The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.) 1905-191?, May 07, 1909, Image 4

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ii N cp !Bette , r i \ illesgraillia7MBiSE*SdaaErGas . Tan 7,1SaaliasigNifced:MNISHIVIZELTa:S: p l.. limo, NOW tt Pkny Lk,ts in The reat 6c,ci rnp Kendall's, Advanices The eyes :,1 the mining a e c nt-..T. , -d upon Kendal!. II is situated In the center of a goat gold producing area and fabu- lous wealth lies within its ver.,• limits. The operating mines em- ploy 300 men, and numerous prospective mines upon which large ore bodies taw been discoveredare completnig arrangements for the building of plants • and mills Population, 1,200. Adequate water supply and electric light service. Location: Picturesque min most desirable. for the building of a city. School ansur- p a ssed. --Lots_gange in -Value From $5o to $1,5oo (will never be cheaper than they ere today) • We are brokers and headquart:•rie for sick in the following known mining companlo s. TT vill pay you to In vestlga IC. Cyanide €oL 1n ompany ilbby Pold Company Paymaster Ciolki Fainiug Company For further Inf.omailon, eall on or address, Kondail !koovestinerrt Company KENDALL. Subscribe For The Mime For a Year. s .4 , 02 r. • • .. r. r • , 3 erne. Er' 1...1 Eyes. 5 1.01 ft I A gnat., Wrt toed. . • •e.. -.Own or resp r I ..•••••e • • . • f (..e0 Se. (e , et• AC , :•••• Co.. New 'Week. MONTANA. Another Way. A well known London physician was Invited out to the country for sonic shooting; but, although he tried sev- eral times he could not hit a single rabbit. \I'm very unlucky,\ he exclaimed. \I've killed nothing all day.\ \Never mind,\ said his host. \Write the rabbits one of your prescriptions.\ Foul. • \Foul tactics,\ declared the halfback. geoWhat's the trouble now?\ demand ed the referee. \I tried a kick for the stow:tell, but this fellow blocked ft with his head.\ -- Kansas City Journal. Good Behavior. •- Employer -Why were you discharged from your last place? Applicant -For good behavior. Employer -What do you . mean by that? 'Applicant -They took three months,' off my. septence.- Cleveland Leader. al.S.Caa se • \ To make luminous paint, mix a small Them are mom !fini t e II Po I t rrn a 04: NI United \atm tn., ti any flint sr,i •'it., s is se quantity of calcium sulphide with or- CCeeeof their stylr, denary white paint. eerier. Mays; is,. i.- Mon) has _ e :;'.) • • • Imam ,,ester ;„tte e cat ru- There is a way To defeat tho maiiserdor man's cut throat meihods in this community. Tno w: is stublicity for \our bu•i. noes -Its the same woe lie uses. Our columns wi ol your business the. pt. -doll - oily you riood. 60 YEARS' EXPERIENCE PATENTS: ' TRASK MARKS DESIGN* Coarnemere No. A!.,one sending a sketch and deeeriat ,, me, sasertata our opinion free wh. .uventtun 0 probably Intteniabk, Corn,' unlr. 'tont a'rIeO ronthlont fah HANDUROg on I , ttent 4 fen , Ifdth 0140 Itt IftentlY iorsowrInipatonta. Pnterfte taken through Meow*. Cu. leoetvo petal 'tones. without Jotrue. In the Scientific American. n handsomely fflostrated weekly. Largest elf. colatIon of any et:entitle journal. Terms, $5 a ? , 'r:four months, IL Sold by all notte.leafera. ,3616 , ..d-htiew York VUNN &1:0 ;:mw.b. cobra, .Wq•bington C Not Very Pelts. John 'Clerk, afterward known as Lord ldin, was limping down the High street of Edinburgh 'one day when he heard a.young lady remark to her companion, \That is the fa- mous John Clerk, the lame lawyer.\ He turned around and said, with his \not unwonted coarseness:\ \You II,, ma'am! I am a lame man, but not a lame lawyer.\ Lord Justioe Braxaeld, too, ap- pears to have failed in courtesy to the fair sex, for when told that h brother judge would not sit that day on account of having just lost his wife he, who was fitted with Xantippe, replied: \Has he? That is a gude excuse indeed. I wish we had a' the same.\ -London Chron- icle. His \KWh.\ \Bay there's a mistake in this bill you sent, me the other day.\ \What's wrong with it? Is it too bac; o, but\ - \Any mistake in the 4;i/reg2\ \No it's not that. It's\ - \Don't you think that bill has been running long enough?\ \I reckon so, but\ - \Then what are you kicking ibout?\ \That's what I am trying to -tell you. There's a mistake in the , name. You sent it to the wrong men, confound youl I don't owe /On is cent and never elhi l\ \Oh !