The Melstone Graphic (Melstone, Mont.) 1911-191?, December 01, 1911, Image 2

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\ • ‘4 .0' 4,,, 44.491.10 • Vey, THE MELSTONE GRAPHIC R. A. LOCK RIDGE Canada -at the ENEVIEVE5. M ELSTON E, MON'TANA. Chicago. lahd Show \ I KNOW Death 'snaps the whip for the circus • HIBIT OF GRAINS AND aviators. WILL MAKE A MAGNIFICENT EX. !so thcir: It Is really too bad that the papers GRASSES, VEGETABLES don't print any baseball news these AND FRUIT. days. A carload of grain in straw, grasses Beware of cold storage Thanksglv- and other of the products of Western big turkey. Pick the feathers off Canada arrived at Chicago the other yourself. day, and is now installed in the The Coliseum, where the Ugited states The Kansas judge who wants to land and irrigation exposition is under abolish have at first sight should ad- way. Those who are interested in vertigo his serum. the \Back to the land movement\ will Genevieve, be honest with me—has find in the Canadian exhibif one of someone been telling you that you Iltootball accidents are few this the best displays of the agricultural know James like a little song? year, much to the chagrin of our pro- products of Western Canada that has Has some wise person been, putting fessional reformers. ever been made. There are repre- it into your pretty head that James sentative men there, who will be is, to your eye, as transparent as a Will the chauffeurs please have the pleased to give the fullest information Piece of window glass as that you can aeroplanes within easy call of the, regarding the country. i see right Through him? Chinese Imperial family? The exhibit shows what can be Have you been gettkig all puffed up done on the,free grant lands of that with the theory that you are as mys• Joliet' has seen a hoopekirt. But country and most of the grain was terlous as anything—and that James wait until a rush hour crowd in an produced on the farms of former rest- isn't? elevated train encounters one. dents of the United States who have Forgot it, my dear, forget it entirely. taken advantage of the homestead Move in from the suburbs yet there We presume that the heiress who lands of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Is time., married an acrobat will now proceed Alberta. Perhaps even James has been feed. to twist him around her fingers. The vegetable exhibit will attract ing you on this dope: \Nobody can a great deal of attention, and some tell what a woman will do anyway. The man who routed a highwayman marvelous potatoes, carrots, turnips, You are a queer set, and the man who with a box of boabone probably will cabbage and cauliflower are shown. Pretends to understood you is a mere not be asked to eve a testimonial. ' It is true that the homestead area four flusher.\ is being rapidly taken up and the Even in this case, - pause upon the A Now Yorls man tied his wife to a bulk of that now to be had lies north brink and let me tell you about it. telephone pole the other day and she of the Saskatchewan river In a por- Because, if James amounts to a row didn't like It because it isn't the style. Con of the country known as the park of pins, there is a lot to him beside country. Here there Is a large quan- heart throbs—and heart throbs are Tennyson Dickens, who says that tity of open prairie interspersed by about all you are calculating on. . Boston girls' ankles are too beefy, beautiful groves of poplar and willow. Take it from me, Genevieve heart strikes as as being an observing old Water is in abundance, hay is plenti- throbs, taken alone, make a shaky feller. ful and consequently fodder for. ani- foundation for your knowledge of mals is right at hand. Those who James. There is a lot more to James Devotees of bridge whist loft- have taken advantage of farming in than heart throbs. nantly deny that it is a gambling these districts and watched the efforts That is de trouble with your mar - game. What is it, then? A sureof those in the prairie Proper feel ried life, Genevieve. You are trying thing? that they have the advantage of their to take James entirely on a basis of brother, who is not able to secure fuel heart throbs. Because he courted you and the other conveniences of the that way, you have an idea that this \A man is middle aged at ninety,\ avers Lord Strathcona. Think of all park district on his own farm. is about all—just heart throbs.' Why, the infants that Dr. Osier wanted to The crop conditions throughout even in an idea' world, where every chloroform! Western Canricia the past year have James was not making an honest of - been generally good, and some won- fort to corral your James' , job, heart derful crop yields of wheat, oats and throbs would wax tolerably wobbly A southern surgeon says that rail- barley are recorded.' The Canadian after a bit, as the sole and only foun- road wrecks make drug victims of the Government, under whose auspices Injured. 