Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, November 03, 1903, Image 8

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ICincIan t Montana. Novanbcr 3,1903 CHOICE LINE OF STATIONERY AT WILSON'S DRUg STORE 0 BUY YOUR MILLINERY AT HOME Editorial Minds at Work. Catoity's /Krona \t til*1 . 14.1•111 fossil hilltsters Arts busy each etittilaPe iii Varitrills paets itt lite 'ate, the historic fossil beds of Roaland c,oun'y have not yet been touched. Itatielimen oty that there tire depoSt Sin Ii is , otilltY which tire almost perfect in o•, v respect.—Forsyth —0 -- aurae Cuurt Kahlblt Ventures. Nelltrarika furnisher] what it believes to lie it (animation, teo bloodhoutale linvitig been introduced in evidence during the trial of a robber. This may be an inft0- eatioli in the administration of Nebraelca justice, but Montana considers such all oreUrrence commonplace. Not long since four horses were brought to the seat of justice to. the inspection of a juts' during the trial of think robbers in Carbon coon y, a 4.1 scarcely a lllll nth passes in Butte that everything born the top to the bottom of it copper mine Is 110t introduced as an exhibiCt: Possibly the introduction of a bewliiikerml Ne- braska txmuliat in it Montana court room might create a stir, providing it happened l.uttlitle of butte, lout livo-stock exhibits are too frequent to occasion any comtuent.—Livingstotie Enter') ise. —11— Don't. BS a Knock•r. The Helena Independent did just right in reading the riot act to the Dii- iIlY it newstottioer which con- tinues to manifest a senseleart oectional jettlotley towards the prosperuas capital city of the Treasure State. As the Imle- tterident remarks, tloe reeidenta at all sections of this splendid commonwealth it Id be far above such petty spiteful - tires We are all working together lot the material and mural rilvaticeineitt of the greatest state in the tliii011. One part of the state cannot afforl. to •'ktiock\ another part. Helena is a capital city to be proud of, filled with orogiessive citizene who are alive to Moto tana'a best interest.. Let this fool- ish talk about \the Helena hog\ be -olenced cud forever.—Red lAylge Picket. Idle Tsars. Arrow' the line, in Canada, the news papere keep up their scolding about the laeloitt loOnntlaty decision. This petu hint talk can be tolerated; it will effect chatiges, On far as the merit. of the cite are eottOeflierl, and perhaps it will do the Canadian etlitora good to get into type all the ill tempered talk that la on I h. ir Winds. the things which the United States gets, as the reaultof the decision, are the Homo that ala aye were conceded by Ettglatei awl Canada, to be the rightful pavan) of the United St otos, until half a dozen years ago. Russia and England mode a tiealy iit 182b, involving this property It became Russia's Russia sold it to the United States in l867, a ild from that him until the Alaskan gold excitetnent there neve' wits the soggeetion of cloud oil our countty'a title Thete would Inoe been no boimiltity dispide but for the gold discovery. It ttaitspired that the Englielim.tii *elected to serve on the commission which Inlet LADIES wt.! k was it 1111141i broad etiougth took, uptight enough. to accept Here you may touch:on- Lout it a ell sele.u...1 stock in SISI ,. .. the leitiotoony of the facts —Anaconda MATS ty snit the most hostel 1111`4 Isuites that will snit 11111 istsket. Statioltirol. KING EDWARD'S HEIGHT. DR ESSM AK ING You May rest asettred that I it iii fit you perfectly. I realize that !too hest is reitte..ou goodfor the Indira of Keittlell, and I guarntitee satisfaction to you: From Tale Mitlraet 11 May R. Draws one trial end on %ill come again. Tlaat. alla Majesty Is *beat rlse-Fuet-81z. Why people should make bets on matter about which they have no Information, and then ask me to de- cide them without ascertaining w,.ether I know any more than they do, is one of the mysteries of edi- torial life, says a writer in London Truth. Here is the latest example cf this singular practice: \Sir: I should esteem it a favor if you will kindly answer in your Truth columns or privately, what the height of King Edward VII. is, as two papers have already been written to. and they decidedly disagree, one stat- ing five feet five and ore -half inches. and the other five feet four inches. and I shall, therefore, take your meaeurement as authentic, etc.