The Hardin Tribune-Herald (Hardin, Mont.) 1925-1973, January 23, 1925, Image 8

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Pagr Eight. THE HARDIN Intuit ‘E HERALD Friths), Januar) 23, 10215. Treasure State Farm & Livestock Here is a real Mentaaa tare pagris. Tao leadleg articles on this page are prepared by experts ef the State Agricultural College at Boseman. where the state and federal geveragneata are expeattisg large sums of money in experimeatation to determine the best tillage methods far ilaateas., sail these articles are descriptive of the results of this work.. livery tanner reader of this newspaper is urged to file these articles away. s ItettSugar FuttafgARMERS. TOIID Smashes -World's Recor d W ITH a 50 per cent increase in production over any previous year the Billings factory of the Great Western Sugar company has finished slicing bets with a to- tal production of 906,000 hundred pound sacks of sugar during the 1924 campaign which has just closed. ,The year's record establishes the Billings factory as the premier beet sugar mill of the United States and establishes a high tote! which has never before been reached, according to company officials. At the — close of the campaign, there remains in storage in the two great warehouses of the factory, 465.460 sacks of sugar or nearly 23,00e tons, about one-half of the entire pia:duct. It will take 1.50a cars to remove the entire produce or 19 trains of 80 cars each or a continuoue string of cars about 12 miles long. In the manufacture of the sugar, 285,000 tons of beets were used. Farmers were paid for a considerably higher number of tons, the shrink- age being estimated at about .1.11__Der cent. Payments of $7 a ton have thus far been paid to farmers, making a to- tal payment to date of about $2,200,- 000, with the probability of other bonuses to come. depending upon the net price of segar. The factory work provided con- tinuous employment for about 110 days for 700 men. The labor turn - Front School Teacher To Great Eminence A young man who was brought up on a farm in Western Pennsylvania .studied diligently and qualified for district school teacher. Further pursuing his studies and teaching, he managed to save up enough money to put him thru medical college. After the Civil War, he began the practice of medicine in the new oil section of Pa., and often rode horse -back thru the woods to reach and relieve those who were seri- ously ill. He was a student of nature, knew and could easily recognize most of the medicinal plants growing in the woods. Later, he moved to Buffalo,N.Y. where he launched his favorite remedies, and, in a short time, they were sold by every drug- gist in the land. Today, the name of this man, Dr. R. V. Pierce, is known through- out the world. His Golden Medical Dis- covery is the best known blood medicine and tonic. More than fifty million bottles have been sold in the U.S. If your drug- gist does not sell the Golden Medical Dis- covery, in liquid or tablets, you can obtain a trial pkg. of the tablets by sending 10c to the Dr. hart Clinic, in Buffalo, N. TWO Grazing Tracts Bordering Lobo National Forest 25,000 ACRES and 10,000 ACRES AT $3 PER ACRE Splendid grass, wager, bronse and ehade. Haut a southern silpe giving early pasture. Haiti -quad spur touches the land. Terms : I 0 per tient &own, balance divided Into ten yearly payments. BLACKFOOT LAND DEVELOPMENT CO. Drawee 1590, Mbaloala. Most. over was about 30 per cent, making about 1,000 different men who were employed during the campaign. There were about 3,000 Mexicans and 600 of other nationalities who did the hand labor in raising the ets. About 1500 farmers raised beets on 31,000 acres, an average 20 acres to the farmer Most of thy' farmers had other laobr in con- ne tion with hauling beets and other op rations besides the hand labor. Produced 7,000 Tons of Pulp. The factory also produced 7,000 tons of pulp which is being used by farmers and stockmen in fattening 7,800 head of cattle and 26.000 sheep in the Billings district. It is estimated that more han 10,- 000, cars were used in hauling beets to the factory, hauling coal and oth- er necessary material in manufactur- ing and hauling to market of the finished product. Of these cars. 7,000 were used in the hauling of beets; 1,500 for sugar ;and 1,000 for 50,000 tons of coal, while many other cars were used for hauling lime rock, coke, sulphur and other mMerials used in the manufactur- ing process. A number of cars of beet pulp were also hauled short dis- tances for fermeri t Payments of $'17: a ton have thus far been made to farmers making the total payment to date about $2.- 200,000 with the probability of oth- er bonuses to come. Eight Million Bags in 19 Years. The completion of the nineteenth campaign gives some interesting to- tals in the operation of the plant. During a period of 19 years 8,335.