The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.) 1908-1925, January 15, 1909, Image 1

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• country. Waii h e t i e . t i m b er test i ng mai irrigated land isoosiderahly great i e• n i t wi t than trete the lands watered by irri . plant to be eperated by the s tia , mi government Th e p i ma 1, e! I ganion. And expert termer, frum the whe have studiet1 located in the machinery hall and all the k nown wee d s will h e tested ti, d efer seil and ceeditions thoroughly, dednru Milli' their carrying strength to the th'' lauds west of Hardin saliellor breaking print. Similar experiments te the Gallatin country for the raising w in b e ma d e with hi n d s „f } m ild ! e inter wheat and other et -reels. On ing stones for tht• first Hine at an in- these lands are now 'octets! a number ternational 411 lorther Gallatin valley farmers arid When oomph nal, the forestry build- others will come ae stion as they can ing at the Scottie e x pe s iti o n le !dispose of their holdiegs in flee cone - It e nut be long until all the one of the largest houses ever try. available land in the ceiretry tribotary B. J. LAMIWERS built in the ‘serld :Ind \vat be one of the most attrective on t h e to Hardin will be filed upon and he - Th e tome the homes of prosperous farmers. grounds of the, rto!) t'\ 1,111' ion. al as k t oc ti k on _p inahi . exiesa m it i s mra . With 50e.100 acres of wheat lane and 7;') per (see cemiolett• and half of the ; acres of irrigated !antis rigid ut ii m o cs , i 1 s . jti .„,, t , h ave b een (ter ;deer, Hardin hes e bright attire. pitted. e aspealt. Ten big build \ v alch griew• iegs are complete and the Cnitee , States *oils - Intent has cleared its site Report On Dr) Farming. and ‘‘ (eminence work en the build- Bulletin 64 of the Montana experi- togs t4) he:Ise exhibits from the tie went station, under title tot ''Dry Farm- pertments at Washington, Alaska ing Investigations in Mentana, - is now, Ci gars and Beer Hawaii and the Philippines at once. in the printer's hands and will be ready for distributien io the very near Pushing County division. future' This bulletin contains the re - The Helene Independent says: stilts of all dry terming experiments Billings, Montan.a there will be many county di- conducted s..) far in the dry farming ; \est; e belies aired during the present substations in the state, On the first page of the bulletin is a statement of the six c nclusiona drawn from a study of the data eon- THE HARDIN TRIBUNE. VOL. IL NO.!. MUMMY - ......••••••••• 411,416.! HARDIN, MONTANA, FRIDAY, \VARY 15. 1909. $2.00 PER YEAR. Monster Log Building. J . W. JOHNSTON, Every tone (of the big logs to be used in the en-ellen tor the forestry building un the greunds el the AlasskaYukon. land is, of ceurse, umeh smaller I &IR j Pacific eximrsition at Seattle this year U. S. Land Commissioner , v111 ,,, Iltain between leek and P2,000 mire that the Pridits ' 4 \vit froth dry tect heard measure. tor 'utilise . suf- fanning, ate greeter at the teed of Insurance Real Estate Notary Public HARDIN, Mtn ‘fter the salt- was nettle he said: 0 • I came to this eteintry land • could 14. betight for frtUAI $10 to $12 I * peranie and 1 made a geed liviter eff lit -it to mold the average awn , : ended peried of years. I say this after my lesi all the trine 1 WaS lien. anti 0 house. Surrounding the big building ; having tarilw 41 b \th ` 1 '''''' hilid far the i„ , s oiereastst tie) fuld in value. * A (0 ailafin valley fanat'r• \ -ii° has for a ‘ slues man. If One takes ii ; land A General &Inking Business !reinstated Accounts Solicited i 1 I will be 122 of these mammoth liess. 40 a mimber of Years- ! feet in heighth and centainnig a total ' - 1 („, sloontetia country is the ',lace ( - - $23,000.00 1 o f W o r t , t Ini n I ;On . 000 6.0 „ f h unts:iv, large Moldings in both in - wriest anti her .. ,,, ,,itio . . ist any lucidity ,ind esp.