The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.) 1905-191?, October 22, 1909, Image 4

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Nctice for Publication. Department of. the Interior, U. S. ' Land Office at Lewistown, Mon- tana Sept. 18, 1009. Notice is hereby given that Charles L. Meyersick, of Lewistown, Montana, who, on - May 27. 4 1904, made homestead entry No 3190 serial No. 03150 for el set, 'net set-, sek net, sec 5, twp 17n, range 17e M. M. has filled notice of intention to make final five yearproof, to establish claim to the land above described, before the Register and Receiver, at Lewistosa ti, Montana, on the 25 day of Oct. 1909. Claimants named as witnesses: Edward Nave, of Lewistown, Mont. Frank Dorcey, Thomas Garlick, Joseph Marshall, of Kendall, C. E. McKOIN. Register. LEGAL NOTIES, 33t. li S c e a r t tl n No 01179 United States Land Office. Lewis- , town, Montana, Sept. 30, 1909. N - 1 , ..n 14 hereby 'given that the i Northern Railway Company, whose post office address is St. Paul, I Minnesota, has this Sept., 30; 1909, tiad in this office its application to Lewistown List No. 308 Serial No. 06913 Notice for Publication. United States Land Office, Lewistown Montana, Sept. 13, 1909. Notice is hereby given that the Northern Pacific Railway Company, whose postoffice address is St. Paul, Minnesota, has this Sep. 13, 1909, filed In this office its application to select under the provisions of the Act of Congress, approved July 1, 1898 (30 Stat. 597, 620.) the northwest quarter of the northeast quarter, and tte north east quarter of the northwest quar- ter of section 13, in township 19 north of range 20 east of the Montana Prin- cipal Meridian, containing 80 acres. Any and all persons claiming adver- sely the lands above described, or de- siring to object because of the mineral chiracter of the land, or for any other reason, to the disposal to applicant. should file their affidavits of protest in this office, on or before the 26 day of Cctober, 1909.- C. E. McKOIN, Register. IsTelce for Publication. Department of the Interior U. S. land one at Lewistown, Montana, Sept., 30, 1909. Notice is hereby given That Alias E. Hamilton of Lewistown Montana, who on June 19, 1905, made desert land entry No. 2813, serial 01097, for isif meg seg nwt swt net Ti swg, int set twc. 12 twp. 18n mg. 17e, Montana Meri- dian has filed lattice of intention to mak anal proof, to establish claim to the land aborts described, before the Register and Receiver, at Lewistown, sontana, on'the 11th day of November, 1909. • Claimant names as witnesses: Mike McElroy, Lewistown, Mont. Robert E. Hamilton, \ 11 Howard Beasley, .James H. Awbery. Kendall, Mont. C. E. McKOIN. Register Notice for Publication. Department of, the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Lewistown, Montana, Se t. 17 1909. Serial No 02685 , select under the provisions of the Act of Congress. approved July 1, 1898 (30 ; Stat. 597. 620) the southwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section 17 the southeast quarter of the north- east quarter and the north half of the mtheast quarter of section 19 and the northwest quarter of the north- v•est quarter of section 20, all in -tionship 19 north of range 16 east of the Montana Principal Meridian. containing 200 acres. In ct I and all persons claiming a. versely the lands described, or desir- lug to object because of the mineral character of the land, or for any other reason, to the disposal to the appli- cant, should file their affidavits of Protest in this office, on or before the 12th day of November, 1909. C. E. McKOIN, Register. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior, United States Land Office. Lewis- town, Mont., October 5, 1909 Notice is hereby given that Henry Wheeler, of Fullerton, Montana, who on Oct. 21, 1904, made homestead entry, No. .1052, serial No. 03225, for set nwl, ei ' sty*, awl swt, sec. 12, twp. 21n. rge 17e montane, Meridian has filed notice of intention to make final five yeur proof to establish claim : ) the land above described, before 'legister and Receiver at Lewistown. Montana, on the 12 day of November 1909. Claimant names as witnesses: Robert Yuill, William Graeber, Wil- liam Murphy and John Murphy all of Vullerton, Montana. C. E. McKOIN. Register. