The Hardin Tribune-Herald (Hardin, Mont.) 1925-1973, November 20, 1925, Image 12

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'AGE TWOLVIII 'eirerveamelle4ree. , IMO 1141J1111111 1111111:11111411111•11,13 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 102E. 41111, 1 1 1110011311011314111 Or 771111 oAfl OF COUNTYOO 1110311111111 Or RIOORW COUNTY. MORTARA RIDGUI.AR 11111111110N First Das November 2nd. 1926. Hardin. Mont. The board met this day pursuant es adleurnment there being present t H. Tschirgi. chairman: with enry 0. Campbell and J. W. Wally. numbers, and Carl Rankin. clerk The minutes of the previous meet - were read and approved. The following claims were exam- ined and approved. warrants having ereviously been issued in payment of I4 same: PAY ROLL GENERAL FUND lismse Pesepose Anaemia tlarl Rankin. Oct. salary Co. shirk and recorder - ....... $166.67 Ray C. Thomason. do.deonte se. clerk and recorder - 117.60 Fred IL Miller. do. stenos. for so. clerk and recorder__ 111.00 R. P. Ross. , do. salary co. treasurer 155.47 IIALIDA Graham. do. salary deputy co. treasurer 131.60 J. W. Watts. Oct. 1-10 serv- ices, county treasurer 40.30 [Garvey H. Barnett. do. 'Wars county assessor 16 O. 0.0 Decor:re H. Miller. do. dierk of court 160.00 Orabelle Miller. Oct. 19-31. deputy clerk of court _ .. 39.00 C. S. Prater. Oct. sal. court stenographer and mileage 42.48 M. E. Hawkins. court reporter and mileare ________. ..... 16.00 ft. P. Gilmore. do. sheriff - .. . _ 187.60 John H. Kifer. do. undersheriff 160.00 T. H. Burke. do. co. attornev 76.00 Ruth Braniff do. co. attorney stenog. 76.00 Dr. W. A. Russell. do. ccuntv health and probation officer $5.00 A. I- Dornberger. do. deputy sheriff and Jailer .. 121.60 ... Nellie V. Brown. do. ..... schools Mabel Luckett. do. stenos. co. superintendant ... ......... 60.00 Martha L Eder. do. co. club agent 26.00 Helen Howell. do. salary. stenoz. co. club agent 60.00 POOR FUND Dr. George A. Baker. Oct. eal county physician LLbIIARY FUND Hazel Rennie. Oct. sal. li- braria.rt $135.00 Mrs. Henry Ulrich. do. sal- ary. deputy librarian. Wyola 6.00 Mrs. Clyde E. Lewis. do. dep. librarian at Crew Agency_ 6.00 Mrs. C. G. Rhinehart. do, dep. librarian at St. Xavier 6.00 Mrs. F. A. Nelson. do. deputy Librarian at Lodge Grass ___ 6.00 The following claims were exam liked and approved and warrants or- dered drawn on their respective hinds in paYment of the same: GENERAL FUND Tribune Printing 8c Supply Co.. 160.00 $1.20 0. M. Kelly & Son. supplies .40 State Publishing Co.. supplies 3.50 Ralph E. Graham. map 1.00 Gam Cafe, meals 14.00 D. L. Egnew. defense prison- ers 60.00 Club Cafe, meals for Jurors and bailiffs 12.40 L. S. Dornberger. services as bailiff ..... . .... 36.00 P .11. Conver. bailiff. 36.00 Tranklin D. Tanner. defense prisoner 60.00 Ressette-Stork Co.. supplies 6.96 It. P. Gilmore. mileage 179.10 T. H. Burke. care of stock 48.76 T. H. Burke. travel expense 34.96 Chas. A. Corkins. J. P.. Jus- tice fees 21.00 Third Street Investment Co rent 891.67 Dr. W. A. Russele travel ex - MUM 6 6.0 6 Big Horn County. improvement tax, county property 763.33 Midwest Electric Co.. SURD110111 3.66 Crystal Ice Co.. Ice 6.26 City Water Department. sere. 6.65 R. P. Gilmore. board prisoners 63.26 Mrs. Matt Brown, transporta- tion for county erupt. .. . A. M. CrillY. travel conveyance for county supt. Hardin Mercantile Co.. sup- plies county club agent _ Martha L.. Eder. Billings tali exhibit expense Montana Power Co.. service and supplies Eder Hardware Co.. supplies__ Martha L. Eder. travel ex- pellee Vickers & Corkins. printing and publishing 465.35 The McMillan Co.. books 2.97 Underwood Typewriter Co typewriter, county attorney West Publishing Co.. books Mountain States T. & T. Co service and tolls 84.90 Nellie V. Brown, travel exp 54.85 J .W .Bullie coroner fees 26.50 POOR FUND 13.60 10.00 2.10 11.98 7.65 1.60 63.52 62.50 5.00 C. S. Ferguson, refund spec- ial poor tax ... -- 2.00 Bud Tucker. refund special poor tax . 