The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.) 1905-191?, February 18, 1910, Image 3

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t • • • Keilddli Liveru 8( Feed Stable - T. S BROMLEY, Pron. Good Teams And Rigs Boarders Receive Good Care Give Me A Trial ,.., .• • •••••••••••.M. BdPUdillS In TOM Lots We have two extra good bargains listed with us just now. One good lot, near the school house, at $26. Only need S6 cash payment, balance on easy monthly payments. A. good lot, - well located, fine for a lidme.a.t $602 . Pa3keas only 810 down, and the rest in easy monthly paYMenti. These are snaps, grab them quick. We have lots ranging in price - From $25 to $150 List uour propertu with us MONTGOMERY & D'AUTREMONT Drucien's Liveru and Feed Stable R. NI. DRYDEN, Proprietor BRING YOUR HORSES TO, THIS STABLE, CALL ON US - FOR LIVERY jiIGS. aja..a.esa,sa-\....\../\•-WWW• 0 \a/Nsa\- Builainu Material 1 \'‘i hat uou wantin this lina is amilitu. - We Have It Our Lumber is all hiah arade, well seasoned stock. Our prices are low. If uou are join to build a house, or a barn, or a shed or anu other kind of a bulldina, it will eau uou to Come In And See Us GOODRIDGE-CALL LUMBER CO. Lewistown - - - Montana HOUSES IN FEZ. - • Roofs In the Early Evening Are Exclusively For Women. In Fez, the capital of Morocco, most f the houses consist of several stories, cb being provided with a light ye- anda running round it stid connecting e rooms. All the windows and doors pen out into the patio, or courtyard. he window openings in the upper sto- ws being covered with close trellis- ork. All the henries have at roofs, ith a wall some four to six feet high nning around, and from 4 p. in. until nset the roofs are given over to the thee exclusively, who can then walk bout and take the fresh air without ng seen by any of the opposite sex. his reservation to 4 law which Is ever broken, and no man would be lity of being seen on his or on any her roof during the forbidden hours. wing to the tact that the women of e house are not allowed to be seen any other man than their lord and aster all domestic offices are situated 'ay from the house proper. In many the larger houses, besides the water ntains, others playing scent 6r nted water ere to be found. Bee- ne of the courtyard also are slightly irk, and these portions are tilled with ented oil, which is used to perfume • rooms The Moors are exception ly particular in discarding their foot r before entering a room or CrONS- a rug or carpet They OVOID change ppers before entering the courtyard m the street Thus the hoarse are t beautifully clean and awnet sod not, as many people would suppose, of close. Louis Dumont drove ti Lewistown Tuesday evening. Clem Finley left Saturday for Silver New Mexico; where he erpects to re-' main for some time. Jas. Whitak r et returned Saturday from a Op to Kalispell and other Montana cities. Glen Morton accompanied Harland Ottman out to his franch on Dog -Oreek-Sunday-ami-spentrehe-day Misses Mayme Cook and Anna Hob- ensack; of Lewistown spent several daysin Kendall this week the mei. of Miss Ansa McRoberts. Wm. Newton sent several cattle over to his ranch near Ptillbrook last week in charge of Walter Rice and Wsille Newton. Mr. Nevrton is stocking up his ranch somewhat from time to time. PATENTS PROCURED AND orrrwoao. Rand nIorld. itn1IIing or pnot\. tor expert search and f,.. report. Tree hOW to obtain patents. trade mark*, , 01 , 1 ,1 10 , .... 4, -• IN ALL COUNTAI CU. Ritsitaers direct with Watidemetti• saws Moo, moiety arra' apex Ike littlest. Meet sad Infrlerweet Preetles Exclusively. Write or noose ea or et 55$Slath suisS.on. 0,16.11 MMus Went Gam WASHINGTON D. C. Escrow.. MINER • • • t -?/1. ruumsagat EMMY riiniv L. I. D'AUTEtEiMON'! - Editor and Publisher. • ti ered arthe Post Office at, et3da4l tana as Second Class Mail Matter. BUBSCRIrrION One Year, (Cull in Advance) $2.50 Six Months, \ \ \ $1,.1 Three Months, \ \ \ ADVGATISING RATES: Transient Advertising Payable in Ad- vance. Special Rates on Time Con- tracts, For Information ask the Mgr. Mutual 'Phone D0.6 Tom Knight drove to Lewistown Sunday. - , Jack Ryan cause in from his ranch on the Judith Tuesday. TRIC MINER and the Scientific Farmer $2.50 per year in advance. One of the heaviest snows of to season fell Sunday night and Mon- day. