The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.) 1905-191?, February 10, 1911, Image 1

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Vol. 6, No. 9, e Kendall Miner. KENOALL ! I Center of richest farm lands in Judith basin KENDALL, MONTANA, FEBRUARY 10, 1911 5 Cents Il 0 • a a 13•1 • • DO • •131:10 0 [au •tr. • • 0 0 DID YOU EVER STOP TO • 0 0 El ...mnm• • THINK WHAT A BIG W- • • u ' ._. FERENCE .. ........--..... A LITTLE DIF- . cl e 0 13 frr\ FERENCE MAKES P • • • • ri 0 0 U * si • is s • 1 .......... What we mean is—a few otld dqllars de- posited in this bank each month will make only a LITTLE DIFFERENCE to you— But at the end of a year you will find that it will make's. BIG DIFFIIRENCE in yoUr • financial condition—and you will continue on In the good work. START NOW --OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH US, , \'ifs _ • 13 0 0 0 CI II 0 0 • • • km. • 1:1 0•130.••••13•• First BY R. This State KENDALL, Bank L. is under of HENDERSON, the the direct State Bank . •NCIE•0000a•mi. jurisdiction of Montana MONTANA. of and CASHIER. supervision Kendall 0 0 • it 0 0 • • IF YOU WANT 11901D WEAVIIING SHOES *bees That - Wear and yet have Style and Comfort Buy thc BARTON SHOES F r a i ;l e By T. R. MATLeeK For a short time only, a i6 ounce can of unts Perfed Biking 44 POWDER \ ‘vith your flour purchases On MEDAL 'Sub-Experinfental Station Willi Not Set Experimental Station for Some Time Word has been received from Sens. tor Thomas Stout. that there is but little chance to secure toe sab-experi- mental station on Dog River during this session of the legislature. It seems that the legislature is deluged with similar requests from different parts of the state and with the limi- ted amount of funds available for that purpose that the establishment of any more at present would serious- ly cripple the effectiveness of the one at Moccasin arid other points. The people of the state are just waking up to the realization of the great benefit. that these sub stations are to the far- mer and there is no .question but That their number w ill e increased in the future. The house owned by Bernard Da- vidson was sold at tAteriff's sale Mon- day. ack Drenville met with an acci! dent Monday morning. A bar struck !AM Oil the right foot injuring it se- verely. Twit McGhee purchased the real es- tate that was sold Monday, and will convert it into an ice house. James McIntire is the latest Ken, unite to take up his residence in Maiden. The ice harvest is in full blast and the business men are taking advan- tage of the good conditions, la boast, one thing Maiden has good ice.), Sherrill Woods was hi town Mon- day transacting business connected with his office. Billy Durnen and Chris Carston made their regular trip to Kendall re- turning Thursday. Don't forget the big dance on the 14th. Good music. Supper served at the BOS1 Ton - A bold bad man by the name ot Templeton with a gun created quite a stir in the natural qnlet ofthe city Tuesday evening. Ile was taken to Lewistown by deputies Jack Reed and Beaty, Alfred Johns returnedfrom tie Little Rockies and reports things as lively there. Muckleroy & (lark trace dissolved pirtnersido in the Bon Ton restaur- ant, Clark continuing the business. John Drenville has taken a position at the Cumberland. Wm. Wescott came over from Gilt Edge Thursday evening, Mr. Wear, agent for the Carom Grocery Store, of GlIt'Edge made his week ly visit,to Malden. V. B. D'Autremont traveling for the Union Mercantile Co„ of Helena, made his monthly visit to Maiden Friday. He was accompanied by Mr, Van Sent of Colorado. Mr. Geo. Frazer is over from Gilt Edge. Jack Huber was the guest of J. H. MacCormick Saturday. John Smith and family have moved from the lizt; near the school house which has leased by J. 11. Mac- Cormick. Walsh Loses Day By Day Conrad Secures the Same Hum- ber as Walsh for the First Time Shoe Contestliegan The seemingly hopeless task of sel- ecting a U. S. Senator goes on in He- lena. It, leeks as tho a dark horse would be necessary to unite the Dem- ocrats, the last vote stood: ' Conrad, 20 Walsh, zo =at' 3$ BEATING UNCLE SAM fifteen(' Heights Bachelor Wax- es Peetic and Tells the Sidney Retied He's Wiping a Bet. Four years ago this coming fall 1 landed in Montana 'With all my personal property, Tied tip in a bandana. I liadri\ been here very long, When one day while In town, I met a man called Uncle Sam— A man of great renown. He seeined surprised to epe me here, And -lurked where I was going, I said that I was going to stay, And Try to make a sheing. Ile bet Inc a quarter section, Of this prairie land out here, Against twenty-five