The Hardin Tribune-Herald (Hardin, Mont.) 1925-1973, January 23, 1925, Image 6

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P.AGE SIX THE HARDIN TRIBUNE -HERALD FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 1926 • Ar BASKET GROCERY HAS CHINESE FINE I NOODLES, STATIONERY. CHOW, LOWNEY'S TEA, \ , CHOCOLATES. SPROUTS. , ROSE -APPLES. KIDDIE KANDY FRESH - FRUIT - ALWAYS Uhe Hardin Tribune -Herald BY HARDIN TRIBU • B BMW) PRINS R. A. V CRUM C. A. CORKIN:it, Editors and Managers Published every raids, and entered January IS j eel. at the postoffles at Illardia. Montane, for tram,- nateelon through that matte as deemed -Class matter under At of Congress of Mame S. 111711 A BIGGER AND BETTER PAPER With this issue the Hardin Tribune and the Hardin Herald are merged into one -publication—The • Hardin Tribune -Herald, -in accordance with a plan of the publish- ers that has been under consideration for some time. The advantage offered advertisers by the consolidated paper- is two -fold. It enables them to reach alarger number of readers_witiv__a-single advertisement and at a lesser cost. By reason of this merger the TribUne-Herald has one of the largest circulations of any weekly newspaper in the state of Montana, by .virtue OrWhich it is one of the best advertising mediums in the state. It has tiken many years of hard work to build up this circulation, which ex- tends to almost every family ,in every section of Big Horn county and to adjacent counties. Before this merger' each paper was the recipient of numerous teStiMoniats - attesting the unusual results at- tained through advertisement 'S placed in these publications. With the uniting of the two papers the pulling power of advertising in the Trit;une-Herald will be accordingly en- hanced. Doth Tribune and Herald subscribers will receive tho Tribune -Herald and those who subscribed for both publica- tions will - be given credit on the Tribune -Herald for the combined time they are paid to: Those in arrears for either paper, or both, may settle for same with the Tribune - Herald, just the same as they would have with the .individ- ual papers, had not the consolidation been effected. It will be the constant aim of the publishers, as in the past, to give to the people of Big Horn county a newspaper of which they may well be proud—one which will always be found boosting fell that which it truly believes to be to the best interests of the people of the best county in .the best state in the union.' Vol. I, No. 1, of the Search- light, Hardin's new newspaper, made its initial . appearance Wednesday. J. E. Patten, for the past couple of years editor and manager of the Yellowstone, published '-at Worden, on the Huntley project, is editor and manager. For the present the paperAs - being-printesLk_i Bil- lings. pending the setting lip of 1114$ application that ,the court its plant. We extend the hand acted ' - Tuesday. of fellowship. Miss Becker lost, the suit for 'damages in the lower cpurt Carroll Creswell, president of and then appealed k' the su- the Lodge Gras Commercial preme court which decided in s Club, accompanied by q rs. c res _l,ber. favor to the extent Olaf a well, motored down from Lodge' new brief was ordered. Grass Monday. He reports the Glister Battlefield Iliway in fine condition the entire. '32 mile - from Lodge .Grass to Hardin. The Pioneer Constructien com- pany of Bozeman, which has the contract for the federal aid . pro- jeet frtim Crow Agency to Lodge Grass, complete(' . the grading before the ground froze an: •have a force or upwards of 2' men at work with trucks spread- ing gravel. With the exception of a gap Of About a mile, juc east of the Reno bridge, Ric graveling i s completed to , 1 point witbin 10 miles of Lodge Grass. The -weather • permitting the road should he completed in aboub two months. It is anticipated that in the early spring the state highwa \ vommission Will let anothel federal aid contract, extendie this hard surf$R1 gravelei; highway from Lodge Grass to it point beyond Wyola, a.diskinee of about 17 Miies. 