Eye Opener (Butte, Mont.) 193?-1941, April 11, 1941, Image 1

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6. <5 G a ot am We i FP i, € % 4 ¥ < ne! See nm AIL- BUT “eis bey ar; i a BUTTE, M¢ NTANA, FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1941 TEREST IN SAF Geo, 662 F.L. & R. U, 6, Postage. PAID Permit Me. 139 2 Published Weekly—$2.00 Per Year —— . \Ha * ae fe Ty Tl gratitude to the a whe cated & Sy betel, Cuag an ETC { yocemt campaign, amd to the thou: wn on ses me ms REACHING STATE OF COMPLETION million. I wilde my utmost inthe mext twe yenrs te justify your juls- _ ment. City-wide improvement of parks would be wide enough to eccommo- ‘There. wes 8 terrific campaign Payerounds will be the subject of | date roller ckating. ‘waged against me butat no time did | isctission af the next meeting of the Public Urged to Come 1 eutertain amy Goubtwhatever about | Butte Garden and Improvement ¢club| “Amother notable feature of the the euleome. I know that the fine/@t 8 o'clock April 17, at the Miners’|playground would be the use of the staf working fer the city under me/| Unionhall, according to A. J. Ray-|athietic areas for ice skating inthe @uring Ge test x years bad dome| mond, president of. the organization.| Winter months,” Mr. Raymond com- = splendid job. I was that|Gpen to the public, the mecting will | mented. @ large majority of voters devoted to the proposed playground| The area at the present time is and appreciated thet’ and @f-|e¢ Emmet at Steele strests, « madel|woused. A battery of four tennis Getent efforts and wanted mere Wat which ts being prepared by the courts, built previously by WPA, ad- thattind of aéminktration. ‘A att and landscape departments,|joins the proposed playground and Eiection te ever, the voters heve/ materials being furnished by the city.| NYA is now constructing an archery selected their city officials fer the| “The proposed playground, as yet,| Tange in one corner of the area. @ext two years. It ie ew ap te ali/ has not been named.” Mr. Raymond| “The meeting is of interest to all of ue to lay acide perticnn politics and/ stated. “However, it is the mayor's Butte people.” Mr. Raymond stated. Werk tor the best interests of the elty.|intention to have name selected for |“Olty- and county officials have been ‘The winners should met qrew, the/the playground, by contest of some imtited te attend. The general pub- feewrs shewid met fect bien. I le just similar method, the near future.” | le is UnEed to come that they might ® part of Efe. Let's werk so we can} The movement to plan and develop Pecipate in the discumion and ah gain. I will de my part. city parks and playgrounds, one unit planning for the improvement of the . . - pon Rye ye a! nggenele 44 ork Lagpmorad Win or base 1 tthe fair play. 1 the] soe ty tne Bute Geraen ane mm. |aune” goed epertmanship, Anybody can b0! ovement chub. Sk ® goed winmer tet tohte the resent st the meeting will be wnt ot a Se 5 eet oS lasager coasts tasurrrs wie wan) COTES ALUMINUM on os Ge colores were in the pre wy a re &% tee. Pon | ay an = De discussed com 1 appreciated that Rcshih Gus Seer, mmees — ‘The Gally prom cont take TRO) gicrestion Trends, Rovert Nebrig,| WASHINOTON international prtey © te Gamm marrow te extent late WPA recreations! consultant|Conspimcy participated in by Alum- mereteiations, of With me sEeret land technician: Landscape Pitnning|inum Ob. of America to hold Amer- The Pat & cupped te bes Be lor Cuy Parks and Playgrounds, Mer-|tean production of aluminum down pabticam pager Out i carried the elee| on grogman, WPA landscape en-|While German production increased Gon mews ae page five I sever Bell cincer, and Local Retrestion Activi-|was pictured to the howe appropris- alr appears and Gentwant bet! ten ‘Ted Rule, locsl WPA supervise |tions subcommittee here by Asst they shout at lnnst chew thelr ve88-le recreation. A program of musiesl| Alty-Gen. Thurman Amoid oo Get Gey ae peed per tet! numbers also hes been arranged. ‘Testifying om the need of funds for TES mo eneeely 8 Che cae WEE Exits Models the antitrust @ivision Arnold declared Ween 0 aug © 6 cm, pe Exhibited ot the meeting will be Une |that “thie bunch af seif-ereking mes owvice and rotuem tame the ACM) mcael of the propund playground | seeking to raise prices