The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.) 1905-191?, February 17, 1911, Image 5

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LOCAL. NEWS Personal Mention of Hoene Folks , Hot free lunch at the einb.. Pliono-Dance tonight I All advertisers are hereby . notified that no copy for change qf ad can be accepted later than Wednesday. K -N -C-X -A Cold Tablets, for the ' -Grippe at the Drug Store. Ask for Olives at—Meat Market. Next dance February 1 - 1: Frank King wee in town from the 1 mer Judith Friday. BORNN—To Mr. and MN. Tom Dur- nen a daughter, Friday afternoon. The phono-danoe given Friday even- ing February 10, was a very pleasant affair. A large crowd attended who 'enjoyed the new style music. • Wm. Reese rode over to Maiden on horseback Saturda7 evening. WANTED.—A man with a peg leg to mash potatoes at I he Orphans Home. Inquire of M. J. O'Leary. Miss Fanny Butler returned Mon- day from a short stay on the Butler ranch, reporting the country full of people. It pays to buy the best, \Home Brand\ Groceries are the Best. A trial will convince.—T. R. Matlock. J. H. Wicks is the owner of a new garden.seeder and expects to have the finest garden in the county. The Stagg Whist Club was enter- tained at the.hOtne of H. H. Lang, Tuesiay evening, all the members be- ing present and reported a good time. Barney Bernier went out to his Dog Creek farmstead Wednesday. Thomas Hayden and Busby Bullard drove to Lewistown with a four horse tearn7uesday on business. The returns' from the eighth grade examinations have been received and were very /satisfactory both to the pu- pils anei teacher. Maggie Carr and Mabelle Scott hare completed four sublects, Jest( Parrent three subjects, Pearl Daniel and Ante Berry two and Helen Stoll, Marry A, Richards and Jsaie Mungall one. As this is but the seml,final examination they should have notifficulty in passing by spring, Mr. and Mrs. Jas P. Sennott were in from their ranch west of town last Thurslay. W. H. Nash made a business call to the gold city Thursday, Allen Carmichael came in from Plum Creek Thursday for a load of provissions. Lee Hilliard made a trip to Maidcn Friday. If every man, woman and child had a savings account, . this world would be a grand please this does not mean the amount of money saved so much as it means each one would have the savings habit. Open an account with us and get that habit. First State Bank, R. L. Henderson, Cashier. HY C READ . 41 En g.1 NIS= mom,.•1..M./.=.1....IMMIIMOri NOT . Phono Dance every Friday evening. Anyone who falls to receive _their copy of the Miner regularly will coni- fer a favor by reporting the fact to this office. Old pewepapers for sale at the Miner OW. 25 for five gents. •• Gels Jackson the little daughter of J. E. Jackson, of Salt Creek, died Sunday morning of pneumonia after a short illness. The funeral took place in Lewistown on Tuesday, Mr. Riley of Dog Creek came in on horse back Monday. Mrs. N. Butler catne ip from their ranch Monday., Dave Bonaliqn left on Monday's stage for Great Falls Where he is go, tug into a hospital. d 1.• Miss afilles went to her homestead last Monday. Mr. Flora Stamqer won the I. Q. pillow on display at Miss Ful- mer's Confectionery. John Montgomery came in from his ranch on Salt Creek Monday for a touch of city life. Jack Sullivan came in from his Salt Creek ranch Monday on business. Myersick & Willis have purchased the stock of the Wedge Saloon. J. D. Ryan Yves in from his Dog ('reek ranch Monday, on business. James Carr of Maiden paid Kendall a short visit Monday. Best prices in the state on lard at —the MEAT MARKET Miss Rorie Cox went down on the stage botind for Lewistown, Monday, Mrs. A. S. Randall went down - to Lewistown Monday.' Miss McRoberts went out on Mon- day's stage coach for Lewistown. Sam Barcley went to Lewistown on businees Monday.' Anthony Ament took the stage on Monday for Lewistoan. FOR • SALE.—good piano, price $180, Inquire of Mrs. C, N. Platt rear of the church. Two of our enterprising young men have started up a new business for Kendall in the shape of a publk, auc- tion which will take place two day's of each month. They will sell all your horses and stock to the best ad- vantages of the owners. All stock- men and farmers are specially reques- ted to bring their animals to Kendall to dispose of them. The sales take place two days of each month in the barns of the Kendall Livery & Feed stables. E. Swingly, manager, and J. Willis, auctioneer. Ralph Knerr was in from his ranch Friday, enjoying a touch of city life. Corn. J, - 11. Parrent returned last Thursday from the session with the County fathers at Lewistown. J. E. Wasson and R. L. Henderson returned Thursday from a business trip to the county seat. We have been enjoying spring wea- ther for some Lime now. Look °lit for squalls. Learn Wireless &R. R. Telegra- phy! Shortage of fully 10,900 Opera- tors on account