The Roundup Record (Roundup, Mont.) 1908-1929, April 17, 1914, Image 8

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4imammami All QvfrTi{nh + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + PINE GROVE BRIEFS • + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Mr. ;tad Mrs. Merri,olt spent East- er Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Jim- merfield. Ralph Dickinson visited with Miss Friday Sunday. Clifford White went to Lewistown Saturday for a short visit.. Scott St. Jermain finished sawing last Saturday and started with his outfit for Forrest Grove. Miss Hardy visited with Miss Fri- day on Bail Butte Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Johnston left this neck of the woods Sunday. We hear they are going to Washington to live. Mr. and Mrs. Hartford of Middle Bench spent Sunday. at the Shifflet ranch. Mr. Baker was around assessing this week. Geo. Shiffiet finished Scott St. Jer- main's house Monday. Jim Vipond is up from the flats looking after the lumber for the new school house near Archie Elliott's. Mrs. Menich is visiting her daught- er Mrs. St. Jermain. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + • ARKRIGHT BENCH ++++++ + + + + + + + + + Mr. and Mrs. Joe Packard, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Carera were Sunday callers at Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Fentress. Walter Heumphrens has filed on 320 acres of land. Bert Gilbert of Detroit, Mich., is here visiting Geo. Agar. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Fentress were in Roundup Saturday. John Polich was in the county seat Friday. Mrs. John Routh's brother is here visiting. Alex Thompson, Jr., and his friend were callers at Sam Howry's Sunday evening. George Agar was in Roundup Satur- day. Frank Mager is having some plow- ing done on his place. Bert Nelson was out on his place Saturday night and Sunday and took dinner with Sant Hcwry. George Hindal went to Lavine Mon- day. S. H. Bishop bought a steam out- fit and is moving it out to Flatwillow !tench. Johnnie Torvend of Flatwillow went to Roundup for a load of supplies. Bill Applegate went to Roundup for oil Tuesday. Mr. Johnson of Iowa landed in Roundup last week. ++++++++++ LAKE BASIN ffffff +++4iff ffff Mrs. Shook ;tad tPiiIiI r Violet have been visiting at the homes of her sisters, Mrs. Ramsey and Mrs. Servoss the past week. Reinhart Peel met with a slight ac- cident Saturday evening. The horse became frightened as he was about to get into the buggy, throwing him to Ott. ground and injuring his shoulder. The benefit supper given by the Prairie Flowers and dance by Mr. Servoss were a success both socially and financially. ' Neighbors and friends met at the West sellout house and enjoYed Easter dinner. At the recent school election Chris Jensvold was elected trustee in the place of Olaf Jensvold whose term has expired. The house of the McCleary brothers are progressing nicely. Oscar Landon has begun excavating fo his cellar, preparatory to building, just south of the school house. Harry Ramsey, who is home on a short vacation, is on the sick list. Mr. Jardine went to Miles City Friday returning Sunday. George McCleary has been plowing for ditches on Section 3 preparatory *II • 44 is+ ••••• • • • ••••••••• • II+++ + + • • • 0 +0 4 0++ + 411 • • e • • • APPLES welt. box 95 cents •••••••••••• Hendrix Mercantile Company Nese+ •••••••••••••••••••••••• ++0 • • • 10+ 4I lb+ • +++444444 International Harvester Oil Tractors The I H C Line GRAIN AND HAY IVIACAINES Binders, ' , capers Headers Mowers Rakes. Stokers Hay Load,' Hay Presses CORN MACIONES Planter, Picket s Binderr. Cultivators Envilaye LaRue %clam Shrolden TILLAGE Cultivators GENERAL LINE 011 sod Gas Wises Oil Tractors Manure Spreader, R e ra amZerratare tortz Cis DAli, End G,isdn, nal Knife Grinden Binder Twine _ • _ E VERY day situations come up in which you need an International Harvester oil tractor—Mogul or Titan. An International tractor on your farm will pull your field machines, haul your products and supplies, furnish the power for thresher, husker and shredder, feed grinder, or serve you in other duties. Simple mechanism, protection of parts, ease and convenience of operation, economy of fuel, complete equipment —make Inter- national tractors last and satisfy you longest. Study their records, ask their owners about them, and write us for catalogues. I H C tractor sizes range from 6.12 to 30-60 H. F. operating on kerosene and gasoline. A line from you will bring you catalogues, facts and figures, anti toe trill alsc tell you where the tractors may be seen. Address the International Harvester Company of America tiscwasrsted) Helena Mont Champ.. ,mering McCormick Illthonikee ...I Piano Style, Fit, Quality, Price What's the determining factor in your Clothes Buying - is STYLE is important, it is or should be a true reflection of yoi.r charactor. 14'IT is vital, if perfect it insures a pro- per personal appearance QUALITY should be considered from but one level -100 per cent if it's less style and fit will avail nothing. PRICE rests largely with the size of your income yet no one in justice to their best interest should pay too much for their clothes In our estimation Kuppenheimer Clothes are supreme in style and fit. Their quality throughout is uniformly super- ior and under our better clothes selling methods you are assured of great- er value in these clothes at any of our prices than it is possible for you to secure elsewhere. $18, $20, $22.50, $25, $27.50, $30 Not more than you should pay but as little as such good clothes can be sold for MUNSING UNDERWEAR 75c to $3.00 The Condon Co. Men'., : Wear -:- Store CROSSETT SHOES $3.75 to $5.00 nrannans...,,,,,,,,serrennatece.t, to irrigating. .1. E. Landon has started his plow out Iii. ()scar Landon and La, Neshiem are doing the work. Mr. itliigan has moved on to hi. - place in Section 7. