The Benchland Advocate (Benchland, Mont.) 191?-191?, August 16, 1912, Image 1

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• Hurry • • • • • • • • • Summer • • • Shirts & Caps • • • • LADIES' MUSLIN • • • \)DeiviNaNce a S\nt . kakt • o • • (kcarvesk • • • • _ The Economy Store • • .,ATISFAC110\ GE ARAN I ED OR )(JUR MONEY BACK) • • BENC; !LAND, • • aowillnito car ruilltan0 . ...a I all oaf fitNt Ill \NI , Fl Fa 1 s • V.IINT,?0..' 1 al'a \a Al C,' SI I , . HARVEST IS . /a 1 i Uii 1.xcellent Crops . ng vested iii tails Vicini y. The big harvest is ,:iity lii Beta - Wand .. t amsand acres of 1.; started so no authentic reports he give market as yet. „ NOTES The is fairly good, alta not a ;mad at it was a year ago ta thi! !law. with Laing whait tivac, n the lead of fall wheat. At pre , at the difference is time cents !Ilia is dile to the fact that an im- mense amount of Botha/ wheat is liar- reported from the Dakotas, which holds the price of Turkey Red down. • I. 0. 0 F. MEETING. Lit the vi' tie sixteen tratitory to this city are being invaded liv ha.iders. binder, und combines .in is already being tiiiirkettd A V/ the three lucid g buyers are • .paring for the rush of the sea 9., is work, The am. iito iirkey R • , 1 winter wheat wt., ilia be as treat as that ill;' k.' i last year, toying to the early fretting of the 'Hy freezing id tar ground. I. a it' spring grain crop.. have token as place But the turkey Red eaia, what there is 01 a. is an ex- ce atonally fine tale, ranging ai y earl Irian thirty to forty bushels, nn I tatter, per acre. The largest reaorted was raised by Dan and Al at McLeod, on the besich two ml.' nortii of the their wheat A /Prolong for yaw aal one half ;wt . :141 - C. T. I'. Crtizuti, at Montana Central Llevat,)r. whi) Isaight mid shiptwd this wheat, says aratail up well. J. W Brown has ait finished cutting three hundred a • - es of v'oltinteer wheat when threshed aver ige in the neigh te ' , hood of thirty bushels per acre. toil being the second volunteer crop or the third crop from one plow tog Allif heeding. C. L Cash has a large Ii ad of volunteer wheat that books even better hit' oat crop is exreptornally tine raports coining in to the effect that that grain aid average around ti5 it 90 bushels, and some claiming • 111171710.i bushels pea acre J ].. Higgins has brought into town aernples of oats over six feet tall. hove average. be chums, will pass :he 011e hundred mark Flax all over this locality is looking fine. . tie spring grain harvest has no: Load Order Will Be Perfected August 24th Saturday evening, August 24th. a meeting will be held of the mem- tiers of the Indepencent Order of oild Fellows at the Bennett Hall for the purpose of perfectiog their Ii organization. Chas. A. Min- nier and others of she local brethren have been working on this matter for some time aril have already it.ade application for a charter. • Ws Hand Oath. Arguing forellil. if not con-itnt lusty, agaluyt the tustont of taking a bath. still happ1') pre‘aletil la contain quaa tors. •n English writer relates the Favor) 'tory of n Kentish farm s' ark er who... horny hand tie grasped. .11..4 Kent dirt.' said the man. i'atch- mg n rlileel glum. \Haven't hail time to nosh your hands before tear Wall 1hr que..11on \Wsinn wy • n wIlir • PNCIIIIItIKI Olio man. then evpianaturily: \i tieter washes my 'ands ‘Vhen they feta 'aid iit• Von.\ Fatal Adnosotots. Merchant-- Whot other quallfIcatiOns h ose you for the pla. et Applicant - Well, my friend. tell me I have • torn• 'en\' dl\Pinition nod - Merchant - You won't do We want a man with • ▪ aitentod disposition. one that will hustlw-l'hillidelphin Press a gin. Amnsing Is a favorite threat of the farions Keate who used to any: 'Iteinewher, boys, you are to be pure in heart or I'll dog you tail you are. - Loudon A tar. arra. Tim Mash Nothing. • I., rul; tithes! ern.s- [gained Ilse ',mown...tit'. I.Urehtla.f. \Yes. Mr.