3.00 Marshall MI .Aske. refund special pour tax 2.00 Kate McEvoy. care poor con- tract 121.41 J. M. Broat Lumber Co.. coal 9.85 G. L. Kent. allowance 10.00 Pat Campbell. allowance - .-- - 30.00 Neva A. Corwin. Oct. rent for Poor 13.50 Mrs. Dorothy. Hass. allowance 15.00 Midwest Electric Co.. supplies 3.00 Mrs. Sarah Rumeey. care poor 45.00 Valley Mercantile Co.. supplies 43.22 City Water Dept.. service 2.50 Montana Power Co., service 2.20 Montana State School Deaf & Blind, supplies for inmates 5.40 Vocational School for Girls care of inmates 10.85 Mrs. Ruth Cloninger. ckre de - Pendent children 25.00 Mrs. Alice Hopkin. mother's pension 37.50 Mrs. H. T. Mann. care of child. $22.00 disallowed Dr. W. A. Russll. expense prot4tion officer 40.40 B. E. Stevens. refund erron- eous tax 34.00 - ROAD FUND Bud Tucker. refund special road tax 2.00 0. S. Ferguson. refund spec - Iasi road tax 2.00 Marshall M. Aske, refund spec- ial road tax 2.00 E. C. Flickinger. per diem. en- gineering 166.00 Vickers 8c Corkins. pub., road record book 45.25 Chas. Adeit (assn.) posts 6.00 V. C. Johnston Lumber Co supplies 8.20 The Continental Oil Co.. oil 1.30 J. C. Shotmiller. repairs for 3.75 J. 1) M lo . w. Bros.t Lumber Co.. lum- ber 43.20 Baldwin Lumber & Hdw. Co.. wire 4.75 Hardin Hardware. Inc. supplies 8.05 Eder Hardware Co.. supplies 7.80 Neal Benson. dragging 4.00 Sivert Torske. dragging 15.00 J. C. Shotmiller. dragging - 32.00 Geo. F. Crosby (aasnd) labor 28.85 State Highway Commission project maintenance 426.64 Russell Grader Mfg. Co.. sun - plies 7.29 Howard Johnson. labor 18.00 C. A. Terrell. labor 6.75 Frank F. Lastra. labor 34.00 C .B. Foley. labor 38.00 Henry Zier. labor 32.50 Ray Jones. labor 102.00 D Walvoord. labor 20.00 , A. C. Sweeney. labor 90.00i 200 A. Z. Montgomery (Mond) la- bor C. W. Montgomery (mend) Labor A. C. Maus, labor Chas. R. Foley. labor Bete Lawson. road work John C. Miller. right of was Hobert Maus (aeon) gravelling B. E. Stevens, refund erron- eous tax B. A. Achenbach. leht of way Hardin Motor Co supplies.. 72.60 $1.00 84.60 $1.00 112.00 160.00 41.00 2.00 80.00 12.61 BRIDGE FUND E. C. Flickinger. per diem .... 16.00 C. A.. Terrell. blaciuunithing 21.60 William Littlewolf. labor .... 6$.00 John Smith. labor 70.00 Chas. R. Foley. labor -..-... 62.00 J. M. Broat Lumber Co.. lum- ber Tompkins Livestock Co.. lum- ber A. C. Sweeney. labor Thompson Yards. Inc.. lumber A. C. Maus. labor Ray Jones. labor Bullis Hdw. & Furn. Co.. sup- plies 10.12 Hardin Hardware. Inc.. supplies 19.95 Eder Hardware Co.. supplies 9.66 LIBRARY FUND Vickers & Corkins. pub.. sup- plies and printing 48.75 Gaylord Bros.. supplies 29.00 Hardin Hardware. Inc. sup- plies 6.60 Montana Power Co_ service 3.60 City Water Department. service 2.50 E. A. Lammers, repairs 1.60 D. L. Egnew. insurance 60.00 COUNTY FAIR FUND John Flegler. premium 2.50 Otto Crooked Arm. premium 6.00 J. T. Dunne. premium 6.00 John Holgate. premium 1.00 Eugene Maus. premium 1.00 Martha I, Eder. supplies _ 1.80 Thompson Yards. Inc.. sup- plies 16.49 Hardin Bakery, supplies for fair J. M. Broat Lumber Co lum- ber Ben Kleinhesselink. service _ B. J. Lammers. rent Helen Howell. stenographic work James Rennie, travel ex- pense 10.00 Whereupon the board adjourned to meet November 3rd. 1925. APPROVED: M. H. TSCHIRGI. Chairman, ATTEST: 67.46 110.37 49.37 1.90 60.00 40.00 1.20 198.18 10.00 ATTEST: 25.00 1.26 CARL RANKIN. Clerk. RSJULAR SESSION &woad Das November 3. 