The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.) 1905-191?, October 14, 1910, Image 1

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F ROIDAUst The SNOW old aorip the ams. ee , Vol.5 . No 44. e,Ken KENDAI.L. MONTANA. I I -- Kiniasku. - z - I 1...a. a t • i 11 Miner. 910. IS Cents Li 1.3 0DEL77.:C.51. - .; r 31',11230000001...a3C We Do Not Sell Coal But we think yon should 1* prepared for winter—how II your bank account—will] It and paying coal bills if not, better start adding to it at once. We accept de- posits of #1 upwards. If you have no bank account start one now. 0 0 First State Bank of Kendall LI BY R. L. HENDERSON, CASHIER KENDALL, - MONTANA. This Boat ie ander tite direct jurisdietion and euporvisice of the State of Montana 000000 Waiting For One At The Plate • We're Putting Grocery Bargains Over Every Day GET YOUR SHARE Orders Called For Goods Delivered Promptly Fancy and Staple Groceries R. Matlock. 0 0 4411,111.•••••••••• CREAM HEARTS The Ideal Food Is Pure—Wholesome—Nourishing Morning Noon - Night is the one perfect breakfast food dish that feeds, nourishes, and will satis- factorily bridge over from the morn- ing to the noon meal. It is substantial enough to form the primipal or sole part of a dinner, feeding the system without, overtax- ing the digestive organs. It has wonderful, satisfying and staying pro- perties. • It is just the right food for sup- per; does not lie heavy and undigested on the stomach, nor disturb rest and sleep. Cream Hearts is all rood That Feeds indoor and outdoor workers Good Three times aday every day STAFFORD'S In .1\ v - 1=11 $150 IN PRIZES MIN AWAY THE MIAINIATES NEATPOPLANITTCONTEST ORA* Iv lAin Aid Ting Wass I. Win Fur Vol- uble Pikes Next week we will publish full particulars of our great popularity contest. In this contest a beautiful $40 watch will be given absolutely free of cost to the most popular young lady or girl, in the North Judith Basin. A 4.30 watch will go to the one receiving the second highest num- ber of votes anti a $20 gold watch will be the third price. The winner of fourth place will receive a $60 Scholarship in the International Correspondence School. See big ad next week for full particulars in regard to prizes. The object of this contest is to in- troduce the MINER into every home within a radius of ilfty miles if pbssible. We have at present a good list of subscribers but we want more -we are never satisfied --and have decided to make this unprece- dented offer in order to get them. We believe we are issuing a paper worthy the patronage of our people anti will be satisfied with nothing less than 1000 new subscribers. These valuable prices will be given away absolutely free of cost, as wil be seen by our announcements. All the girls and young ladles have to do is to get subscriptions for the MINER. Every time you get a new subscriber for one veariou will get 1000 votes, wart wiser' you get a present iiibeersb- er to pay,an additional year in ad- vance you will be credited nith 600 votes. Parties who pay their sub- scriptions in person or by mail can vote for whomsoever they please and the ladies who get the most votes during the contest, will receive the watches. These watches are guaran- teed and will soon be on exhibition here where they can be seen and ex- amined by all interested in this Contest. Any one can cut out the nominat- ing blanks in our big advertisement and write the name of their favorite lady thereon and bring or send the same to this office. By doing this you will not enly confer a favor on telp , oine deserving young 64_ to win this beautiful watch. We hope to see everybody in this part of the county interested in this big contest, it means much to us --it, 1111!11.113 more to some deserving young holy. Read our notices and ads every week and call, on us fo ormation in regard to al - Mirror - jou d ot un- derstand. If there is some Ia v you emit to put in nomination an you happen to see the editor on the street you can tell him instead of using tire blank. We will thank you for any help of this kind v 011 can render. As we have said we are going to give %%etches and other presents away as prizes but the people must do the voting, As e matter of convenience you can cut out the following blank and write thereon the name of the girl Iii whom you araJnt crested and bring or send it to this office. We'll do tire rest. Popular Voting Contest, I hereby nominate or suggest the following name as a candidate in your voting contest: Miss I Present . this name with the dis- tinct understanding and agreement that my name shall not be divulged, and that this does not in any way Obligate me. Signed 0000000000000 •••••••••••••”•••••• We Will Print 100 First Class Envelopes For Only $1.25 WM I 4 MI HURT — gm, Oa nue Fill le kap-- fins Abed Iliad Sedalnd. 