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior, U. S. .and Office at Lewistown. Montana, ept. 27, 1909. Notice is hereby given that Mary 0. oUgherty of Lewistown,Mon who, on FebruarY 10, 19 08 , made Dese land entry, No. 3400, Soria', No. 028!B, for nt se+. set net awl sec. 12 two 19n, mg 20e, Montana Meridian has filed notice of intention to make final proof, to establish c'afm to the land above described, be- fore the Register and Receiver, at Lewistown, Montana, on the 10th day of Nov. 1909. Claimant names as witnesses: Otto Kurrat, Claude Maury, George Smith, and William M. Linebarger, all of Annells, Mont. C. E. McKOIN. Re g ister. Notice for Publication. l'epartrnent of the Interior, U. S. 1.1.nd Office at Lewistown, Montana, October 15, 1909. Kotice is hereby given that Not ice is hereby given that Annie arney John IV. Brown, B, assignee of John E. Adams, • f Fullerton, who, on Septgmberlinn, of Lewistown,Montana, who, on Aug. \4 made Homestead Entry, No. 5, 1906, made Derest Land Entry No. 3908, Serial No. 03209, for swt net, wi 2839, for swt nwg, section 29 twp 18n set sec. 12; and nwt of neM of, sec. 13, rge. 18e Montana, Meridian. I vep. 21n., of, rug. 17 east, of Melt - has filed notice of intention to make tana, Meridian. lets filed notice of intention to make final proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before Coal five year proof, to establish claim o the land above described, the the Register and Receiver, at Lewis- town, Montana, on the 26th day IZegister and Receiver, at Lewistown, :if October, 1909. Montana, on the 17ti1 day of Novena - Claimant names as witnesses, • Franklin E. Barney, Lewistown Mont. Fred T. Stephens, it Jesse Samples 61 11 - Martin A. Johnson, \ • C. F.. McKOIN, Register. notice for Publication. Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Lewistown, Montana, Sept. 15, 1909. Notice is hereby given that James Low, of Everson, Montana, who on Nov. 4, 1904, made homestead entry No. 3672, serial No. 03234, for net net sec.. 20, st seg, sef swf sec. 17, twp. 20n, rng.Ine., Mont., Meridian - has tiled nutlet of intention to make final five year proof, to establish • claim to the land above described. Wfore. the Register and Receiver at Lewistown, Mont, on the 8th day of November, 1909. • Claimant named as witnesses: Amity L. Evers, of Everson, Montana Fred Alton, it Okay Danielson, \ 41 • Harry Ross 14 C. E. McKOIN, Register. ' • Land Office at Lewistown, Mdtitana, October 15. 1909. Notice is hereby given that William Washington, - of Fullerton, Montana, who on March 8, 1905, made homestead entry Ne. 3791, serial No 03284,for at awl-, sec. 1, and the ni of the nwg of sec. 12, twp. 21n., mg. 17e., of Montana Merl- ' titan has tiled notice of intention to make final five year proof, to establish in sec 31e twp 18 I, rge 18E., In North claim to the land above described; moccasin Mining District, Fergus before the Register and Receiver, county, Niont.,•described as follows: at Lewistown, Montana, on the 17 day Beginning at Con No. Identical - of November, 1909. w4tlit Cele No. 3, of Stir. NO.• 0216 B. Claimant names as witnesses: Kendall Mill site, from Which the se. Svend Norheint. John J. Goff, John e'dr, of Sec. 31, twp 18 N rge 18 E., W. Brown and Jack Berg 111 of Ful- bears S. 39 deg. 03 mink. 21)0149 ft., tenon, Montana. I Thence N. 70 deg. 35 min W. 1811.2 ft. C. F.. McKOIN. Register. to Cor, No. 2; Thence N. 57 deg. 05 min. W. 269 It, to Cor. No. 3: Thelma N. 39 deg. 25 min. W. 104.32 ft, to A lady, no matter where, went to n Cor. so. 4; Thence S. 57 deg. 49 min. • store for a peck of apples, taking I E. mita,s It. to Cor. No. 5; Thence N. what she supposed to be a newly 34 deg. 04 mm e K. 7.8 ft., to Cor. No. laundered flour sack. She held the n; Thence S. 57 deg. 05 min E. 212.3 ft. to the place of beginning. The sack and the clerk' poured the apples, •atiOn upon which, this application in when On streaming Out the 0th. I,; based is recorded in volume 10 of • -sr end. Pn examination it was found .1,odert, al, page 630, records of said there were two holes in the bottom Comity, Montana. E bath trimmed and embroidered. The B. Wasson, Attorne? for Applicant r, tiara. Claimants names as witness: Jack Berg, Jahn J. Goff, Svend Nor- IrAm and William Washington, all of Fullerton, -Montana. `C. E.---McKOIN, Register. