The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.) 1908-1925, January 01, 1909, Image 1

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'ed • .. says the Butte Inter Mountain, the result that assessments for Imlain- h u t in \ erything I),:\ prayer and suppli For the current fiscal y eiir the deficit tontince will be slight. At any riite, ea: ti:tti e ith thiedisgiving let your re will be $114,000.000 amid for the follow- the new project brings 45,000 tares of Twos lie mad- lin iwn auto el ing ear it is estimated that the goy- good agricultural land into the market 4 4 y, 1 .1 thn 3: . ..i.? \And e 113tS4 /4`Vir A O' Wholesale ertIllIellt, With its preseet ritte of in !nest of which ret has alul n n y bee tzike vi , of Him c , beause we e come will spend $143,000,000 more than by the army of hoineseekers puri•ng Liquors, ri I i t , ',williandinents and do things it receives. Even these sums would not in themselves be alarming if it were not certain that the deficits under the l Og ars and Beer liresent system will continue to grow 4 4 Mail Orders Receive do not favor the issue of bonds to meet 4 Prompt Attention. 4 the emergency presented by the deficit. 4 • • Bonds are but a temporary expedient 4 Billings, Montana 4 and nnsiitisfactiwy, for they do not e. -, iifiiird luirmanent relief. In view of the fact that the government can count on vastly increased expenses in the future, A E CALAHAN some solution other than that offered THE HARDIN TRIBUNE. VOL. 1. NO. 52. HARDIN, MONTANA, FRIDAY, JANUARY 1, 1 9 09. $2.00 PER YEAR. J. W. JOHNSTON, 4 4 U. S. Land Commissioner • Insurance Real Estate 4 Notary Public 4 HARDIN, : MONTANA HARDIN BRICK YARD B. J. Lammers, Propr. • •mr .1 , 1••••• •••• See Me Before Buying Brick For sale in any quantity. B. J. LAMMERS L. H. FENSKEs st • -44111110.- 1410111. -0111111110. 41•110•• 1141111.1. I • • i Contractor I • Half of the population of Calabna, and the eastern part of Sicily are dead: the other half is weeping. As the great extsrit of ti.- ssonistie disturbance becames apparent it seems impossible to exaggerate the Sirs ,rs which have followed them. The calamity which has overwhelmed r a ilway station, through the streets, Italy is almost beyond the grasp of the awl into the country, where he spent dead, imagination, not only because of the now said to number tens of the night and died from exposure. It thousands, but because of the hummer- sissassallyissIall,41•11.11.11s1. 4 111111/1bAr W41 , 111011011-111 , 11111/11Woell 1 11611/111111 was not known for four days that he had arrived in the city, although he able wounded buried in the rains, had met and spoken to a few ac- many of them whom will perish. be -- had at the station and on the cause it is impossible to rescue them streets. He had also called at a couple front the wrecks of their former homes. of residences in the outskirts of town $1,650,000,000, and inquired for Sheridan. In his With congress under the necessity of hands he carried a large suit, case and revising the tariff, perhaps the govern- a box, filled with Christmas presents i went must look to some other form of Meals at All Hours , taxation to make up its deficits. 'Pos- fur his wife and children. These he carried until he was exhatisted, leaving 1 sibly' the next congress will revise the them only a short distance from where tariff by adding to the duty on coffee, tea and other necesAities, in which eVera the common people, as usual, will bear the greater part of the burden. A revision of the tariff does not neces- sarily mean a general reduction, al- tlanigh the A Illetill'all people untloubt- edly listk for refiWITIS in that direction. Although cont Diluted by tremendens deficits. the government of the United States is less et nba raksed financially than most Euriestan nations. Germany, for instance; has reached an acute national crisis in financial matters, fin - the de- ficits lit' the fatherland have reached , such a state as to be akirming (4,Lr- many's ministers, in calling the atten- iiiin of the reichstag to the situation. recently urged the people to curb their extravagent habits that they might he in a better positi , M i. Ils•-.1'0 the govern- . ment in its time of need From all over Germany immediately arose a 'cry f ir the g,ivorl000nt to curt) It , . eSiniV.:- gartees, making plain that in the view of the people the g,‘ eminent had only itself to blame let its present einharass 'none Perhaps the criticana itotidged in by the Germans at the present time might apply in America. Undoubtedly le, A f' cxpand our expenditures must increase, but must they grow id the rat I , + ditit the past few years h a ve w i tnessed ' That is a tpiestitm that etteg,ress shonld reusider 4 in r hie makers nut ,ilt ine .sho u ld lend 01, 11 1 ,01N C \ t,I the. \N'o,t - k ,if im reasiog the gNivernment s reVetIlletl, Wit 011)11141 il - V 1. reduce the , cost , f goy - eminent That done, 1' iii'],' Sam would lit be (1111n , , e.eing the. TM il4MIll Iktilit ,11' i111/711/1g, his 11411.141 ItI4 heW tl' tali thi` people tor his Mil - !mug rXre'11 , 1'S. 'File fact is that th e old ,,,,,,, 1 , g r,,w1, 47 .‘xtraN;n,ant in his old agc _ year by The nation•s financiers into eastern Montana from the Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa and lither nib Idle states. Uncle Sam's Deficits. In Washington the possibility of the federal govertomint being compelled to res(trt to an income tax to replenish the natit dial treasury is being discusse.1 and it is pr lh that the subject will re- ceive the serious (...(insidentliiin of con- gress. President elect Taft, it is under- stol 01, Ii v( irs Mlarb an :Let. pfivided the ciaistitutienal objectitnei to the act if I4SI3 may h e avo id e d. Th e h es t, ja- c.nie tax levied in the Cnited States was made necessary by the increased expenditures incident to the civil war, In !set the giiyernment taxed all per- sons with an income of more than *400 Irrigation Project compieta. Th e le we r Yellowstone national ird- gati(ni project, along the YelloWetAlo*. river northeast of Miles City, has been completed and water will be available for irrigutiim next year, The °anal covers 45,000 acres, partly in Montana and partly in Dakota. Water rights ander this system cost $42.:i4,1 per acre, with an annual maintenance charge of $i per acre. Water is to Is. paid for in ten annual installments without inter- est. All water right applicants are re- quired to join the Lower Yeliowstone Water Users Association, which has contracted with, the Utiited States guar - three per cent, which money was west anteeing the payment ef the water by the government. The 'following charges. Individual metubers give the year incomes ranging from $600 to association a lien tin their limd. This $5,000 were taxed five per cent, incemes price. $.P.l.50 per acre, may appear hi1,411, about \l arch 1st to remain -permanently. from $5.000 to +10,000 7 3 / 4 per cent. and and in comparistin to the price being incomes of more than $10.0151 were paid in the Big Bern valley it is high, Services for the First Sabbath of 1909. taxed 10 per cent. Ten years later all still it must be remeMbered that land Hardin, 10:00 AM. Foster, S;00 1'. M. taxes on incomes were abandoned. It capable. of being irrigated has euhanced Prtimptly please. is not presumed that in the event of a very much in value during the last few s by Rev. H. G. 6ilogni. tax on incomes the government would years. ,Then again, it is usually found Sub, t: •t. The overwhelming powi r find it necessary or desirable to impose that the cost of goverinnent work is of real -raver . so heavy 'it tax as it collected during inure than when done by individuals or Tex' .1 , '1 ill 15: 7.. \If ye abide in the civil war. The deficit that con- firms, which is also true of the recta- Me tote \\ ords abide in you, ye shall fronts Uncle Sam is great, but not so Illation projects. It is also true that ask e Ind y•i- will, and it shall be done great as to cause alarm, when the re- work done by the government is eviler- unto you.\ sources of the country are considered, ally good and will last indefinitely, with Phil. 4: 0. \In nothing be anxious: Tragic Death. Mayor John S. Taylor of Sheridan met a tragic and sad death one week ago last Monday. Mr. Taylor had been quitq sick ter some time, said to be a general breakdown both physically and mentally caused by overwork. He had been to Denver to take a rest, but in- activity appeared to do more harm than Take Homesteads On Bench. Last Saturday three filings were • made on bench lands a few miles north- west of Ha.rilin. Messrs. Alfred West, Sake Boktua and Edward Doorntios, ,who have farmed in Gallatin valley fer a number Of years. each filed on 160 acme of government land. Their fa- vorite (sop is winter wheat and after lookiug over the country thoroughly, !testing the soil and gathering infer- Imatien regarding the climatic coo ditioie: in the valley, they became eim- vinced that as a wheat country the Big I-It,rn V. as far and away ahead of the famed t1allatin valley. After filing on the land they left for 'Great Falls, where twit of them will spend the win- ter, all intent on returning te Hardin that pleasing in His sight.