The Hardin Tribune-Herald (Hardin, Mont.) 1925-1973, January 23, 1925, Image 12

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PAGE TWELVE _ THE HARDIN TRIBUNE -HERALD FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 1925 On SATURDAY, JANUARY 24, we are going to demonstrate to you what $1.00 will purchase at our store, hut bring the Dollar as this is going to be a cash proposi- tion. The assortments are too numerous to mention in this space. Don't pass this up for it is going to pay ynu to come. No charge for deliveries. VA NtILE CO. ON THE CORNER AND ON THE SQUARE\ PHONE 68 ALL IS READY FOR ',oral - sociability filled a very pleasant evening and all re -port good xlis . ne a l et: bowd, nurse at Ithe Agency hospital, was called t o her home in Illinois by the sickness ot her age.i organist; Viola Reno, ass't. or- leaving here Friday for ati ciefinite stay. Mr. Mackey. of Iowa, is here attemptkng bi buy a few cars for Oreat• Falls where they will of_po'nies. iS hoped. ,that he attend the State Poultry Show will have such slIcet'SS thab he will take a few hundred which is being held there this s CtirS. Mrs. Helen Hogan, wife week, loeether George Hogan, died at the Agen- icy • hospital, Jan. 12, and ; 111 '\ b ers b ur i e d h ere the folio) irig _d ay. She leaves a hn - shataf and si small .children. a lingering illness of bevel - Ai months. Bear .Claw has beca as judge in the Tribal Indian • • '0 • many years and will i be missed Ito councils of the tribe, G. E. Roblin, allotting agent kir - Indians, - itho ----- trasn -- been -on detail .here for the . past two - Harold Lind:4mm hts gone to months; will leave the last - of a.vhere _he . haa,aceepted this week for the Lac du ' , lam- a positii5n'' ,- wit.h-: the -Midlazal b I/ reservation in northern - INTERESTING SCHOOL N o onat Bank.. Until reeently, Wisconsin. to take up they at - Mr. Lindstrom has been em- lotment of land there. ployi41 in sitnilar capacities at Miss Myrtle Gresham. motron Sheridan, Wyo., and at Wytila. at the Agency hospital, gave His 'many friends are Pleased at this eommunity a • surprise Fri- ll iS advancement.. . - . day by quietly going, to Billings, where she was married to Oliver P.:P. McKinley t a promo ter E. Anderson of Ledge ,Grass. ;tent --strickman-Of_tho_ _Kirby see- Announcement has nob been Hon. was a - county seat visitor made as to their - plans fOr the yesterday.- Mr. Mehinleg re- 'future. ports that while the thermom- • eter registered. lower the -fore • - VALLEY NEWS part of this - winter than for several year. the winter, so Wanda Craig is- making an rat. ha s , b een an id ea l one f ar extended vkit at the D. W. stoekmen. Stock of all kinds Carper home; • went into tthe winter fat, owing . Puking up ice is the princi- to the abundant grass of last pal occupation of the Valley year. and as The ridges are people this week. bare of snow the excellent crop Wm. Hoerr came down from ef cured grass on the ranges is Billings Tuesday to attend- the readily available and is an as- funeral : of. his little nephew surance that .shock - Will g a Wedifeaday afternoon. Next Tilez-(1 ,, o'cleck, the, second s•hott t•uurse foe the study of the . cu -opera live movement - held in the state of \letitalitC will begin at the hlarditi old grade school budd- ing. It Wilt eome to au end E.aturday afternnon, .Iftfuary :il. Tuesday, Wednesday and 'Fri- day evenings. lectures of gen- era! iliterest, \open ho the pub- lic, will be given at the high school auditorium, beginning -at 7;:tu. These five days will be a good deal like the summer Oaten- qua. - The main differences are that the speakers will be widely reCognized authorities u pon what they talk about.; there will be no charge for. admis- sion; many of those attending !first-class musical features. The lived about Lodge Grass until 1 big thing about this adult recenaly, died' here, Jan. 8, after school project is that it will Mr. Randolph, of Powell, Wy- ' be the adult community at ser- ious study of its bread -and -but-- - ller problems frons-a co-opera- tive standpoint, - On Tuesday evening there .will be a double-header at the high school auditorium. Prof. J. H. Underwood of e State --fling at seven-t-bie ----• • e- , will ti> University will lecture, egin- ba fiilloired by- an intellectual and forensic struggle between Billings high school and Har- din high school on the question ot the entry of the United States in the World Court. A fee of 25 cents will be charged to -pay expenses. *Hardin has the negative side and will be rep- resented by Dorothy Herman. Edwin Astle and Fred Roush. W e d nesday afternoon the headliners are -Prof. Underwood and Theodore Barrett, secre- tary of the Yellowstone Beet - growers' association. H. R. -Ileagle, president. _9f the local fleet growers' Department of the Farmers' Union will also speak, a;:d there will be , a general discussion. . 