The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.) 1905-191?, April 20, 1906, Image 1

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11 San Francisco, April 18.—Up to 4 o'clock p. m. upwards of 400 bodies 1 have been taken to mechanics' pavil- ion, which has been turned into a morgue: a a dared and General Funston who is in command, ordered that WV f 13 ! 1 •n caught looting shall be shot on the spot. The property loss at this hotn : excelds $40,000,0041, The fire has swept up market street and it looks as though the entire business portion would be laid in ashes. The Palace hotel is now on fire and refugees leav ing the city in swarms. Every bank in the city has suspend- ed business and no money is being poid ont. Seventy-five bodies were taken from the Valencia hotel and The K ndall Vol. I t No. 20. KENDALL, MONTANA, APRIL 20, 1?06, 5 Cents flr 1 11 a us uour Depos- its. We Gan toile them satisfactorilfl„.. mssommiaran. FIRST STATE BANK OF RENDALL The SHAU1LE5 Kendall, Montana HOT and COLD BATIIS NEW and FIRE PROOF THE BIM'S ROTEL ACCOMMODATIONS IN THE COUNTY. COME AND SEE tat AND WE WILL MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU O'WNED inat OTEL. : A ; : ' * ** *** _g • E. P. DURNEN, Proprietor STYLE & QUALITY 'These are qualities which are cotnbined in clothing turned out from my establishment. All clothing made by the best workmen and in sensible, conservative styles, and warranted to give satisfaction. Never having woro union underwear, you have no.conceptima of tin superior advantages. When you come to Lewistown call on me, onrsosite the postofflce, add I will tell you about it. Yours for Business WALTER 10 IGHT Lewistown, Montana SAN FRANCISCO IS DESTROYED Earthquake, Firs and Water Wreak Terrible Devastation in Golden . Gate City ---life and Property Loss Beyond Calculation at This Time, but Will Be Very Heavy, San Frrcispo, April 18.—A tremen- dous earthqu i ake overwhelmed the city of San Francisco. The damage and loss of life is presumed to be en- . i ormoua. No definite statement is now obtainable, as all communica- tion by wire has been cut off. Oakland, April 18, 8:50 a m.—Life loss 1,000; property loss already in the millions. Fire has broken out and the water mains are broken. No help from the miteide is obtainable. Fire is Amy, extending up Market street with nhthing to stop it. There were two earthquake shocks, the first at 5:15 a. m. The first shock lasted three minutes and the force was terrific. A large number of build- ings have toppled over: Among those in the mina as the city hall which cost ei,(100,000; also the Call arid Ex- aminer buildings at the corner of Mar- ket and Third streets. No reliable estimate has yet been sent out as to the nuniber of lives lost, reports being all speculative l but the death list will be a long one, while the property loss will run into tens of millions. The second shock was at 8:15 a. m. and was much lighter than the flist. TheAnage was not very serious. Seven.people were killed_ The force of the earthquake was felt a long distance. Nelson 8c Kipe Wholesale and Retail Butchers Moore, Montana WE ARE MAKING REGULAR SHIPMENTS OF SELECTED LOTS OP BEEF, POIIK, MUTTON, FRESH BUTTER AND EGGS TO KENDALL Ct..18TOmERs. CORRESPOND WITH I'S, OR AWAIT ANNOUNCEMENT OF MR. NELSON'S COMING. Savings Department BANK OF FERGUS COUNTY In which will be received savings deposits in any.amount from $1.00 up. Interest will be paid at the rate of eve per cent per annum, com- pounding semi-annually, on the last days of June and December. If you resolve to save a part of your earnings, you will find a sav- ings areount a source of strength. One dollar puts the resolution Into effect—It opens a saVings amount. eighty bodies from the lodging house at the corner of Merchants and 18th streets. The Chronicle is the only newspaper office left standing. Dyna- mite is now being freely used in the hope of saving the city. The South- ern Pacific tracks out 6f San Fran- cisco have been sunk for a'qstance of 1,000 feet. Two ships in the harbor !fere sunk. San Francisco, April 18, 10 p. in.— It looks now as if the entire city would be burned. The government is furnishing tugs for - communication with Oakland, but the conflagration Is so great that they cannot be relied upon. Dead estimated at from 500 to 700; 20,000 homeless. The whole dis- trict In the vicinity of the postoffice and the mint has been destroyed. The , Palace hotel destroyed and the Pcstal and Western Union buildings injured, and the magnificent Union Trust com- pany building damaged. • Los Angeles, April 18.--Newa comes from Blies, a small toWn in the Santa Clara ' valley, 15 miles from San Jose, that the earthquake demolished the state insane asylum at Agnews, near San Jose, burning many of the in, mates in the ruins. The Cliff House near eaq Francisco has 4'4 : swept away. Oakland, April 18, p. na.