The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.) 1905-191?, April 20, 1906, Image 2

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, t • ort The Kendall Miner MINER PUBLISHING COMPANY Entered . ot the !lost office at Kendall, Mont., as second class matter. Subscription, per Year Butte Ii. Tipton. Editor and Manager. Published Weekly. KEND4LL, MONTANA, A ... 1?FtIL 20. There is one feature of...dir. Jerotne's manif , st reluctance aboyt prosecuting high officials that seennycl us to be un- ‘suallY untenable, and that is his po- Mon as to the duty and' scope of „rand jiries. 'He contendk tat indict-' , rents which cannot be sustained, or 'upon which convictions cannot be ob- tined, shou\d not be found by a grand lurY. As an abstract proposition this might be sound if a grand jury could be gifted or supplied with the precise- ness that would enable It to ten be. forehand what a trial jury will do, but ' •Ne have not heard of a jury thug sup- plied With Weknowledge. It Is morally. Impossible for the mm - hers of a. grand jurk to tell whether a petit jury will convict in any given .../ase,. and it is legally impossible for, them to hate access to all the testi: <stony t i hat will be brought 'out on ttit trial. rills body is, as has been said, 'the grand inquestpf the people.\ It -the . province and duty of the grand Jury tcuanake diligent inquir; into al tions of -la's:: that comes wI f thin ,he nowledgeof any. i.nbC ç' that y be brouoht to the notice of tin Y V.:eq. tkee kave • \perm. -violation et' taw and the pa:ty known., they cannot inqui . ‘e. U;t,„9 the question of intent or of Justification. ! - ,but Imp ind'ot tlte psr . y,„.and leave p ; the coot t',,e as i br:nging out a' the b. - th sides and o15 -de termining iii, question of guilt t r in- nocencl. There has Lox: ronvid,?r•ble aolta Von In some wi.ter,4 in favor of abol- ishing - grand Tit? claim . 1. made that* th,j. to*, ,xpensive; a sort . •ten find indictments whet': conviction impuesible, or where It would be un- lust to convict the accused. i rft is also argucd that it is not uncommon for An -Innocent man so be indicted through malice or spite, and though he cannot pe convicted he must suffer humilia- Von rtild expense **cause of the falai. - Th `.1a 3 A1P.P.4,_ All this is true and regreteibte, --- but - apt L' sufficient reason for abolishing ,grand juries. We may admit that Mr. Jerome has good grounds for believing that men Ake these ,wealthy and influ- ential insurance officials can not in ..nd_therelele_t_i!, useless to vite/ae correct in .theory and rigLt as to \probahle - iieniTis - ,' - -hut that is no reason why men in high „Maces should be unfnolested: If they have committed crimes let them be in- dicted and bcought to trial whether :conviction follows or not. It is true ,that Mr. Jerome, having been fairer rul- ed by the judges, has gone to work to prosecote some of the officials of tin oururance commits, but that does not change the attitude betook at the out- set. It is PI be hoped that he will .show more zeal in the cause of justice than he did ehi.ri he. was virtually op - ..Ong—Montgomery (Al- abama) Advertiser. In every industry in this country th.. persistent Fear..11 of employers is for men who can make them money. IN -hat dire man cost is no objeM, so long. as .he can make the busire•ss, op his par, • ticular part of the busintsti. pay: The .demand - for seeh 'aim Is kreat and iii- - supply is always inadequate. , The search for bright men has be. .rom. so active.\tiptt 8 number of great - mercantile and manor icturing ce,n- .cerns .hart voluntarily undertaken to train up their own material for which': to choose, taking in •ach year n num• her of the most promising colleg e , raduates thy ern Rot hold of, who -are taught the businese with care and . thoroughness; • - ho are, literally, 'brought pp to be. managers if only. Opt can show the ability, op, in the Metall Make good: and that means to work harder than other men, with duAtion . and en- thtplasm, fi;itit the jolitsuccess and grief at (entire. wino means that a man's heart la in h, whether hi, job be advertising the . best pickels on earfh, or building battle ships. To be ,of industrial vault in the cottntr; to- day, a man's heart must be In his work. If he he luke-warm to it he will be tri<dlocre or worse, and, the high placts will neuer .hrto . n; him. Why should this indusfrill - System be followed out in' • mining? Why should the small arm of youthful M. IL's that the colleges graduate ,v . ery year, ire turned loose upon the world with the idea strongly -implanted their mind, that they are educated-. that to them the rocks shall be an op - •en story and the earth's secrets shalt 'stand revealed? It is hard on them, tor riuthge tinder Who with training 'Would