and schieve ompnay coves Geamads @ Giles! enrich plone for the wiilimtion of production contre! havetaken edven- A perven would matarally thin et! seeetes fort. The model calle for both | tage of the situation.” ay Week ceeees ie te mEPerS Of / an athletic and tet-lot. Cuber modele| “In 1801,” he maid, “the Aluminum Ree aad exprem best wishes for Ue ot playgrounds and recreation areas Co. with © 100% monopoly on alum- aty bat chey sant Mabe H. Me appre | win be exbitied of the meeting All’ imum, decided thet they would form ctathem me spertemanship — models are spotecred by the city & Cane@ian corporation \ eveld cur + a ‘The = mullipte-ase athletic ares antitrust iwe This Cansdien ° 6 e Se Tne, cee nn tet cayenne, clint Siuninam, les two eofthell diamonds and began with the other aluminum mo- meats So ane Laced ect n| eth berms. ter tnt mopar bean, area, Gorman ed Geom ep Gx ep, putes ap nnd Gon | AMO. paddle tenn and basket French. to Givide wp the world mar = wall courte 4 change bower cho bet The city tes Gectgnates 9 ween) \Ot OF constructed | “The Aluminum Oo. of America teginaing Monday, Agel Si, a0 clean The tt-lct aren would be Givided the strongest concern, got 28% of the @p Cer. Daring Gite gerted thegor-| \OM Bt sthtietie Melts by « seven world mertetin addition & the éo tnep and a foot tight-Redge to which there would mestic market. The Germans et wh we hina | Dt ON Oe OLTECN. I order to a! 20%. the English oot 16% and the f s + Hi i! tow for better supervision of chil rest of the countries em the balance Groene ectivitie: incleded im the of the percentage ares @ould be playground equipment! daring cctabliched thet quote they Wading pool, campfire circle, outdoor formed « Swim corporation «1 Back sage, Grinking founteine and shelter ealied Alliance Aluminum Oompegne house, Tt alee could be ueed for picnic | grounds. The Géewales im the wt-kt af Ft ; : ; Som SS |BUNDLE OF ECONOMIC DYNAMITE “| PRESENTED IN FINAL TNEC REPORT WASHINOTOR—Sundies of wner-| “The concentration of economic pleded dynamite were beid at the power and wealth by means of prec qrentty faeliete the | crucial point of the nation’s economic | tices, devites and organisations which etrectare ty the temporary nations! decency end commnen eetee economic committee here March 31 must first be stopped if enterpriee ix i : f if Hue fyeri eet! He it} i i i i 7! ue i] } raf i if | | | | i Hitt EREfhE tt Urine H hii itt : it | | i | | MAYOR CHARLES 4. HAUSWIRTH HELANA — “Travel light Take) WASHINGTON — All producers of nothing but ementials. And you'llsave ferrotungeten, tungsten metal yourself « let of inconvenience “ : Tht & the advice given by EM Birely, state dirteter of selective serv- ioe, © men selected for military train- ing who are preparing to eve for army induction stations erylning « selectee would need untll pene: a¢ Mopkine, chairman of the he ts outfitted by the army- “ChANS® minerals and metal group. etaling \ef underwear and socks, shaving set ne: @ shortage of these types of inctuding the type of rasor he ts 8¢- tungsten entets cutomed to using. tooth brush end) tp accordance with the terme of rarit P layground Meeting To Be Held Thursday “WORK UNDER vom TRAFFIC RULES WILL wigan eB RIGIDLY ENFORCED way and Gaylord streets, It is epon- ee ’ ci oe, son =e! THOUSANDS OF SUGGESTIONS WERE done by WPA labor. The sidesfront- tere been\ roroped wan erante| RECEIVED FOR SAFETY WISE SLOGAN have been riprapped with granite A wire meshing fence will sur-| Hartly less pleasing © Mayor getts and Mrs. William Roberts to act mount the stone work and serve as «| Merie® A. Hauswirth than the splen- in his stead. did manifestation @f confidence and The prize was awarded Mrs. Roger safety guard. A major portion of the grounds has been graded and useq |S\ showed him by the voters‘of McCall of Livingston who suggested the past winter as an ice rink. Ten-| DU lest Monday, is the manifesta- the slogan, “Speed and Death Are ais courts are to be installed andthe | “0 °f interest in the motor vehicleCompanions.” The Butte women vot- remainder of the site will be used as|\eftic safetycampaign he inaugu- ed for, “Chance Takers Are Accident an ethietic field for such events as|\S*4 several months ego The “Gahty Woe\ ved the campaign. Mayor Hayten of Hel- closed