\-Chicago Tribune. There are plants so Benetive that if when standing be them you should suddenly' put up your umbrella or sun- shade it would be quite sufficient to cause them instantly to close together 'their leaflets and turn down their leaf stalks, just ea If they were startled and tRigeciiiil by the movement. Indeed, men sunny day st i lton the temperature Is sufficiently high you need not make ifiNen so decided a movement; merely your enadow coming in contnet with theft - Waves will often cause them to fall slIghtly.-Strand Magazine. Dignity. , I ought not to allow any man because he has broad lands to feel that be is rich in my presence. I ought to make iihn feel that I can do without his riches. that I cannot be bought-me- ther by comfort, neither by pride -and. although I be utterly penniless and re- ceiving bread from him, that he is tile poor man beside me. -Emerson. Seeing the Alps. \Did you see that Alps?\ \Oh yes. Our car broke down right opposite them, and, do you know, I'in almost glad It did. I found them so charming and Interesting.\ -Exchange. Clear, but Confusing. She -Oh, don't go there on Saturday. It's so frightfully crowded. 'Nobody goes there then. -Philadelphia I wither. CHINESE WRITING: Every. Scrap of Crary Kind is Held to • Se Sacred. The Chinese bold even scrap of writing tittered, no matter what the eharacterd express -the nierest corn Literati inessage,_ adeertisinnent, etc. Since Confucius used these chatelaters to teach hls wisdom they are holy. In the average Chinese couueunity forty. It was generally said in the by Anton Strstiees, cOntusUm, in which Physician And Sur...Lin. all letters, and waste papers sre 1:.!d town that those nine widows were on ills 4 that ikl AntlStr away in a clean receptacle t „ wa i t t h e the deacon's trail nod that nothing 11\er esresidence,builtai iss house, cultivated or luipreied the '• ()Meg Oxer Staffore; Store. collector, who appears at regular inter- was . surer titan that one ef them land, and I hat the same is in itSorigh Montana vals to trausfer the waste papers to 'Candid!, • would ultimately capture him. , e. the sacral 'furnace. If the papers Were one any a new widow arrived in nal ' \\d condition ' \cultivated ' tin ' rite Tenth Widow. 4 -• • • •••••, • LEGAL NOTICES L. M. 00111YD6HAM . CONTI:ST NOTICE.' 1)41):tt RESIDENT IDENTIsT 110 •III ,, F the Interioe,-U. S , k t a y n tt a , le i v li „ s i s t:‘, e: !,. i l ,c , v;i , isto . din, Mon- \ .°1 i \ iian '' hranches of stile Proi• :slim' A sotesam) , , ,,:tee :,.; . ridli.11 ;ma \ - , .s. , . s , . Hi t:•. i'..,.i,.....1., ,. I M.. . . , • . - , %.- Al i, M t. u4r.. , :: * : file •T•ialA [Coo right, lkUS. by T. C. mecture.i. .. The town of Euclid held Woe rest • ' a - 1 i • , h deut :widows and but one widower hopiktaaa eilia,, No 6964, Serial No. who .was looked egibn •as - eligible. Be 04496. made May 2, 1908, for 'Las '1 & 2, el mils secio tp lan, rgl5e Mont N bunted by the Chinese in their oVn homes, the ashes of the sacred writ- ings would mingle with the ashes of wood and other fuel, and the ashes of Chinese writing are as sacred as the writiug itself. • The ashes from the sacred furnace are slaced in sacks, the sacks are con- - veyed by wagons to the sea and there, in a Mon War boat, are carried out where the tide runs swift and con- signed to the waves. The Mon War boat belongs to ,the Mon War Sher, which is a lodge with branches everywhere, organized and maintained for the purpose of paying reverence to the spirit of Confucius. The furnace in the Chinatown which nearly every -large city in the United States harbors is generally a brick, oceanic° structure about dye feet high. Opposite It on the wall there will usu- ally be an inscription of the character of the following: \The spirits of our ancestors nre pleased that we keep sacred the writing of our country.