( •vi ..I nen irrigiitts1 hinds, says that he has eildi , , i: . this sle•tion, he is bound te I One of the !most imp octant exhibits T. A. SNIDOW DIRECTORS .i...ii_ a ri.c.ord of 4•XpellS0s 1.1114i 1'4 l'elptiS I wo or ,, i 0 , , „iwrou, / have 11, , ,,, , f , ,t,, , t, J'. B. ARNOLD MONTANA in s 'eonnecti , at eith the he e ler m i n e , 1 t E. A. HOWELL CARL RANKIN G. F. BURLA resulting item fat - mute beth areas and - , try. :eel (air of parneolar inten(st eo a ve.e tiro iie crops were nut e;osi fli 0 , om t rat t,\ mi d imild,.1-, all „ Nei . t h e that he finds his net !nosh, ft' lit the• 4.11' 0 11111...11 11-4411 an..4+1 6 + 11 us..4.1 1 \\Illanwtt44' 41 111r$1 ,- \\\us.4+1111 -41 111na r it+ - HARDIN BRICK YARD B. J. Lionmels, Propr. See Me Before Buying Brick 41•••••••••••••••••••\ 1 •••• • For sale in any quantity. .10,k AM - L. H. FENSKE, Wholesale Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention. I 0.410010*- -4101.111.- -0411111111. -40011M- .0111111*- -401100- 1 deals with the (-see:thin of a cerinty to A . E. CALAHAN be known as Stillwater and the coon- tallied. In brief these canclusions are: ties which would be affected are Yet- 1. 'hat the dry lands of Montana may be made to pay profitable returns I; owstone. Carbon and Sweetierass. The proposed comity wo uld b e win- when properly handled. I postal almost entirely of the famous 2. That fall sown crops yield better Stillwater valley. Senator Annin, who than spring sown ones, and that 'riff- • has the measure in eharge, says that key red fall wheat gave the highest ! 90 per vent of the people of the section yield of all erops tested. I ESTIMATES FURNISHED favor the idea, end he has a list of • e 3. That light seeding of from three . petitions which go far toward substan- to fi'Ve pecks per acre is better than I The propose,d county would be corn- gr he z a ti si l ie c r roi 7ling in the ease of the timing his contention. Hardin or Foster 0-04•0•-•=0.--•=0*--••••-•••••-••••• 0 .• posed of about fifty townships, and 4. That planting grain in rows for would be about 75 miles long and 25 inter -tillage is unprofitable. milt% wide. 5. That it pays to keep a summer Discussing the proposed county, Sen- tallow tilled properly to prevent. weed growth and maintain a moistme con- seasien nssislatnre is well known. The first new -ores to be jot roductai A I Contractor and Builder ground and to farm on a larger Man, the 1324lieliSe$ incidental to carrytng the work are much less than theee in- curred in irrigated regeons, and die ••••'.1110 , . , .....1110\.111111 ,1 11111 0• •••••• - ••. The +. Denver LUNCH ROOM The Old Reliable Meals at MI ' \The etounty which e e propose to form would bring no hardship to any ciounty, three slices being taken from as _many counties, all of which are large enough so no inconvenience would be felt. The residents of this district all bring their produce to Columbus to market and go to their H ours county seat mils- vhen forced to do so on court or other business which must be transacted at the county Seat.\ G. H. THOMAS Architect and Builder Estimates furnished for CONCRETE. BRICK and FRAME WORK. Hardin, Mont, A. ROUSSEAU, BRICK Manufacturer AND Contractor Plans and Specifications a Specialty. grit11 GET MY PRICES Before Building Hardin, Mont. A flu ii its - c chunty division seheme serving mulch. The relative yields of different grains tested and other points of interest along dry farming lines are also given School Apportionment Made. County superintendent Sara E. bridge that we need and must have. Merse has made the school apportion meat from taxes paid bite the county The salin e 'aunty (Kan.) Index says treasurer's office eor the year iteis. Tht. total amount paid into the treasurer it has Ilisc . 'ver+ 41 a new nor school purpises reached the sum of \Every boy wants to be a ach°° 1 which will in all probability not get $63,566.el, to be divided among thus teacher.every ti0h , )O1 teacher hopes to he arty farther than the committee to districts of the county. 