The Benchland Advocate (Benchland, Mont.) 191?-191?, January 26, 1912, Image 1

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trot , r .),,,. f'-•••. N..r o hdo e for tV ' rr.A% a ie ?he United make an estimate on the coot of best \'twat royal entertainers and Mr. Kemp. - one-story brick store building , Statee lest se a an.t awarded to naar's vocal solos were espeeiid.s 1530, built in Benchland and :James Todd. .s this place. The cup enjuyeet A delicions lunch eso. ,rk to start as soon as poesile.., will he placed io the hank Saturda y served at midnight. Ameng tic 'it' purpose of the building is still i MI features of the party sses I January 13, and will remain there \ et. , , „_ , .,,, e i mystery to everyone connected , a game of cams called ' rig, ii. ii for some time. that everyone. inter- . ith it at this end of the line. but when a player was \pigged\ three •wyertheless it means one more ested may hive a ellallee to view it times he wis \hog. - Damon Wilson ' -G. eeer Chetah R:S in )Ti flies tmilding for Bench la. d. earned away the horeirs at this. , - • . • • Railroad Construction ' Wm. Gelish is est thli,;. , :‘g camp near the Julitti river to e sonic grading l - etWeell the tit cr al.., the town of Move:ism. His is - is HOW bring unloaded iit 10 , e. • arel transported to the strae activity. sr Galish expects to soon has , it fore. of 111..11 at work on the t;reat Northern grade in that •Illagalle/110111•8•11•11•11•111•111•11 • U • A' 0 R#I) 1'1 ) it g yr. 00.0.11111•11...• ••••-••• rla THE LOCAL ROUNDUT) Mostly Local Dope About Peo- ple We Know. Custom grinding at the rimers i.levator Frank Powell. of Vs bees. Creek ••••••••0•0.0•<- ;.••••••••••••••••••••••!\ \ wh ' was in 1 ' n W ' ' 11 ' 1 \ ) • e,.. - Meweasin's tonsorial artist was It • <e , see our loWn Welfitedav. e - All=,.. • • ..... ... • • , 4 ... . Postmaster A. L Herring is <> HosIllerte Visitor at Great Falls. 1 '6\xe ScAmowt\I Ston • • • • • • BENCHLAND, MONTANA SATISFACTION GUARAN TEED OFR YOUR MONEY SACK... IX:0 ( 011C%; All prints at se o 1 S nil wool blank • - Sten'. woolen .h;it. it 5r cent off. Fleece hard underwear at 50, per garansit. The brat tin , of high aril ton shore at '.51 nerrent ftm-nut.t. tAfbra . and cents' 'viten Itn.t. at greatly redu.ea pen.. ghoep tined coats at t t-, e ,, coot. cirrat western sieves ft ' 7 3.: to 1 0 °nitre flannel was 12 I.:. ata. ''Sits.yd. Now Me, ettildr.n•' tinde•wear at \41 r p, cent di ...pout. W. h tr• only a few pairs of orrrthoes left lino will eel: thee, cheap. Take a kir pored. of of la PanpAre.e home with y ea at IN Per pound. LOOK HERE Iv. a.e. taking the pliaa•ura of giving the public th• adrantarze of NV. in( money by buying #001. we are entr pelted to awl to make room for our ns.w eine of \pring awes that Will &MVP at F1 , 1.-11111. Cnrne ;n and melee the Measure in buyete from the r\.17.-e.rt• l'ane oe Msrootandiste to he rot od at The Economy Store JOHN E. COX, Proprietor V 0 EL el I. esf WOULD SERVE \I ATTACHMENT ' On Funds of Local &tux)! Board if Possible. tettore. AaarmaratatLitt, altro _ .011111111/111.11 1 , wortirsr tntblanb BENcIlLAND, FERGUS 701'NTY, MONTANA RI: S1 ansmIll• IANUARY 213, 1912 4` 'C 1 • BENCHLAND'S LOCALS OUT MONTANA A SOCIAL AFFAIRS PRACTICING FLAX STATE I. A. KENYON Et and hie:slier 1 - - Deputy Sheriff James Mutest. Of implies sin ter eat- ) . second dee. About twenty-five neielil ..r • Hobson, was in this city W ; wetter a I tot °Rice it ftruchland. friends very agreeably ' • montane. 1 , naing. • in an attempt to serve an Mrs. Con Seattle %lieu . _ Three Big Stunts Pulled Off Want to Organi. • a Judith Eastern Trade Journal Sass Within the Week. Basin Lea g ue. Montana Will Lead. fluent on funds in the bends 44 the Bete•hland school board, in an action against the hoard by the Hobson Bunk and a man nameo '1'4 odard. It seems that the bank • le IA/linden! have claims against ontrector Boyer, who undertook to kohl our school house, and who I rit• 4 RIPTI'I n RATES: by Mr. Joe Stange and e - . in.. Y. •4 s ...toe ere $200 of Chicago. Mrs. Staege's ie. , w eh,. 