- 784 bags of sugar have been made . The factory has used 586,174 tons of coal, nearly all from Montana; 206,280 tons of lime rock, 20.435 tons of coke and 1,993,999 pounds of sulphur. There has also been produced 712,- 143 tons of pulp, enough to fatten 101,735 cattle or 915,975 sheep. To fatten the same amount of stock would require 91,562 tons of hay which, at $8 a ton would have cost $732,496. Future Seems Bright. In speaking 'of the year's cam- paign W. P. Hogarty, general man- ager, said: \The outlook for the beet sugar industry is the best in years. Results have again shown that with a beet crop in the proper rotation, a farmer on 160 acres can make more money than when it is left out of his plans. Big Acreage Next Season. \The acreage grown in 1925 in Montana will be even greater than in the past year due to the stimus lative effect of the two other fac- ories contemplated on the Lower Yel- lowstone and the Milk river dis- tricts. \In spite of the decline in sugar markets, prospects are looking to- ward better prices later on. I have evry reason to believe that farmers will receive a very satisfactory price when the final payments are made. Future prices are looked upon by the manufacturers as likely to be good for an indefinite period. __!.The season nrhich_has closed has been the largest and best in our history and to its success farmers and laborers and men in every de- partmeat have contributed. Both the harvest and campaign were brought to a close without delay or losses and in record time, considering that the total output of sugar gave an in- crease of 300,000 bags over last year. With the enlarged capacity of the plap, new records were made in speed nd efficiency and the Billings factory has climbed to first place in sugar production.\ Farmers Hold Crops. Between 35 and 40 per cent of the 1924 crop of wheat is being held in reserve by the wheat farmers of northern and northeastern Montana, a rough estimate of that section of the state reveals. A. L . Hammel]. acting superintendent of the Ameri- can Express company, made the sur- vey while on a trip through the northern ccunties. PILES Cured in 6 to 14 Days Paso Ointment, the depends* remedy for itching, blind, bleeding or protruding piles,. is guaranteed to cure. Instantly relieves itching piles and assures a restful sleep after the first application. Circa ordinary cases of itching, blind, bleeding or protrud- ing piles in 6 days, worst cases in 14 days. Now packed in handy collapsible tubes with detachable pile pipe which makes it very easy to apply the ointment. Full direc- tions and scientific advice for pile Slatierers go with each tube. You can get Paso Ointment from your druggist, in tubes for 75 cents or in old style tins for 60 cents. If you prefer, send stamps or money order direct to Paris Medicine Company 2640 Pine St., St. Louis, Mo., and the return mail will bring you this woken* relief from Mks. kern/amber, your money will be refurori o t if Paso Ointment d not ale. see—. WA S t Aresmall No - ToN • - A W. L. fillet!' from eeleeted lineal hens & derail* pedigree . Slate eeeredlted. choice Reds &Rocks. Lowest prices. 100% 11 r delivery irminote•d. (-stifle( free. HA. 4111.1 HAMILTON PLANT l'UNDS ARRANGED TO CLEAR OFF INDEBTEDNESS Ole FRUIT COMPANY I A special meeting of the stock- holders of the Bitter Root, Pro. I ducts company was held at Ham - then recently for the purpose of raising funds to clear off the in- debtedness of the company which accumulated during the first year's operation as a result of curtailed operations occasioned by light crops of fruits and vegetables in the valley last year, which reduced production over 75 per cent. According to a report read at the meeting the total debts of the com- pany amount to about $6,000. It was voted to raise $3,000 of this sum within 16 days by selling additional stock to the members, and offer of C. A. Crawford, one of the promoters of the company, was accepted for the loan of the $2,000 needed. Mr. Crawford agreed to advance that amount on the company's note for one year, without interest . About Greatest Collection of Jack Knife Scars is at Mt. Morgan More initials have been cut in the face of the sheer wall of Mount Morgan In Glacier National park thau are to be found on all the old barns and out buildings of a Large city, according to information giv- en by the bureau of national parks. Every year the thousands of sum - trier tourists who make this moun- tain trail trip dull their pocket knife blades in order to \register\ upon 'he perpendicular mountain side the atters of their names and the dates *f their visit. This scene of America's greatest collection of yacational jack knife serving is accessible only by trail travel, it being several miles off the main traveled automobile highways. $1,500 of the stock to be sold was eubscribed during the session. The stockholders expressed satis- faction over the marketing methods used by the company stating that the prices receied by the members for farm products were in nearly all cases fully up to expectations . The gross sales of the company last year, as glen out at the meeting, were: strawberries, 5,924 crates, $14,111.75; cold packed berries, 13.468 pounds, $1,411.05; other fruits, $2,938.07; vegetables. $1,945.