The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.) 1905-191?, October 22, 1909, Image 3

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THE SHAULES HOTEL KENDALL, MONTANA Under New Management. HOUSE THonouomur RENOVATED A Strictly Up -To -Date Service Meals Served At All Hours During The Day Everythhog First Class TRY OUR SUNDAY SPECIAL DINNERS JOHN BRINKMANN, Proprietor. BarGains In Town Lots We have two extra good bargains is!, d with us just now. One good lot, near the school house, at $25. Only need $5 cash payment, balance on easy monthly payments : A good lot, well located, fine for a home. at $50. Pay us only $10 down, and the rest in easy monthly payments. These are snaps, grab them quick. We have lots ranuinG in price From $25 to $150 List uou r propertu with us MONTGOMERY & D'AUTREMONT i%fiE BARNETT Er C s REEK COAL With J. S. KELLY J. J. ILLE, PROPR'ETOR Druden's Liver u and Feed Stable R. M. DRYDEN, Proprietor BRIN - . YOUR HORSES TO THIS STABLE. CALL ON 'US FOR LIVERY RIGS. Builainu Material V\ hat uou want in this line is aualitu. We Have It Our Lumber is all hiah arade, well seasonect stock. Our prices are low. If uou are aolna to build a house, or a barn 3 or a shed or anu other kind of a buildina, it will cat) uou to Come In And See Us GOODRIDGE-CALL LUMBER CO. Lewistown Montana we•Are.40#4/4\.#ruvwl•AiwovvikAwArwouwiftworwowl THE Judith Basin Mill Will grind wheat at a milling charge that will CUT YOUR FLOUR BILL IN TWO and vlll bring better than 51.a Bushel for Wheat For each hundred pounds of wheat we return forty-five pounds of fancy patent flour, 20 pounds of straight patent flour and 34 pounds of bran and shorts at a milling charge of 32 cents. The best miller in Montana will do the . grinding. The Judith Milling Com' Local flappenings Subscribe for the Miner. For a square deal in Furniture see W. S. Smith, Lewistown. Mrs. Selloff was a passenger to Lewistown on Monday's stage. Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Scott are the happy parents of a new baby girl who arrived at. their home last Sunday. If you are in need of printing of any kind give us your order and we will turn you out a first class Job. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest. Bullard are the happy parents of a new baby girl whoarrived at their home Mon- day evening. W. F. Nelson returned Friday after an absence of several weeks, during which time he visited Ft. Benton and other points. Advertisers in the MINES get the business. Try it. Rev. Plans of Lewistown will preach at ,the Presbyterian church here until such time as a resident minister is supplied. A big chicken \mulligan\ was par- taken of Monday evening by a num- ber of Kendall sports, as a result of a bet on the Johnson-Ketchell fight. Sam Nelson was over from the \Cave\ mine near Armells this week. Sam says they are getting things in shape to push the work at the mine. The potato crop throughout this section was an exceptionally large one and they are selling at around 75 cents per hundred on the Waal mar- ket. Don't fail to read our hew premium offer to subscribers who pay in ad- vance. It is one of the best premiums ever offered with a country news paper. Allen McLeod celebrated his sixth birthday anniversary Saturday after- noon by inviting in a number of his young friends. The little folks spent a very pleasant time. The using and wasting of what you have leaves you with nothing—it is well to make good use of your money bit do not waste it—start a bank ac- nunt—$1.00 or more. FIRST STATE BANK. By R. L. Henderson Cashier. Cook must be an awful liar accord- ing to the number of affidavits being made out to prove him so. However there are a liSt of people ha the coun- try who will have considerable faith in Dr. Cook until more convincing proof is forth coming. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Willis and little son left this week for Aurora, Illinois where they will visit relatives and friends for several months. The MINER will keep them posted on Kendall happenings during their ab- sence. For the benefit of those who do not use envelopes in large quantities, but want envelopes with their return card printed on them, we will for a short time make a special price on small lots. We will furnish and print 100 first class envelopes for only $1.25. Give us your order and we will do you a nice, neat Job. The long expected meeting between President Taft and President Diaz, of Mexico occurred at El Paso, Texas, la..Bafffrday. The meeting was the bocasion of a grand (Military display. Each executive assured the other of his high personal esteem, and of the warm friendship existing toward the sister nation. Now there should be a general cleaning up all along the line, e-ery alley and by place should be properly cleaned. This should be done in or- der to keep the atmosphere as pure as psssible, and thereby hedge against the different kinds of diseases that are the outgrowth of filth and impure surroundings. An ounce of preven- tion is better than a pound of cure. The man who drinks the red, red wine can never glue his lips to mine, Is one plank of the platform of an or- ganization being formed by several young ladies. We would suggest as the next plank the following; \The man who quaffs the foaming beer, shall never call me his own dear.