Grass Range Review (Grass Range, Mont.) 1912-1942, April 19, 1917, Image 7

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the books for the Pioneer Imp. & Auto Co., being an accountant of many years experience. He will reside _temporarily with W. C. but plans on t/uilding , a house and bringing his wife here. Mrs. Lillian Campbell of Gilt Edge and Emmet Ryan of this \place were married at Lewistown last Tuesday and are now living on the big Ryan ranch south of Grass Range. Both are very well known in this section, the groom being a hard-working and industrious young man of admir- able character and the bride is well known in the Gilt Edge sec- tion for her pleasant manner and good standing in the community. We wish them years of pleaaant sailing. w. H: CLillington. James Thomaa, C. A. Pritchett and R. B Vraomaa fiaistled their - degrees at the 0 kifellaw,i' meeting last Tuesday night and are naW busy preparing themselve4 for the study and woric ahead. The lodge is groming by lea p4 and bounds and th interest taken encourag- ing. -There are some Very in itriou.i lolv men in the order whoare putting their whole hearts irita perfecting the organization. Tie 98th anniversary of the lodge will he held at Moose Hall, next Tuesday night at 7:30 at which the - members and their friends wili be seated to a banwt which will be folla,wed by datfcing and other entertainment. The mem- bers will be charged nominal fee of 75e and all outside members are cordially invited to attend; the local members will bring their wives and ladies. • Oddfellows, Attention! The 98th anniversary of the order will be celebrated at Moose Hall, Tues.lay, April 24th, at 7:30 P. M. Banquet and danc- iog. All Oddfellows and their wive- and ladies are invited. S. H. Eicoff, N. G H. 0. Kinney, Sec'y. • iJ News of Town and Community Grass Range Market Report. PLANS ARE ON No. 1 Northetn • I. 4 No. 2 Hard Montana \I Darla 2.12 .No. 1 Flax. 2.85 v\ . 4 2 • No. 2 Out , per cwt .,_ _2.25 Feed Barley 2.00 Eggs,...pozm, dozen 35 Butter per pound .45 Potatoes, per cwt 3.60 R. R. Time Table. Train ;eaves Grass Range at 7:00 a. m. arrives at Lewistown at 8:60k a. m. Returning. leaves Lewistown at 4:26 p. m. and arrives at Grass Range at 6:15 p. in. Train leaves L2wistown for Harlowtown, (connecting with eastern train) at 3:10. Dr. T. P. Regan is in Grass Range for a short visit. This is Doe's first visit here in over a year. He has been practicing d4ntistry in one of the leading 'offices of Helena. Old glory is unfurled fo the breeze on nearly every business house in Grass Range. The Grass Range Mercantile has a fine new flag now, the largest in town. A gold ball caps the flag pole and glitters in the sunshine. G. E. Brigham who is very kaown here and at Teigen where he was in business for two or three years left for Basin, Wyoming where he is going into the oil and dray business. We regret to see \Bert\leaving this section but wish him - success in Basin. Clerk of Court Jim Martin and Henry Cheeseman, the well known hog raiser and buyer who has a big ranch at Deerfield, were in Grass Range yesterday on their way to Winnett but as they found the roads - almost impassable re- turned to Lewistown and will try the trip later in the season. 2.11 1 • .2.1* - EXHIBITION The plans and specifierations for the new Mercantile store build- ing and the First 'National Bank are on exhibition in several of the business houses about town. i The bank building has the appear- ance of institutions similar to those seen in several of our large cities in the state, being ar- ranged along lines which will be' very convenient for the patrons as well as the office employes. The public square which is very! spacious has an entrance into the cashier's .cage and also opens MI' to the farm loan office which is 25 by 15 with a big side en- trance. The