\ said the proprietor 'Iliad. , right\ \lissen't vote sat on.. with the holes full of Courier - Journal wort., of dila natty.- .1..noutil FROM UTICA The Wet k's Digest Collected b, Our Correspondent. People from all the neiahhoring towns spent Sunday on Da Sot:th Fork aad upper Judith. fishing Among thaw from our town were . H. D. Abbott. John SWit:a. Bud Korrell, Amos Schomer, inull S. %% r ate and wife, J. D Waite and family. INA Panama G. W Cowan Albert \ereditli ivel Sam Cushman. Harvest is is in full West in our ctamtry Bad 'naiad thole and acres are being cut. , Don't forget that lie still hold Epworth League in at 7:30 every Sunday evening. . Miss Molly Gray left Thursday for Great Falls where she will at- ond high school this winter. A picnic was enjoyed at the English Sapphire Mine, Monday, by s party of youag people from our towo. Johnnie Swanz and wife spent Sunday at die inane of H D. Abbot:. Jim Boyd is now busy aawing limber on the upper Judith. Stock are looking fine in this vicinity ant a good many carloads . will be shim d from here this fall L. U. Eyerly. of Benchland. was a bUeiliesa caller in town a few days ago. Edward Stoutenburg and Miss Baker were callers at Hobson this week. - D K. McLeod has accepted the position of local manager at Bench - land for the Empire Lunber Com- oitoy . Mr McLeod succeeds H. H. Iladrat: who has returned to . hie iwine al Montevideo. Muitiesota. - • Lost. !strayed or stollen—One SOF- re-1 mare, blind in lelt eye. Reward R F. Champlin. Beachland, Mont. Six per vent it terest paid on time deposits of aix months or over at the Benchland State Batik ,••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Under Skirts & Corset Covers. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • '‘IONTA NA • • • 25$ 01\L\ Before they are gone! Ladies and Gents Oxfords.. eatiossatioa. \Don't you wont iu leave any toot• atant• in the moldy at I aue?\ \I don't know.\ rwslies1 Senator Sor- ghum. \There's so niiien sleuthing to - nit op that a man gela shy of a thumb print, a footprint and ..veu of leave to print.\--W'sshinsion Star. An Ivory Mat. Many Issitwo base nes ci even heard of yo li it thing, and it is nut to be wonder...I tit, for lb.... tams are / .A./.1111,41V rare, and it ka try MAI/ Ito kiln that out; three of lb.'s. beautiful curionalon rt'aa lit the whole World. The one we now write iibont is Leave y ordeN for fruit at Oa. the largest one tuade It urea/tures a by 4 feet and. though mole In • small hid state in the north of India, has an 1Dew Drop Inn. almost (;reel: denIgn Its border It Ed Hersey, of Nloore has bought aa.atta USIA 01.1 blahs accaalutis, when !Geo. Porter's Reeves plowing out tit. ' the mph wit on It to sign Important document,. 'Fite orlgoial cost of the See the Benchland State Bank Lunt neble;eeliee. for c.400 pounds of for mai estate loans. 11 - 4/0 Were .,4 tuniitifai•turei The tineyt strips of hen :1st hest, Seed Turkey Red wheat for .stile. I/POO taken off it e tusk. III file Mal la 1) la McLeod. Benchland, Montana as flexible as a %save . , „ t ad! fluid beau- tlfuny two._-tfu_a_ao , f vt new and op -to-date line of . THE ••••• N -SEVEN mr emorallonlimEMMIMIP I : 1 ; W. are informed that Harvey I! - . 0 pitches'. to: the Data:W- t. l) 1 2 . -. II a snaffle'''. hie. signed up fi r [I 1 TIE I\ . („). 0 Mostly Local Dope About Pe... pie We Know. Coaling the :snits. 'stationery at the Dew Don , Inn. coaling the can is ;in Txprestaion mod Hen Taggart has' returned fain a by plusit iota to indicat • the necessity of roue...lug ilw stock .1 441,11% 'power, !week's visit at Miles City. eaactla analogous to .aaling vessel . fry our cakes and rolls: Dt w for au is ean &airy maintain that thi• I•4 ml. iii' I1) • OP I i at shoe • Drop Inn. ON of inete.aile* whi,11 au Ira Upon It from celeatial space Titus It Is that the PL111 . 