1926. Hardin. Mont. The board met this day pursuant to adjournment, there being present M. H. Tschirga chairman. with Henry G. Campbell and J. W. Seal's. members. and Carl Rankin. clerk. The minutes of the previous meet- ing were read and ,approved. The monthly report of the clerk of the district court was examined and approved. R. P. Gilmore. sheriff, presented the appointment of E. C. Woodlev. of Wvola as deputy sheri.ff. to serve without pay, except mileage only. which appointment was approved by the board. The county treasurer's quarterly report was examined and approved. The sheriff's reports of Jail board- ers and fees collected were exam- ined and ordered filed and the sheriff's report of criminal cases was examined and disapproved and held ever for further investigation. Whereupon the board adjourned to meet November 4th. 1926. APPROVED: M. H. TSCHIRGI. Chairman. ATTEST: CARL RANKIN. Clerk. ROGULAR SIMON Third Dar November 4th, 1925, Hardin. Mont. The board met thie day Pursuant to adjournment. there being present M. H. Tschirel, chairman. with Henry G. Campbell and J. W. Scalar. members. and Carl Rankin. clerk. The minutes of the previous meet- ing were read and approved. The clerk was directed to adver- tise for bids for \Burial of the Poor.\ \Care of Poor Contr..-t\ and - oounty Physician.\ bids to be re- ceived up to 2 o'clock p. in., Decem- ber 8th. 1925. The chairman directed that Com- missioner Campbell and the county surveyor view certain contemplated work at or near the Nine Mile Bridge. ORDER It is hereby ordered that the board of county commissioners meet in special session November 16th. 1925. for the purpose of examining certain clalorni and reports originating In the sheriff's office. M. H. TSCHIRGI. Chairman. HENRY G. CAMPBELL Member. J. W. SCALIA% Member. ATTEST: CARL RANKIN. Clerk. The following claims were exam- ined and approved and warrants or- dered drawn, on their respective funds: GENERAL FUND It H. Tschirgi. per diem and mileage $86.40 Henry. G. Campbell, per diem 24.00 J. W. Scallv. per diem and mileage 26.60 ROAD FUND M. H. Tschirgi. viewing and mileage 245.75 Whereupon the board adjourned. sine die. ATTEST: AP PROVED: H. H. TSCHIRGI. Chairman CARL RANKIN. Clerk SPECIAL SESSION OF THE BOARD OF ..COUNTY. COMMISSIONERS. BIG HORN couvrY. MONTANA Nov. 16th. 1925. Hardin. Montana. The board met this day pursuant to Prior order, there being present M. H. Tschirgi. chairman. with Henry G. Campbell and J. W. Seally. mem- bers. and Carl Rankin. clerk. The board proceeded with the ex- amination of certain claims and re- ports originating in the office of the sheriff. particularly the sheriff's re- port of criminal cases for October. 1926. which, after examination, was held over pendinr the itemization of said report, which the sheriff agreed to submit on or before the next reg- ular meeting of the hoard. ORDER It is hereby ordered that a spec- ial meeting be called immediately after the adiournment of this spec- ial meeting for the purpose of ap- proving the appointment of A. L. Dornberger as trader sheriff at a salary of 2160 per month and the annolntment of John E. Meeke as deputy sheriff and Jailer at a salary of 2100.00 per-- month. M. H. TSCHIRGT. Chairman. HENRY 0. CAMPBELL. Member. J. W. SCALLY. Member. ATTEST: CARL RANKIN. Clerk. Whereupon the special meeting ad- tourned and immediately re -convened In special session for the purpose as above related. APPROVED: M. H. TSCHIRGT. Chairman. ATTEST: CARL RANKIN. Clerk. ATTEST: SPECIAL SESSION November 16, 1926. Hardin, Mont. The board met at this time in special ea:Won. there being present M. H. Tschirgi. chairman. with Henry G. Campbell and J. W. Ideally. mem- bers. and Carl Rankin. clerk. The chairman approved the ILD- DoIntment of A. L. Dornberger as under sheriff at a salary of $160 nee month. and also approved the appointment of John E. Meeke as deputy sheriff and Jailer at $100 per month. Whereupon the board adjourned sine die. APPROVED: H. H. TSCHIRGI. Chairman. CARL RANKIN. Clerk. 111818813111111801$1:11$111 11 J. W. HMIs, Leassed liabobeisr BU IIILAW43/2 lams LL1S EICIAMITII AUTO MILARSZ novas 16 sad 1671 saisaaasaanausana Dr. G. A. BAKER Physician and Suwon i.e. Maas 1.511-0tDee near Office over Big Horn Co. Bank Odder Eteara- 10 *---111:010 a. a+. 