\ And then: \The man who fakes his whisky straight, need nevar at my home stay late. ' The funeral of George Curry, the miner who was killed at the Barnes - King last week, was held Saturday afternoon. The local Miners' Union had charge of the arrangement\ and George McLean and R. W. Jones made short talks to the assemblage. Mr. Curry was a sober, industrious man, who came to this country last spring from Scotland and was prepar- ing to have his wife and three chil- dren join him here shortly. The sympathy of the entire community is with the breaved family who have lost the husband and father in a land distant and unknown to them. Boost, don't knock. Clue. Millard wa, a Lewistown vis- itor a couple of dais this week. Lewis Wunderiin was a passenger to Lewistown Tuesday on the stage. Why dont you try an advertisement in our \want column.\ s . The mines and mills all closed down Saturday to give the miners an oppor- tunity to attend tile funeral of George Curry. For the Lest Pianos at the right prices, see W. S. Smith, • Lewistown. Mr. and Mrs. T. ft. Matlock spent Sunday With friends in the country. Mr. Matlock says the ranchers all re- port good yields of grain. 'Pile Seattle Exposition closed at midnight Saturday. The fair has proven one of the most successful ev- er held in the United States. For storm doors and windows, and for lumber of any kind. Call and see me. Henry Parrent. John Dobson has been confined to his bed with kidney trouble for some time. His friends hope to see him out and around again soon. Wm. Checlister's team took it into their heads to run away a couple of times this week and mixed things up properly for aw . ile on each occasion. James Awbe was out on a deer hunt Monday and succeeded In killing a fine large buck. He took the head to Lewistown Tuesday and sent it to Livingston to have it mounted. John Shultz was in town ssveral days the past week under the weath- er and unable for duty with the Shultz -Wareham threshing outfit. He went out to work again Tuesday evening. If you want a Piano, a Sewing Ma- chine, a Heater, a Cook Stove, a Range, or anything in the Furniture line. You can get them from W. S. Smith, Lewistown. Mail orders given prompt attention. Of all the things fol. which a young person should strive, a good charact- er stands easily at the head of the list. It may be hard to get on with- out wealth and education; but with- out a good character, no permanent and enduring success can be attained. \We believe,\ says an exchange, \in energy and pusli.\„si.t depends en- tirely upon their dfSestion. The man who devotes energtto shooting off his. mouth, and pusheaannit of the time agairistthetopsi a dry goods bets on some st et, corner is not much to be believed in. Steve Shea reativaci a telegram Tuesday announcing ffie death of his broth, Peter Shea, at his home in Butte. He left on Tuesday after- noons stage to attend the funeral. He had Just returned last week from attending the funeral of his wife's father in that city. Johnson, the colored pugilist, re- tained his position as champion heavy weight of the world by knocking out Stanley Ketchell, in the twelfth round. The reports indicate that un- til Johnson succeeded in landing the knockout blow the tight was fairly even Ketchell holding his own with the big negro. Don't fail to read the advertise- ments of our merchants. There's sure to be something of interest and advantage to you in them. ()ur ranchers should all make ar- rangements to attend the Farmers' Inst it ute which will be held at Lew- istown on Novemder 3 and 4. Else- where In this issue you will find the program for the meeting. It will surely appeal to ranchers as well worth their time to attend and thus gain much valuable imformation and new ideas. The Pittsburg team of the Nation- al League won the worlds champion- ship Saturday by defeating the Detroit team which was the pennant winner this year of the American League. This worlds championship s Ties is played each year between the pennant winners of tne two big leagues. The series consists of seven g.lIneS. Detroit succeeded in winning three games in the series, but in the deciding game( were defeated by a score of 8 to 0. Free To Our Subscribers We have made arrangements where by we are able to offer to our subscri- bers one of the best articles ever giv- en as a subscription premium. It is a genuine N. Field Self Filler Fountain Pen with 14k. gold pen point. The regular retail price of this pen is $2.50 We are able to offer one of these fine pens to all subscribers, both new and old, who pay their subscription one year in advance. This Is no cheap affair, but is one of the best pens ever put on the maket. Come In and see thorn, pay your subscription a year in advance and you will be entitled to one. Don't fail to take advantage of this offer. 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Parrents Store. Coal. will be sold for $4.00 cash per to at the rattle. COMBS & CONICLLY. • unomir. SUNNY 'BROOK WHISKEY AT THE WEDGE Kendall Meat Co. C. C. DAVID & Co. Prop. Headquarters For Fresh And Salt Meats Eggs Butter & Vegetables McDonald Creek Coal Wagon Load Lots $11.00 per ton Ton Lots $11.50 per ton Leave Orders At Fahey's News Depot Call Up Matra'

The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.), 22 Oct. 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.