succeed handsomely; not is It • fair to the industry to go to. Waste, or to undr:iake InCire than it is fitted for. If the, greater mining companies ,would abwrb boys fresh from college, (Continued from page one) would train them to their knowledge gained from Iro-Oles, ,,,Assoc ated Preys dispatch Thursday, SAN FRAPCISCO IS DESTROYED would encourage and promote those who show ability to succeed and Odd log love for the work, thez,yepilid, in a few years, be a supply of money- making superintendents and managers whose influence upon the wealth of the nation would be beyond calculation. In some things the mining industry is a whole generation behind the times and this is one of thens.e•Los Angeles Mining Review. The followlng item from the New' York Heralfl it an interesting sign of the awakening of eastern investors to the *importance of the mining industry as a field for investment., Even the bankers are noticing it and are seek. Mg to bewail the fact: \Is the country passing through a mining craze? This question is seri- ously agitating bankers in New York. Pitt'sburg, Boston and other centers where the shares of mining corripanies are put on the market. In 1905 the Broad street curb expanded from score of brokers to a market wherein hundreds of brokers daily bought and sold- thousand; of, shins of mining stocks. \In Boston there has been another copper boom; Now York made all for- mer coipper bourns la Boston resemble mitieture speculative efforts; a mining exchange has been formed in the fi- nancial district to trade in the new gold. mining properties of Goldfield. Tonopah and other districts. Pitts- burg has the : mining fever and for- aunes have been made in the phenom- \nal advance in the various gold, sil- ver and copper stocks. San Francisco has regained some of old glory of the days of '76 and '79, 'nit . the center of speculation in min- ng .hares hat7inoved 'eastward. At ?Ittladelphia, Baltimore, and other astern cities one hears More about the stocks of the Bullfrog, Tonopah nil grid producing mines than the de- velopment of the standard railroad properties listed on the stock ex , change.. - 11unkrs are contemplating ser123VE ly the extent of ti a boom and its ef- fect on credit. Itact true that fortunes have been made in the sensational ad- vances, but the.prioes now established for stocks of scores of properties are such that caution is being urged.\— Denver Mining Recited. A. M.—Tke fire is still burning with unbated fury. The loss will amount Ito the total value of the city. No on' can attempt to compute the financial loss but it will run into the hundreds of millions, making it the greatest cat- astrophe in the history of the Ameri- can nation. The loss of life will reach from 500 tq 1,500 in San Francisco. A number were killed in Oakland. San Jose and Santa Barbee were destroy- ed. It is estin i sted that the loss of life in the latjer place Wig, alone reach. °300. General Funston with 2,500 men are In charge. Three men caught loot- ing were killed; Funston has telegraph- ed Washington that thousands of tents and trainloads of provisions will be needed immediately. There will be 100.000 home less in the city, perhaps more. before the progress of the flames shall have been arrested. The resi- dence portion of the city is practically u annihilated. Imsuranee companies say they will Pay all -losses whether from water or earthquake. Thousands are leaving the city, hundreds fleeing, they know not where, just so long as they are. able to get away from the stricken city. For-the-negt th1rt7, days, the rub- scription price Of the - Kendall Miner * : will be RAO for one year, MOO for stz months and 50 cents for three months. We have determined to, greatly in- crease our subscription list and fot that reason, this spec offer, offer, for a rkrtly 1•1 ...eta In order That these who have_iiiread.i_ paid their_ yearly subscription may be '12 1 11013 equal grounds with the new subscriber, they will be given an extension 'ox three months for every subscription already paid. The Miner managernent is making a great endeavor to give the people of Kendall a paper of which they may be proud, one which truly represents the best interest of every man, ;VW/Maw< and 'child ip the camp and for that rea- son, we are anxious that it shall b. read by, 'not. only Peery person in Ken- dall, but by every person within a ra- dius of-flfteen miles of Kendall. This special low priced offer Is fa: thirty days only. Take ad vanthge ox the opportunity' to get -your home pa- per at a good discount, ADDITIONAL LOCAL HAIWNINOS. Pruf. E. M. prinkard is Lewis , town on business. • Dr. Karl Schuip, the oculist, will b3 in Kendall Within two weeks. Orley Armold was very sick early in the Week, having been attacked with cramps, Our interest -bearing