1 ., , iult04.. % , 2 -45 is vieiting here, weilked e. • ' sie stun.' - I 25 I friendly call last heti' ) • , L. • Three St. , . h., .V1 1 .0 ., They were entertained le , .,, e l - 1 Single 0.1././.. I I krenive heel five at steel. ter ! Ad %I'll I.inV fates q..... • d on appo- ' Mitchell and eliss Ammele viol< first money and Mr. Mathine find lifflrins that the enatil is still in- Miss Holzer marched off snit the III. LAND MARKETS. i tlehtedto hirn. a . The truth of the. eoneolation premiums. Leer ties matter is thittlikiyer his been inii11 WI\ - 11 t • ' i 11•1 111 , sum biotite played other games and as the more that' was reelly dile hilll. fir \ t''''\ • ' N\I'lll•\ 0 . Jo teethe' Cervenka boys were on &Nit wet: local directors have a clear rase and the Hobson people an' only , s.. Is Istenel l 11 le a. rn an soil ern I . . . .. • night a sumptuous n•past was •seecielle the vomit' e'en who as a t.ausing themeelves needless trouble' N \ 241 ' \'\1 ....k.. terved. and will i meet attention t. N... CU. Freight. 1.15 A. it served. When the party broke up ale use herd to reach and his con - and expense. 1 in the small hours ante wientlien strA .tions here are s -eddy grow- these favored p isit i ons - . MYSTERICUS took the contract II. bath, thc hoild w 11 ;:e c:t t 1 2 'cu s r . key . . 7 7 7 9 b h usu ti s hr e mug with the eigreerrient that he was! wheat. , N„ a .. 4. .74 hu.liel f or r.. it twp„./. dollars far• Wheat. No. 4 \ 70 Iuu.hi-I every day the building retnainisf reed 5f) tecsh.I Flax, tio 1, Lt43 uncompleted after October 1s1 The commons was paid certain 1.00 cwt. , Oat.. tonomits and finally \jumped\ /fall' contract, practically in debt to the GREAT NORTHERN TIME CARD A number of men gathered .1, or. board #1! .ducation who had to nem- limeg ies se\' home of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. vice. the building themselves. ern. 44. Limits .1 p i 207 ne Champlin Monday evening to as.sist Now Boyer'm creel.\ have start- „ 24.1. 10:IN 11). Mr. Champlin in celehrating the ad action action to receiver monty No. ONO, Local Frright. 81 M ) P. twenty-sixth anniversary 01 his the c - et rector didn't earn. The birth. The evening was very en - rioter! West I ,,, t f.11 • . y to • pa...towers rem or their instrunieuts, the crowd Minced. It is needless to say that as !tart of the evening's entertemment, Joe Higgins, the jigger. jiggt .1 A very refreshing lunch was eersed at midnight. joyably spent at est is and tit mid- • till expressed theineelver as hiivitte mg larger t .,„ t o f or wes t of j been well entertained and excetn- BUILDING (i re\ \1\. ionally well led and devilled wisle --eeewsweese- ing Mr. Champlin many lumpy returns of the day. TODD'S CUP TO C No One Seems to Know Per- ON EX -11BITION pose Nor Owner of Structure i A stirpriee party was given Mr. to be Erected The First State Bank of Geyser unit Mrs. A. j. Kernepnitar N'ednee- Geo. Tubbs, n rentrector from has secured th e ! weer e ; being the flay evening by about two dozei, f I lobson, was in this city Titesdny first to place on exhibiti sitwe its their (fiends. Numerous game s ,euring with local blether 4!eith rs return ee„ otorta t h., b eetni s e i and dancing were indulgeel in as a treestrer. A chairinan is to it in tile ( \it of a building. Mr. Tablet .1 t h I t J matter ot entertainment. And Jee inn I f .1 • ' ti is been instrie•te: by a Wisconsin Higeins the jigger. jigget:. Mr tied •- - Seeeete44.6. . • • s heie eels In 1 .4.