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + LAVINA NEWS 4. Lavine tralpendent + + + + + + R. F. liaggerty, operator at Harlow - ton, was in town Tuesday after his driving mare, which was wintered on the Slayton ranch. He drove down to his homestead at Waldheim, where lie and his family will reside during the summer. Mr. Haggerty will make occasional trips down from Harlow - ton. Herman Wermeille, who was seri- ously injured some time ago, when he WaS struck by the Olympian which he was flagging at Burgoyne, has re- turned from the hospital at Miles City. \Frenchy\ was a visitor here, the first of the week, and from all appearances with the exception of a silver plate in his head, he is as good as ever. Mr. Alfred Hanson and Miss Elsie , Mari , Stevens., from the Belmont ▪ , were married in this city last ay at 4:30, the ceremony taking 4 ;It the M. E. parsonage, and :IV . Horace Turner, officiating. The * bride and groom are both well known here, and their numerous friends ex- tend hearty congratulations. E. C. Skinner, the agent at Slay- ton, was quite badly injured the first of the week, when the freight elevat- or broke. This is the second time the elevator has gone to pieces, but fortunately the first time, no one was near. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + f GLENDALE GLEAN , NGS + +++ +++++++++++++++ Roy C. Dorrell returned from Hedgesville Thursday after spending a week with his sister, Mrs. C. F. Jewell. Mrs. Barrett has returned from Bill- ings where she spent the winter. Several loads of lumber were haul- ed on the ground yesterday for the new school house. Mr. J. J. Marsh, who spent the winter in Bloomington, Ill., is back on his ranch. The Holly Club met with Mrs. Bar- ett last Saturday. Luncheon was served by the hostess and the after- noon spent in sewing. The next meeting will be with Mrs. liaise. Mr. Henry Garrett and son Charlie made a trip to Hedgesville the last cf the week. ++++++++++++++++.. ELSO NOTES ete ++++++++++++++++++ Magnus Lindstrand, a prosperous rancher of the lower Kiss country, purchased a fine touring ear this week. Alex NVoolfolk recently received a large shipment of grain with which to put a few pounds of fat on to a herd of excellent mutton. Jack Jarrett has again gladdened Elso with his presence and is now engaged in farming \Jarrett hill\ on a large scale. J. \V. 'Newton and wife were visit- ors at the Hart ranch April 15. J. A. Miller is plowing intermit- te.ntly on the farm of Miss Lydia Hall on Current Creek. Mrs. Henry Willis has recently fin - Hied having the interior of her large nouse retinted. Henry Willis is ac. lively engaged in raising Belgium hares and now has a collection well worth looking at. H. S. Rockwell, the popular young bachelor of Stag Run, was seen driv- ing thru Elso not long ago with a new black top and a prancing pair of broncos. Looks suspicioust, doesn't it? Mr. Park, the county assessor, and wife were out at the Hart ranch April 16, on a visit. While out, Mr. Park assessed the property of Mr. Hart, raising the assessment about $5,000 over that of last year. R. H. Martin is visiting with his family a few days this week. Mrs. Ferguson and Miss Ferguson of Roundup were visitors in Elso pro- per April 15. Wm. Spidel made a business trip to Bozeman last week. C. R. Walline and Hoyt Sheppard of Broadview were callers in Elso last week. The Elso Owls will give a grand ball in the Elso Hall, Friday, April 24. Easton's orchestra will play. You know the rest. Everyone invited. ESTRAYED—ONE DARK BAY mare, branded XI on left shoulder, had leather halter on; reward. Re- turn to Marcyes' livery barn or noti- fy N. B. Peterson, Roundup. 4p STRAYED—TO MY PLACE ONE black horse, branded K on right shoulder and CH on right hip, weight about 1,000 lbs. Owner may have same by paying for this ad. R. E. Tilley, Darrel, 4-5p FOR SALE—FORTY HEAD OF fresh milch cows. J. W. Newton. Our hat department is complete. Best in the west. Prices, $2.50 to $6.00. The Fad. STRAYED—ONE SORREL HORSE, 8 years old, cropped mane, white face, branded lazy \8\ on right thigh. Re- ward. Nick Finco, Camp Three. 3P NOTICE—I wish to announce to the public that I have taken charge of the rooming house vacated by Mr. An- !I drews and have rooms for rent by the day, week or month. Your pat ronage solicited. Mrs. J. A. Godman. Phone 136. First St. West and Fourth avenue. Most beautiful line of hats ever shown are now on display at The Fad. $2.50 to $5.00. Fad shirts speak for themselves.— Adv. Go to the Citizens State Bank for 1 1 your farm loans. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + FOR SHERIFF. Subject to the will of the Democra- tic voters at the primary election to , be held on August 24, I announce my- self as a candidate for the nomina- tion fcr Sheriff cf Musselshell Coun- I ty. Respectfully, J. L. FISCO. (Paid Advertiserner.t) Congenial companion- ship on the road when you ride an Aden Motocycle With Side -Car Attachment Side car can be fitted to any 1913 or 1914 Indian. 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The Roundup Record (Roundup, Mont.), 17 April 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.