of 8 -hour law and extenslue \wireless\ developments. We operate under direct supervision of Telegraph Officials and positively place all students, when qualified. Write for catalog. NAT'L TELE- GRAPH INST., Cincinnati, Phila- delpfila, Memphis, St. Paul, Minn., Enid, Okla., Columbia, S. C., Ports L. land, Ore. \ Grand Masquerade ball February 22, Phono-dance orchestra. Andrew Kerr had the misfortune to , have his right hand smashed Tuesday it wes not very serious. Jesse H. Wicks, Kendall's popular druggist, paid his family at Salt Creek a visit Sufic's) , returning the following day and reports the roads bad. Dr. lirorner arrived in liendall on a professional visit Monday. Mrs. Bill Miller the stage drivers wife came up on Sunday's stage for a little outting. 'Prof. A. R. Thompson anti H. Val Alfinghain took advantage of the nice weather and tine roads and drove to the county seat Saturday, reterning the following afttrnoon. Geo. ki a m uels, representing the Neill Land Co. of Lewistown, bas been puttLbg on a free show during the week. Delinquent 'subscribers are hereby notified that by a new ruling of the PostoMee department all subscription must be hi advance. Failure to com- ply with the law subjects the paper to the toes of its 2nd clash mail privileges which a paper cannot afford to lose. There are a few still delinquent and they will be dropped from the list next week. The Average The aveirge man proposes one, The averaguyoman takes him. If he won,t papose (Lord only knows bust how 'tis done) she makes him. Things we All Know - How to bring up other peeple's chil- dren. What to do for the ether man'scold. How to ruu a newspaper. Why the other man failed in business. Our own good qualities. Musselshell Bill is Signed Governor Norris Attachés His Signature Saturday P. M. \All over except signature of our governor. Look for final wile of vic- tory and time. -No.amendments.\ \The roafrex dy familiar with the progress of the bill thru the legislature up to its ap, pearance in the house and the favor- able report of the committee on new counties. Last Saturday ' forenoon the house in committee of the whole un- animously adopted the committee's report and placed the bill on general orders. The bill was voted on and passed by a solid vote Wedpesday af- ternoon and referred back to the sen- ate for a correct ion, a typographical error having, been discoverea. The senate yesterday passed the bill with the correction. and all that it requires now is governor Norris' signature.— Roundup Record. - Later,—Helena, Feb. 12.—Mussel- shell county is now an accomplished fact, Governor Norris having signed the bill creating it, substitute for senate bill No. 4, at 4 o'clock this af- ternoon. The bill was signed with a nen provided by David Hilger, of Lewistown, wield' will be presented to the Itotindup board of trade.— Demoxrat. The Fullerton STAGE LINE After Jan., 1st 1911, will make two trips weekly. Leaving Ken- dall Tuesdays and Friday's, ar- rive in Kendall on Monda , s and Thursday's. Your Patronage Solicited. 11,119 1 1144- F. BORDER, Carrier - WITSMEROW-S 3 L , S2. ( ZIPW•buSS ' - it1WW6 -- _',W4 ,- _'',WACI r te Late Popular Books At Half Price The following list of books can now be purchased at the Kendall Miner office at 75c per volume. They are all copyrighted books in the origin- al fine binding and will make splendid presents. Hearts and Masks, McGrath House of 1000 Gandles. Nicholson The Blazed trail While Return of sherlock Holmes, Doule Lileckers, Blossnin The Heart Line, Burgess 54-40 or Hoht, Haugh The Black Bag, Vauuce Loaded Dice, Clark A little Brother of the Rick, Paterson In thg Bishogs Carriage Michaelson The House of Mirth Fergus, Amens and Johntown Every body has been' basy the past week harvesting a boniniona ice crop. Andrew Fergus and Haruki Os- borne art .iown no the Missouri look- ing after the young stock,' Dahna ‘larshall and Helm Landru were Ketdall visitors last week. Claude 'Maury is the prowl po4or of two wolf hounds who are there on the job when it conies to running down a Coyote and dispatching it In jig tiltrT, They have gathered in three in the lust two Weeks. Maude linger and Nell Ballantyne went to Lewistown last Friday. The ladles of the Cone Butte neetle and thimble club raffled off eight tine •qeilts last Tuesday at Box Bkler ranch. The - proceeds are to be Used for the purchase of an organ for the school - house and other expenses inci- dental anti church work. They Lis° foundly organized, electing officers, adopting by-laws etc. The officers elected Were: Mrs. Kaaro, president, Mrs: Maury, vice-pres., Miss Helen Landru, secretary, Mrs. Romunstad, Treasurer. The object of the society is to assist and promote church work in this vicinity. The net earnings of the quilt raffle was over &molly -dol- lars. It eas the result of willing hands and bright minds and the la- dies connected with it are