4, y Gaines the well knoWityrotorg oSjpunclrer, who far the van year .:i• hit been employed by Murray Deat • r kit the l'N outfit met with an actil-1 last Saturday forenoon in tlhe 0011 creek country which may prove taus. Ile was riding after some dd.* when the hone leil In a heap err ing the rider te Ate ground. metliatelv after the accident Gsnes erre taken to Kendall by Mr. D*on and others. Ile is now in the hospital there but Op to ripen tOday he had not yet 'egalhosi conscious- ey, omit. Ile has been Unconscious for the past sixty hours. Ill chances for recovery are slight, but a hope is atfit fil ? s heM oat for the young man. 1t Frailly the rtz outfit made a 0 -A Wit Shipment of cattle from Lewis toitniand young Gaines was here with the rest of the boys. Saturday the routeclup was working in the Dog creek country near Kendall rounding et up PN beeves. Gaines was running j. after some cattle when his horse fell . 4i, ( -1 with him. No bone were broken, F. tcf but serous injuries about the head weresustairred. Gaines is well known in Lewistown, and the ac,tident is a sad one. --News Jaater- -He regained consciousness Monday afternoon. He is being given careful medical attention by Dr. Lakey and hope is entertained of his revery. New Town of linger. 'the work of platting the new toinsite at the terminus of the blityvatikee's extension to Kendall vat filikited this seek by Mr. Ken- nard, the official townsite surveyor for -the Mhyraokee Land cornrow. This point is on Bull creek, seven- teen miles from Lewistown and four or five miles from Kendall and e III be the terminus for the mining . camp. From that point the road sill fork in two directions, one branch going north to the Dog creek country and the other east to the Box Elder section ; the tot:1 mileage of these lines and the branch to Kendall being about sixty miles. It has been decided to give the name Hilger to the Kendall terminus. A Big Undertaking. We would call the attention of our readers to the Popular Lady Voting Contest we have recently in augu rated. The fact of the Matter is that we want more readers arid believe this the quickest and best means of securing them. Each one will probably cost us as much as we will receive for them by the time our watches and many other beauti- ful] and valuable premiums are given away, but we are willing to take the risk and pay the price, and we ex- pect to get our paper into practi- cally every home in our territory. We know we are getting out a good paper, one that is worth tire money, and we want our people to know this too. 'flits is mOfely our plan of why rig the merits of the Kits- DALI. . INER We believe our profits will come in an increased advertising patronage at correspondingly better prices. Now if you have a lady friend In whom you ire interested place her name In nomination at once and then she will tiud it an easy :ratter to win premiums in this contest. We stand behind every promise we make. No matter how many or how few subscriptions are turned in, these titre guaranteeed W ATC11 ES and all the other beautiful and vat tlable• prizes' will be given away' just. the same, to the girls and ladies who enter this contest. Read our big ad- vertisement and other notices In this Issue and get busy at once for the contest will not last long. If there Is anything about the contest that you do not understand please call at this office and We will cheerfully ex- plain. Bygones. Airs. lovelet --a here goes my third butthand Mr. I. - Von, third? Good heavens, dear, how twiny have you had? Idris never mind. darting Let bygones be bygones — Illustrated Bit'. P Z .`;,, ----•-,':-.- C, ,-- P3. -'- . V; (-1- t '!\-\,. ) i` s V -- The Cheapest Out Is To Come In \Time Is Money.\ Why waste it looking further Try A National thief Range. FERGUS COUNTY HARDWARE eomPIANY • EJR • jog • mo • • • a NEE] on a a Ellit1511E1 El ' • 0 7 ° . 0 0 00 0 • Closing Out Sale At mejlveen's .... . tarn leaving- Kent' close out my entire stock i,t sweeping reductions. _ Or will sell buildings stock as it stands bargain. mole • 000000001•1fili and will of goods and at a 'MI CI/Folf - i1111 o it ri E To 7 ow l a RI. 1 0 0 O d ci o • o 0 a . 11 El tio Dni Fo. Y 1F!'_ Get Busy! ' for this is the time of the VCilf, when every-one miiscprepare for the 'WIN- TER. We are WELL prepared to take care of the people's WANTS and everything of the Best Quality Groceries, Dry -goods, Men's Furnish- ings, Boots and -Shoes. We invite you to give . us a call and let us prove to you that Power's store in Kendall enjoys the - same good -reputation, that Power's does elsewhere. Good mer- chandise, fair dealing, and the con- venience of selecting your wants from a large stock in all departme nts makes it an object for people to trade at this. store. Power Mercantile Company ••••100101.•

The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.), 14 Oct. 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.