'Next year it is proposed to ,extend the high way to the Wyoming state line. and it is understood that the state highway commission of Wyoming will construct t h e connecting link between . the Montana -Wyoming state Ii ne ad Sheridan, thus Nviding the traveling public with a hard - surface d, graveled highWay from Hardin to Sheridan, a dis- thrice of about 00 miles. T h e state supreme court Tuesday denied the Yellow - Stone county board of commis- sioners a rehearing i e dam- age suit brought by Gene- vieve Becker, of II, 1, who WWI injured by the o [limning ' el( an automobile . on county 'highway near Rillin , which she alleged was in had c a n dition. In holding several weeks ago that the commissioners know- ing the condition of the road as individuals, were responsible as members of the board, the state supreme court remanded the ease bo the district court for a new trial. The board applied for a rehearing and it was upon SEED CORN—About . , 75 bu. good seed for sale. See samples ab First National Bank, Hardin; First National Bank, Hysham; Vreeland Store, Big Horn. The name of the corn is Square Deal K 0. kimbschy of Lewistown, Yellow Dent, or, Pride of the grand master of Odd Fellows of N rth. Will shell more pounds -the staia___OL.Montallti, will _a_r_7_., of grain per bu. than any other rive -- in Hardin on Burlington variety. If you want seed that train No. 44, 'this Friday even- will grow and mature, try this nig and Saturday evening will H. Jesser, C.. F. Gillette, R. H. 'believe they have him located. corn. Price shelled; 1 / 2 -bu., ) v -an -official visit to Hardin . , __. . Franklin.- M. * E. 'Weller, _T. D. $2.75: bu., $5.25; 100 lbs., $9.00, - - t lodge No. 93, CU. O. F., in ' I \ Campbell and B. H. McCarty. FOR RENT, by owner -142 1;‘. O. B., Hardin, flysham or Big lodge,inorn in -the city hall. I ho Legislative—L. S. McAllister, acres irrigated land, 15 acres 'Horn. Deliveries guaranteed as lodge meeting Will be called at T . H. Burke and L. E. Haven: in alfalfa; and 15 acres dry j good as the samples. Order nine o'clock in order to givis . . Entiertainment—D. L. Egnew. land, all under cultivation and e Al a ie r n, t y. Address: —Homer S. members in business an °ppm.- Jacob Marqiiisee and E. A. Sib- under one fence. There will Masehetah, Mont. 3 -4t -hp tunity to be present. All itd I ley. . be no house or barn improve- Fellows. - whether members \i r ---' Tourist camp—R. B. Peck. W. ment made this year. Share he' local lodge or just sojourn- !./. Brekke and Jack Kopriyn. . rent. Located 4 miless north Westside Maternity Home ‘,..____Ai-4.---mireitti 3 , - re qtarh - I L L I . to A - d - vertising—e-n-d--pu.bliciariiin and 3,i mile wesb beet dump No. 1 of spur track. Ad - Other standing committee, are dress E. W. UTA Ii - 825 N Gould Lee Secrest, of . Secrest's [miry, c , , .- Icontemplated and will.- he--- -AA= .Sheridan, Wyo. 1-3 three miles north of flariliii. nounced in the near future. ' met with a painful acetffettt-ias . t Friday which will incapticita!e Hardin Lodge No. 70, Degree Ii . . him_ for several weeks. He was 1 ef Honor, -installed the follow...! gelling -0 n t sonn0 cottonwood int. , officers at their regular! logs on the retell, and in iesel- . in the city hall. Mon-' ing one, he - Slipped and foTI - T ri l e etillg-- his 144, wris.t i!riv evening: Mrs. Andrew 'For - the log - catching abt4 7 .nd. -!Carcll Rankin. Joseph O. Hess, aged 013 yettrs, a native of Michigan and in his 'younger years a baker by ti <ale, passed away Monday night of heart trouble, at the home of hie -daughter, Mrs. T. A. sellth ,of Crow Agency. Though he had been ailing for some tune, his death was unexpected. Ile \\ as a widower and for seine time had T., ishon jhis. only- child, Mrs. 'F. A. Smith, whose husband is field agrH turist-for-lhe Bony Sugar cor- poration. The body was brought to the Crilly-Lammers funeral parlors in Hardin and prepared for burial and Wednesday morn- ing, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Smith, was taken to Wind- sor, Colo., for interment be- side. Hie remains of his wife in the 'family burial plot. SEED CORN FOR SALE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Torske, Ed Torske BUDGET BANQUET Torske, N. I. Goodelt and s. The annual budget banquet of Ferguson. The ap raisers corn• the Chamber of Commerce will prise Ahirley Pa on, J. C. be held on Wednesday evening Walker and B. ore with at 6:30 o'clock, Jan. 23, at. the A. If. Doane, Leonar Doggett Congregational church. Messrs. and Harry Abkins as alternates. Eder, Peck .and Jesser are the At the close of the stockholders committee and will call on you meeting the directors organized to attend. lie sure 1.0 attend, with title re-election Mrs. Goldie 'Frussell of the ae -theapaxel direriara. have Vittin as .president si ear i ;e ar - Hardin Bakery returned Sun - of Nils a budget to submit for your ske, vice-president and 1rd Thr- 6 3' \ w ° where -- consideration. Other matters of ske, secretary -treasurer. she enjoyed a vacation of a Sheriff R. P. Gilmore's force couple of weeks with her moth - vital interest will be considered. • President 0. M. Kelly of the were out about. 