Grass Range Review (Grass Range, Mont.) 1912-1942, May 03, 1917, Image 1

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• I . • • • • • S. Grass R n e Review. • EASTERN FERGUS COUNTY'S REPRESENTATIVE NEWSPAPER. VOLUME 5 Real Estate Loans Eight per cent Interest Optional payments No commission FIRE INSURANCE Open a Checking Acceunt with us and pay your Bills by Check. Five per cent interest paid on time deposits. State Bank of Grass Range. GRASS RANGE 2 aL)NT. Real Estate and Investments Office over Grass Range Mer- cantile Store. W. A. CRAWFORD Grass Range, Mont. - The Store of Good Goods Reasonably Priced. WATCHES • If you don't own a watch or would like a better one than you have, the variety and beauty of the time- keepers and their attractive prices ought to induce you to come anti see them. It pays to buy the best watch you can afford. At our prices anyone can afford a pretty good one—all guaranteed. Ladies' Bracelet Watches, both in Solid and Gold Filled, at prices from $7.50 to $50.00. SCHEIDT BROS. Leading Jewelers 410 Main Street, Lewistown BRING IN YOUR BROKEN WATCHES TO H. L. ALLEN\ The Watchmaker. ( 1-:k ern's Drug Store. Grass Range Most People put their Teams up at BEEDI E,' S When They Come to Town. THERE'S A REASON. The Barber Shop and Bath Rooms FINE PORCELAIN TUBS Pocket Billiards and Cigar Stand in Connection. Baths, -:- -:- 35 Cents. NEXT DOOR TO HOTEL GRASS RANGE 1 PIONEER Meat Market Opp. G. R. Hotel. Hog Quotations: Pigs, alive, \ dressed. 9 cts. 11 cts. Hogs, wt. 150 to 200 Alive, - - 12 cts. Dressed, 14 cts. ED. SHI° ERSON, • Propr. Col. W . K. Shepherdion Experienced Auctioneer. Farm and Live Stock Sales a Specialty : Modern Methods, Courteous treatment and Satisfac- tion nuaranteed. Lave orders at either: bank in Grass Range or write me at TE1GEN, : : MONTANA First National Bank GRASS RANGE We shall conduct a general banking businesa, buy and sell bonds of all kinds, write and purchase , foreign exchange at current rates, write fire, tornado and hail insurance. Having a strimg list of stockholders, all of whom are well known in this community, together with extensive financial affiliations in the east, we shall be prepared at all times to care for the financial needs of this community, regardless. of size or financial conditions existing at any time. WE INVITE YOU TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH US. Prompt service and courteous treatment extend- ed to all. Plenty of Money to Loan on Good Security. INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS We are a home bank and we want you to feel at home by making our bank your bank. Officers: J. H. CHARTERS, President. AMOS SNYDER. Vice -President. FRANK F. MILES, Cashier. , L. V. WESTON, Ass't Cashier. DIRECTORS: AMOS SNYDER. J. M. ,JOHNSON. W. J. MADDON. T. M. SHAW. GEO. W. KINNICK. B. E. STACK. JULIA E. McCAULEY. J. H. CHARTERS. FRANK F. MILES. GRA.SS RANGE, MONTANA, THURSDAY, MAY 3, 1917. True German -Americanism. The Chicago Tribune recent13 published the following lettei 4hich breathes the true spirit and patriotism of millions of German -Americans: The Editor Tribune: My emo- tions tell me one thing at this awful time, but my reason tells me other things. As a German) by birth it is a horrible calamity that I may have to fight Ger- mans. That is natural, is it not so? But as an American by pref- erence I can see no other course open. We are urged by sincere paci fists like Mr. Pinchot a to Adopt i\a vigorous policy 'or defense , and protection, but no war.