\ The society of Mon War Sher (Club of the Beautiful Writing) Is madealin in en,•h case of the prominent denizens of chine - recta who support it by vol- untary contributions, which pay the salaries of the keeper and his assist- ant -New York Tribune, A MERCHANT. H. Used to Be One Engaged Exclu- sively in Foreign Commerce. Originally the term merchant was applied only to one who traded with foreign countries and who owned or chartered ships for that purpose- Chaucer's \Marchaunt:\ He wolde the see were kepud for eny- thinge Betwixe Middulburgh and Orewelle. The merchant of Venice had \on the ocean\ his \argosies with portly sail,\ and RO had an the other merchants about whom poets or historians have written. So also in the Bible there is no confusion about the meaning of the word. One passage alone will serve as an Illustration, \She is like the mer- chants' ships -she bringeth her food from afar\ (Proverbs xxxi, 14). De Qutneey, writing in the early part of the nineteenth century (\Autobiograph- ic Sketches\) says: \My father was a merchant, not in the sense of Scotland, where it means a retail dealer -one, for instance, who sells groceries in the cenar-but in the English sense, a sense rigorously ex- clusive -that is, he was a man en- gaged in foreign commerce aud no other, therefore in wholesale coin- merce and no other.\ But now it is no longer necessary to \plow the Spanish main\ to give one this time honored title, for any one who sells eggs by the dozen or flannel by the piece is at once put down as a was beacon Thomas and a man of town, and the deacon was almost the first man to leart of her advent. The nine fixtures should not be permitted to escape criticism. Any one of them could have solved the problem In . six months had she gone at it in the prop- er way. They were watching each other. For instance, if the Widow Barnes was known to have sent a blackberry pie fresh from the oven over to the dea- con who kept bachelor's ball, the Widow Green hustled herself and sent a strawberry saortcdke, and the Wid- ow Black followed it with a pair of slippers of her own make. If the Wid- ow Sabin saw him sitting on his porch and smoking his pipe after supper and stopped at his gate to ask him if he bought It paid to raise hogs in town he would not have time to figure it out before the Widow Blossom would be along to ask him what was the best thing to kill worms on pit= trees. a The nine widows congratulated them- selves on their perseverance and shrewdness. Each one thought she had the game In her own bands, but each one was destined to learn that she had simply been frittering away her time. There are widows and widows.- There are widows who have heads on them and widows who sit and sigh and wait. The teams transporting No. 10's house- hold -effects had only driven up to the door of the house she had rented when she appeared before Deacon Thomas, who was working in his garden, to ask him to come over and settle a disputed point with one of the drivers. He set- tled it in her favor, of course. Then his advice was sought as to a cow and other matters, and the seven of the nine widows that came skulking about got no show at all. The deacon went, home with a new thought in his mind. Other - new thoughts were added to it nex dab'. lie was hardly through breakfast when No. 10 came over and asked hint to take care of $400 in cash for her until she had time to drive over to the bank at Grafton. She sent him to the store for carpet tacks, asked his assist- ance to put up window curtains, and before noon he had a hammer in hand and was repairing the front fence., Widows from the list of nine came along and spoke of doors being out of order and pumps choked up and what a nice thing it was to have a hands' man around, but the deacon didn't take the hints. Next day, with her own house still unsettled, No. 10 walk- ed over to the deacon's and drove him outdoors to whitewash the trunks of his apple trees and then put his rooms to rights. She swept and dusted and rearranged and made his bed, and when she went home she carried some of his garments that needed mending or patching. The deacon sat down with his chin on his hands and merchant -London Note' and Queries. thought. He had to think. Some of the nine widows passed his gate and halted to ask him this or that, but he Webster's Home Squadron. was so wrapped up in his thoughts A few days before his death Daniel that he failed to see them. Mrs. Ora - Webster wished to leave his sickroom ham sent her little bey over with a once more to look upon the little para- dish of blackberries for him, but on dim which his taste had adorned about the way he encountered the bog' sent his mansion. Dressing himself with the utmost care, he went through the \Y No. 10 with an angel cake and was crowded Into the ditch and his house on • the arm of a servant and dish emptied. finally reached the library. The night • The next day the new arrival con - before there waft a terrific' storm, and Wed to the deacon that she had wash - the great statesman expressed solid- ed ironed, baked and put up four imi- tude for the safety of the fishermen ' Ions of peach pickles In a day: also off the coast. As he looked from the that she always got a cent a pound window his eye fell upon a number of more for her paper raga than any pleasure boats which had been moored other housekeeper, to a little mound tn the artificial pond On the next day she exhibited a in the rear ot the house. \Well said railroad bond for $1,000 and said that he, \the home squadron is safe. its keeping so worried her that she tract of land, to wit: sea net, sec 20, think I will go back.