111 energy conta.uaily Lent up wal its tires are tett. Atom after atom In the continuous colitsloog of molter la ebanged Into vapor and adds Its quota ar energy to the great atorehoutse-Iii fact. \cnalt• the sun.\- E Xchange. Not All. **Thomas.\ said the work,' severely, \Vane one has taken • lag 0 0 . of gingerbread out of the Ist.ntrY- .. Tommy blushed guiltily. \Oh. Th.qual.\ alie e.daluied, didn't thiuk it was in you\ \It ain't all. - replied \Pan of to, in Elsie.\ -National Monthly. Claws DietingticA. \tild ye nee 114 Jill, got tea jean\ penal for stealing that 'us.'\ \Sene dm right l's. Why didn't 'e buy the ,4141 not pay for 'lin :Ike aCy other g. 'on - Sketch. Staining Wood Dark Moss. The •i.iwaranct. of walnut may be • to 00 0 ds by. palatine or aloollintIll them with • concentrated ' warn, solution of perzaat gestate of poison. The offeot Is ditty - eat on dif• fin eta kinds of timber, mom' ar.....ming stained very rapidly. oth. 11 -1 aasu.. \sue for Ulla fOlUIT •I tlio• per. tuatironate t.droomposed by the woody Itrocn peroxhie of !ming:Lwow is prtscipill•ted which is afterward re- ▪ hy washing with water The wossi. 'alien dry. may be varnished e nd will is' found to resemble very clowely the ',aurally dark woods.-Uar- por's Magazine An Anetoaratte Dank. All the .derks :.1 CAW,' balik to Lon doo where the 1 NJ: •thil members of the royal finials bat • 31 \mints must lit - shit en and near fps* coats during hankinz boors No hank In tiie world has *al ni4ny arinto• rntl , tomer. a. \off.' pro, o :iy member of the house of lords bani • at lb, ( r io t ou s h ois\ in the Strand, nod no other I. igas' 1..111: Wan so Mill/ ft/felt:10 alo.ha rolls Oil :fa books Not Traated. • ruitiog um .'r vau andersitsaa Cr'.; dots ot waitLer is 'oral ooe dieu.a to orders 1..1 Isavortit twee us..1 to tilt. have you' / Nor.. that Is, en. sir. You ses• I utarrie.1.-Phiiadeipitia Hecord The Trinatbs. Inn yer-fion't .0/1 tli'nic aequitted that trial'. Frier.' Vrf, If I. to Of) OU f olo its mu ii. Pi for y our client - Its itiuo•rr Aar Kan - - - - Watie and Othenwiso. A wise nit, lekflooloofgo. his tole takes. a roollnh oar Ire. I.4 corvine.* himself that tv. wee right -Platatoingi Post Hadn't Mooed it Any Othe• r. Since.. -Pond you think n in,ketive woman is more pop•ila- srdh the MOD II in any other tleupeckke- u • it ..ther kani tbere?-1`ttilratel II..• BREAD e , -(1 .r harvest hands \\) Loa es 25c 3 I : 01' Leave You: Orders E. L. Lus•kett transacted business at the many seat Tuesday. Gather poison at the Dew Drop • Inn The Benchland State Rank can accomodate you when you are lug for a rem (astute loan. Let us furnish you with hre.d. :during harvest time—Dew Drop inn Feed oats for sale at the Rocky Mountani Eletaitor 34-:h Flesh vegetable. ---cheaper than canned goods—at the Dew Drop Inn every Saturday. ' When looking for a real estate loan call at the Benchland State Bank. For car load prices on steam coal C ane and set- us. McCaull-Wehater J. H. Boyd, of Hobson, was in the city Tuesday. D Gilmore and wife visited the dentist at hobson. Toesrlaa; 6 . , , • . • • 0. E. Vmoman maila A flying trip to More on his motorcycle last Monday evening. E ('. Russell. W. D. Sysnmes rue! Paul Tabor, of Lewistown, were in this city Wedneaday in the iiiterest of the. Roll Moose irony t a on his ranch n I brought la. ., ...maples of oats hat lie says vs I „serage 105 hwy.,. !•. per acre. Atty. Wardell arrt G H. Gor- ham anti Pete,. 'em were bust- neaa caiars at Leaistowti this week Col Kel!ev, th i'lletioneer. and R H. Stone. the ; all r, both of Hob. son, were in the coy the first of the week PEROXIDE'S h;ANY USES. It is • V•luaide Antiesotic and Can Be employed in 0. 1,, Wars- oue at the sutra a...aat to...wiling agents etticlo:.rti a. \II t,.