\ But attack is sometimes the best protection. For 25 years Germany has shown dislike for the United States— the Samoan affair, the Hongkong contretemps, the 'Manila bay incident, the unguard- ed words of the kaiser himself, and, lastly, the Haitian contro- versy in 1914. Whether it is right or not, pleasant or not, the fact -remains that the interests of the two countriew have frequently con- flicted. And it has not been from mere commercial or diplo- matic friction. It is because their ideals of government are abso- lutely opposite. One or the other must go down. It is for us to say now which it shall be. Because of my birth and feel ings beyond my control I have no particular love for the French and less for the British. But by a strange irony of fate I see those nations giving their blood for principles wkich I hold dear, against the wrong principles of people I individually love. It is a very unhappy paradox, but one I cannot escape. I do not want to see the Allies tri- umph over the land of my birth. But I do very much want to see the triumph 'of the ideas they tight for. It sickens my soul to think of this nation going forth to help destroy people many of whom are bound to me by ties of blood and I friendship. But it must be so. It is like a dreadful surgical ope ration. The militaristic, undem- zreater liberty and opportunity , under the stars and stripes. i ['he Unit States, to which they have sworn allegiance, having , been drawn into the war,- the situation has changed. All over! the land German societies and. individuals are proclaiming their! loyalty to the flag and their lovel and devotion to all that it stands for. Theii• sons are enlisting to establish and defend a principle more heart searching and sacred , than the ties of kindred and the land of their birth—a true democ- racy—to become the heritage of millions yet untArn. As in our civil war brother may oppose brother on the field of battle, out stern as is the decree of fate the cause of freedom to mankind far transcends all other consid- A•ations. GERMANS TO GET WILSON'S SPEECH , Paris, Apr. 21. —Finished proofs of pamphlets containing a German translation of President Wilson's address to - congress, which will be dropped over the German lines by allied aviators and scattered in the streets of all German cities and towns within flying radius, were yeceived here today. The pamph lets are of f9ur pages, measuring 10 .by 12 inch(is, with . the parts of the speech already published in Germany Printed in black and the portions suppressed in Germany printed in red. There are 136 lines of black print to 294 lines of red. The American flag, in red, white and blue, measuring three liscfive ir he, adorns the upp3r left hand tirst page corner. As the color work requires three passages through the press, copies will be struck off and completed in bat- ches of 10,000, the first of Which .yill go to the American ascadrille ocratic demon which rules Ger 'which has already dropi el large l - j many must be cast out. It is for numbers of rough proofs of the !us to dit—NOW. I message over. the German lines. I try to tell myself that it is ['he German liries will be covered not our affair, that we should • . copies of the president's content ourselves with measures ' vltn • words from Switzerland to the North sea. of defense and armed neutrality. tut I know it is not so. The mailed fist has been shaken under our nose before. If Prus- sianism triumphs in this war the fist will continue to shake. We shalrbe in real peril End those is occupied and when we can command assisi..nce. There is mb - -'1 talk of what people like me will du, 'and fear imsnia,),..s of the hyphen. Mr. Wilson by the nation, are in, the engines may be used : Attorneys at law. who ask first will be the first to BLACKFORD & HUNTOON, 1 his caution and hesitation showed that he doubted the solidarity of be served. After spring crops In Let us make war upon Ger- the same way to plow for fall 410-12 Bank Electric Building. • many, not from revenge, nor to ...- Important to Farmers. Tne nation is short of food- stuffs. The season is backward. ilson's • NUMBER 15 The Pioneer Restaurant of Grass Range. Prompt and Efficient Service. The Best of Every- thing to Eat at Any and All Times. C. A. WILSON, Proprietor. Any PROFESSIONAL CARDS. Rate One Dollar per Month. JOHN D. BARTLETT, Physician and Surgeon, Over Grass Range Mercantile Com- pany's store. GRASS RANGE, : MONTANA. J. C. ROBINSON, JR. Attorney at Law. Notary in f 1 1 F. SLOAN Lawyer. Land Office Business a Specialty. GRASS RANGE, MONT. Office GRASS Office. Over Ekern's Drug Store, GRASS RANGE, :-: MONTANA C. W. BUNTIN Attorney -at -Law Office Work, a Specialty Lewistown, Montana Dr. A. M. Knight, DENTIST up stairs, Head 'Building, near Bridge. RANGE. MONTANA E. K. CHEADLE LAWYER Office in Bank Electric Building, LEWISTOWN, MONT. _ E. G. WORDEN LAWYER Practice in all Courts and U. S. Land Office. P.bone 127, LEWISTOWN. Office J. E.. McKENNA ATTORNEY AT LAW, ' next door to Moose Hall. Will practice in all Courts in Montana. GRASS RANGE, MONT. CHARLES ANDERSEN LAWYER ideas for which so much of the !