The Melstone Graphic (Melstone, Mont.) 1911-191?, October 06, 1911, Image 1

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4i. • rc,04;t1 Iflipapot §ocloty of Montana.: VOL. I. NO. 1, 5 2. '/.2.3 MELSTONE, MUSSELSHELL COUNTY, MONTANA, OCTOBER ,6 1911. 7 Assessment Roll Now Finished -40.--- Clerk has Handed it to the Treasurer. Commis- sioners Busy [Special to the Graphic] +O. 0 11.- Com4 Clerk Dralle who has been busy for some time with the essessmearoll, finished and certi- fied the same to County Treasurer Morris Saturday, and shows an assessment of $8,184,520 for the county. The taxes will be as fol- lows; City of Roundup $ 6,721,20 Road Fund 22;161.67 State General Fund 20,467.02 State Bond Fund \ 2,039.13 County 'General Fowl \ Poll Tax • District School Fund Stock Indemnity and Bounty Fund '3396.18 Musselaliell'Spscial Fite Levy 70-2.80 96,166.11. 3,070.00 '3'3,65439 Total 187378.90 Tile compssionors itt session this week are making arrangements for the issuance of $100,000 in re- funding bonds to take care of the out standing warrants amounting to . $19,481.83 and,ot the price of bridges recently a011oriied to ap- proximately $50,000 more. This Avill place the county on a cash . •, tobilaut . .Aa missing your, aft,* tax money will be in before .ney' more warrants will be issued, ex - ((apt the Contingent fund. It is estimated that the bonds Issued will draw about five per . cent and should bo sold at a premium which will be USIA its IL start for a sinking fund to retire the warrante.. One of the new bridges for which the above appropriation is given, will be built acsoss the Mus- selshell at this Pace. Railroad Progressing Hugineer MeV icker and his party aro now camped about a mile above the mouth of Age creek and all three engineering parties sn tho Held are working steadily on the engineering problems in- volved in locating the detinate route for the Milwaukee's Lewis - thrill -Groat Falls line. The hteel for the Hilger road is all down for a distance of more than ton miles from town. Con tractor Burke is now finishing up up the grade 'on the last lap of the line from Colvers to Hilger. Every thing indicates that the road will he finished and ready for business jght on time which will be about iddloof next month. Livestock Agent Chltten, of the • Milwaukee, arrived here this week and went out to Hilger, where ho laid out the stock yards and dir- ected thnt work be commenced on them at once. These yards will • be the largest and most convenient- ly arranged of any (131 the com- pany's line in the state and they' are to be completed in -limo to handle the shipment of the Power company's cattle next Month, ' 0, IL Crane of . neor Jordon was In town Friday doing business and meeting old friends. W. H. Mosby of Mosby was in town after a load of lumber Friday Montana Leads Them In. Crop Revd Montana's Crops Surpases all Other States • Once again it might be in order to call attention to the fitet that official reports of the • agricultural departmeot shows Montana to stand aheadof every state in the union in crop condition the first of the present month. Take the aver- age condition of all crops combin- ed by.shttes, on Sept. 1, 100 indicat- ing the average, the report shows that in the Atlantic coast states the average was 90.2; in the divis- ion from Delmar() to • Florida • it was 93.9; in the middle west, 73,7: in the south, 86.6 and lit the north- west, 1021. In the latter division the showing is as follows: Montmin, 105.0; Wyoming, 95.5, Colorado. 92.4; NeH Mexico. 101.4: Arizona, 104.3; Utah,98.4; Nevada, 98.9; Idaho, 104.3; Washington, 103,6; Oiegon, 99.3: California, 1o4.0: average for the division, 1021 FARI1ING IN TH MELSTONE VICINITY. iiirst week Brockway and Jen- nings brought in a lot of oats for the Melstone Mercantile Co. that was an excellent example of what the dry land farmers around Mel - stone can Troduce. This is the first surplus of gate and about the arftt to . .12e14 . 