The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.) 1908-1925, January 08, 1909, Image 1

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• THE HARDIN TRIBUNE. VOL. II. NO. I. HARDIN, MONTANA, FRIDAY, JANUARY 8, 1909. $2.00 PER YEAR. J . W. JOHNSTON, U. S. Land Commissioner Insurance Real Estate Notary Public HARDIN, 1 : MONTANA r - HARDIN BRICK YARD Exit Foraker. Theodore E. Burton has been named by the republican cuucus of Ohio leg - Waters le euccted Senattir l''eraker in the United States senate. Burton was a Taft lieutenant in the pre•conventiot fight and alee during the campaign, retirement has been pretty generally Conditions Across the Big Horn Demand One and has hetet for years a chime personal friend of the president elect. Foraker's conceeded ever since his break with the administration. Commenting en . his failure to retain his seat the Ana H E LP DEN' ELO I' MEN T condi', Standard -says, That is an meident of account in I view. test. of the man's bow peried • et pe e nenence ;mil secondly. 1 \ ause Hardin Commercial Club Takes Mat- his precipitate exit e as ferced upon 'ter Up With County Commie - him in a Vi•I'y 1.1111.1sIlill manner Essen- sioners of Yellowstone and tially, Mr. Peraker has ieten a poli- tician; he answers that description as closely' as an) man of. his time. While B. J. Lammers, Propr. in reputatiiin es a Man of ability in • • • StIliktt* S*411 W4 he outritaiks conteanpo raries likt Quay and Elkins and Platt, I See Me Before Buying Brick his fall eae sudden and his fate harsh. PEOPLE ASK FOR BRIDGE e Six months age, he undoubtedly felt For sale in any quantity. complete centidence in his own ability • to prolong his senate career. B. J. LAMMERS! \1r. ''oraker is sixty-two years old. At the age of eighteen he was a saidier III the !mem anny, hut he was nell graduate when he was t eit y three ioul he became a lawyer S4) , in he WILS ITT politics. lie ran uneaccese- the development in' iif the graudest cite declared their eympathy for Sam fully for goverteir Ohio when he was thirty seven years old, but before in the entire west is being seriouely: re- ...John Mitchell, who were sentenced to turnout recently by a District of he WaS ferty ,ine he had been t wice tarded Present set -tiers on either side elected to that othee. Reef - het it agaiit . +ow •••• •••. ••••••••••11,1,011 , 11.11,W aa asaaaaaaaaaaaat L. H. FENSKE,I • Liquors, Cigars and Beer; Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention. Montana; -4•11••• , - ...0411111100-.0411•06--4.100- I A. E. CALAHAN Contractor and Builder I ESTIMATES FURNISHED Hardin or Foster 1 •MIN11110-411110*-411111111•0...00111011..01111111*--4411•••-0 •....0,1•11 , 1111,11• • •1/1•TIO.••• VI•••• , \•V•Or •••...••• 10 , ^ -71 4 Denver J LUNCH ROOM The Old Reliable Meals at All Hours G. H. THOMAS, Architect and Builder Est i mat es furnished for CONCRETE, BRICK and FRAMEWORK. Hardin, Mont. Brigs te laurel }lath riot, according to Billings information, been definitely de- , termined. It is understood that tne Burlington opposes this pert of the pro- gram fur the reason that it would neces- sitate the establishing of a division be - tweet] laurel and Sheridan. The preys-- I eta t h \ ! s e m from Sheridan to Billings is 14.N mike already tAsi long a rune The imiuvi aI .atirel would increase the diS- ta milesI in that event a di- vis n i ( O ' :: 1 11 have Ti, is established half way lsftween the t we points, which would be at Haruli ii While the Burl- ingtai is not in favor of the move it is gem ciincectled that mettle time dur- ing the coming summer the freight ter - mime , iit Is it the lint:tinge in and the N. Pucific \t iii ge to Laurel, win ie shops, round hiiese. yards, ett.'„ are tieing built and are new about c.en- plettiii The prospects are flattering in- deed ti Hardin beciening a division pointTig the year tetre leollas...4+1\ 711 1nraio -711 16.4+01 1 111.411 1 14011 0 1frmillea•Willtswit. 