'Even that is a shade better the exhibit spoken of is being made,, than being killed. is preparing reports on crops In the different Western Canada districts, New York, according to a trade pa- per, is oversupplied with safety de- posit vaults. Not if the burglary re- ports are considered. Happy Is the man who laid his over- coat away where he could put his bride on it and, where the moths ware unable to find It. The hilarious gentleman in Texas who ate a mirror evidently labored under the impressi7 that it was cast. ing reflections on h m. Tho Massachusetts youth who tried to get married on a hunting license made a grievous mistake. lb e should have had a fighting license. The improvement of. aviatIors will ' undoubtedly be a boon to deer 'hunt- ers. Think of the fun to ho had in' shooting a guide on the wing! The theory that American women burn up money is strengthened by the news that a Now York damosel is be. Mg sued ter a. cigarette bill. . . Genevieve dation for you and James to get along on. But as things are arranged in our present state of society, they are not only bad as a steady diet, but they and while these will not be ready for are absolutely annoying to James be - distribution at the land show corn- cause they are calculated to interfere menclng on the 18th of November and closing on Dec. 8th, application made to the Canadian Government agent nearest you will bring them to you as soon as they are published. MERE SUGGESTION. rs's O.* el 0 ^4 1 1Dr. Eliot says a classical education Mies Antique—I have so much on helps a man to solve every problem of my mind; I wish I know do life. For instance will It help him to for relief. button a No, 15 collar on a No. 16 Miss Catistique—Why not remove shirt? your switch? 1 Bobbie skirts are worse than beer, says an Atlantic City preacher. Still, It might be 'well to have affidavits from this's° who saw him make the tests. A woman has a right to -scold her husband, according to a Missouri judge If she didn't have the right she would benevolently assimilate it. The New York man who lost a breach of premise suit spinet a di- vorcee would have stood a better chance had the jury been composed of women. Spreading abroad the news of is . 1160 fine for a reckless chauffeur should help to develop the bump of caution on the cranium or this, automobile owner. A New Jersey lawyer advertises for a stenographer \who will promise never to marry.\ Rim always .beat to obtain wifely f‘s stetpl co In the, prep- aration of advertisements for ste- nographers. It Is up to the atitheritioa of Ilene to establish 's censorship of the malls. It has lost, a lady member of it di- vorce colony because she received a letter informing, her that her husband had fallen hair Lo a million dollars. with business. When you married James you mar- ried him on a basis of heart throbs? Well, then, re -Incorporate, taki” in a Legal Charges. .. The,Judge—You say you don't get • \ your alimony? The Complainant—I don't get it all, 'You Cried son your honbr. It's only five dollar's a week; and I need every cent ,of it. larger capital. Or you may find your. The Judge—And what's the reason self going bankrupt in a land of you get only part of the amount? . plenty. The Complainant—It's because my James Is a business man. Do you former husband Benda it to me by a know him as a , business man? When lawyer; and the lawyer charges me you talk about your little penny can- cer fare, brokerage, transportation. tile peering into and lighting up all and time—and that % leaves only 90 the corners of james, has it ever shed cents. its rays into ,James when his eyes . . look like steel, and his mouth . One of-the Aeteesorles. shuts like a trap, and his voice gets Quiet -Spoken • Custorrier—You keep so silky and qUiet and friendly, so everything for .the piano, don't yOu? ,that • you feel level's , one minute and Salesman—Yes, $ir. We do,rsir. . , scared, to death . Ihe next? Quiet-Spoken dt,i,sterner:—Give me, Have you over gpt a glimpse of this an ax!—Puck. ' ' . transparent Janself.of yours when she • '''s sat at his desk, thinking,, thinking— For over fifty years Ithetimatisse, Nen. 