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior, U. S. Lat# 9 1 Office at Lewistown. Mont., Oc ber , 1909. Notice is hereby given that Theresia A. Stone. formerly Theresia A. Ille, of Kendall, Montana, who on Nevein- tier 2, 1904, made homestead entry No. 3e71, serial No. 03233, for nt sew, neg awl, set nwg, section 4, twp. 17u rag. Montana, Meridian has tiled notice of intention to make final gve year proof. to establish claim I , ) the land above discribed, I store t he Register and Ilt °Aver, at Lew:s- !Own, Mont.:But on the lei day of November, 1909. Claimant names its witnesses: Katie lite, of Lewistown, Montana. Johli J. Ille, of Kendall, Montana. Wilbur M. Stone, • \ it Claude Merrill C. B. McKOIN. Re g ister. Notice for Publication. Department of the Interior, U. S. raining Application U. S. Land Office, Lewistown:MOH- tana, Oct. 22, 1909. Notice Is hereby given that the Kendall Gold Mining Company a corporation organized and existing under and by virtue of the Laws of the State of Washington, by Herbert H. Lang, its authorized agent, whose post office address is 'Kendall, Fergus County, Montana, has made -application for patent to toe Montana Lode, Survey No: 8967 _ young men gave up thisC. E. McKOIN, Register. ghost and the ; lady sent a small boy for the apples with a—basket. I A comedian says Cook found the ! Pole and Peary fcitind the hole The apple dumpling is once more in And that's what all the -noise is -sour midst. about. He Proved to Be Even Good Enough For a Husband. By CLARISSA MACKIE. te0o)rtsht, iws, by Associated Literary Prem.) Oficla walked down the green aisle of waving corn. The log green leaves flickered high over her sunny head, and the sound of the wind sweeping through the ten acre corn- field was like the roaring swell of tin ocean in her ears. Now and then she tore a plump eat from the juicy stalks and thrust it ie her splint basket She did this leisure- ly, for it was yet early morning, and there were hours before dinner, and she loved to walk in the corn. The rustle of the leaves drowned an other sounds, and thus it was that she came suddenly upon a man crouching on the ground before her. As her pink skirts came Into his range of vision be leaped to his feet and stood, half turn- ed for flight. The girl grew white with sudden fear and in her turn made as If to rue away. The man's face lost. Its strained intensity and relaxed for an instant. She saw that be was young and -good looking and that he was afraid of something. \What do you want? Why are you here?\ \They're after me,\ be said grimly. \Who?\ \The constables.\ \What have you done?\ She did not shrink away from him as he expected she might do. \Nothing at all—if you will believe me! The Laurelton railroad station was robbed last night, and it seemed necessary to arrest some one on sus- picion. Al a matter of fact. I'm one • f the faculty of the Moreton school, 'ad I'm taking a walking tour through New England. \I submitted to arrest, but on -my s:ay to the lockup my gorge rose at , be thought of the unnecessary tiro°. :Any to be thrust upon me, so I broke • • THODOITT YOU niftier .TAKE IT D0V74 AND PUT ON Tuff CLOTHES \ away and lost myself in this field. I suppose they will get me in the end. for I am dog tired nowr She lifted her troubled eyes to his and read truth In their steady brown depths. Something black came into view among the stalks and then disap- peared. For an Instaht- she started and then laughed. Involuntarily the stranger's face relaxed into a smile. \They will trace you by your clothes —your appearance?\ she asked quickly. He glanced down at his plain gray clothes and nodded assent. \Come with me.\ She led the way through the corn, and he followed her. starting back with a muttered ejacula- tiou as a black toat sleeve came tuto view. \it's nothiug—it's only one of the scarecrows lii the corn.\ she reassured Mtn. \I thought you might take ft down and put on the clothes—they're black—and (he hat is different. They're all clean. You see, they've been out in the rain and\— She hesitated. \That's a glorious Idea of yours,\ he said gratefully. He pulled the man of straw from the post and tore away the tattered garments. \Now\— he said, but she had rustled away toward her basket and be heard her plucking juicy ears in the distance. When he came toward her with his gray clothes on his arm he forgave her the smile that lurked about her red lips. \The truly great are modest,\ he said, looking quizzically at the torn and shrunken garments that were dts- tributed more or less effectively over his large frame. \Lod now bow shall I thank you?