\ On,e might have s.uppOited that his previous experience would have shaken this gentleman's confidence Ii, editorial Infallibility. Why did be not write to the king's tailor? I have never had occasion to take his majesty's measure. But if my guess is to decide the knotty point. I guess five feet seven inches. No doubt plenty of people will be ready to correct this off hand; but I do not believe I can he more than half an inch dut either way. Certaittly both the figures given above are un- der the mark. Dawns VrItImy ' *11.150 a Suit, now - The Billiard . °reheat ix wilt give •a dance Fridav evening itt Cook!.. t A good.line Of Summer Overshirts, 1 bots to $1 00, now going at - is needlom , ti, state thrt-t t4leret-will-a4sY good unit tie, for that orchesti no never fur- Negllge Shirts, former price $1.50, oimh.•s anything You Ale celisin Take your choice now to have a Weal tinge if you gii. ftpront Mort Mau •I000. W. W. Baker of Plainvien, writes: ••M]; wife atiffered from lung The Bargain Giver. trouble for fifteen years. She tried a titunber of doctor, awl \welt' over #1000 without relict. She b-eaine very htw GArIP AND COUNTY NEWS snit lost A foietiol recommend - e Foley'a Honey and Tar am1 thanks to this great remedy it Paved her life. She 'lit. F. F Affix, Lea istowii. \Iota • enjoye better health that. knnwn , ii, ten years.\ lieflow sudistilutes. Sold [Nos ugttre hotir to artlane Is N by L. (.;. Wilson. pile. adi tie to Clink/ail & thilliillott's for W. H. George J. Bach, Harry Brows) amt. Melt, yer , 14 eel..bra:ed Cellar Itt.ok it liii- l)vu.i Iiilger of Lewistown tite IiitttuulIç ky, loot ui-u ut ititinf owl tztisraitteed luv liot water heating plaids in their resi4 , toe government to Ite atrit-tty roue. iences. That is the say to hays- a per- The Lipistown postottivit iit a Ili the fect heat. new Ionit,Iitig, Niel everything is %Diking Dreesineking, Postoffice block, Kendall us IiittI . Order. The Othtte ie well equip - , LEARN TO DO FANCY VIITIFM:== — =.- - =--- vast teach you in all kinds of (tote . % ork Frentla and Calcutta Work, Mottiot Mellick and Heerlen Puint Lace. Any lady way learn by my sys- tem of teachieg. Call and este my stock of gootht and get my pricer.. Iii Wilson's Old Drug Store, Kendall AIRS. H. B. HILL High Grade Union 600ds --- This is the Kind of Stock I Carry. Choice Canned 6o1 s, Fresh Fruits, Nuts Fine Line of Choice Candies .ts os And the leading l?rands ofrobacco and Cigars. My Prices are Right j. J. JEFFRIES M'KINI,EY AVENUE, KENDALL We are Makin a Big Cut IN PRICES to 111.11111yr ROI/11111 for sitar Wussuer 1110Itek. Her.irs it ro.w fi g ures Cottoessisribbed Underwear, medium weight; price was v. hitt sold for from - - - at N. BUTLER Kendall, Mont 1ue.1, an I no sell arranged en any office ill the state. A idolater of Butte minere hove mr- rivt-il the post wellk. 'I lie Ia- '''u market here is well sept.lied, tool Ali it C011seglIttlre I ltttt Is a tioOr for -trot ;leers seek Mg a ork The Lee . ' town Meat it Provision Co. carry fresh meats, fish, lllll e-sualle end home-made Imola and hector). Flee new electric ',hoot at Letillttliell is corn; Ivied. - JUDITH HARDWARE 6o. LEWISTOWN IS THE STORE THAT KENDALL PEOPLE SHOULD ADDRESS Their orders to ,and when you visit Lewistown always come in and sae us. We can serve you best whether you want Powder, Picks and Shovels, or Stoves, Ranges, Cooking Utensils and Crockery, or Buggies, .Harness, Robes and Sporting Goods, or Farm Machinery, Garden and Field Seeds Of anything from our large stock of GENERAL HARDWARE &c. Tin Shop in Connection Telephone ój

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 03 Nov. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.