(1. , trade* is yet 'side' ef Ole.. 11,1141Ou as hydrogen tin ide • it exy grunted wa ter 'tin' iiilor in ostrich plumes ly reiihotal by It, and it sow i.a. .. :It . • IlUtuter of other I Ling+, Silt .1 IA b Is try. wood toll, co!tou 11U I Lair it can be wo..1 tit re tho ••/ /or to old till h hate !..couie darkened by am Peroxide is a vuluali:e antiseptic sad will also d.• .troy titIvro- orzata , init In water It CaLl ...en be used to cure Indig.sytion. I.u: for this Pit - nose an well as for other medicinal uses it must be dillactl. A drop of pure twroxide Is stro,ig euongh to raise a vs tare blister on the skin. !Minute quantities of ;serval& of hp dr,,,ten are found Ifl IIi/. air, in raiz water and hi ono\ and it Is some - Once rotiud In the Piii•ere of cert•in plant• The liquid is produced on a large wale by the action of acids on peroxide of ...dime. The solution may be concentrated by taiosing the Water to {reeve mit, by passing dry sir thn.ugh it or by evaporation In • va- tolitni over suipburie acid. -New York Sun. UNE491 1 ./IPET— ED PRIZES At the Montan t Each Year- - ystery. Helena yam . Aug. 121Spe. ia'l- Last year inert' was . .'ii.riSti 15 in eold eash in Helena what %eat lwgging for \s ant of tia tooter. Thousands of Yslontana e: :a n* could have ha I a share in d by simply . tiling their Claillts. btu the eTaims were not filed Mitt the claims were not (N3(11111411111 money revcated to the aouree trot a hicb it came, the Montana Snit- Fair treasury It is difficult to believe tl a the residents of the state will 11 . . %NA a source of revenue SO t 111.11 \ it. lab rd. !Alt nevertheless the , , re mains that at the Montan i tate Fair of 1911, the S11111 Ilat , ti,ined. which was listed as a ries l in the Fair catalog, reverted ta the Fair treasury at the el se ti t. as position because there were Ill/ com- petitors in some of the clas a., in the twaik This year there is mote dial $40.000 offered in prizeta sis ial premiums snit purees Di' 191a which containa all of them and gives inatructiona as tel hot ,. they most he compettsil for. has bet n tie •11cd, 11111.1 the State Fair ii.a. eiaI• :In' hopeful tlitil the pereellt14..i' , I1 iiiic imiwted priaes will fall halow tilt of lay. ytar and prec t ailitta years. During the last live years the number of entries ai the Slat , Fait in all ( - hisses has risen I y leaps fro v444. 4 4 recent', erto rata • A ' . ...trakal . ..4 ....... anslitra.1 1. . • . ealia!Pol, sleltill.13!7;ata7 . avie aai. I total to one a nieh I. • must consult Brother Jonathan.\ Ile eritIll III its toUrrilltr. )0 rail' year did so. with the satisfactory realm that there remaitia this mystery i I lin the governor was •ii , ee...n•111 In somas- competed iwize 111411111 The Pr011 lug many of (lip preesIng want, of the peen; for the Pr.welit )rat, it cord- •rmy, •nd theni•eforth, henever ing to Secretary .1 A Mount titer th - ulties arose and thy. army spread are for a bigger arid broer fair thou over the country. ' tie noist consult t•Ver b ,fort. lia• tierti ill the Brother Jorintlinn - be.nnw II ' , salmon state. alai preparations are being saying until it pasaed tufo a nickwanw Made accordingly for the • country. Brother Jonathan. The origin of tie (Cs iii Brother Jona- than\ was as follows When i:eneral Washington went to Mossaellusetts to organize the army he found great of ammunition ard of other noe- s...wry (11..!1TIN tor the induct of the war. and at one tin... It seemed quite itnpossibie to arrange things iwoperly. Jannthan Trumbull e is then go.ernor of the state of Cot- • tit. slot the Remember the FARMER'S STORE iligainiddir.raMMINt.406 1 11011/L10ft..* Everybody's Doing It! Doing It! Doing It! I What? Buying Our Binders & Twine - reenninr-\watrzair almmomparnonKeems IMM9 4 641/Al. VW' 4. V BENCHLAND MERCAN11LE CO. i Benchland, Montana for FRUIT. •••••••••)**4 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• DEW HOP INNL .4 (

The Benchland Advocate (Benchland, Mont.), 16 Aug. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.