25 miles from en and other relative-. Hardin Chamber of Commerce Hardin on the Sa - rpp. road Tues- has announced the appointment day and located an illicit still of the various standing corn- and two barrels of mash in a mittees. Where the cotrunittee cave. While the cave was appointments appear incomplete locked with a - padlock, this ob- the chairmen of commies are struction did not deter the &ft - authorized to select such ad- .cers from performing their duty, ditional- members as- they deem and the still and mash were necessary. Following are the destroyed a n d finger prints eommittees: were taken off of some fruit Finance—A. Sibley and D. Ws which contained coloring L. Egnew. - • for the finished product. The Agriculture and industry—J. bird had flown, but the officers Tom J. Freer )Ii Wedersdav moved his auto repwr shop int the first floor roma ot the Ihir- dn lai ilding, owned by the Big Horn Granty whert he will condect an up- to-date auto 'Twee shop and battery stabion. Rates $30.00 Per 'Week WILT. Whittodge MIMI ha chanty Phone 41-F-11 Hardin. Mont. and fracturing it., Dr. C. W. Starr reduc. d the fractur! and it will be. twa .or -three. .weeks before he will. -be able toi agair attend to his duties af. I he dairy. The - many friends of Miss Margaret Campbell, daughter of i'Aminissioner and Mrs. .Henry U. Campbell, who left Hardin a !couple of years ago for New York City to take a course of study in .the Pace Institute -of that city, will be pleased 10 learn that she is progressing nicely, working 'in the dnytinie and attending - the institute evenings. S h e reeently ac- cepted a . position as' bookki , oper in Sack's Fifth Avenue Depart- ment store at a good salary. Manager L. S. McAllister the Hadrin Hardware. Inc., is making some changes ii the interior of the store, removing a section of the the, north side in about the center of the room, and en- clOsing - a - space Were for a private office: h is shelving will re -erected on the out- side - walls -of the office and .thus no shelf -room will be , lost, yet a nice, roomy office will be provided. Plain Everyday Honesty In Its Business .Management Experience and Integrity In Its Officers and Employees Backed by SUFFICIENT CAPITAL To Meet the Demand of Business Constitute the Strength of a Financial Institution. The First National Bank of Hardin CAPITAL $S5,000.00 TOTAL RESOURCES - - - $650.000.00 ESTABLISHED FOR 17 YEARS ske, president; Mrs. M a ti'd e Mouat, past president; Mrs. T R. Switzer, vice-president'; MN. J. H. kifer, psher: Mrs. C. E. Ronson. assYstant usher; Mrs. T. E. Gay, Secretary; Mrs. ,Lee lhiss, treasurer; Miss lessin Slater, inner watch; Mrs. Art Rain, oilier watch; Mrs. Lyle Tintinger, pianist. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the local Feder- al Farm Loan , association was held at the First National Bank building Tuesday afternoon of last week. Directors were elec- ted as follows: Nils . °Hun,' • 4141.- 1=7.7. _LAL W -----CARNIVAL BIG GYMNASIUM CROW AGENCY,MONT. FRIDAY, JANUARY 30 Benefit CROW ORCHESTRA Admission - $1.00 At the M & M BUILDING At 2:00 P. M. JAN 24 SATURDAY, I will offer at Public Sale, to the highest bidder: Cbrn, cultivator, 'hearty new 1 Emerson beet cultivator, almost new 1 Sulky plow, John Deere' 1 Ford roadster .with -•truck body 1, water -power washing machine 1 hand power washing machine 1 sideboard, some chairs and rockers 1 Detroit kerosene stove (a dandy) 1 Singer sewing machine ice box (family size) Several sets of harness A wagon load of heavy_dishes, silverware, glassware and cookin utensils former- ly used in the Wicker are. Tools, auto tires, , parts beds, springs and mr.ny other articles y and accessories, attressea, and need. There will probably be me horses and cattle offered. TERMS: Sums under \ • 1 / 4 -- $1. 00, cash; sums over $25.00, bankable n 'te. THIS IS NOT JUNK!! EVERYTHING IS USEFUL AND IN VERY GOO SHAPE! L. L. PicGIBONEY, Clerk SLIM RANSIER, uctioneer • I P-.

The Hardin Tribune-Herald (Hardin, Mont.), 23 Jan. 1925, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.