—A tele- graph operator who arrived here in a launch says another earthquake shock occurred at 7;15 this evening. The conflagration is still raging and the damage is beyond calculation, and at, be launched foetk into one of. the most eloquent and ineVring political ad- dresses ever b l eard in Lewistown. H. set out some at the cardlnal,principlee of Thomas Jefferson and showed how these principles are to this day, the foundation stones of the democratic party. He drew some telling compari- son. between the tendencies of the two parties of today, emphacising the fact that the republican party is the or- cratic party, the party of the demo- cratic party, the party o fthe democ- racy'in its truest sense. As Mr. OOrraley proceeded, hle eloquence be- came more fervid, his sledge -hammer blows against the pally ef aggression, of trust control and arrogant an -Am- ericanism became more telling and he simply brought the crowd to their feet as he closed with a magnificent eulogy of the peerless leader of democracy, William Jennings Bryan. Nothing which has happened in many days has dqne more to enthUsie the democracy in Fergus county than the superb ‘ speeeh of Mr. Gormley. When he sat down. scores of loyal democrats from all parts of the room cgowded forward and warmly congratulated him When -Pee Meeting was again called to order Toastmaster Hitch introduc- ed E. O. Buscaburg. Although com- paratively new In active participation in party affairs, Mr. Busenburg is a most enthusiastic member and his speech was one of the best of the ev- ening. He took occasion to score the Roosevelt administration for the de- ficiencies which are becoming so ap- parent to the American people. The speaker asked what the present ad- ministration has really accomplished for the nation. It has been discovered that there is a beet trust, said the speaker, but them have been no.con- victions owing to some bungling work by Roosevelt's attorneys. The admin- istration has had a few hundred Philippines benevolently assimilated but that about the extent of its itc- compel:1:ms. H. L. Kalb was asIgned the toast, \Railroad Rate Legislation\ and math one of the good talks of the evening. The house was with him from the start. and in the short -time allotted him, he hrought out some of the chief point, ot interest concerning the greet question now before congress. DelCatti is not one of the coming young man of the mete lo Fergus county. He has already arrived, and hie very excellent sppech made a very favorable impression upon all present. Charles Fasel of Kendall spoke up. njhe 44_4,0 1 \Democracy the Fr of labor.\ It was the first time - that the democraneof the county have had to hear Mr. Fasel and the Impressleo which he made is certainly one of which he may be proud. He had • carefully prepared speech and the manner in which he detivered it show- ed -that he is an °rater of Rene than average ability. County Attorney Roy E. Ayers is recognized as one of the best young SPRING and Spring House Cleaning is at hand. We are prepared to supply all your wants in Wall Paper tickuse Paints Buggy Paints Kalsomines Ga - len rind Llower Sectis A little fresh paint and paper. with a few sweet peas growing at. the window, is better than a clo-;e of tiledicine for tbe blurs •••••• DRUG COMPANY Kendzil, OMPHREY .2EWZLHY Watch end Chronen eta Makers Rings and all other kinds ef I miry made to order. Finest strkic pf Watches, Dia- :nonds, Sapphires, Rubies, etc. ev- er brought to Fergus County. MAKERS. OF THE FAMOUS KENDALL twin. e .— We have gad twenty-five years' _ eiperience in the watch repairing business and absolutely guarantee' all sticb work. this flour increasing in violence. The fire is spreading in all directions in both the business and residence dis, tricts. In attempting to dynamite a building ahead of the flames, 15 were killed by a premature explosion. The Terminal hotel at Water Front at d market street fell tonight and burl( d 23 people in the ruins, and as all were Incinerated there is no possibility of obtaining their identity. The Stan, ford university building at Palo Alto has been destroyed, with great loss of life. (Continued on page two) PAY TRIBUTE TO HIS MEMORY Democrats of Fergus County Gather in Commemoration of left- . _son's Anniversary. Over one hundred democrats, repre- senting almost every section of the county, met at Frillternity hall ras Fri- day evening and fittingly celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Thom- as Jefferson. The meeting was not on- ly a celebration of the birthday of dem- ocracy's patron saint but it was also a demonstration of the growing strength and of the confidence which the members of the party have In the ultimate and complete triumph of - their political organization in Fergus coun- ty. The large attendance and the spontaneous enthusiasm manifested and the feeling of absolute harmonY shown throughout the meeting spoke volumes for the success of the party at the polls in the autumn election. It was a glorious meeting, such a one, in fact, as to make a democrat proud of his political allegiance. The meeting was caned to order about 9 o'clock by E. Worden, who Ma de a very graceful address of tett- come. Mr. Worden limited himself t• ten minutes but in that time stirred the meeting