certificates can be compounded twice a year, just the same as a savings bank deposit. FIRST STATE BANK of Kendall. Rev. WakeAeld of Lewistown will hold services Tuesday evening, April 24, at i30... All are cordially invited to attend, . _ J. U. Kidd, a 'painter, was here this week and- eXpedi to bettome a perma- nent resident, having considerable work In sight. . • The condition of Alta May is critical angUittle hope is held out by the at- tending physician for her recov- ery. The girl is suffering with drop- sy . W. W. Kimball has sold his saloon business to Sam Elkelarho took pos- session Thursday. Mr. Kimball has not determined his future plans. The new proprietor of the Wedge has many friends, and wil4 no doubt, command a good patronage. BUTTER AND EGGS These Important aitteles Of - dhet are essential in every, honsehoold and they should be absolutely pure.. That Is the ccuallly olf stock we corm Butger and eggs for particular pepple„ The same may be said of our line of meats. nun Kendall- Lewist own Stage Line Leaves Kendall 8 a. in, and 3 p. tn. daily, except Sunday. (The 3 o'clock stage carries mall.) Leaves Lawlstown 9 a., m. and I - 1) •• • - yri. (The 9 o'clock stage carries mall.) Sunday ooach leaves Kendall at 1 p. rn. FAST TIME RELIABLE DRIVERS, CLOSED COACHES, FOOT WARMERS. ' Kendall offioe: Joe T. Montgom- Lateistiawn offlom Harry Brown. I C N FIT Men of All Sizes ImomoseutemosallIMMI Am now shswing nove'liies iii pants patterns in the desirable styles. Now is your chance to get a good bargain. Good cloth- ing is cheaper in the end than . hand-me-down and shoddy goods J. L. AMBER W. SHUTE , u PHYSICIAN ANIi SURGEON Office and Residence, Cook Building. _ Kendall, Montana DR. C. W. SMITH PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON • Office; Miners' Union Hospital. Hours: 1 to 3 p. m.; 7 to p. m. Residence: Opposite Drug Store. \KENDALL - - - MONTANA DR. GAYLORD McCOY PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office hours: 19 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 p. m. Office, 1st door above McIlveen's store Kendall, Montana G,R.Hamillon HIGH GRADE UNION MADE Cigars Complete line of Wines and Liquors Drop in Now 86 Then OAR HORSE Liver u Stable W. H. HORTOPp Prop. FINE STOCK OF HORSES AND BEST EQUIPMENT OF VEHICLES KENDALL: linitliew _Management Patrons are assured prompt serree and stock receives the best of cafe.. THE NEW COAL VEIN Finest Quality on the Market 1111MIMNIN Leave orders at State Bank or with Lee Hilliard Walk Right A woman who wants to walk with queenly grace roust wear shoes that are rightly made. Shoes that pinch the feet, or flatten the instep or throw the body too far forward or backward ckstroy the grace of motion. Not only for eonsfort but for style and easy, graceful walking women rho -Id Wear $ 2 .\ Shoes They're easily worth a dollar more thin they oat. Ekon] to $3.50 shoes in style, finish and materials. For preserving and polishing shoes us\ Radcliffe Shoe prais4ng-10 cents. Far Sale By Nc• Better 'Time Than Now to Buy Lots in The Great Gold Camp, Kerfkll's Aavantdaes The eyes of the mining world are centered upon Kendall. It Is situated in the center of a great gold producing area and fabu- lous wealth ties within its very limits. The operating mines em- ploy 300 men, and numerous prospective mines upon which large ore bodies have been discoveredare completnig arrangements for the building of plants and mills Population, 1,200. Adequate water supply and electric light sereice. Location: Picturesque and most desirable for the building or a city. School facilities unsur- passed. Lots Range in Value From $5o to $1,500 (wall never be cheaper than they are to.adpill We are brokers and heakiquarters for stock in the following well known mining companies. It win pay you to inveatigate. Cyanide Gold Mining Company Aliky Gold Mining Cempany Paymaster Gold Mining Company For further information, call on or address, Kendall Investment Company KENDAL - MONTANA - WHAT WILL YOU HAVE? Your Choice of a Fins Line ol WINES. LIQUORS and MARS 1 1 HEIVORIOKS & SMITH After Dinner Try One of Our Domestic or Key West Cigars KENDALL'S POPULAR RESORT THE „Weau - eBuffeL Wines, Liquors and Cigars Lunch Served with Beer Free Wiener urst With Every Beer to Miners Coming Off Night Shift Courteous Treatment and Conuenial Friends Anderson fric Weaver's POPULAR RESORT You know the Plaoe Kendall Liver u and Feed Stable SLOAN & SLOAN, Proprietors Woodmen, Attention There *ill he meeting of Kendall camp, M. W. A al Miners' union hall, Wednesday evening. April 2.5. MRS. M. C. MC ILVEEN BRING YOUR HORSES TO THIS STABLE. CALL ON US FOR LIVERY RIGS, -

The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.), 20 April 1906, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.