1St this an i'N , 1•1 - (41i tar would like It be which it will he referred is in re g ard amount Billings gets V4.780.09, Hardin la hanker' ii.inker would like ti to the propos $1,324.29 and Valley Center eoli ed county of Musselshell, !a trust m n agate n ad m m every trust ag t s; which would be taken from Yellow- The other twenty . districes reCe'l ye' Va! lit list's sei n e day to own a farm awl stone and Fergus. The bill is opposed heve chickens and cows and pigs end ions amounts accenling to the number by menders ef the house front both of children in eaCli district. Only three hiir''es fir \'I' after- So we end ((entities .tral the members of the leg- districts outside of Billings recei‘e isigS11..' islet are, it is believed, will agree with amounts as large as the Hardin de them and let the bill die. t r e t t s , whee l sh o ws it IA) he aiming II,. I sit supinely on your roost. lout Mr. Pomeroy has giver hot iee of a best and meet populous in Yellowstoet , come aleng and help its boost, for the ise ,p ese d new comity It he km own as oiiinty. ter things 4ff every kind, and leave Kootenai w hien e ill he taktn d. from The total number of children of your kicking teethes behind. 011! let Flathead if she measure is enacte President Cashier sold I,Im place it , ' hays Made Good Money, setter in the valley venienve of the people in that locality. The cennty commissieners acquiesced in the demands for a bridge and ex- pressed a willingness to build it anti was ready at any titne to do so. A wrangle brought about by - Itical self in- terests as to the location of the struc- ture kept it from being built for more than; three years. Their experielict: should be sufficient to deter anything of the salt happening in cennection with the bridge question at Hardin. The Tribune suggests that the people k rep hands off. The esunty cemmiit- si oners, in conjunction with Agent Reynolds, will certainly decide on a lo- cation that will be just and equitable and to the hest interests of the general public and country at large. It's the school age i n the el ninty is 3,64S, an in- 114 hilosi far better streets, and se rfter Dry Farming Profitable, crease of eso eel last year. The air hods, and longer sheets: for (en o other portienment has also increased frem loans and better lights. shiorter That profits frtno dry farming art' , ft lost 0111* to $8:1,54;it It th e untied blatherskites. fer finer Is ono s being realised in the dry farm districts (of Montana is no longer a question. in ,, e „ ciar, she \song a healthy increase Hi /1,11 Sl.11414 /I 4 4,114 Iren 111111 tia4Xabh . pr'4 the Judith Basin, where dry. farming erty. leis been fellewed for it number of years, it is recognized as the mainstay 'The people of Billings are up in aims of a vast territery Winter wheat is against a lull introduced in the S011at , • grewn Itt pertecti; on and the yield is by Senatior Carter providing for the tome - items. Other e r a ins a nd establishment of a new land district in are gnown stela:se-fully end with prefit : Montana. The new district as pro - ID the thillat in \alley where dry potted cuts a slice off the north side of ing has been nolltowisl 'TO y the Billings district and takes a big his ore. the same success, has born re- whack off the south side ttf the I A 11 t her 1444411 11 1)S , of this state ton district. and it is prepesed te tiers this system is now rtssognized ns per- , Harloowten the land (office feast manent and pnotitable \Vithin the distrea inclinles a (strip oh. trig tie past three years it has been demon- I ' line of the Milwaukee railreed s strateil that the mon-irrigated seetions wonki be tesnit 150 miles Sing of Yellowstone county - are susceptilole wide, Billings ! aspic. cl a i m e cif prole-ing inagnitieent winter e heet a ssert tak e aw a y frein thot city crops, \ItilVillyt 14.441 eXielisively (-seam cd future land husitkm. o n the him a west ;sap) enithe est (of demenstrates that to Ihe average r , H AT - I ljn ,,f thi s h i nd i s being rap Lee -site there is little in Nese:eel • idly taken by settlers reining itt f row i One 01104IILIV the. Vi.,11,t‘k st.,I l e it; : tho We'st0r1) Oates and with :mil this' 1.4sko. count hardly :in exeeptioon every Monee.teader how they fail te reetarnize the iss. is w ell pleased with his new home iind kiintry tributary to that ; 11 ths•e i res th a t he w a nts n.) Itetter :ten Illf111111 r,uMervam tu tn 111141 the. than a fa fir in the strip T1‘ 01 U7143041 ihstrictx tin I hi, y 4111 , f. teeter -ays7 see Rankin SS Mitchell ftor fie \Vhile it is necessary It, have tin 'it -otranc.. In.” -,041 on every mat' \\it,. ,l,m•sti t bottst!