1\kethe market in thi vf('iuhity.Here fetoriaill' era have raised only enough to supply their own demand. All available farm land around Melstone is being fast utilized and it is safe to predict that within the near future this cduntry will be one of tho 'great grain producing sections of the state. While ‘risiting some of the many ranches around Melstone last week the attention of the Editor and wife was called to the remarkably size and weight of some of the garden produets. On the homestead of W. G. Fredrickson two miles east of town we were shOwn well matured ears of corn that was planted in June. Ont, stalk had two oars, each about ten inches long growing close to the ground and this wasn't the only one. On an average over the ti,ntire field the yield was nearly the same. In the same garden we found turnips • measuring 8 to IQ inches in diameter and other veg- etables proportionally as large. And judging by the display of Intgo vegetables in the business housis' heroin town we think there sure must be 130U10 farm land around Mehtone. Photo was a head of cabbage at the Hotel Grant last Sunday which was raised by John Nene() two miles south of town that weighed 52 lbs. and monaural 17* inches in (Hamner: -Some oats, millet, wheat, and barley which was brought in from • the Win. Mosby ranch in the lower Mussel- shell valley and also put on display at the Grant are e:eitainly as. good as can .be grown any where in any state, Mr,Horrigan living 7 miles from Moisten() brought in a ppmpkin last week that weighed 50 lbs. It is now on display in the Bank win- . dow. Took the French Leave , Young .People Leave Sud- denly—White Slave • • Hinted ' - Rumora coining from official sources that the sudden departure of a young woman front Mussel- shell was not for the purpose of a respectable livelihood. She was accompanied by a young man, whom the authorities state, endeav- ored to procure rooms for the girl in a house of ill repute in this city just prior to their departure from Musselshell and the negotia- tions were turned down. Shortly after the departure of the couple from Musselshell an officer front Roundup was in the city looking into the matter and made the statement that he was in the city looking into the Matter also that the couple were being shedowed ill case either or both were wanted, It was stated that the couple went to White Sulphiu Springs while he was here and at Musselshell leek- ing them up. The -mother, who resides , near Delphia not hearing anything of her daughter decided to look her up and went to Musselshel for that express purpose and upon hearing the rumours she went to Roundup and it is expected that some sense- sional . things are likely to buzz. P,14 - mtird is about, 18 years of ago and was employed as a domestic (curing her short stay in .MUReel- shell and had bore a goal repute. tion. Senator Carters Will Washington, Hell o 20,--Tho will of the late Senator Thomas 11. Carter of Montana was today ad- mitted to probate in the supreme court of the District of Columbia. Letters testamentary were granted to the widow, Mrs. Ellen L. Carter Will) gave a epeeikl bond Of $1,500. According to the widow's petition for admission to the will, the per- sonal estate of the Into senator in the District of Columbia is valued at . $*3,850, which includes his hoire at which he died and several smaller pieces of local real estate. The bulk of tho senator's money was invostod in Montana and the state of Washington, and the value of these holdings is not made known, as the courts of this city have no jurisdiction. - Ranchers Attention! wo will, in order to scow° more subscribers, give every rancher who subscribes for. tho Graphic one year in advance, aik mouths free advertising of their brand. This is an exceptional offer not given by any other paporin Montana. In this way your brand will be made public and stock lost or strayed can be morn easily located when the ranchers know each others' brand. We hope you will realize the convenience of this mode of advertising your brand and come and give us $2.00 for a years sub- scription to the Graphic and get spade for your brand free. 4 , -.111110-• Thos. O'Day of Sand Springs was in town last week getting sup- plies. $2.00 PER YEAR. Musselshell Wins Good Notice —.0 - .-- flusselshell Receive Bou- quet at State Fair Mussolaholl the only county cre- ated byithe last legislature, and'ad- mits in a banner sospended•Ateker its exhibits being \the baby coun- ty of Montana,\ is represented for the first time with a,. creditable as well as Unique display' at, the state fair, quotes ,the Helena Record, The products, which are gather- ed for the exhibit ear of the C. M. Lk!, P. S,,R. R.