\:\ leprr,r7t11,-.1• , S atte a; our In ' ' •' ''all play- •r- hr.. , t; ..,',. attN. pitic'e of the ,y lee:leant oesteer and .. eat out this week .1. ,it ' sone. tis'eg Prumitant local tees I ere ere ere ads oemeitg, for the ' eeilug season. n six team \Jo 'iii sit. League.\ to ens brace Ms 2. ...s.'istewie Judith t ip. llobses I . .enefard and Benchl ed. In the else of such a leae . Benchlafe: would tw the mallet. 1 ,, wn in the eircuit. but nevertbel ss we base Ilie material here for d tcam that. if conducted along i r eroper linee, I would be a winner ati a credit to , the town. The great ationsil game is 8 good. clean, wholeome sport for both players and Win and proves, when not misused, a wide' recrea- tion fro:n the arduous duties of life. • Holding Revivals. On Wediesieley eve' jag Rev. A. J. Artnstroog opened a series of re - is al meetiiigs that will continue ;hrough next eeek 'end perhaps tinger. As a intrust.' Rev. Arm-, oning is popular wit!' the people I • Socialists Ore anize. The Benclilime sot. alists organ- ized a local last Sater...iy night soth ebeut fifteen menthe . _ s. ell the preliminary business as been at- oeeltel to and they nots have a (MI iledged organization Officer, were 1.•#•ted, meting them beilig S. II as secretary find J. M. Allison e Attorney Barn•re was a prtsseng.: • en Lewistown Thureley merlin'. . .1 ing called there on busine.... . I : . 0. Wilson. *elite manager e : • ete Intentatiimal Hervester Cr I; • :111)i. with heallitusirter5 at fl... • e - ol this city last Seturday. : Role. Theinharde of the E. ' • aid Mercantile C imp my. ,.. . '.,111 lay with relatives at Iii lefia. • Aseisettit Reed Mitstur 01 • of the Great North, rut. soh ;., • learters at Judith 4.4p. was .. • !•,isiness visitor here late I :Oda/. i Vane Solletiberger 1./PS Alt*Ceptts I 'a plenum as clerk with the Bench emit Men -made Cetop i ley. V . • A cinder platform has bee e • t , itilt around the new Great Nottloit. • ;eagle house. That's some clasie • 'night house • .beeph Freitenia. of St:Inked • .. caller here lest Soterday • • Carriage rides were m %not • I/Way afternoon. . If you are a voter here he sure :to register. See Wanly about it. Rev. A. J. Armstrong delisered • an excellent sermon Sunday morn- ! Mg on the test. The wicked hole rowefh met payeth n - ,t again. - 1%,:1- ICIIII114 that we nit' rejoying tee : advantages of 8 riirtstlan melte:I- tem without cow nomine a part • • ' it. Yee shouter , t red to hear • '. v. A rtio , trong. • . Knuto Titintstm sr •nt Sundee e • Betsey). He seems to like It. ,. r • A letter from Elmer Wicketrum • . informs its that he is enjoying him- :il • self at Seattle hut that he is home- **•••••••••••••••••• • ie44).•••••••••••••• sick for Monsen& Market Report, a trade journal. in its lust inntle has this to se , eLout the culture of flax in Mon. tana. necvading to the Malta En. terprise: - In the matter of flax mills' lion it in conceivable that Mouton , is to be in a few years the leadin, state. Frew the beguinn e s of flex raising in Montana. the crop has been a success, when cultivated in accordance with the ;resealing mid metallic management after at ti before seeding. There are sevend iting places in Montana where the production for one reason or another has been exceedingly 1 .1 s Ce. The area id flax in Montana is in- creasing until it is well up toweird half of the preelection of Minnesota and will in a few years. from pres- ent indications pass the yield of ee her Minnesota or South Dakota. The reason for this contention is the big yield fact. That it is mese ahead of the others in pet acre yield, favored with new land an : less liability to frost danger in te. more inviting v ill. vs of the cents. d tl • I been et. NieDonnell ranch, twenty-tive melt are now doieg sone. reek work. At the Judith river the weather (NW- .liti.m: are such that prenaratiete ire e ning apace rapidly for the w..rk platting hi the l'Imcrete fo, eine. ler the big bridge. ---Lew isms. 1, Daily News. / ; 011141 1 41414414041811111101101158•11•11•111. Sea eilea (iv IMI••••••• The fellers there shook us by the hand -Most id ten oweit.' lots and 'lends Treated us like we'z .1 VanCanip breed. 