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry at the Drug Store. Miss Mildred Marshall arrived in Kendall Saturday from her home at Twin Bridges. Mrs. Lottie McDonald hae been out on her homestead on Salt Creek the past couple of weeks. Hand Painted China at the Drug Store. L. E. Miner and Jask Ryan drove to Lewistown Tuesday evening arid transacted business at the land office Wednesday. If you get a piano from W. S. Smith, you will get a good instru- ment, one that will give you perfect satisfaction or he will take it back. Attorney J. E. Wesson left Sunday for New York where he expects to re- main for about six weeks attending business and visiting old friends. Leave your jewelry repair work at the Drug Stare. We will gurrantee all work we have done for you. Kendall Drug Co. Miss Cora Brown is reported as somewhat linproved this week and her many friends hope she may aeon he able to report to her duties at the school. I am selling fresh peal. made lard at prices that cannot be equalled,in the county. I. F. ,David. Homesteaders are beginning tq arrive and our land men are getting busy. From all Indications every available piece of government land in tido vicinity will be flied on during the coming year. Fresh Seal Shipped* Oysters A fresh cask received each week at Itaffordw The Kendall boys and the girl team also will go to Lewistown to- night to play return games of basket ball with the teams that were up hare last week. Here's hoping they return home crowned with victory. Did you know W. S Smith, at Lew- istown can save you $40.00 cash? Ilow? By selling you a bran new drop head sewing machine for $26.00 made and guaranteed by the New Home Company. Don't Buy fsom the agent. Lt Thursday evening the married min proceeded So even things up with the bachelors in the basket ball game. The \hen pecks\ proceeded tb wallop the bachelors to the tune of 30 to 7. A good sire crowd was present to wit- ness the s taught,' . If you want to save money buy vour furniture, stoves. rang 8, bed- ding, sewinginachines, cooking uten- oils and pianos, from W. S. Smith, Lewittowit, — Jas.' Awberry who sold his ranch last fall to Jos. Barth. of Cottonwood, Idaho, and was, to have given posses- sion on Marc* 1st thus. year, informs es that he has leased the place for a year and will therefore be at the old stand until 1911. Boost for the , sommucity by depos- iting your money with us and we will boost the community by loaning A certain proportion of your deposit to the local m erchant and rancher. We will all profit by it, Fl asT STATE BANK. Iiy R. L. IlenderSom Cashier. Frank Hash was In town Thursday with a big wide smile. Dpoo inquiry It was; found that the smile was caus- ed by the arrival of two new baby boys at 111, home Wednead y night. While to, se little fellows will no ) doubt be called twins yet ones birth- day will fall upon the Pith and tire otheria on the 17th as one was born shortly before midnight and one shortly after. Nroltt I octets; . will . Weatington's birtbdiaj anniversary. ••,,, - Mite Crow Forspent 2 ddèith relattvey11),I,ewlston. H. E. Johneoie of Townsend who has been Visiting at the E. II:Duman home left for his home Sunday.. • Mrs. Mary Welataner came tip,froni Bhlllpgs Monday and -remained in town a couple of days. • Lincoln's birthday was celebratid in a number of cities and towns' over the country !set Siturday. A number of the young people were entertained at supper by Mrs. Con- yugham Monday night after the dance. The dame given Monday evenlag hy the Maccabees at Jones opera house was well attended in spite of the stormy weather. Those present all enjoyed a very pleasant time. The Hockaday orchestra furnished the music for the occasion. Frank Quaintance returned home Sunday after a couple of months visit with old friend and relatives in Minnesota and Illinois. Frank says he had a fine time on his trip, He sass their was lots of winter w ther In Illinois all the time he was thIr. The .Knights of Midas will attend the evening service at the church next Sunday in a body. Mrs. Platt expects to sing a solo and there will be other special music. The Sunday School is increasing, eighty last Sunday. Mesta at I() a.m. Fresh roasted pea nuts at the Kendall Bakery. Word was received hero by L. S. ifendrieits of a tire which broke out in the Meat Market at Harlowton early last Saturday morning destroy- ing that building completely and gave the Lewellyn Drug Store a close call, a small lot being all that seperated the Drug store from the Meat Market. who is W. S. Smith? He is the man that Mania got her piano from, and you can bet it was just as he said it wpuld be. Oh my Bitch a beauty, Mama says she would not think to trade it for any other piano in town Its allimilton and fully guaranteed. A Stara In the Mediterranean Sea Wedtiesday of last week wrecked a Frelfch steamer, the General Chanzy, and the entire craw and all the pae- an:1SW with but one exception were 1)**5 4ne passenger was picked up . 1afe , ? ., b7 in such condition it Is fearedhe will die.' The lost num- berl4 tine hundred and Iftyseven. 'o the benefit of those who do not use envelopes in large quantities, but .wmat, envelopes with their return card painted on them, we will for a short - time make a special price on small lots. We will furnish and print 100 first class envelopes for only $1.25. Give us your order and, we will do you a nice, neat lob. The results of the January emu:sin- s' ion were received s short three ago. The results were very gratifyiog to both teacher and pupils. Carl Stoll, Lester Lelly and Elizabeth Parrant passed in all the branches of the cur- rieulum. Elizabeth Percent carried off the honors and aitho she was not expected -to pass until next spring, she received one of athe highest aver- ages In 'the County'. All of the others passed in at least two studies and Ruth Stoll passed in five. They still have several months left in which to complete their work and we hope to see every member Mt the eight grade in the graduating class next spring, A. R. Thompson, • Prin. Attention Knights Of Pythias All members of Moccasin Lodge 41 are requested to meet at their Castle Hail Sunday evening Feb. 20 to attend services at the church, in honor of Py Wan Anniversary. By order et C. C. . P. F. Scott . K. of R. & S. ------- Notice • `- Owing to unavoidable circum- stances the transfer of the Kendall Meat Market to Awberry and Lincoln was not made has had been announc- ed and I will continue ifi the business: I. F. David. 'memo For Sala Or Rent A good four room hoese and two lots for sale cheap. Inquire of J. II. McCormiek or J. E. Wasson. Campbell's Scientific Farmer. Campbell's Scientific Farmer is the hest farm paper published for the ranchers of this section as it treats entirely upon the conditions that pre- vails is these western states. No farmer shouti be without it. We offer it free to all our eutscribers, 1.both new and old who pay their sub- scription one year in advance. eeveleseeel ,AL•orb. .•••••ffermale Vo COI tiVedthPe 7I • As the cold weqffiqi ap.pridth4 you, 'Will want to., supply self's° as to be able towith- stand the cold. You'll'find - ere Winter Caps Lined Mitts And Gloves Overshoes German Socks California Flannel Shirts Sheep Lined Coats Lined Pants Tivoli Underwear Wool Blankets Maish Comforts In fact you'll fincl here anything you may need to keep yourself warm. J. M. PARRENT. THE KENDALL HOTEL MRS, ANNA O'LEARY. Pron. Reaular and Transient Boarders Good Rooms Good Meals Onlu Fire Proof Hotel In Town --Tested Tru Our Sundau Minn Get The Habit USE MACE COAL And you'll reduce your coal bill and get good co I 58 Per Ton DelF -- Elect. This coal is a home pi.odext v by using It you dove* send money out of this camp, but you'll in- crease the pay roll. Leave orders at Power's. W. J. COMBS. Stf\ - 1\Y BROOK WHISKEY AT THE WEDGE Kendall Meat Marke I. F. DAVID Prop. Headquarters For Fresh And at Meats Fish and Other Specials Eggs Butter & Vegetables CASNOW

The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.), 18 Feb. 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.