\ If \ .s; will make 1909 a year of wor- ship ma prayer, only Eterzety can re- veal yeur full reward. and Builder • I ESTIMATES FURNISHED I Hardin or Foster The .. Denver LUNCH ROOM The Old Reliable '0• 161 111bAl1 - \olliss0+01.411 -04 1111fts..44.11r 411 1101.4,141,41W‘linsstrolllis..111100 0. F. BURLA, E. A. HOWELL, President No, 9215 Cashier • A General Banking Business Ironsu,ted • First National Bank 01 HARDIN, MONTANA • • Accounts Solicited 1', A. SNIDOW E. A. HOWELL G. F. BURLA DIRECTORS J. B. ARNOLD CARL RANKIN - - - $25,000.00 0 + -14 010.-41 1- \Illift... it +0 - \alba. 0 0 -1 •1111... 0+ 0 1- + 0' 0 1111.■.4 01.4+ 0 -*MM. -SAM .04111100. -011111111. 0_=. -411111.110. 0 Amos. gienno- 0 -.sow .sempss -edisnss .ennses Notary Public Surveying Fire Irsurance Rankin & Mitchell FOR REAL ESTATE We now have a list of good ranches for sale, A tth water rights, at right p.'ices. We also handle relinquishments. List your property with us and get quick results. Office first door north of the bank. 1 HARDIN, MONTANA. 'mow -401•10- Ammo. 4.4aispe. «am. -4.warm.-0 44•••—••••1114•10000- 40•••• Ammo. -••••••••0 4 4 1 W. A. BECKER, Mgr. The ontana Saloon Diplomat Whiskey. - it SI HWIti* Imported ..‘d Domestic CIGARS udweiser and illings E R 1 NI PoRTED WINES Corner Central Ave. and Second Streets. HARDIN. Mont. H. M. ALLEN Ca CO., Lath Whaokssale and Retail Dealers in Sash Doors Shingles LUMBER Bldg Paper C. CALHOUN, Manager Hardin, Lime, Bair Wall Paper Cement Mixed Paint Linseed Oil Montana AO. fib.../.....-•••• G. H. THOMAS, Architect and Builder Estimates furnished for CONCRETE, BRICK and FRAME WORK. Hardin, Mont. A. ROUSSEAU, BRICK Manufacturer AND Contractor Piens and Specifications a Specialty. $IIIZIZzlui GET MY PRICES Before Building Hardin. Mont. by the issuing of bonds must be found. good and on Sunday, two weeks ago, Secretary,' Cortelyou estimates that 'left .Denver for his heine in Sheridan, the government will r ‘ squire $824,400,- • Ar r i v i ng th ere m ont h l y a ft ereakee th e 000 during the fiscal year of 1910. This Enterprise says - the hand of fate Was is an increase of nearly $58,000,000 over the estimate submitted a year ago for the .fiscal year of 1908. Ot this amount the' increase for the army is more than $14,000,000 or about 15 per cent, and for the navy inure than $11,000,000, or about 10 per cent. An imsane of $10,- 000,000 is asked for pensions and con- gress must provide about $10,000,000 this year for the cost of the census which will be taken in 1910. As a mat- ter or fact, the apprimriations of COD - gresti exceeded the estimates made a year ago. If the appropriations made by the present session are on a level with those made by the last, the total 'or the sixtieth congress will exceed . 1' E G:tv made a finsineyst trip to Billies, !in !Aso placed up )11 lii a, and agu;nst the mys- terious workiiigs of Providence no friendly hand could be stretched forth to save him from the sad end that seemed prearranged for him.\ Known to almost every man, woman and child in Sheridan he alighted from the train and made his way from the crowded his body was found. The body 'was discovered on Thursday in a clump- of brush about o'ne and one-half miles from the station. Facts developed since have shown that his mind was gone and that from the time he alighted ,from the train he had wandered aim- lessly about looking for his home, wife and ehildren, meeting no one who could read his pitiful mental condition and \Nis , took sufficient interest to save him. 'rho Enterprise gives the follow- ing account of the search inaugurated Thursday. ss-ss, All along the route were evideins•s of the growing' exhaustion of the mayor . . The tracks in the snow s.. h owed a wore feeble effort. the suit case and package were dragged for quite a distan,* until from numbness and leek of strength they fell frian his hmals, He i•lung to them until his strength failed him. It was patliet ie. strong men of the searching pat.: viewed the si.ul scene through ralid''. falling tears. They all knew John Ty. lark- large heartedness, his loye of h,.imi. and worship if wife and childri•ii. his lo alt' to friends MI l mug thr,,w,rh sin iii fields conlii the effort to reach the h.