last @unday butthe campaign “® ¥** particularly profusive m his will be continued in Butte solong as PTAs’. He even went so far asto abate, Rather, he declares, he in-| _ tends, since the good weather for’, STRONG To the pre-school child attending |@l¥ing t now here, i} ghall be in- | one of Montana's WPA nursery | ified. | Dureery schools. Repetitious part “Let him tell these repetitous parts | down. « large oumber of éiagruntied | the Silver Bow Trades and Labor tm the story es ‘Gomebody has been | “sore heads,” who are hard to make council meeting with « large crowd eating my porridge’ in “The Three |\eslize that laws are made for them in attendance Bears,’ the supervisor explained |@* well as the other fellow, will be| Wednesday evening the same film “Conversation along with the story | crested; pul he intendsthat traffic| will be shown to the miners af stimulates the development of lan-|\wies and regulations shall be en-/ter their meeting at 9:45 at which all @uage end imagination in the chiki | forced, as nearly as possible to the the public are invited “Th te better to have the child's et-| etter, just the sume | Dr. R T. Peterson, chairman of tention through his own observations} The “Gafety Wise\ radio program the county board andmember of the end comments than inhaving a com-| \4 brought to « close last Sunday state board, spgke at « large gather. plete story told.” with the announcement of the prise Livingston Wen The radio staffs reduced the se- to call Bite Renta phone 6667. oF stage of development demands “The very young child & urged to other totlet articles, and things WR® gre order producers of ferrotungsien we his whole body in drametizetion ene.” tungsten metal powder, and tungsten since his mental age does not allow ‘Put them oi] in one sultease.” he compounds are required to give all him to understand a«ymbolic finger advised, “and do not take along begs. defense orders. including British de- plays.” Mise Dugan stated “Por ex bores and locee articles. of you only fense orders. « rating of A-10. unless ample, in the nursery rhyme “Jack will be cousing & lot of incofivenience superior retings are epecifically as- be Nimble. Jock be Quick” the child for yourself and others while you are signed jumps over a real candlestick rather Continued on Page 3) (Comtinued on Page 3) Continued on Page 3) lection Gown to ome from each dis trict. Then Mayor Hauswirth of Butte Mayor Hory of Roseman. Acting Mayor Martin of Livingston and |Mayor Mayten of Helena were asked jto ect as final judges On account of | having been the originator of the idea Maror Mawewirth sopointed Mre Paul Cannon, Mrs LR Mar- WASHINOGOTON._._More than half of the strikes cocurring in deferee in Gustries ot industries related to de fense have been caused by refusal of employers to meet union wage de mands. a survey of all strikes since September 8. 1999. by the labor divi sion of the OPM showed The survey was prepared at the request of Rep. Cari Vinson (D. Ga) chairman of the house committee on naval affairs Vinson has been at- tempting to find justification for anti-strike legislation Using figures of the bureau of la- bor statistics and ite own figures. the OPM survey showed that between September 1939 and March 26, 1941, there had been 43 strikes in defense industfies In addition there were 30: strikes listed as “less important” because an alternative source of supply as available or sufficient supplies were the models to be exhibited April 17 at the meeting of the ButteCarden and Improvement club at the Miners’ Union | i i ei i i : Hi : 5 i | | | 3 hall. The sceneshows the proposed tot-lot area between Emmet and Excelsior | cr an0 om on hand or no delay in the delivery HALF OF DEFENSE STRIKES ABOUT WAGES, OPM SURVEY SHOWS will speak as well af Mre Oliver Gernit state vice-commmander, Mre Continued on Page 3) wage increases wae by fer the largest cause of strikes Next most importamt im causite strikes was the question of ution recognition which wae involved in 2 of the 73 strikes The national labor relations act, it Was pointed out, requires employers : : ? 3 : i i i ! i ;

Eye Opener (Butte, Mont.), 11 April 1941, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn86075138/1941-04-11/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.