\ \By making good your escape,\ she I said quickly. \We don't want to make n fidlure orellt now. Give tne your gray clothes. There—I'll put them in the bottom ot my basket, and some day when it's all over you may come for them. Now follow this row down to the open field. Cross that to the orchard, and in one corner among the apple trees , there is the shed where we sort apples for market. In the loft overbend there is clean straw where you can sleep till night, when it will be safe for you to go on. Goodbyl\ In an irietnnt she was gone and he was alone in the rustling corn. He heard the distant shout of it man's oke and another voice in reply Then he turned and went swiftly down the ;reen alley toward the orchard. the coining frost and the zest of the dying year. Suddenly she came upon the place where she had met the fleeing stranger whom she Pad alded In the nilitsum ine o r. She iIt the fautastie fig- ure perched on a shock of core. and her lips parted in it joyous lnugh. it is you -)ou have come bock?\ she asked. The scarecrow man grinned happily. came back for my clothes,\ be ad- mitted. Alida flushed under the brown of her cheek. - They are In the house. I told mother about you. We have been ex- pecting you to come back.\ -I am glad of that,\ he said simply. -Von saw the papers after I escaped'? You know that I spoke the truth to roe that day. They captured the real criminal.\ He regarded her steadily. \I read all about it and we were very glad.\ \Thank you. And I hope you were not annoyed that day you met the con- stable and his men.\ He was standing beside her, looking down at her sweet face with a certain earnestness In his own that bad never been there before. \Yes; 1 met them and told them had seen one man and that he looked !Ike a scarecrow.\ She laughed and added mischievously, \The constable said that couldn't be the men because be was looking for a dude.\ They laughed in unison as the stran- ger picked up a suit case and prepared to follow Alida toward the farrnbouse. When they were in sight of the com- fortable dwelling the man stopped and looked wistfully at the girl beside hen. \Do you know, I rather die to part with these 'scarecrow garments.' Ihey have served me more than one good turn.\ \More than one?\ repeated Midst fal- tering. \More than one,\ with an enigmatic smile. \So with your permission I shall carry them away with me, that once in awhile I may come back and play the scarecrow as I did this morning.\ \We shall not feed a scarecrow nail next May. when the corn is up, but you might collie and practice.\ And so It happened that when the following August came and the rustling corn formed arching green alleys Alida and the scarecrow mau walked togeth- er in the cornfield. . \And you do not * Object to haelug a scarecrow for a husband?\ be was say- ing tenderly, her hand lost in his grasp. \No Indeed!\ blushed Alicia happily., Chairs. Carlyle wins glory still with his re- flections about clotbes. Why has the chair never tempted essayists to rival \Sartor Resartus?\ It, too, may reflect authority. It, too, changes with salary and station. The swivel gives orders to the high desk stool. The straight back chair of the stenographer differs much in meaning front the ampler piece of urniture which stands before the ro top desk. In a wheel chair the chit may see the world, and after his pilgrimage, now an aged man. he may collect a little air. There are the chair orktate and the electric chair of exe- cution. The empty chair is a meta- phor for all that is most tragic in our lives. What are the dreams of the art- ist's stool and what of time milkmaid's and which eignify.the more? How the rocking chair has been written about and despised by the haughty traveler from abroad and how firm it stands, a great American conquest In domestic comfort! Around the chair also and the attitude in which we sit Ile associ- ations of mental stete: The editor sat in his sanctum, his counte- nance furrowed with care. His mind at the bottom of business, his feet at the top of a chair. When does thought come best from seat of ease and when from the se- verer bench on which the schoolboy of old WAS wont to sit? You get the idea. ; Now go ahead with the immortal es- say. All you need are concentrated thonght and literary genius.—Collier's. Queer Postoffices. Odd means of collection of mail In various regions are Mill in vogue, At FllillPSS, ft little wane orr the coast or 9:ngland. there is set up 1A hat the Brit ish call \n pillar box.