to enthusiasm by his ringing words eulogistic of Jefferson and the principles for which he stood. In conclusion, he introduced John B. Hitch as master of ceremonies and toastmaster extraordinary. John pretended that it was his first appear- ance in the role but the manner in which .he performed The duty hrnpos- ,.., party in -the state of Montana and his prediction that the party will win a complete victory at the approaching election was accepted with confidence by all who heard him speak. The third speaker introduced bY Chairman Hitch was the orator of the evening. Hon. Austin C. Gormley of (treat Falls. Mr. Gormley was greet:. ed with the heartiest sort of a recep; tion upon taking the floor. After a f -w pleasantries tit the expense of • few of his frinds who were present,' d upon him would indicate that he had done nothing much but postpran- dial stunts the greater part of his eventful career. John started out auspiciously by tell- ing a good story, followed. with a few eloquent sentiments, called forth by the event which was being celebrated and then introdtmed Hon. B. C. Whitt of th e e first speaker of the evening. As a political orator, B. C. White has few equals and no superi- ors in the state. He is el/Ways ready, it matters not upon tilfh - at occasion be 'May be called, and was at his beat Friday evening. After op fete humor- ous remarks which elicited the great- est appleuse, he proceeded to cast'. gat4 to the republicans in a style which only he - could command. The republican, he characterized as thr party of monopoly, the democratic, the party of the people. Mr. White was heartily applauded after every telling point and wag warnolY con. gratulated after concluding his short but eloquent address. Hon. David. lifter was the next speaker introduced. Mt. itilger's sub- ject was \Legislative Experiences.\ He spoke of the urgent - necessity of sending to the state legislative as- sembly men of backbone and inde- pendence, men incapable of being in- fluenced by any corporation or organ- ization other than that of his organ' sustained •-titts- reimtattop _ Friday ev- ening. After giving the toaattnaster - a ifew warm shots, he launched In to a short but brilliant talk qpon current political topics, paying hi g respects to the attitude of the administration in its imperialistic policy a.nd on the trust question. He ridiculed its protection of \Ihfaeit industries,\ stating that even one of the infante has grow to such proportions as to be able to al- most swallow its protector. Henry Neill of Helena, state lard agent, was called upoll by the chair- man and although he had not expect- ed,g say anything during the evening, reaila1nade one of the best talks of the me g. His eulogy of Governor Joseph K Toole was cheered to tile echo and tire closest attention was giv- en to his remarks concerning the ne- cessity of the democrats of the coun- ty putting up candidates for the legie. lature who would honestly represent the people. ` w ' William A. tordon, Jr., was assign- ed the subject, \Fi‘mocracy of the Fu- ture.\ Like Charles Farm!, Air. Cor- don made his first appearance as an orator in Fergus county et this meet- ing and his speech was voted one of the bent ever heard by a gatherIng et democrats. Hi did not speak bet a few moments, but in those few Fitm- ents outlined the great work Of the party since it was founded by the Sage of iltonticello, a century and a quar- ter ago. He was listened to with breathless interest as he showed that' the democratic party has been the party of progression. It has remained steadfast to the undying principles ad- vocated by Jefferson during the life of a dozen or more great parties and will be pre-eminent when the present dominant party, the republican, has passed into history with the whigs; green backers end a half dozere-eth-- ers. Mr. Gordon closed his exception- ally fine talk With a story that was a \corker.\. E., W. Mettler spoke upon the \Dem- ocracy of the South.\ Mr. Mettler liv- ed for a few years in Texas and. is im- bued with the brand of democracy in vogue In that great state. He mid that some of the great leaders; of the party today live south nf Mason and Dixon's line, naming notably, John !zed constituency. ,Mr. linger Is rec- Sharpe Williams, the brilliant leader ognized as one Of the leaders of theisof the minority in the house of rep- resentatives, Aenatore Bailey. Culbert- son, and Bacon, all of southern stated. Mr. Mettler'', oration ewe enthusiast- ically received. David Scott wonnti up the speech- making with the reading of a short letter which he had written to a for- mer Fergus county democrat, now a Carbon county republican. Thomas Jefferson Johns. Mr. Scott took Mr. Joliet; severely to task for his deter- tioo of the party and the Noter wgg generally much enjoyed. Do not send watches away to he repaired. Leave them with us and dee Humphrey Jewelry Cog KENP.LL. 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The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.), 20 April 1906, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.