certainly entitled to congratulations and ina•!y thanks, —WINDSPLITTER FOR SALE Work stock, bioken and unbroken, also mlich cows, at the farm of Thos. Garlick. Call at farm or address, Laurence Garlick, 24 -hp, Kendall, Montana NOTICE There will be Spiritualist Meeting's and New Thought teachings every Sunday evening at my home near the (Weer townsite. Everybody invited. No charge. it p. MItS. C. MARTIN For fiale 16 foot...front on Lot no. 1 and lot no. 2, containing a 50 foot front on Mc'Kinly, Ave. together with the u ngs known as the Moccasin Ss - loon, together with bar fixtures, to- gether with household, and kitchen furniture . , in White Mose Restaur- ant. - J. S. Kelly, Kendall. Montana, Dec., 2.1, .9 O. utiotAin ED LETTERS Kendall, Montana. February 10, 1911 Unclaimed letters remaining in this office. Kendall, Fergus Co., Mo.itana for this week ending this date. Silas Lillie Damns, Ward afcMlilan, Lot tie ‘I I onyngliam. Postmaster. Notice • Notice Is hereby given that the beaaks belo glog I\ he firm of fteld, and mill:Lid are Its the hands of J. S. Kelly, for collect 0, •, who is authciP ized to colleel ail bills and pay all °nisi .taiing . itideh Pitns-. gall on , .r. Kelly, and settle and saveloosts Sign nit Kendijl,iliitsi Chas Millard 1 . Reid ,lii c.. 23, 1910. Sale. ing restaurants in foirnl-ned, vilth V iy thing first . no! , of the City ., , iisieess interests stekness mai old I la kering some milt West. Will ••:csii terms or • or city real True te His Name. Joke from an EngIrsh provincial theater: \I met a bloke coming deem (In/Inge/ street the other day s and he had a dog with him. The dog was gentile' round and roond as though he was try''' . to eatth his tall, so I gene owerto the man, and I says: 'Hey. mate! What kind of a dog do you call that? \; . ph.' says the man. 'that's a watch do \I litlYa, 'Oh. is it? I warned he's piscine Wise up mo*.'\—Lopdou Tit' Bits. The Poor Man. A mite sent to an insane asylum with a load of coal found on his arrival the gates were open, but not knowing where to deposit the fuel be left his horse and cart outside Nviille he went to Inquire. He walked about the grounds. but failed to sec any one, so made his way back to the gates. Out to his horror found they were clos- ed. lie tried in vain to open them and appealed to passersby to help him, as the horse and cart belonged to him. \Fancy.\ said one passerby to another. \that poor man thinks he is a curter.\ —London Ideas. Making Curry. When making curry always use a wooden spoon. Iron spoons spoil the aroma of the spices. South American Horses. In many South American Countries the horses go unshod or with shoes on the forefeet only. The Largest Organ. The organ in the town hall of Syd. ney, New South Wales, is said to be the largest orgau in the world. Read the maign Pitt and the Peerage. a. The exclusive and almost feudal character of the English peerage was desfroyed finally and of set purpose by Pitt when he declared that every mita who had an estate of $50.000 it year had a right to be a peer. In Lord Beaconsfield's words: \Ile created n plebeian aristocracy nod blended it with the patrician oligarchy. He made peers of second rate squires and fat' graziers. He caught them in the al- leys of Lombard street and clutched them from the counting houses of COrnhill.\-jFrom -Collections and Rec- ollect:lows.\ The Factory System. The factory system began with the Introduction of machinery It Is thor: oughly modern, there being nothing at all like it in antiquity or even i i ii v t e h n o middle ages. It began with the n don of the loom by Ark wright, about 1775, and was at first wholly confined to tbe cotton numufacture. As me- chanical ieventIon •and discovery ad- vanced and other industries were born the factory system broadened out along with them until finally it was the dominating feature of the community. —Exchange. An Oversight. A glut toe once made a bet that be could eat ten apple dumplings at one sitting If the otber party would pay for the accompanylog wine. After the ninth dumpling, however, he declared himself beaten Sadly he regarded the tenth dumpling, which still reposed on, his plate. Shaking lila finger at it, be said: \Ali! If I'd known you'd be left over I'd have eaten you first.\ Read the MINER 00 NOT FORGET That we carry THE LARGEST LINE OF Building Material in the gate We solloit'your business. Our prices are always in line. Write or phone us when in need of Lumber Montana Lumfier Co. Lewistown. Montana. • MOCCASIN u r111 1 CREAM FOR Chapped Harids and Rough Skin and After Shaving IT IS NOT STICKY ! ! ! MINIKININIIIII Kendiall 'Drug Cc). immiummammummummom Subscribe for the Kendall iVimer And many other* tea minters to Mention. All good Ones—aA MUNCIE TO SET IlOOKS ! Nuisigasimamommies

The Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.), 17 Feb. 1911, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.