1 - Wednesday evening Prof. Lott, state leader of county agents, • will . speak. Possibly a com- mittee report will also be . re- ceived a n d considered that - evening. , Thursday afternoon. Prof. Lott and local speakers. .Thur27_ day evening, . a basketball game. Friday afternoon and eveniitg- -- „ pool; committee reports; Prof. Lott, and local speakers. Saturday afternoon -no even- ing meeting-commit.tee reperts and consideration of a pros gram of work for the coming year. Special speaker not yet announced. L. T. Winslow will have a prominent part in this session and will actively par- ticipate throughout the . five days. Fixerybody who can possibly arrange for it is asked to in the_first day and-cohtinue regularly to the end. It will be pleasant and instructive, and - It is the kind of thing that is necessary if the people 'are to work out their salvation to- gether. ' AU afternoon sessions will begin at .1:115, and all , are re- questrd -- io - - he -punctual, if pos- sible:'- is ord,ir .that no time way b• lest, through the winter in good Mr. Metzker has . moved onto -1 will have made some stie r cial fl es h. the Howard Cone- rariCh,' recent.- . preparation by recent study • ly vacated by Pete Riber, whO and_ wilt participate _ill the dis- CROW AGENCY has moved to Nebraska. • ciissions, and during a part of rs. a er - timed each afhernoon session a care- A. 0 - . -- Carter and family ti - lve this week from Rochester, -Minn, fully prepared report upon local returned from - a visit to their where she has been, taking conditions and problems will old hciine in Virginia, having treatment for rheumatism. She - be made by - study committees been gone about a montt returns greatly improved in -of local people. The evening . Bear Claw, one of the older health. programs will be provided vvith members of the tribe, who has The - meeting of the Ladies' Aid. which was ho have been held at the home of.Mrs. Ever- ett Morse this afternoon, Jan. coming, and family, were guests has been postponed until at the Sloane home this week. next week Thursday, Jan. 29. ' Mrs. Randolph is a. sister of Mrs Mrs. -H. E. Mosby returned Sloane. ' last evening from Murdo, S. D.. Mr. Frazier of Sheridan and whither she was called - sdine Squirrel creek was a Crow visi- two weeks ago by the illness tor the past week.-- He has ;a of \her father. She left. her grazing lease on the soulh eAt fathrr somewhat improved • in part of tate reservation. health, although still far .froin A number of Crow people wet. were entertafted last. Friday T h e Commun ity -Sunday evening by the Harris family school held their annual election and Miss Masterson. Skating, last Sunday and the following cards, dancing, eating and ger.- officers were elected to serve ..tbk :1: 7 11111 1 11110.40111•11....Z.10116\1„ Wita7;11r - ^ Wile:. the ii)-Yht's rign —there's a real pleasure in reading. Reading, C7i ;1711 . om a pleasure ( - dare or shadows - ...t. • c i. ; - our _t thc riirht NOW. 1 2-...7.DA lamps %do . , 1. - VVe shall be rla..1 - 1 - ,nd size - •••ry fixture ,•• -ss4lsolgo • „ The Montana Power Co. At Your Service AGENTS F OR EDISON MAZDA LAMPS 511 ' „ - during the ensuing year: It. 11. Franklin, superintendent; E. F. Carper, assistant? supt.; Har- old_ Carper, secretary-treasui•ei•• Mariort Franklin, ass't. secre- t a r y -treasurer; Faye Heath, James Franklin and • Russell MaGee _left Tuesday morning Jan. 10-22, and where, with -Robert Roush,' as of the poultry judging c.tlW OF!THANKS We wish through the col- umns of the Tribune -Herald, to express our appreciation for the kindness and sympathy ex- tended us during the illness and after the death of our infant. son. .Especially do we wish .• thank those who sent the beautiful flowers. • _it. D. MAUS and Family. team of Big Horn count.y, they had a piece on - the program for a demonstration i n poultry judging Wednesthy ofternoon. esessr Irmimmist MARKETING DEPARTMENT MEETING: The -annual meetiug of the Farmer s' Marketing Depart- ment, the., will be held in Har- din, Saturday afternoon, Jan. 31, at the close of the school of co-operation. This meetirg will be open to all that are interested, but only members may rote. - 9 1'he manager will make his report; directors will be elected, and the policies of the depart- ment for the coming year will be discussed. Lest You Forget Our January Clearance Sale will soon end. It will be months before we put on another sale. We can't over -emphasize the fact that it will be some time be- fore you will have your choice, from a line of high-grade merchandise at the prices we are asking. Give us a chance to prove our statements. That's all we ask. A square deal or your money back. 4 EVERYTHING IN STOCK AT A REDUCTION Model Clothes Shop - ( Exclusive Out fitters For The Man And Boy BIG HORN COUNTY BANK Dec. 31, '23 - Deposits $140,622.98 Dec. 31, 1924 $317,466.66 Deposits - - INCREASE IN ONE YEAR — $176,843.68 A Strong Growing Institution With Guarantee Fund of $315,000 III Ka CORY 1111 A SAFE PLACE TO BANK

The Hardin Tribune-Herald (Hardin, Mont.), 23 Jan. 1925, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.