- haul 1 . -und- ed and in which he t. 4 , 3i stiliprifk Farther along, p a half mile in a thicket in a lonely ravine,i. IN • I y was fq ninf I, With arms folded peacefully upon his breast With hands and face silateltisl a nd w ,il o ulid and clothing torn III Ole 13-0 sit to preserve life, which e‘en mentai itIliction does not awn] able The editor of the Billing's yf; that tlw railroad editor paper is dead next to his jot son.) the dape - he is dishing isii , Tronme is led t“ believe that h.' etirtong the Kithiry attaehed tii the t I vi h,-hi he 1., A4q4A1 114`Ni Killed In Earthquake. Sicily and the lower p 'ti it of Italy wets visited by an earthieiske the first of this week in which it is that 20,000 pe,ple lost lives. This number is said to be below rather than ab are the true number, as reports have only been rue from tlii' coast cities, communication With tile imiti'i it being destroyed. A dispatch front It atie says: The 'whole of Italy is abs ilutely stunned and at the s,• 'ii ths disaso the bulk of the people ars literally ‘ii mented with the saddenisas and eitv iit of the blow. New County Officers. On next Tuesday the officers elected on the lied day of November will take their respective offices Changes not occur in all the offices, some suc- ceeding themselves. Amines: these are r. H. Newman, county commimmhawr: E. G. SPENCER, General Merchandise !Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, . Shoes, Clothing. $ Hardin, Mont, Stock Complete $ Harry I. Wilson, county attorney .0. 11 1..‘ , AL11 4 6 , 11141-111:111.1,1.11.1illi. fre-11 , 11.11,1*11, 11111101111 , If. Smith, comfier, and A. P. Suit it as- sessor. Frank B. Connelly has gone to 2: X XXXXZXXXXX ZZXXXX X XXXX xxxxx Helena to take his seat in the legislat- ure, A. B. Renwick will sacceed Int L. Whitney in the Sunni) clerk's office and will have for deputies F. E. Williams, J. F. Bacon and H. E. Howell. B. C. Lillis will step in the office of surveyor and C. C. Sinderson will take the oath as public administrator. John C. Or rick will succeed .T. B. Herford as sher- iff and has selected Georg • e Douglas as under sheriff and Thad Pound of Park City as jailer. The refit of his appoint melds have wit been annonneed. Mrs sae vv ill ....Janine as county superin s 11(1(10 ;Hui Joseph sleeper will take se new inlet , of auditor. Just who , it land is the office of clerk of the listrict ettlirt ea rstitie, I,surimi T .1enes, rep - Oda:tn. held , a eertific:ite-'I I e t on and will be on hand Tinads. go to work Nat t; who iastitnted a o l 1 eonrt and was declai - Lsajority of two ‘, sind and demand Os deltas rat, preset !lie honoralile mavo: • 4' tVi le oast in illy distio iii tis a -inner by it • 111 ASO , q1 ' plum NI!. Fiat it incumbent. ;1011 tft . 11 1 11 I n g , \ t‘ k% in lessesstion of the goods. decline to nlivet t,i elti1 4. 1 4 , f tlie gentlemen claim 11,0(1111g thA.t lit, si i pee ine -.hall first 144tIS , 11 I I If I .10 , VillObit III f`Vellt declared hel c ar wile and -Jones ii ill held another f, air yeti es Ira I , I , .if ih. it it - easel:et will mit :h a t eftic.i mitt! ‘Vhitet-, ,deeted take 1 ......•ssion uif ale first NIttiali, in \latch. th. did fixed by law. See Ha nktn Az Miteht41 for karin HARDIN Feed,Livery&Transferco FRANK BODE, Proprietor. First -Class Turnouts to points on the Reservation or any place you wish to reach. Teams with or without drivers. Prompt service. Express and Dray Orders Promptly Done timxx xxxx xxx xxxxx Xxx or .6 watt a, a at • wit at 10 , 01 a a a a a at le 1111,1111 MAW 0 Leading and Imported and 0 141 Best Liquors Domestic Cigars Little Horn Saloon Sunny Brook I Bonded Whiskey Aron 11114011114a 1 1111 • II ^AAA STOLTENBURO et COFFIN, Props. Family Trade MI aka 111111111111$1111111111111111110.11 a Specialty.J Hardin Meat Market INec.D004ALD & MOUAT, Ministers. lug -heat Price Paid for Hides and Furs. Desists hi Heriesinme eatie. %ANY 00.01011WA0141/~0

The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.), 01 Jan. 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.