upper, story calls for 24 rooms on the outside which will be used for office rooms and Jiving quarters. There are three very large halls • ' which will be used for a dance pall, banquet hall and lodge hall with many dressing Aooms and cloak rooms. In all i ill be by far the finest building in East: ern Fergus. Shaw Buys Morgan Ranch. • Dean W. Shaw purchased the Jess Morgan ranch south of Grass Range last Tuesday which comprises 160 acres, nearly all of which is now in crop. We un- derstand the consideration waP $7,000 which was negotiated by J. F. Sloan. Jess is going to Dawson County to farm the place of the late Al Morgan but will be in Grass Range off and on. This 4,4 a one of the first deals that has been made in this section which are worthy of mention as it shows that land is beginning to mosaiit a good price in Eastern Fergus. There are other places in the sa,me vicinity that offer i W. M. Weber, father of W. C '' nducements'to the right people. Remedy relieves the lungs, liquifies the Weber, President of the State tough mucus and aids in its expectora- tion, allays the cough and aids Nature Tuesday night to take charge of Wint Items. in restoring the ystem to a ,coadi tion. GRA SA It.AN REVIEW 1 The Sign of Success: AVERY KEROSENE TRACTORS PLOWS, THRESHERS REPAIRS irnd SERVICE . Montgomery - Machine Co. P. 0. Box 721 Phone 965 1st and Corcoran Sta. LEWISTOWN, MONTANA. TO THE PUBLIC! I have bought the barn known as the \Wide Awake\ and have changed the name to the RED BARN Reasonable rates and courteous treatment. GEORGE WAKEFIELD GEORGE CREEL UNDERTAKER Licensed Embalmer 603 W. Main St., Lewistown. HAY FOR SALE Car load lots. Any kind you wish. Prices according to quality and grade. WM. LANGS, Phalle 1025. Lewistown, Mont. Mr. and Mrs. Less Kinnick were in town first of the week. They say there are no roads out their way. Miss Elkin, the popular Chip- pewa school teacher is enjoying a visit from her sister. We are glad to hear that Mrs. Shaughnessy is getting along nicely after her serious illness and is out of danger. Roy Chittick visited the Bill Wendt ranch Tuesday. Bob Smith of Grass Range has I moved to the \Tub\ Perkins , ranch where he has a big plow- , ing contract. • This $10,000 snow is making'i the farmers smile but stockmen are looking down their noses with hay at $30 per ton. Mrs. Jacob Schlader and son Andrew drove to Forest Grove last week. Mrs. Paschal Meadors went to the Range Friday evening where she took the train to Lewistown Saturday morning for dental! work. James A. Hanson and father went to Grass Rogge Sattirday taking in a team of horses for Mr. Charters. Phillip Beerman is on the sick Nature Cures, The Doctor Takes The Fee. There is an old saying that \Nature cures, the doctor takes the fee,\ but as everyone knows you can help Nature very much and thereby enable it to effect a cure in much less time than is usually required. This is particularly true of colds. Chamberlain's Cough healthy list: E. H. Elliott, commonly known as \Curley\ spent the week end on his homestead north of Grass Range. He returned Monday morning a la auto sled with Pee, Meadors as chief snow shoveler. 'The horses for Frazer's camp just this side of the Range, pass-; d through here Saturday where t expect to start work soon. Martin Cook had the misfor- tune to lose one of his fine, valu- able horses this week. J. W. Nerge of Lewistown, pard of Bill Wendt, is visiting the ranch. citizens of Grass Range went up to Lewistown Saturday night on Bvtwn & Leahy started to move dirt last week. This is a the excursion train to attend sign that things will be hummgrg the patriotic dtmonstration an - around here this summer. nounced for Sunday afternoon. • moor.. ..... ••••• •• is v‘lifee 1 A ‘ pri1 . 49; 1917. :rTY 11;41. 