- 92. Total, $20,406.77, According to the report, the Bit- ter !loot ever -bearing strawberry top- ped the market over other varieties, local growers averaging a net price of $2.15 a crate, compared to $1.90 received at Hood River, Oregon, and $1.78 at Puyallup, Washington. Summer Fallowing and Diversification Brinv Success to The Agriculturists of Hill County iCootinued from the Fenture Page) land about 22 miles due north of Havre has established a precedent for continued success. Mr. Couch uses summer fallow methods ex- clusively, and has about 200 acres In crop each year. The actual av-- erage yield of wheat on the Couch farm is above 20 bushels per acre. covering a period of years. He is also feeding 50 head of stock and raises poultry and hogs, shipping a carload of the latter each season. In addition to raising feed for his stock, he has also marketed 5,000 In tha railroad shops in Havre for seven years, from 1905 to 1912, and saved enough money during that time to enable him to commence farming operations. He has made steady progress, using summer fallow methods from the beginning. He liesenot experienced a single' crop failure, and it is needles to state that it will never be necessary for him to return to the railroad shops for a living . Jacob Hoyum, of northeast of Havre offers a good example of the independence of Hill county farmers. Mr. Hoyum is now markting a 2,- t d WHEAT FIELD SCENE on the E. C. Carrnth farm, 20 miles west of Havre. In the distance may be seen modern farm buildings, typical of the progressive farmers of Hill county. bushels of wheat during the last sea- son. It is needless to state that Mr Couch is well to do. His worth would approximate $50,000. An iffetance of results obtained through the efforts of the entire family is recorded at the Leo Wolfe ranch, about 25 miles west of Havre Mr. Wolfe, with the assistance of his wife and daughter, actually put in the following crop in 1924: wheat, 720 acras; barley, 70 acres; oats, 40 acres; rye. 60 acres and corn 80 acres. The Wolfe family wheat crop totalled about 15,000 bushels and sold for more than $25,000. John Peterson, farming 16 miles northwest of Havre, won first prize In the Montana Development as . aoci- ation competition for Hill county. This prize was offered for the high- est yield of wheat on summer fal- lowed land. Mr. Peterson's yield of 39 bushels to the acre headed the list . Z. A. White, who resides 28 miles north of Havre, won third prize in this same competition, with a yield of 37 bushels to the acre. At prices now being paid for wheat at Havre. this yield would show a return equivalent to $65 an acre. Adolph Wieczorek, whose farm is located only two and one-half miles southeast of town, has demonstrated that perseverance wins. He worked 500 bushel crop of wheat that he carried over from 1923. Chester Spicher, who owns land about 35 miles west of Havre, has lust completed the marketing of a 35,000 bushel wheat crop. Mr. OUGHS Every few hours swallow slowly a quarter of a teaspoonful of Vicks. Also melt a little in a spoon or a tin cup and inhale the vapors arising. ICKS VAPORUB Oser 17 Mdkoi, Joni Used rose& V4g4 is. smote - rams Opt...metiist and Optic/an hilciren Cry for CASTORIA MOTHER •— Fletcher's Castoria is especially pre- pared to relieve Infants in arms and Children all ages of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhea; allaying Feverishness arising therefrom, and, by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids the assimilation of Food; giving natural sleep. To avoid imitations, always look for the signature of Absolutely Harmless No Opiates. Physiciaos everywhere recommend it. Stitcher has gradually, from year to year, added to his Hill county farm. by the purchase of additional lands The Spicher farm now totals 1,600 sores _ Land values throughout Hill coun- ty, and even adjacent to Havre, ar,e not high in price; in fact, land can still be purchased in this section at prices that really make agriculture profitable. Farms may be bought at prices ranging from $15 to $26 an acre. \Hill county farms, energetic work and prosperity seem to go hand In hand,\ states E . C. Carruth, farm- er and business man of Havre. \This splendid country offers count- less opportunities for the equipped. capable farmer. \The people of Havre and the farmers of Hill county will assist with their heart and hand to make possible a success for others, equal to that of their own. The newcomer to the Havre community can realize a fulfillment of his dreams.\ The data from which this story of Hill county was written was furn- ished by the following firms and in- dividuals of Havre: H. Earl Clack Co., Havre Commercial Company. Lou Lucke Co., F. A. Buttrey Co., E. C. Carruth, Grand Hotel, Montana National Bank, Hill County Cream- ery, Midway Garage and Electric Co., Devlin Motors, Northern Gro- cery Co., Holland and Son, Now Lib- erty Hotel Havre Drug Co., Havre Mill Co., Jestrab Hardware Co., \VII- tner Market, Orpheum Theatre, Hill Steam Laundry etaonshrildluugelfw County Abstract Co., Havre Steam Laundry, F. 0. Black Jewelry Store, Withycombe's, Star Oil Company. SAY \BAYER ASPIRIN\ and INSIST! 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The Hardin Tribune-Herald (Hardin, Mont.), 23 Jan. 1925, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.