round dollars, That I couldn't stay live years. But I think I've got him going, For I've been here over three, And I think I'll keep on staying, For this place looks good to Ille, Weil, I got a team of horses, And I moved out on that farm, And pretty soon I built a house,. And then I built a barn. And nest I built a chicken MM. °Pleas only two by twice, But the old gray hen that I had 401, Soensed to think It pretty nice. Well, I kept right on a doing things, And building up a home, But it seemed to go most awful slow, For you see I'm all alone. Of course this holding down a claim, Is a pretty lonely life, The neighbors they all tell nte, That I ought to have a wife. Yes, I ought to have a uardner, _Sat I guess I never will, Foglhey're all too blamed particular, To hitch to Uncle Bill, I'm one of those old bachelors, Of soda fountain fame, And I'll tell you what niy , bill of fare, Is always rather plain. B ut 1 try to make the best of tiliTIL And allay's work and plan, isserikIM6bilyr two seem yean4 And beatlold Uncle Sam. - -Authorship withheld. • New Postal Law Postmaster Hitchcock ha .s final!) decided to withdraw the postal de - pertinent from the private printing business and has witiounced that af- ter January let, 1911, no more stam- ped envelopes will be printed by the government. He also re 2omniends that this work be done by the newspapers through the country that do job prin- ting for a livelihood, the department granting them a permit and establish- ing a schedule of prices. The depart- ment will further rule that no first- class mail will be transmitted thru the malls unless in has a return card on it, thus cutting out much of the work in the dead letter office. The order relating to tile printing of re. turn cards on the stamped envelopes Wetted by the gosernment is a correc- tion of an evil of long standing and one against which many a mighty protest have gone up from the thou- sands of primshops throughout the United Slates. 'Pile prices on which the envelopes were furnished precluded the possIbi- lity of ootiapetion and also added ma- terially to the year:y deficit of the postal department, and Mr. Hitch- cock Ls to be congratulated upon the firm stand which he has taiseti.--ake- ley Heald Tribune. Beeele Hockaday Dies Friends in Kendall received the sad news of the death of Bessie -Hockaday the thirteen year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Hockaday in Van- couver. B. C. tier death occurred on Jan. 25 and the - •eansezifojeath was not mentioned.,Bessie will he remem- bered as a bright little girl who at- tended the public schools at, this plaee until laat.J uly when the family moved to British Columbia. tier parents have the sincere sympathy of the community in their bereavement. ADDITIONAL LOOALII N. Butler who Is now representing a Raoine, Wis., machine company, made 1 business trip to the Gold city, and reports business good in his line. Gels. Jackson, the little daughter of C. E. Jackson of Salt Creek. was ta- ken seriously ill with pneumonia. She had been to Lewistown with her parents and while they were driving l home M was discovered that she was Sick. Her friends are anIJOWIII Wilting Mei re$CTerf. 1 0 DEDOCIo ono • 0 ri oCIDO • 0 • DO • clop El 0 0 . Bring . Your Can 0 r '2_ . 0 • • • a 13 di . 0 ei • li s • ,, • • . • 0 1 ,,,.... 1111111 25 „ i v KEROSENE 4 iki #1i Think 611111431 II Of *Ef 1-1-114-144 46 Cents Gallon ii$ \We It e* t PER 1441.11-114- 44 -**1-111- • 0 0 0 0 0 El 0 0 0 - 0 0 0 6 , r 3 i . • EJERGUS 0 COUNTY HARDWARE COMPANY r.] .. m • 0 DOM CI 0 a • poup•s••••Eil r b ? t LET ME TELL YOU MCILVEEN'S YOU 0==X CAN Orr Lace awl embrolbery trinimed oorset corers, 25c Boa of anti septic tooth powder, for *18.50 Ladles Silk rubber raincoats. tor (toys 1.5.00 and lo.00 overcoats, for Ladies white H. rnst itched Handkerchiefs. per dosen Misses and Childrens I miderwear,;,Fleece ; per garment Ladles $2.00 Union Suits, for 4 'ilildrens Wool Mittens, In r Boys Gamtet Mittens, for Ladles Winter Hats each One eight -foot $35.00 Mirror, for 50 cents Briar Pipes, for ; 1: 4 .15c 10.50c 2.50c .50e .25c 1.2.5c .15c ..25c 1.00 15.00 .2.5c PET . ECONOMY SILVER Milk Just Arri- ved WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY On Milk ---Try us. We are able to take care of you in all your Wants and everything of the best quality. We never Mislead. Fresh \Ranob\ Eggs . . $ .40o Per Ilex. \ Oreautery Batter . . .40e \ , Lb. Ores* Cheese . . . .25e \ Lb. dd POWER MERCANtia COMPANY NJ TAFFORIM EP emir( mad*

The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.), 10 Feb. 1911, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.