1••• A fine assortment o Percales 15 cts._ _ cial Grass Range Mere. Co. SERVICE 5—Bulls for Sale 'Pure Bred Short Horns One to four years old AMOS SNYDER & SON BECKET, MONTANA ••• We carry a COMPLETE line of Auto Supplies, Sundries and Repairs. . We sell the two Standard makes of Tires, Firestone and Goodyear. We have an especially attractive line of Spot lights, el- ectric Side a Tail lights, cigar lighters, electric hand lights, bumpers, oil gauges, large steering wheels, demountable wheels, grease guns, body polish, vulcanizers and tools. All purchased before the recent advance in price and on sale during the next ten days at the former reasonable prttes. PIONEE,IMPLEMENT & AUTO CO., A. R. Mackenzie, Mgr. ••• FRANK F. MILES . Real Estate Loans at Lowest Current Rate FIRE HAIL WINDSTORM LIFE • Insurance in Best Companies OFFICI FIRST NATIONAI. BANK Grass Range, : • Montana. Some Bedraggled Patriots. Between forty and fifty of the • 41•••=4•••M•01.••••••••• i ii:.s.-0 , •••••••-e..-.-.-a+•>•:-:--:-:.•:-:--:-:-:-:-:-:-.:-:-:-:• - : -- :-: -- :•• • •••: - :••:••: - .••:•:••:••:•:••••• • • •••:•• • ••• • •• - • • •-• • The storm that set in soon after hoarding the train gained in fury every mile. When the divide was rcached it had about gained the proportions of a blizzard. ' Upon arrival at Lewistown it was one sure enough. There was a This is the Small Tractor Youv'e Been Waiting For H ERE'S a tractor, the Advance-Rumely \8 1.6'• that was especially designed to fit the nee.ils of the Small and medium size farm --a small, light worglit kerosene burning outfit to meet the demand where the famous Rumely Oil Pull is too -large. The \8-16\ is easy to handle. econothical and dur- able. It supplies reliable power for every farm job. and just as important, it is made by, a company with an established reputation for dependability. , it is a real one-man outflt 'tractor and plows ary one machine, and full control is from the iimer':4 wat. With the Advance-Rumely you plow the same as with ii horse the plows an where you can see what you're 'Whit- Also u can back up with your plows, make short birns and cut •quart' corners. Kerosene for Fuel Kerosene is its fuel, and it burn.; keroser\ not as a enit,.• shift proposition, but continuously and at variable load , w e d as A f n uli A l dan o v ad. ce-Rumely \8-11 not only will plow, hut 01 draw rut.- discs, drills, hitrrows, mower- and hinders, :Ind ./1 the belt it will run a srnal; scparau,r, hay bailer, tiller. sheller, NO grinder, etc. In fact, it will deliver the •arne liable, steally power on all jobs draw- bur or belt. Wh-ti use•I for other jobs than plowing, the plows are ltlickly detached.. The powerful four -cylinder motor and the entote iriseoine is Advance-Rumelv built throughout It comes from the an,. shops that built the well known Oil Pull tractor. the Ideal • ,t arator, and all the other depeniatile machjnes in the Advpne•- Ruin Wri el te atr Y line. nearest branch for a special cata!ohron thi- go.% advance.Rumely outfit. ADVANCE-RUMELY THRESHER CO. Laporte, (Incorporated) Indiana WISEMAN & BEEDIE, Aireats, Crass Range'. Mnataria. • • • ;. • • •, 0:0 4.• • • • • .••• • • . %. •;.• $885 Engine and 'Row Complete. ): 1 4 : )40° Pe d}4 + .1.4 : .-o r d i e rfr e el ..1 .•:•+++ • : -..r .r•i • : - •:• 4 •••: - •:•ti••;••:••:••: - : - •:\:••:4C-:••: e ••:••:-.:••7•4•:••:44.4 •:••;••:•-• - . rtish for the hotels and a gene a scattering of the \patriots many of whom were not seen until the train started back Sub - day night. The storm, of course,prevented the carrying out of the program. but the disappointment .wnspo I keener to the ex-titazioniats than .. to the people 411 Lewistown. IL jeep annouriccd that the demonstra—• tion Will take Ow , tomorrow. - M. COok sni son Paul' spent :Saturday in Grass Range: 4 1.•

Grass Range Review (Grass Range, Mont.), 19 April 1917, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.