•'eed is scarce for farmwork, world's best blood has been The Lewistewn Cumber of Corn - spilled through the centuries wilt nerce will furnish tractors to be in danger of extinction. It ,low -thousands of acres of land seems to me common sense that we begin our defense by imme- Twoyrs. Law and Contest Clerk U. S. for farmers to put into crop with Land Office. Land and Corporation &ate attack, when the deamoi h , rses. The plo..ving will be done eases. Farm Loans. Scrip and at cost, and may be paid for 1 -4 -.11.,• -ens• it fer the crop is harvested. Get a few farmers in any neighbor- lubBank EtectrIr BI\K• hood to ask for this work. Those C. IWTZEA BE. I That the above express'es the feelings and views of all true German -Americans there can Isei no doubt. When the conflict was between the European allies and and the central powers, it was natural that their sympathies should be with the latter, though i they hated the imperialistic and despotic Hohenzollern dynasts' 1 from which they fled to rieek i uphold hair splitting Quibbles ot wheat, the plowing to be paid for Phone 47 Lewistown, Mont. international law. But let Us make war with our whole heart and with all our strength becasise Germany worships one God and we another and because the lion i and the 'lamb cannot.lie down together. One or the other must perish, my expense the names cf those , Let us make war upon Ger- many of the Jurikerthum, the r quesetions. who want plowing, or to ask , EDWARD C. RUSSEL, Germany of frightfulness, the ATTORNEY AT LAW, Germany of arrogance and sel- 1 FurtIrr: If any of your people , No. 206-6 Bank Electric Building. fishness. And let us swear not who own tractors wart to do CUS- I Practices i9 all the courts. to make peace until the imperial torn plowing for: .cash, let them ' Notary public. 1 hal German PEOPLE. German government is the trope phone me. We will arrange for Tel. 609. LEWISTOWN. MONT. , . them to get their pay now, a'nd f— -- — s., I give the ranchers credit until: E. 0. SULLIVAN they get theit ,crop. This is a ' Attorney and Counselor at Law rare opportunity for practical Ptactice in all courts and and U S. .• , t patriotism. Piease get action, Land Office, Sur, 201. and let nie heat from you at Mow. Sit 3 . 1 State Bank Bld'g, Lewistown. once. Yours truly, CARL W. RIDDICk. DR. H. M. SCHULTZ , after the crop is trarvested. This is a rare opportunity for the people of your neighborhood. Please see several .at once, and let all pas.; the word along. We must act quickly. Phone MP at HOMER E. GELS ATTORNEY AT I. A W Winnett, Mont. Veterinary' Surgeon and Dentist , ' Only one recruit was gathered , in Norfolk, Va., recently, and LEWISTOWN, MONTANA. what do you suppose his name 1 W111 be at Grass Range May I was? Bud W. Slacker. 10th and 11th. YOUNG'S HOTEL REASONABLE RATES. First -Class Accommodations Centrall Alex. J. Young, Propr. GRASS RANGE, MONT. When in Town Try the Old PIONEER BUTCHER When You Want the Right Prices On All Kinds of Meat Midway Meat Market I PAY CASH POR CHICKENS G T. FRASER, Prop. • J. H. SCOTT SHOEMAKER All Kinds of Repair- ing Neatly Done All Work Guaranteed. • North Main Street, dRASS RANGE, MONTANA AUCTIONEERS Col. W. H. Cullington and B. D. Van Horn The Eastern Fergus Auctioneers Farm Stock Sales Our Specialty. We work on a percentage,basis j and guarantee best pos.sible , Proceeds. Drop us a line at GRASS RANGE, MONT. PAINT Nahipg makes your place look cleaner, neater and more attractive than Paint. I take orders for paper •and do the hanging. My work is my guarantee. Chas. Claybaugh' GRASS RANGE. • •

Grass Range Review (Grass Range, Mont.), 03 May 1917, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.