\ It was his last sometimes thought of getting married to tint rg ble Mont. P. M.IIIINIMINEZaiaaaanEEHrealii playful remark. He never left his Any persons claiming adveiselv the • again. room again. ab toe rfeta•rib 'd lands at'edicifliad•ta On the next day she had the deacon file their claims: or objection., on or se .1 - drive her over to the bank, and he saw KELL1i 7 t EEL Se et' PI heron , the day ab ire designated for sale. improved und uninhabited. That said A naon Strauss .has been absent. issal ;-.Ati land fon more than six o•Itlis- last 114, and said zbeence is as ool•cairsed by enlistment in the (dolly 0; navy of the United States, ,aid parties are hereby notified to ap- pear, reepond, and offer _evidence touchhig said allegation at 10 o'cleck in. on Apr i l! 12, 1909, before the Register and Receiver at the United States Land °Mee ill Lewistown, Montana. The said centestant having, in a proper 'affidavit, tiled Feb. 19, 1909, set forth facts which show that after due dIlligence persohal service of this notice can not be made, it is hereby ordered and directed that such notice be given by due and proper publica- ion. 26feb C. E. McKOIN, Register. Notice for -Publication. Department of the Interior, U. S. gancl Office at Lewistown,' Montana, April 28, 1909. Notice is hereby given that a Samdel M. Randall of Kendall, Montana, who on March 28, 1908, made homestead entry No. 5773, serial No 04335, for si of time net, sectien 27, township 19 north, range 18 east, M.M.has tiled notice of Inten- tion to make final commutation proof to establish claim to the land above described, before the Register and Re- ceiver, at Lewistown, Montana, on the 8 day of June, 1909. Claimant names as witnesses: Charles E. Jackson, James Montgom- ery. Samuel II. Jackson and James P. Warren, all - of Kendall„ Montana. m7 • C. E, ilicKOIN, Register. No:rian fon Panetipartost Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Lewistown, Mon- tana, April 23, 1909. • . Notice is hereby given that • ' Records - •, - • of Deerfield. MOntand, who bit Ape1116 1904; Ida& homesteads entry . serial No 03128, for it} se% net sw34`,. and the set tlwa( sec 26,, lip 18 ti, rise 16 e, Montana ineredian,. has tiled nitiedof intention fat - meld final five year proof, to estebilett claim to., tile land' abofe' deacribed; before tire 'Register andIlectiliseraita Lewistown.montana, pit time 15th day of June, -199 .. 0 . , , Claimant names as witnesses: _ Mart in Johnson, Frank J. Lee is, Guy Johnson arid George Allan, all of Deerfield, Montana. m7 C. E. McKOIN, Register. Notice for Publication. Department of • the Interior; U. Si Land Office at Lowistown,• Mout, April 21,.1909. Notice as hereby given that • Gustaf A. TOroginst, of Deerfield, Mont., who, on Dei• 3, 191)7, 'macre Homestead Entry No. 5511 (serial No. 04140), for w set, n; SRL see 26, twist - in s reit; CE. M. ' has filed notice of intention to make final comm. proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before the Register and Receiver, at Lewis- town, Montana, on the '4th day of May, 1909. Claimant names as witnesses: _ Charleg G. Ruck, Charles V. Mk, - Eimer Stanley, and George Allen, all of Deerliald, Montana. C. E. McKOIN. Register. E. E. DOTY, „F n .. ineaes.: •••• WILDEY LOOSE NO. 78 I O. O. F. Meets Every Thursday Evanig At Jonas' Lodga Rooms, yisitidg Mm- barsWelcome. J. LANE, Sec. -SECOND-HAND GOODS - BOUGHT AND SOLD J. S. KELLY, Next door to Clauspn's I; ikeo . J. C. HUNTOOD ATTORNEY AT LAW Lewistown, RIont. fiffice, Opp. Day House, Tel. Bell 7D; Mu 1 70. Real Estate and Commission, LoanS Negotiated. Inquiries Promptly Answered.. Edward B y Bernar : E. Stook Late Register U. R. Land Otlioe. Reassey :Se Stack Land &Ali For Sale .,INSURANCE Office in Laux Building, Next Door to Land Office. LEWISTOWN. - - MONTANA. It Ss KPLIU Kendall, Montana Notary Public Real Estate