• are all labeled and but mys article is exhibited by any one competitor. To each article is rttachod a card telling the name and address of the grower, this be- ing done to enable the \Doubting Thomases\ who cannot be con- vinced that the products grown in Montana to write the homesteader direct an be informed of the many possibilities of the Treasurer State Every product exhibited comes from•one of the many homesteads filed upon in Musselshell county. Oats, rye, wheat, barley,flax and native grasses, together with many varieties of vegetables are the fea- tures of the display, which is i n charge of W. II. Wall of Ronialup a member of the state advisory board. Historic Bones Found George geMann. manager for F. E. Runner sheep - outfit, brought to Musselshell the petrified leg of p9mo , prehistoric animal Tuesday that must have been te Monster in its day. The. petrification was found on Willow creek, From ap- pearances the bone from that part of 0 front leg between the kneeing' shoulder joint, and it; larger than the leg of a 2,000 pound horse measuring flesh and hide. Mr. McMann says that there is any amount of petrified lxines where this one was found but they erum- ble and break. Its soon as the air stsikes them. It is only a few. years alp) that it protressor from the Carnegie institute in Pitts- burg took three carloads of bones of prehistoric animals from the some loeality. The skeletons were taken east and set up in a museum in Pittsburg. One of the skeletons unearthed at that time was esti- nutted to hal.a been an animal over 20 feet high and 35 feet long. --Ad- v °ea to. +WO •-- A sad accident took place near Laurel Saturday morning. Jake, the nine year old son of Phillip Popp, a Boot worker was riding out a wagon loaded with sacked oats, driven by Ids father, when the sack upon which the little boy was sit- ting rolled towarda the front of the wagon and Jake fell off. -The front wheel passed over his neck break, ing it. He only lived a few seconds The funeral was hold Sunday.This is the third child of the family that has mot an untimely end. The railroad commission of Montana has banded down its de- cision in the matter of alleged in- eufficiont train . service on the Shields River branch of the North - era Pacific railway. The commis- sion holds that additional service basal on prospective business is vicious and unaound, and therefore will not compel the Northern Paci- fic to give daily service. Auction. Sale of Townsight -•• 0 Milwaukee Land Comp'ny Will Sell New Pleven& Townsight • 0 The now townsight , of Pleven,' located on the Chicago, Mil*atikee & Puget Soutid,“ailway- twelve miles west of ,Baker, Iriontatia and located in an excellent farming co i nntry will be sold , ret public auc- Om; October 7, 1911. ,We,. have been informed by the. home office of - the Milwaukee • Land CO. 'at Seattle Wash. that special rates! , will be given from all points west ;us , ' as far as Milos City Mont. and !Aim ;. all points east as . fa'r- as .1Lemors South Dakota. Rotund trip excur- sion tickets will be sold on • Oct.t8. 7, 1981 to Plevna With the- fiital limit Oct. 8, 1911. No stopovers between the place of buyinglicketa and Plovna will be allowed. • Eve' ryone who can should. make it a point to be present at this sato of town lots. Whether you expect ! . • to locate there or not it would be a 4 - good investment for you as'. this - 7 little place has bright prospectefor the making of a good town in the near future : It ie located in, the centre of one of the best farming sections in that part of MC:1AM% and everyone knows what a rich agriculturalegion mean o growth and prosperity of a town. _s t the _ Register Newspapers in every section of the state lim lamenting the fact that voters are neglecting to regis. tea their names in the groat rotes - ter as required under the new registration law which went into effect July 1st. Up to August 81, the total 'registration in the whole state was only aboat one -twelfth of the votes cast in the last gener- al election. In Musselshell county the procesa of registratihn has been exceedingly slow, although. perhaps not more so thau in many other counties. It is being feared that many voters will neglect to register until it is too late. Every voter should make it a lioint tot visit the court house while in the county seat and hwtv.t his name registered, thus having the thing done with for a long time. -.01111 , -•41110--- Has Accident Hon. D. NV. Slayton met with a serious accident last week. Com- ing down from the old town in the darkness the right wheel of Ilia big Mitchell struck a stump and D. W. was pitched some two rods down the road, striking on • his head and shoulders, and although quite badly stiffened up, he is able to be around, Young Dan was driving, and was hoisten well out of the *eat but managed Is hang to the •steer'. lug wheel and bring the maehhoe to a stop. Strafigp to oay no dam: ago was done to the auto,- -Levi:A -- Independent. F. E. Wilson wan arrested Tues. day af ternoori for passing wOtthleaa checks. The amount in4ulted small and Wilson, who is from the: Flatwillow section, seems to luiyeL boon intoxicated when the offen.,,' was committed. • • i.4

The Melstone Graphic (Melstone, Mont.), 06 Oct. 1911, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.