1111-4 la Ind 116-11 AID a • • HARRY W. TRUSCOTT MERCHANT TAILOR Billings, Montana Men's Suits, O'conts to order Repairing, Alterations, Cleaning, Pressing both Ladies' & Men's Clothes Resting fuB dress suits and Tuxedoes 131D FOR COUNTY PHYSICIAN The board of county commissioners of Big Horn county will receive sealed proposals at their regular meeting on December Stk. 1926. en to two o'clock of said day from resident Practicing physicians to fur- nish medical attendance to the sick. poor and infirm of the county and to inmates of the county tail: bids to include provision for the furnish - her of medicine to the same for the calendar year 1926. The board re- serves the rieht to Meet any and all bids. BY ORDER OF THE BOARD, CARL RANKIN. Clerk. Dated at Hardin. Montana. this 4th day of November. 1926. Pub. Nov. 6. 18. 20. IT, 1926. SHERIFF'S SALE L. E. Haven. Plaintiff. vie Amos Lafon. Defendant. TO BE SOLD AT SHERIFF'S SALE. On the 30th day of Novem- blr A. D 1926 at 2 o'clock p. m.. at the court house door, in the city of Hardin. County of Big Horn. State of Montana. the following described real property. to -wit: Lot number twenty-seven (21) Hardin Subdivision. and Lot A East Bide Subdivision. R. P. GILMORE. Sheriff. Big Horn County. Montana. By JOHN H. KIFER. Under Sheriff. Dated Nov. 6th. A. D. 1925. Pub. Nov. a 18. 20. 1936. BID FOR BURIAL OF THE P0011 The board of county cemmissionere of Big Horn county will receive sealed Proposals at their remitter meeting on December 8th. 1926. se to two o'clock of said day for the burial of the poor for the calendar year 1925: ealdt proposals to include the cost of caskets, burial robes, dig- ging graves, embalming, delivering of the bodies, keeping of bodies and mileage. The board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. BY ORDER OF THE BOARD. CARL RANKIN, Clerk. Dated at Hardin. Montana. this 4th day of November. 1926. Pub. Nov. 6. 13. 20. 37. 1926. BIDS FOR CARE OF THE POOR The board of county eon missionene of Big Horn county will receive sealed proposals at their regulait :necting on December 5th. 1926 ine to two o'clock of said day for th o l care, suonort and maintenance the sick, poor and infirm of the county per capita by the week for the calendar year 1926: said propos- als, to include the entire cost of feeding, clothing and nursing of the sick, poor and infirm. The board reserves the right to relect any and all bids. BY ORDER OF THE BOARD, CARL RANKIN. Clerk. Dated at Hardin. Montana. tithe 4th day of November. 1926. Pub. Nov. 6, 13. 20. 27. 1925. Notice of Stockholder's Meeting of the Two Leggin:4 Water Users' Association. Notice is hereby given that the an- nual Stockholders' meeting of the Two Leggins Water Users' Associa- tion, a Corporation, will be held on Saturday, the fifth day of December, at the hour of one o'clock p. m. ot said day at the offices of H. W. Hu/- 8ton, Secretary, in rooms 1 and II Gay Block, Hardin Montana, at which time all business that may property' come before the Stockholders of the Corporation will be transacted,,, In - eluding the election of directors and officers whose terms expire. Dated at Hardin, Montana, this 10th day of November, 1926. H W BUNSTON, Secretary. Pub, Nov. 13-20-27, Dec. 4-19.26. NOTICE In the District Court of the Thir- teenth Judicial District of the State of Montane, in and for the County od Big Horn. In the matter of the Estate of RUDOLPH ROMBERG, Deceased. ' Notice is hereby given that, Thurs- day, the 3rd day of December, 1925. at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day at the Court room of the Court House in the City of Hardin, County of Big Horn. State of Montana has been appointed as the time and place for proving the will of Rudolph Rossberg, De - cased, and for bearing of the appli- cation of John E. Meeke for the Is- suance to him of letters of Admini- stration with the will annexed. a GEORGE H. MILLER. Clerk of the Court. Pub. Nov.13-30--27-1926-45-3. Do You Need New Tires or Tu Buy from us at the old price. raised 45 per cent since to the fact that w Goodyear, U Goode • •

The Hardin Tribune-Herald (Hardin, Mont.), 20 Nov. 1925, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.