—Ex. --- When u Mt' in 1 g gets ;Ili 0.1i • •., every (Oiler hug ii ill tr't , 1 'ing and stineal and 1.e.g ;Ind is Driel: JJ, lote, but pee let tin' hog get him O te• A oil . in the .if a foove and tee, \ ` ,,, 11 of it seY% is lbjiimp and lull tin, I hint t .hit se it is with mpt , . ss l o n g a s ;1 yIrdit 1, !I u ; els-nos :tn.l has ineney he (sin t keep ho. fr1011(h. toff oh a bee ate hat Floe !moment he iniferimiste ond iseitth is gime he is •flUltiosi 1,1. , fernier olds Ise nee ein lu e; • ;ill hole , oete 1 olt Mall si,mn 1 , 4 1, /V. 11 V44 441111 Aside and g traek Is Istod Ili Times. \ lull %%I n th,, settees( at the p r eee t e so 1 1 14)4 ttl ..1 Flathead 1 1 11 / 1 4 - 1 4'14111 1 \ It •in tle se • fet the ere:to ne e. so half 10141. car's is a good tent.\ Church Notice. li,!Ain 10 a. in. Foster 2 p. by Rev.ji. Ct. Gibson. The Second Advent of flat \For the Lord Himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with if the Archangel and wilI. es titimp uf (esi.\ 1 Thees. I it; eP n. lit ye thetefere, and turn twain that your sins may be Wetted out Acts 3: 19 \rid take heed to yourselves, lest at time your hearts Is , exercharged wits surfeiang, and drunSenness, and the ; ores of this life, and so that day lb.-16. 1 6-1‘ - ‘aiaii 4 a.wval. 414 101ViNV16 1 ‘1111411-11triblk• 111,1111/4 461) '\IlliusAW a llans-it+t1....11 ,- \Illia..4+10\ 641 111..4•11 -1 \11.401100 401 111.1 0 .41 I 0. F. BURI.A, E. A.. HOWELL, No. 9218 orst National Bank 01 HARDIN, MONTANA I - I. M. ALLEN ca CO., Lath Shinglem Sash Doors B'Idg Paper Hardin, Wholesale end Reta I Dealer's in LUMBER C. C. C.A.LHOLlIsTSManager Lime, Hair Wall Paper Cement Mixed Paint Linseed Oil Montana c;;Iii• upon 05 unewares.'' : is will be the first of a h/' H ' ' 4 t}11 / ,- 1ierni /le, oil the second c 11111L.:, , , t • .les , , , lolst. If you hear this ono y (at o p cal( (., t ter understand the next t‘t,, 4 0 Am t • ,. ( are kindly invited to hear all , (;eneral # ,,t ii.,,,,,,. ,, opinions a friffi, let us all get ready, and til,H Merchandise 0,,rt: not going to step 0 are dead or still ale, when He gets here, we will be glad to $ -1.e Him. Dou't Butt In. Residents of Hardin and the fanners up and down - the valley on both sides • of the Big Horn river should pm& by Ha Edit'', I/Olt Stork Complete $ the experience of our friends up HI IV% 116110111016 %' %-'%'t.% Columbus. A bridge aeross the Yellow- stone river at that uolaes was greatly ------- and a necessity for the c•on hc 0 E. C. SPENCER 1 t Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Clothing. ontana Saloon W. A. BECKER, Mgr. •10 ,••• MO. ...row V Diplomat Whiskey. \11'8T RIGH - 1\ . Imported Domestic CIGARS advieiser and illings EER• IMPORTED wINES Corner Central Ave. and Second Streets. (_) HARDIN, Mont. I Big Horn Saloon, D. R. WILLS, Manager, Dispenser of FINE Wines, Liquors and Cigars HARDIN, MONT. 211213 MUDULL110131. XXXXXX XXXXXX z XXXXXXX.WX' XX XX • N Feed f Livery&Transferc FRANK BODE, Proprietor. I - IARDIN First -Class Turnouts to points on the Reservation or any place you wish to reach, Teams with or *without drivers. Prompt service. orsi larger trees, for bats :tial lu, Is ,ind bees; for she it h airs honger pay. /Ind few,gr thistles in nt hay: for letter grub and loigger 1 h IT' t WI 111(1)111.4 tiu light the t ICXX XXXXXX XX skies. Ind let the dogs uut NA ;: I 1116 WNW Wit IN eta* ilk ;11. IR Wit •,a MIPS 911111,1111. Mr Ea, Express and Dray Orders Promptly Done Leading and • Best Liquors Imported and Domestic Cigars Little Horn Saloon • STOLTENBUILO 1 . k COFFIN, Props. • • Sunny Brook Family Trade Bonded Whiskey a Specialty... to los or somoopos arm , ar IV a IF 1111 , 111111111111111411 I Mor.D0114111 cissuif.004.11iCie. Highest Priee Paid for Hides sad Pun. Semikrobrillisraes 6 lad Cattle. .....~.^~0~Awnwovkarwww~miwkovio\ Hardin Meat Market

The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.), 15 Jan. 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.