'forehead all in •lines, fingers h'olding i t te id e g n i a s' u n tre n d i b o y ti ll ie ra til tt inin e (11 W 1 f:a i r li g e O n i t l s . bltavies a pencil, the little dots it -makes rop- e good honest reniOdy • and \you ''•will not resenting things to the mind of regret having a bottle ready for use. James? . . • ' - Have you ever taken a glimpse into When one is sad of Out' of Sells for the interior of 'Jarnes When he was out any cause whatever, there is no rem- with a crowd.of business men—or pel- edy so infallible as trying to ,make !Gelato; to whom ,he ,was r iming polite s somebody else halCIPY.r.\ — A-. W...Citrney. Dr the interestli' Of business? Slave 'Dr. Pierce's Pleastoit Peltets -regulate hreuartny°1heacitidtehhea‘kjeosvnitialthlaeutillght' rgabned, and o and invigorate Stomach, liver and bowels. as candy. . . - , ' ..,, Has your candle lighted '.uh the, cold, Sugar-coated, tiny granules, easy to take determined purpose, Of ,James hidden It Is only these Who live on low well within the . secret plikeebt Is overcrowded • . ' . ens of these seat011air Whit ii&Ve YOU And when he hall Perde e hotrie after gfound who complain. that the world . His Shoulder, Too.\ ly HELEN HELP Who Is Due Another Look said to him? Have you said, \Well did you get what you went after? You worked hard for it;\ or have you said,‘\You ought to be ashamed of yourself, staying out to this h'our. You ought to be ashamed to think so much more of that rough set of men\ —really, they are nice enough men— \than you do of your own family. If you were half a man you would be at home where you belong.\ Yes, and if he were half a man, and half a man only, he would be, at home with his family every night of his life, putting on his old coat and preparing to rock the baby to sleep, while you go out into the kitchen and get dinner, at which you will have round steak and worry about the iris- ing price of potatoes. Becaose, If James is half a man, he is working entirely for soineole else who is pay- ing him just as little salary as James can possibly live on. But if he is an entire man he is making good on the job on a commission basis. Have you ever thought about the friend that' James had before he mar- ried you, you mysterious thing? You never liked Jones much.' Your chum was a sweet girl, but Jones— James asked him to the house, but not often. Have you ever wondered just where James buried him'k James loved his friend as men can love each other. Dare you say your little candle can cast its beams into the quiet, lone- ly place he burled him—for you? Then there was that offer, he had to go to South America for his firm. It was a big chance—but you said it would break your heart. The firm wanted James to go because he was their best man and it would make his everlasting fortune, he told you. You cried—on his shoulder, too-- ar.orroz. and said it would kill you. Well, you Elisio should think you'd would have been pretty lonesome, and have lots of trouble collecting 'way then he might have been killed by tho , out here. natives like that poor young German I . Collector Suremark—Not on yer you told him about. 'tour husband life; everybody hero knows I kin stayed at home with you and the chil- plunk the bull's-eye nine shots out of dren. Another superseded him as the ten! 1 firm's best man. That man made his A Hunting Story. everlasting fortune and is now a mem- An old backwoodsman that Abra- ber of the firm. James takes orders ham Lincoln often told of had very from him, heavy, over-hanging eyebrows, and You shut your eyes when you re- wore big spectacles with brass Hine. member this It was his duty to stay One day he came rushing into his at home, of course. Can your candle cabin and seizing his rifle, aimed it reach to just fvhat this transparent carefully through a crack of the door creature suffered at the lost chance? at a great oak tree \that stood near, Do you ever read the market re- and fired. ports' No? Well, they are myste- \What is it?\ whispered his wife. rious things, to be sure. James reads \A wildcat, Sairy,\ he said, ex - thorn, however. Perhaps you might cltedly, \an' I missed him!\ look at those connected with his busl• Ile hastily loaded and fired again, ness and try to puzzle them out. They and then again. get easier as you go along. But at \Now hold on, 'Joshua,\ said his first, I assure you, they will seem good wife. \Let me look at you. as mysterious as you are sup- Why, laws -a -daisy, It's nothin' but a p i c os e ed to be. The thing Is to get a little bug on one o' your -eyebrows!