Insurance AGENT FOR ST. PAUL FIRE 86 MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY . -Agent for the- KTF,WART IRON FENCE AND .LAWN FURNITURE • ! her deposit actual money and get a check book. On the way home she ob- served that a man of his general intel- ligence, with a smart wife to back him, could be elected a county supervisor the next fall as easy as Elting off a log. • On the next day while the nine wid- ows were holding an indignation meet- ing at the house of one of the.number and had sent for a minister to ask that the past record of the new widow be hunted up and laid bare No. 10 entered the deacon'sh rd, where he was still applying the whitewash brush, and said: 'Deacon, I bad as good as bought the house I moved into, but I got to think- ing last night. Suppose I should meet a man here that I was willing 1.o trust my future to. He would probably ; have t house of his own. He would rather I turned money instead of an- other house over to him, wouldn't he?\ \Naturally replied the deacon as he found his heart beating faster. \And therefore I have coacluded • not to buy for some time, if it all. • r Don't you think my judgment sound?\ The deacon did, but as lie .blushed and stammered and tried to 'say so the (widow laid a hand 'Ms arm and said: \There there. Let it go -Just now. • fuel consider that we are enenged: and we'll set thesday later en.\ And the nine dilatory laggards in caucus assembled looked at retch other I and gasped for breath and-- I \Resolved That we never heard of , ettell a thing in all or born tines•Ise• I fore.\ At. QUAD. Notice for Publication (Isolate., Tract) Public Land Sale. united s , Serial tatesL aistiiid011130ruce, Leis - toss - mm, Mont.; April 28, 1909. , Not ice es hereby given that, 'Its efr- reeled by the Commissioner of the General Land Office, Under provisions of act of taingress approved June 27; 1900, Public -No. 303, we will otter public sale, tone highest bidder - at 2 o'citok p. am., On the 31st day of May next, at this office, 'Motel! is ing C. E. McKOIN, Register. Wyliss A. licenses, Reaelve. ARTISTS' BLUNDERS. A Procession of Monks That Adam and Eve Enjoyed. Among the most amusing \breaks\ by artists is a landscape by' Turner in which a rainbow is depicted behind the sun. This occasioned almost as muds humorous comment itt Englistb art circles as did the -slip of Constant, the great French artist, who in his portrait of Queen Victoria painted tad • ribbon of the Order (settle Garter the ' wrong color. ! A picture of Adam and Eve him the garden of Eden hung in the gallery of the Gesu, in Lisbon, repreeenta the first couple as watehing, a procession , of monks. i In the famous galleries at Autwerp are certain •pictures of old masters in which time jumble me ideas is ala re- markatble as the tedhIlDitie Is fine. In one \iiicture Or heavau the archived*. ( are armed with bowe and /meows; and ' in a celebrated paintilig of \The afiir• der of the tuna: 7 meg\ , the massacre Is-' representpil tie tnklitet s pie* in is city ' . of IIolJan,l. \rho afnrente of the chil- dren are stout burghers, the Roman soldiers tire Dutch policemen armed with muskets, and the innocent infants are transformed. Into solid schoolboys in bulgy woolen trousers and jackets and hobnnilial shoe. The PIONEER TAILOR is prepared to do Cleaning 86 Repairing, Orders taken for ofale to measure suits, Any misfit garment altered. Prices the lowest possible, consistent with good work. JOS. AMBER. Neat 10 Kel:t's Store. Kundall 0 1..6. liEt.LY. Ides. UNDERTA!‘“15 and LiCtTRISED E55134LnuER Vont. E N YOU SHOOT , Yee ',Vera to' fi I *hat you are aiming at I Ioda it 1,4E4, hcaseor totat: Mahe year . hlmtg cnunt by shooting the STEVINS. For r,1 1,r; s-tp.vess AA NIS have earti,d off plenttEn HONORS Mr AC- i - e.Wir . ACV. Our line: Rifla, Shotguns, Pistols I Ask yt ;U• 0 , t. , • • .o.I 4 cte. In •tarnes V re7 ''''' ..4 .', „ ' t:i ti ' eCo:;::g.4t . t i .1 Pet .1.11:p Ndifect, w i talmel.lebeynk (\freer. 'Nu* ,..., ,, ,i4 : . - e fe inseent a\ - r -\--\e flee • ,.,t4ert. Bz.zunfnIthree-cnIol. Aluminum H,nger wit be Zorn ivied Ion zo cents in stamps. J. Stevens Arms & Tool Coe s P. O. B02 Ma • CanCOPEP FALLS, MAN C. &41.. • a • Some people think that they are fond ot literature just because they like to Road novels. -Boston Globe.

The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.), 07 May 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.