\ from which col- lections of mail rein be made only when the tide shall permit, a notice to , which effect is posted above the box This result of the \necessity of inven- tion\ came about by reason of the fact that the place in question is reached 1 by road from the town of Wakering ) - , only when the tide Is very low. There hi a curious postoffice in Can- ada. It is situated in Lake Wahl- gOOD, Ontario. It consists of A wooden box or trough fastened to a pole stand- ing upright In a shallow portion of the lake. A steamer drops in this box such letters as may be carried for that region on her return yoyage. and a canoe is sent out from the shore to collect them, nt the same time leaving the outgoing melt ready to be taken np by the next vessel that passes out- ward. The fishermen of the Grand banks trove often employed n peculiar Rea postoffice This In the form of an open barrel lashed on a raised plat- form of crossed spars attached to a stationary buoy. Letters wrapped in oilskin are dropped into the barrel by passing trawlers and collected by others returning and repeated on land- ing.—Cincinnnti Commercial Tribune. The Anti. speed Argument. \Was that a novel your messenger Imly was rending?\ \Worse than that,\ answered the man in charge of the office. \It was the fable of the hare and the tortoise.\ —Houston Post. • • • • November winds were whistling A Place to De Time In. ',rough the lifeless stalks now gath- \Have you ever been to Dragway's ed into great shocks over the stubbly place it ItungalowvIlle-In-the-thish?\ ; Yes: spent List) weeks there one .1d. Ando walked slowly over the ',mem earth, drinking in the tang or afternoon.\—flrewnints Mauntitie- • • • Na Better Time IBERRENR211111E2sEiMILEIbt2ITNEEIMEZ=EfeRMIIRRIRRRIEEMBIERMEEENZ5 1 han Now to Buy Lots in The reat Gold Camp ..40••••••• Kendall's Advantailes ' The eyes of the mining world are centered. upon Kendull It is situated . In the center of a great gold producing area and fabu- lous wealth lies within its very limits. The operating mines em- ploy 300 men, and numerous prospective mines upon which 'large ore bodies lave been discoveredare cornpletnig arrangements for the building of plants and Innis Population, 1,200. Adequate wn ter supply and electric light s.:rvice. Location: Picturesque and most destrable for the building o!' a city. School facilftle - ansur- passed. Lots Range in Value From $5o to $1,5oo twill never be cheaper than they are todayi lVe ale brokers and headquarters for stLeit in the following well known tninIng .companies. It win pay you to investigate Cyanide Gold ikinq Company Abby Gold Minire , Company Paymaster Gold Mining Company For (to liter Informa tie aTl.. r a ii rat. Atandall Investment Company ENDA LI.. KELLY & INIEEL J. S. KELLY, Mgr. UNDERTAK 1. AS and LICENSED EMBALMERS ( oti le, and Caskets lii `-,toel Kendall - - - Moa. WILDEY MOE NO. 78 . 7 mii p m • - -; % I, 0. 0, 1, Meals Li nursdai Evoning At :ones' I ol s re Rooms, Vis , thg Mem- ber, Welcome, W. T. Graham, Sec. MOCCASIN mrg Elf P. Kendall, -Mont, Mats ev ij Wednesiag evening at 8 o'cltck In Jones' hall, Visit In T memeers alwags welcome. Thos. G. Hagan, C C, P. Scott) K, of R &S, Kelly Montani Nct try Publ:c R. a! ; • • Li'. 11Ce 11.1PbsiT rpo Sfy ,PAU1 FIRE & - MARINE rItiNanez Oorrany — A gent Rif t AV.= s'PEW A n'r 1h0N FENt'E AND LAWN I. URNI1 URN: -SECOND-HAND GOODS Ef.. 1 1.1 3 HT AND f OLD MONTANA. J. C. HUNTOON ATTORNEY Al LAW Lewistown, Mont. riffic,e, Opp. Day House. Tel. Bell 7D; Mutual 70. L. M. CONYNGHAM RESIDENT DENTIST Workmanship first-class in all branches of the profession KENDALL, : MONTANA E. E. DOTY, Physician And Surgeon. teem Over Stafford's Store. :ondall, - • Montana C. BIDDLE, Fhysicion And Surgeon Lewistown, Montana Time era men lieCali Patterns enhi th. Veiled Steer tlk•n ot any othrr mak. oI [owe,. Thto kir os 1111•••lit of thoir otylo, accuracy •tt d •or iffe Kneel e• ( The 91,, 44 Fashion) boo absitecriber• than •ny other 1.adir,' Mai( tine. 01141 =lc; 00 .c.eltcrift:.17417; enib. gm. lot McC.\ P\ - infers thrbri141,\11114_1 :SO cr.\ 5, Latest • Led, Allen Is W a•te41. Ilardent,,o. prentioroo or Moral cash snolroission. l'•ttern Csonlogur( of 1.0 .j ••11n71 ) free. . P' A n cl h al '\ res C B . 71 1 1671c ( C sb A \ 1 \ .L ini C0 4' 7, N r o7Y ' or n' h. 1 60 YEARS* EXPERIENCE PATENTS TRADE MARAS uksions Oovratenrs n k i gne sending • sketch and deamipuon m a y In onr opinion free whether an mention IP probably oat / gnaw. e ggfig . ggi .. MOW Kriotlyconfidential. MOWN co Patent/ tent free. Oldest money for seen f a c ial swan k without char g e. in :D r\ Patents taken through Mann Sdnitifie Jimericat a Imadsomely Ilhististed weakly. Lar i nna m e , r itar i \: h3n af in013 . \tat i trikrii% Tem°. \ (ritiegrPtarstAtielia J. S. KELLY, \ Next door to Cifftisett's Bakery.

The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.), 22 Oct. 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.