0. F. BURLA, R. A. HOWILL, President No. 9215 Cashier First National Bank) OF HARDIN, MONTANA Capital, - - - $25,000.00 A Geiteral Stinking Business transacted DIRECTORS T. A. SNIDOW E. A_ HOWELL J. B. ARNOLD Accounts Solicited a • 0. F. BURLA. CARL RANKIN +1 1 1.41 11 '\olnalefeleele+Itelolarafeett1sseit+1111e.glIfet H. M. ALLEN (D., CO., Lath Shingles Sash Doors B'Idg Paper Wholesale and Retail Dealers in LUMBER C. C. CALHOUN, Manager Hardin, Lime, Hair Wall paper Cement Mixed Paint Linseed Oil Montana for governor but was defeated, but in Rosebud Counties. After a lapse of several months Cie Hardin Commercial Club came to life i iii Tnitsday night of this week and held an entliusiestie meeting. iittendiel by' representativ.' (tit ,',e/ Hardin and the Big Morn valley. The attendanee of i ild members was large awl many tie A%I SieS were enn)lled. The meet important of the matters censidenel Tuesday night was the ques- tion id a wagon bridge arrw,s the Big Hew river at some IA ant neer the town ii I hirdin That a has beconet a neces , ity is conceded Without it agricultural awl steel; reising districts Labor Voices Protest. At a minister label - mass meeting in San Francisco last Monday the Lath W Temple was jammed to the doors and many eiecil to gain admittence, which math. it necessary fer the speakers to repeat their remarks at an overflew meetings. The total attendance ex- , akvalastastlaskikAlsAllslillals lisialkils 4 4 0. 111.11011 4 11 , 111.11111 , 111.411111.111, IleillelkAalli ceeded 3.000. Lai N ir leaders of the 1 nd eanpers, Frank Morrison and ' court for contempt and conviction has stirred lalmir 0 t net it thee business affairs, and new who ' .I leeti he was the successor of Calvin - Brice in the federal senate. He served cause of the absence of a bridge. Eight in several national conventi(ms: twice tronahs out tif the year the Big Horn le• presented the name of Mchieley tar can Dirt be forded with any . 'degree of nominatii in. eivfet y and .pe( kph. are slow abont lo- Foraker . ,i Mio esreer as always . eating in it community where thtty qaarrelsome. In his time he has had must risk their lives and \ property in it 1)1It \ MI the friendis of eider to reach a ti -ailing point to secure matt. \kith McKinley, with Hallita the 114 , ce5sities of life and to dipose of with tile Fit t. les consmiling ambi- , the, paid nets of t lie farm- Thi neat nds ti4 )11 Was tile presidency: in the light .I of acres of rich agricultural lands, al at what has overtakeu him, his ant - ready under irrigation lie idle on the tude toward the Raisevelt aAhninistra- A. ROUSSEAU, BRICK Manufacturer AND Contractor Plans and Specifications a Specialty. GET MY PRICES Before Building Hardin, Mont. ;il*P hattilic:ipjw(1 itt the eon- tien anti the chatter. last year, about his chancea for the presidential nom- ination are a mockery; these show what a fleeting thingTeput•atien is. The exposures which involved Sen- ator Foraker last autumn were, with- al, the cionpaign's in. sensational feature. However wide the differences of opinion concerning his ability or his policy might be, the large public had not suspected that he was a senator entitled to go out in disgrace. He went down in a heap; he was without a good defense. The little satisfaction he gets out Of the events that have culminated since election is that, any- how, Taft is ml to be senator. That is nothing mofe substantial than a drowning man's straw. A Great Center, The Tribune is of the opinion that the editor of the Billings Gazetae real- ly, actually, truly and sincerely be- lieves that Billings now is, or at some time will be, a railway center, gate- way, hub, axis, or something of the sort in a way connected with rail- roads. Here is some of the good things he ocassionally slips to the readers of that paper: \Here (meaning Billings) all of the niads that lead north, south, east and west meet, and from this point (mean- ing Billings) they all radiate.\ • loliinas is al the caws ways, and through it all traffic must pass. Hence IT (meaning Billings) IS a gateway,and occupies a pieit in of etrateg). . \For at this paint (meaning Billings) alone is it pessiblc fur the trethe it Ow east - and west. the nerth and the sieith to meet.