Creek is the Coming Big Bonanza District. Immense Ledges of Free Mill:ng Gold Ore — Extensive Mineral- ized Territory Reported. Recent arrivals at Missoula confirm all that was that reporteg;boet the rich - !lees of Owl creek -overies. Dave Bishop said: \W. J. Croff, who has been in the employ of New York pm rues for the past three years, looking f o r min- ing ground, found his way up On I creek in A twine, and the beauty h eking good, Iii' determined to prospect it. Ile fol- lowed tip the creek a distance of three tinier'. So difficult was the traveling that he took with him three men, and it took them six days to cut a Dail a dis- tance of three miles to a point it.. the c •eek e here an immense slide tilled the imed of the stream, c:catirg a fall of 70 teso iii the creek. - At this point he discovered one of the greAtest gold -bearing ledges ever mann. upon in America. I do not exam: - era te when I trey that the ledge is -more, than 1000 feet widc, and cat ries gold time entire a idth. This gold belt extends or miles, 'red covers at. immense area, eller- new dieceveries will be mode a hundred yews from the .present time. Not less than eight or ten of Ilateiltoe's Isait citizens have actually been on the ground, have taken up claims and atih- tilitlitinted all that has been said regard- ing it. It seems to be the opinion of those Alio have visited the field that it *ill eclipse any strike in the - The fact is, this great ledge carries gold in commercial quantities, that the ledges are many and immense in size, mei all metal!' gold that is not at all difficult to get at. The place is lint 90 miles from Hamilton, with agora' wagon fowl wuihiiuu half a day's journey' of Mr. Croft's discovery. There is enough i ore in eight to keep 1000 stamps going for ten yenta, and not sso a foot tinder gunnel. This sounde like a Monte Cristo laic, hilt it DI true.\ - — AT THE NORTH END. Working the Cantor- Kan; Other Prom - Wog Pronerlieti. Work is being expedited on the Victor property, at the head of Nona creek. It is believed a 'nine a ill be developed in this north end group. The shown g made to Nina. Dunn of Great Falls a as sufficient to induce him to invest $5000 for a quarter interest in the property. Those allO know Mr. Dunn soul Ili@ iii ess meths/41P, are satisfied he would not have mar& the etaiture if he had not keen alisoletely certain his interest was worth ell and more lump lie paid for it. The fact is, the lima' end of this great mine' el lwh I, has inany good pryspeet 5, bet the great difficulty has lieu, sod such is Ilse ellite iioi , lit got capital imeiested. Wherever any t of •work has heen done goed showings have resulted. Some day, and that time is hard by, the north end will corr.e to the foie a ill. big miners 'Fite ore is un- pleriqnsibly there, but it is i.ot to he foond on the surface, as is the case in the great Kendall and Barnes-King prop- erties. \TR1J/1 DOWN.\ Again the County Coininla•lotiera Deny Kendall a Small rater. At the last me -hug of the County Commissioners the proposition to eitorten. the distance bv wagon road between Kendall and LetvittOWIt was \turned down.\ The toad overseers had reported fa- V011ibly on changteg the course of the road so no to cross, Theodore Lioolisley's rant -h. shortening the distance at least t*o miles. But it. %mild appear the Commissioners are nut 1,11111.1 to graimt- ing any favors to Kendall. filmy @rem to work on the theory that this section is so favored by nature, that anything a county government could do to elianee conditions would be allperfluous and quite out of reason. In the way of thoroughfares, for inatance, the old lief falo paths are /good enough for a %slide longer. Of course when It cornea to tax- ation, that is another matter; top notch figures -the best there is going-ie just good el101101 ftir this district. Mean- while Kendall must struggle along the best way it cap, \tt 'theta the sit.' or CCM- sent of any other nation,\ or that of the County Commissioners, remaining satis- fied with the knowledge that, by its gold output, it is making Fero', outnty Gettink Ready to Patent. A good molly- milting claims in Deis district are heir g pre!ma•eil for patent, and this fall surveyore Immtve been kept !me) , edit that object in view. lor. Long amid his slaa0Mates are abont reedy to ad- vertise for patents on a group of claims; 1/r. Hedges has had his vlatilla Surveyed dining the past month with a similar ob- ject in view. The Barties-Kinj company is oleo making preparatimi to potent more of its /ironed. John R. Cook is an• ether one of thole' who is about to apply for patent to mining grouril. Finding Ore in the Tripod. Matt. Regan of Lewirems mu, its doing some development aork on the Tripod, a claim he owns, and a hich seljoins the Biomes-King group at time north end ile is sinking a shaft in a contact of por- phyry and Lme, and is going down OD the vein. Some very promising looking ore is being taken out as work progresses. M r. Regan is entimmiastic ove- the prop- erty and is quite certain he has an ore shoot in his ground of equal value to 'het known to exist in the north end of Bartlett -King tallitory. \Shooting Up the Town\ as a Mild Diversion. \The Man a ithi II gun\ was in strong evidence two or three nights last week fie first would fill his tank with booze, and then fill his belt with cartridges. tie was then ready \to shoot up the town,\ which he did, after the style and 'Haulier of the old-12;11nm cowboy. Dur- ing one oh his escapades lie got within range of Professor Hutchison. and a bill - let took a nip out of that gentleman's pantaloone. The Professor would not have given the matter more than a pass- ing thought had it not been that the garment a - as new, and that made some difference. But \the man with mu gun\ took no note of that, as at the time all pante looked alike to him, While \shooting up the town\ is al- ways more or less exciting to the average citizen, vet it is one of those diversions that can be ''cut out\ eith impunity. Such wee:lona come on too suddenly and unexpectedly. WHISKY GULCH ACTIVE. Given is New Lena. of Life In Ike Judith Kountaltia. Whisky Gulch is avitin the scene of much activity since the Chicago-Mon- talet comany has begun preparations to begin working the ores from the Big Six group in the Whisky gulch mill, says the Argue. A force of 1111.11 is working *Se tramway front the Dig Six to the mill, end contrector Ma/Atoll Jackaon expecte to have the grade line of the irAFTIA sr completed in a fee' days. Eighteemi men are 110W employed by Mr. I, ekuomi , iii addition to which at force of carpenters are at work 'in the five bridges 'old trestle on the train line. The tram from the ore imin at the neitie to the mi.') %%ill be 3900 feet in length. A 200 ton one bin will be built at the mines AA the timbers Are now being prepared. The mill is in exeellsnt conditimme to he Now Get Into the Social Swim. The Argus is becoming metropolitan. It annotincea that it has engaged a so- ciety reporter, who understands such timings, and he a ill give the proper touch to receptions, musicales, pink teas, weddinea, conversacionee, and 'Outlier events. This reminds the Crimp/sots I, that it is time it called in its society re- porter from the range awl be getting ready for the ander (sanctions. A Dozen Tinian a nett. Mr. OWP.I DUMP, of Benton Fiore. W. V. , Writes: \I have bad kimlitey Red trialliler trouble for 'years, a9c1 it became Po bail IIWAI I AAP i)bligr..1 to get NI at leatit a dosAoi times a night. I never re- ceive., any permanent benefit from tiny medicine until I tried Foley's Kidney Cnre. After sifting two bottleil I am meed,\ Sold by L. C. Wilson. Applications are being made for the pat- enting of the entire property of the coin- pany,comprising in all thirty-five claims C. V. Hopkins, the surveyor in charge. has completed a part of the surveys and forwarded them to the office of the sur- veyor general at Helena. C. T. Durrell, formerly superintendent of the Spotted Horse and Whisky Gulch properties, is superintendent for the new company. It is expected the mill will start up in De cenibei. Helena Business Men to Visii. Lewis- town Next Month. The long expected event null take place on November 2. On that date the Helena business men's excursion to Lewistown nub take place, and prepara- tions are being made to entertain the influential delegation. It is expected the Helens turnout a -ill number at least two hundred. 'rhe business men ot Lewistown and the citizens generally will give the visitore a royal welcome and it hospitable entertainment. The com- mittee of tirrangements is W. S. Smith, W.1). Symmee, A. W. Warr,O, J. Bach, David Hilger, II, It. Watson and J. L. Bright. Rev. George Lamb, the new clergy- man for Kendall, will be here in time to hold 'services next Sunday. lie expects to make this his borne. _ Bronehitli far Twenty Tears. Mrs. Miner% it Smith, of Daiiville, Ill , writes. 'hk,lool bronchitis, for twenty - years and never got relief until I used Foley'e Honey Slid Tar, which is a sure cure.\ Sold by L. C. Wilson. gin crushiug ore as Won 'as the trams ay and other pr. -permit lone art completed. E. C. Laintatch. a cyanide mill mhn from Cripple Creek, Col - a ill have the mill in charge. alien it is in operation. In and around the mines tweety-two *here Yi?\1\\ wet uod men are PITIployed develepenemit work. I l e n f ' t i g e lt „ i i s i i 7j s James.1Lerphy, formerly foremen at the ,„,1 mew Spotted Home, has charge of this emit. Native Gold. line opened a shop At C. H Iruig Otore IV il hit ma' LEWI TOWN voor watch repaired order as the ilisijr it also jewelry repaired made to order from Right _ CARD _ In the I n the Shoulder In Style In the In the and in Neck Front Back Price 4.y inaile- We are not competing with I \rea afore\ clothes : C10111i1111 is !Mt 111 ille lame close a ith the Stein -Bloch custom tailored garmeets Theirs im turned (lilt by machinee; OUP IA hand -made -the product of cutlers and in who command fancy salaries. We are aher men who pay tailors $30 to $iin for aunts to ortler. We can save them half their mrapi•v and em etter-in the very beiglir a fault - d , cam th b n, f„,. $1, to $2, SEND US YOUR MA 11, ORDERS E W LCONI LEWISTOW I ST N, OW ERCIALCO- MONTANA Potrrart EPAID N All. MAIL 01IDERS _ •

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