'Stead of plant Bill and me. lit Benchland. So ihi and me just hung aroef And stuck neett to the hole tow it Till we got some o! that good wheat ennintl. Famous as &blitz in Milwaukee, 'naiad Bellehleed Well it just beat all you ever seed Stowe St:mew:ill daves was freed. Since old Jeff Davis s , antilearetd, 'fhe way they . ttu ft ed. 'mu timl Benchlend. Now Bill rind tot' And Bill he And most ties- , But we estenlay Bill .ey.. It'S Me and you go Nes. Jeresolento-eld hie At. t tell 'eta, sem . tiltas CueSat' I a.ti.-11 II teller len and me. at Benchland me, I see toe, nbout Benehland So we hottelit Lew wins seemly Cox, At Runise's wt- „ n. w towks. kid Tom i'v.irs trim.y.\ 1 our sh;e14v loi•k4 ourielvf , i;111 and Mr at Bentiliand, 11't` , A(`!.1 11 ' u ' 7 (700 a Ac; , :-: high. Every'J. •; , .al.1 ..1pa' .1s Wi• ,Sett tiN .it our shoe! , then ;ti our ;es. l'I‘t'd .1111 111O, Anil. T11.11 P.a. Theinhardt he commence.? I I grill / S...itt . I e from stir - ceIt Teok by the 1 'liar and sselfzel us in Ti his store, Bill end me in tienehland He tixel us leo with a brae' w ere) And new pocket books for tea tetetern trip. lexpeneee We didn't cen. a rip. We'd sold our wheat. Bill and toe, in Ikeichi iiel IA 11111 il:11 if II'• cars polled boo total A . ubti tnart crowd woe ut limiein 1;tsti• wo gnu , t trtc , 1 S:11-• :11111 S. Mill. I! 1 till te„.. and iii-, from Benchland. Pi't' . inl • ;r Aim yelled : ! Allvor .te, sure Mgi, lie a -a.. fel a .-ek or more frem Benchhind Thee B,I1 he e l it it I. e• Si purt lee it he • .1 geile to flirt In Bei chianti situ) ev heed shire) - We te eon !st. Ass eTe Iletieblend 7L. - 1311161•111112: MILS«, -2 Remember the FARMER'S STORE ressamatrl-r '121'.3.40C 'WV^. - nr e• wenemesicesto \ saarauss. You prospective eng:ne buyers listen: --- V4 e are now taking orders for Spring delivers for the much tailed of MOGUL TrtACTOR. 15 .20. 25 and 45 Horse Power. Ask your neighbor about Ws cr,ine. He owns one and likes it. if there is • dissisti:fi d Mogul Tractor owner in this state show him to us ard CLAIM A NEW FIVE DOLLAR HAT. Witen a farmer owns a Mogul and tell' you it is 0 K that is proof positi‘e that it is right. The company making this engine I. right We have a eood man subject to your orders at all times, also a big stock .4 repairs of, there is ri dela% in case el accident We sold six engines in sixty #1.1).4 I .-t feel wet ee tee duplicate the guilt this Spring. Ask (11 , -.• iii. mu 'a Iii! Ow I II I' has done for them arid how the'. like 1 u J 1% . BROW Si HOLMES, C L CASH. A..1 KEMPENAAR. F f; RAND J N. BENNET. HARVEY SAVILI.F., JOHN EYERLY. ‘1 • I.T of Betichland. and JOE EN LAND and R(X)NE' W. - - make terms on these eno,Ines so that they pay for the:- selves. Come in and tar. the matter a,t with us, We sell the stuf' right and the right stuff and well right a wrong any time. \Bob' BENCHLAND 7 - diERCAN 'At co. Benchland, Montana NUMBER EIGHT In Benchland itS IA El's One day Bill gay sayi he to me, - Lets we and ssei eo up and eve If that town's all its erns•ked up to be Bill says, says ht• to nit'. that Benchland. The very next dev we paektel our grio. Jest gist. them ladiany folks the 'hp Anti Bill ited me lie and teak a tripe - The grip anti Bill tine itte-oto 11.1.),I There %tenet very nitieh in that ol ieee Our pocket hooks worth a rip But Bill mat me jest had a tip The' wuz luck fer him and me in Benehland. • a • • • • • • • a • • • • • • a • • • a • • • • • • • a • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The Benchland Advocate (Benchland, Mont.), 26 Jan. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.