\ Now that ought to make sonic tit' he pretenders in other parts of the great, west stand tied for a little while. No ene within the confines of Montana x -ill break loose, and we all deft our h a ts te Billings and the railroad editor of the Gazette. But would it be all tight eime of us fellirws hanging within fifty to seventy five miles et the edge to entertain wee lit ti. .p.'s that some of the ,ivertiew might per chance team. to us in the mad s, -ramble of rail- roads to get into and iint of Billings' Weel jest like to know. that•s all, Legislature Convenes. The Montana' legislat rue ei y ems] last Mentlay and Isith heliees iirietteeed eleirtly after mien with the iifficers libelee NV W ell. Bette speaker. EA I w ii iii Hi rk statakei pre tem. Charles Pieidla. Bulze oman chief clerk. C P Blakely. I,iv !lig-sten sergeant al arms R If He\ is ehaplein Senate Themes NI level. t , ( - heel preeideet pre tem Nathan 0.011 freY Helenit .14s:retitle - the is ili•meeriatie and the ieei ;de repuldii It time: are ilisceuraged frein heading 1w lion at the next meeting. It is the in tention of the club to prepare and ois tribute literature descriptive of the country, presenting the advantages. re sources and inducements the (lint: I ii offers to homeseekere Officers of the club for the ensiii year were elected as follows: Preside!. • J. W. JOhnston; vice president. Dr \\ Richards: secretary -treasurer, A Burlington Renews Lease. .‘cceisling to the Billings paisas t leirlingttin Oa.% renewed its lease a ;ti Northern Pacific whereby it is u•e abbil to run its trains into Billing , fi Huntley over the Northern Pacific t In addition it will use the new neat l ot and passenger switchee The unit (or of mowing the frisizLf This. terminals and transfer (am east- side of the riVOr Crow lands- for no other reason than the lack of means to cross the river with provisions for the summer's work and a way to safely reach a market in the fall with the crops produced. Major Reynolds, In- dian agent, has recogeized that a bridge is necessary for the development of the Indian lands: that before white men will go in and lease these lands there must be suitable roads and a bridge across the river.. It is the policy of the governinent to lease the agricultural lands to white settlers and in order to de so it will devolve upon the Imalirni department to assist in milking it leis sible ft ii' renters to gain nceess tti the land. Major Reynolds has studied the conditions thoroughly and is convinced that the interests of the Indians demand a suitable bridge at some piint near Hardin, either at the month of the Lit- tle Horn or at the mouth of Two Leg - gins. While not stating so with auth- ority, the Tribune is informed that Mr. Reynolds will reconnnend an ;iiipropri- ation from the Indian funds of $10,000 for this purpose, and it is altogether likely that on his recommendation the department- at Washington will give its approval. The Is lard of county ci 'minis- sioners of Yellowseine comity, it is be- lieved, will appropriate an equal sum, and it is hoped that the Rosebud teirinty board will appropriate a reasonable and just amount for the necemmodation of citizens of that county . living in the dis- trict directly eaet of Hardin and who are compelled to cross the Big Horn at all wits , ills of the year. Invitations have been extended to the members of the board of county corn- missii ewers of Yellowstone and aehml counties, and to Major Reynolds, to meet in Hardin at some early date to ciinfer and if rseisible decide on building tie' bridge and select the site. After a thori winch discussion of the bridge question. rentine matter wee dis posed of, including the appointment of II) the company circles throughout the country. Th ,, big gatherings were orderly lint reithaeiastic. All the labir leaders dwelt at length on what they di,•lartal to lie the danger to poPular form of go‘s , rnment that lies in the misuse of , the injunctive by the ceurts. Resolutions deciaring it the deter- mination of labor unions in this city to give Onnpers, Marrison and Mitchell both moral and financial mule\ ire tak lug equal risk with them in so doing were