\— n Housekeeper. The clue you have been using on James is Just heart throbs. There are A BRAIN WORKER. others, leading to different parts of Must Have the Kind of Food That his nature. Nourishes Brain. The heart throbs are fine, Gene- vieve. They mean much that Is great \I am a literary man whose nervous and thrilling and beautiful in life, energy is a great part of my stock in But they do not, mean all of it. A trade, and ordinarily I have little pa - man has to work. You have looked Donee with breakfast foods and the so long at that home -life that you aro extravagant claims made of them. But hypnotized. Jame l4 has another side I cannot withhold my acknowledg- to Him—many another side. ment of tho debt that I owe to Grate - So, when anyone comes around tell- Nuts food. mg you that you are as mysterious as \I discovered long ago that the very anything and that James is an open bulkinetis of the ordinary diet was not book, you tell him polite, to lo o k : calculated to give one a clear head, again. You are not a mere heart the power of sustained, accurate think - throb yourself. You have some sense. ing. I always felt heavy and sluggish in mind as well as body afterteating (Copyright, by Assoclatel,Literrtry Press.) the ordinary meal, which' diverted the blood froni the brain to the digestive A Qualification. apparatus.. • Itastus was honest and industrious, \I tried foods easy of digestion, but but, in the opinion of the new minis- found them usually deficient in nutri- ter, unsociable. ment. I experimented with many break - \Neighborliness my dear friend.\ fast foods and they, too, proved un- said the domlnie, brotherliness, satisfactory, till I reached Grape -Nuts. Do you take the trouble to see much And then the problem was sollied. of r your neighbors?\ \Grape -Nuts ragreed with me per- \Ah reckon ah sees as much of fectly from the beginning, satisfying ss. them as dey sees of me,\ Restos re- my hunger and supplying the nutri- plied. . ment that so . many other prepared \Perhaps said the clergyman, foods lack. \but do you love your neighbors as \I had not been using it very long yourself?\ before I found that I was turning out \Ah reckon ah does, pahson,\ Rae- an unusual quantity and quality or tus replied, \but you know, sub, I work. Continued use has demonstrat- ain't p'ticlarly. . stuck on mime!, ed to my entire satisfaction that neither.\—Success. Grape -Nuts food contains the elements needed by the brain and nervods eye. Cutting. tern of the hard working public wri- A barrister, cross-examining a wit. ter.\ Name given by Postum Co„. Bat- nese who had a very red nose, asked: tle Creek, Mich. \Are you'addicted to drink?\'and the \There's a reason,\ and It is ex. witness indignantly replied: plained in the little book. \The Road \That Is my business.\ to WeilvIllo,\ in .pkgs. „ O • \Ah!\ said the barrister, \is It you: ver read the above letter? A new one appears from thee to time. Thav . only businessr—Sbeffield Telegraph. ore grantee, We.% arid tall of Inmate latereet. . Prejudice Is a Serious Menace larejudice Is a hard thing to overcome, but where heal* Is at stake and the opinion of thouslands of reliable people Offers from yours, prejudice then be- COMO your menace and you ought to lay it aside. This is said in the inter- est of people suffering from chronio constipation, and it is worthy of their attention. In, the opinion of legions of reliable American people the moat stubbOrt constipation imaginable can be ctned: by a brief use of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. You may not have heard of it before,' but do not doubt Its merits on that account, or because it has not been blatantly advehised.. It has sold very. successfully on word of mouth recom s mendatIon.. Parents are giving it tat their children today who were given it by their parents, and it has been truth- fully said that more druggists use It personally In their families than any other laxative. Letters recently received from Mr. E. bir Connelly, Genoa Jct., Wis.. and Mrs. E. 13olch, Hatfield, WIS., are but a few of thousands show- ing the esteem in which ' , Dr. Cald- well's Syrup Pepsin is held. It is mild, gentle, non-griping—not violent, like salts or cathartics. It cures gradually and pleasantly so that In time nature again does Its own work without out': side aid. Constipated people owe it to themselves to use this grand bowel specific. Anyone wishing to make a trial of thiq remedy before buying it in the regulati way of a druggist at fifty cents or one dollar a large bottle (family else) calf have a sample bottle sent to the home free of charge by simply addressing Dr. W. 13. Caldwell, 201 Washington St., Monticello, Ill. Your name and addreed on a Postal card will do. SUCCESSFUL COLLECTOR. a, Is 0 4 : rs , 4 • ' foul ' ty • . . • . , • , s , srSis• rr , ft •

The Melstone Graphic (Melstone, Mont.), 01 Dec. 1911, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.