Grass Range Review (Grass Range, Mont.) 1912-1942, November 26, 1942, Image 1

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(Grass dangr ••• EASTERN FERGUS COUNTY'S REPRESENTATIVE NE.WSPAPEIN. \On the Custer Battlefield Hiway.\ •<\ VOLUME 29 Shipment Is In We have just received new ship- ment of Lee work clothing and more is coming. A niw shipment of table oil cloth in both yard goods and table squares. A new lot of dress prints is on the road. Men's union suits in different weights from ALL WOOL to ALL COTTON. Cot- ton and wool socks and dress socks, chil- dren's and ladies' hose. A good assort- ment of gloves and mittens. Our stock of groceries is as complete as the present service of supply will permit. We get Melchert's bread every day and you can be sure of fresh bread and rolls of the finest quality when you buy it here. PROMPT, CAREFUL, EFFICIENT SERVICE S. CLARK GRASS RANGE. MONTANA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1942 NUMBER 47 Loading Of Scrap Began Yesterday A gondola of 75 ton capacity for the loading of scrap iron, was spotted here Tuesday and Tom Dowen, the county chairman at Lewistown, has informed the local committee that it will be possible to keep it here until next Monday providing it is not loaded before that time. He also ad- vises that only entire iron and cast will be accepted, with only such car parts as frames and motors desirable. Tin or iron with wood attached will be cast aside, and no iron less than an one eighth of an inch in thickness should be brought in. Bill Graber was appointed by the extension department to superintend the loading and would appreciate having a few more volunteers Horace Rinehart, the local chair- man, will issue receipts for the scrap delivered. This project is purely patriotic and in many in - !stances pay ment for scrap has not been asked. It was pointed out that where owners of scrap refuse to co-operate, the govern- ment will confiscate the scrap metal without payment. 'Review Signs Off This Week The Grass Range Review, which made its first bow to the mine on January 1, 1913 with I Butte Tipton as owner, suspends publication with this issue. Later in 1913 John M. Vrooman joined Aul\\?\\molommoimm. Mr. Tipton as a partner and the publication continued under the firm name of Vrooman & Tipton until April 1915 when Mr. Vroo- man and son, R.,, B. Vrooman, purchased Mr. Tipton's interest, The present publisher gives as his reason for suspendingpublica- tion, the steady decline and loss of business beginning with 1931 and the current loss of population, together with steadily increasing cost of living and operating. Mr. Vroomanavill be associated with 0. H. P. Shelley,, publisher of the Carbon County News and Red Lodge Daily News LoJge. • YOU'LL FIND IT HERE A Pleasant Hour of Recreation We Carry Only the Best in Bar Goods COME AGAIN! EVERYTHING FRESH IN TOBACCO AND CANDY IRISH'S BEER PARLOR Howard Salte, Prop. • SAVE YOUR TIRES MAIL ORDERS TO SEIDEN DRUG CO. in Lewistown CVER THE TOP FOR VICTORY with UNITED STATES WAR BONDS -STAMPS It's common sense to be thrifty. If you save you are .4 thrifty. War Bonds help you to save and help to save America. Buy your ten per- cent every pay day. TOP THAT NEW t y E AR- ..Buy :i yi r m.soNos _ lifitat giou Asa / Witi * * W1111 BONO * of Red Military motorcycles, for couriers, for' speeding light guns from one section to another, are an important part of America's mechanized army. Many are equipped with side- cars for use of staff officers. They cost from $400 to $450. 1) We need thousands of these small maneuverable machines in our Army today. You and your neigh- bors, all buying War Bonds and Stamps, can help buy them for the Army. Invest at least ten percent of your income every payday in War Bonds and Stamps and become a member of the patriotic \Ten Per- cent Club.\ It is rapidly becoming the largest club in the world. U. S. :treasury Dcrartmersi SHIP TO THE Let Experienced Saleamet, SELL YOUR \CENTRAL\ LIVESTOCK ASS'N NEW PUBLIC STOCKYARDS CATTLE, HOGS & SHEEP BILLINGS, MONT. The \Periscope By \Bing\ Frankly, this will be a memor- able Thanksgiving, if not a happy one. The decision , to cease publi- cation of the Review is a very sad one though considered seri- ously for the last two years. This paper is the 21st to quit the field in Montana since the war started and it has been the patient of artificial respiration far too long and the future holds no promise for a feeling of security. We leave with a clear conscience and the knowledge that we tried desperately for we love the busi- ness and all of the people in town and country. Had it not ben for our brother Jack who has been loyal and faithful to the end, the doom of the paper would have been sealed during the drouth years. He too plans on getting intosomething more remunerative and leaves a host of warm friends. We have been comfortable and happy here since 1914 and have tried to be helpful. The terni tory for which we boosted con- tinually is still the best in Fergus county, a fact that attracted John M. Vrooman here 29 years ago. It would be sheer treason for us to even contemplate locating in another state but on leaving we will resolutely set our sights on owning a larger paper. We wish for those many friends of the paper who have been so kind and loyal, unbounded success in the future and for their fine support our undying gratitude. What- ever the fates may hold, no cloud, misfortune or horizon will ob- scure the memory of our home— Grass Range. With this the last issue of the Review, we serve 'notice that re- cent subscription payments will be refunded and all obligations, personal and business, will be met. A friend who recently imbibed too heavily on fancy drinks, informed the writer that the next morning he feft like butterflies were hatching out in his stomach Reminds us of the fellow who was getting gin, wine, beer and high balls off from his stomach one morning. He said the colors reminded him' of the searchlight playing at night on Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park. With the two chief hunting at tractions for local nimrods now over for the duration, deer and chinks, the bucks have left the residential sections of Grass Range for the foothills and the Chinks sit along the edge of the highway and thumb their noses at you when you drive by. But all this week many of their casualties will be in the oven or skillet. TOP 7 T11A BYAM.' YEARS Save gas ! BANK BY MAIL AT ANY HOUR DAY OR NIGHT Are you busy during banking hours? Is the bank quite a distance from where you live or work? Then use our Bank -by -Mail Service to make deposits in your Checking Account ! This time saving, car -saving service is offered by . us as a convenience to depositors. Although we'd rather see you and serve you in person, we urge you—as a war- time efficiency and conservation measure—to Bank by Mail when you can't conveniently come to the bank. Our plan is simple and will make your wartime bank- ing easier. For Further Information... Ask your teller next time you visit the bank, or write us for full information. The National Bank LEWISTOWN Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Vat BONDS -'..,-` TOP THAT %X KW `MAWS '\- Affiliated With Bank Stock Corporation This bank is cooperating with the government in the sale of U. S Defense Bonds and Savings Stamps Closing Out Beginning Monday and continuing until all house- hold effects, office equipmen,tools, etc, are disposed of. BEDS CHAIRS NEW COLEMAN OIL HEATER ALMOST NEW RANGE HEATING STOVE 3-H. P. FAIRBANKS MORSE GAS ENGINE REMINGT014 .35 AUTOMATIC Cash Only Review Office REPAIR! REMODEL! Hey U.S.WAR BONDS Montana Lumber & Hdw. Co. IL LEWISTOWN WIRISWINWANINININIMISIT.11111111111!

Grass Range Review (Grass Range, Mont.), 26 Nov. 1942, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.