unanimously adopted. Refuses to Abdicate. Yellowstone tsiunty's It u iffit - ers were installed in their resasaive sitions Monday of this wet.k that is, all but two, Ira L. Whitney treasurer - elect, and the successful aspirant for the honors and emoluments id clerk of the district court. For this position both Nat G. Carwile and Lorin T. Jones appeared and made demands. Fred H. Foster. present clerk, positively refused to abdicate. He refused to surrender to Jones on the ground that he is not elected to the position: Carwile's de- mands were refused for the same reas- on, and in addition Mr. Foster claims that the decree on which Mr. Carwile claims the office calls; for the position on the cancellation of Jones' certificate of election issued by the can viissilia board of Yellowstone county. Foster also claims that Jones holds no sut:ii certificate as the only one in his posses- eion was issued- to him by Conn ty Clerk Whitney. . In the meantime Mr. Foster will continue to hold office until the contest case of Carwile vs. Jones pending in the snpreme court is de- cided. E. Dry C. SPENCER, General Merchandise Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Clothing. Hardin, Mit. StorkComplete Ili ,1 1/9010 ,11y% wv111 , 11 , 11 , 116116 1 41....••••41. The ontana Saloon W. A. BECKER, Mgr. Diplomat Whiskey. JI $T RIGHT\ Imported and Domestic CIGARS B udweiser and illings E E R (iv (i) \ IMPORTED WINES Corner Central Ave. and Second Streets. HARDIN, Mont. • WA Aft /A/ 'ft 4/11A WWWWW. 411. VW 11 /V 44/ ANIA WV , WI /WWI ..... /WOW WOW WW. ft , NOW ft. , / • • • Big Horn Saloon, D. R. WILLS, Manager, Dispenser of FINE Wines, Liquors and Cigars HARDIN, MONT. • • • • • • ......... • • • Standard Oil Wins. The supreme court of the United or States on Monday refusal to grant the s government's plea for a rehearing in the reversed of the V9,000,000 fine against the Standard Oil co. The fine was imposed by Judge Landis of the United States einuit court for re : bating. and on ;ipiieal of the Standen] was reversed by the federal court if appeals. The effect of the disision a ill be to leave standing the iietion of ti wish to reach. Teams with or without drivers. Prompt service. the court of appeals which was ad. XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXX X XXXXXX HARDIN Feed,Livery&Transkrc. FRANK BODE, Proprietor. First, -Class Turnouts to points on the Reservation or any place you N eree to the gi)vertunerd and fa yin a e bl [ g It is pointed out, however, that the tt c X XXXMCXXXIICXXXXIIEZXXX sepreme eente decision diets net neves- - sexily end Ow ease, el( ivernment at a committee on advertising, which cioni- en ney s M1I\ Ow original case May be mittee will report on Some plan ef ae- ilgimili tried bo i on , Judge Lami is. or I lie government limy proceed in en entirely new ease with the saint' line , if evidence. The Cl rt it announcement was the Jo ),,i rest formalitv No reaeins whatever 7 eve gi Veil and the det erminatii in 1 4 . 0 court was stated eking eith a num , 1 her of other cases uuf cemparatively little impertence 'rime chief justice simply ameinneed that the petitiim fey certiorari wes denied. Under this rid- in g th e ro e .. will Ill 1W gl I ilaCk tii Judge I eindire (emit fie a nee: trial in itc is irilaiire with the if th, t iif appeale For Sale Cheap. I /no Impt•ii:41 1 led An/Zell Wa , 1/1 t iii u 711 ht TH ,I Kah ii.111/0.1 ti i4•1 31111 nutribf•r if ot..kiiig a p parentiv V 1 / 4\ ,1 r ili Ory, I tatI1111 flOtel. dP V 0 of xpress and Dray Orders Promptly Done ro, wave Awe , shim* so -op a • IV aqui 911101111111111.1 agetligill Leading and Imported and I Best Liquors Domestic Cigars Little Horn Saloon I .. Family Trade . ] a Specialty. BTOLTENBURO & COFFIN, Props. Sunny Brook Bonded Whiskey al a Mat 111 • Wel dB 11111111M1111•1111111111, \A I Ulardin MeatMarket .,....: . Moc.00t4A1.11 & MOW. Proprieties's. ,. ..: Highest Price Paid for Hides and Fars. Dealesaila Home and Cattle. wow ~AiskA0V • L.,

The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.), 08 Jan. 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.