The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.) 1908-1925, January 29, 1909, Image 3

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4 Cialt$k\vaVou ‘:tk: v iKxmci.uoay CAVCC•01‘Wo t) .% VvVexW$aul\ cSSoltsw 6 %\s* tAutick:ol ou,VtAkky kvacSic . aak 1taukk \A; votay.Symy viVis alive riiikktotaktsciattuSctrarittuVat s‘>ttxut tiniaAla\ I Y avsPews‘ a xv. ‘\‘ ValytttAtX%Vied kasSt satiskISSa wtvaimxivra arc to assvs‘ luittivo,uniud to suwleent. I‘citucc,A_ ttmoitvas vaw,t 1 / 4 1. 1 A:ta k‘tkx— latottIN upon wcop‘t wartshmeitk Ixoper 4lotts.oul r+1 \waxt gmtaly. ist tesseSsask sy j kstseiweys bay tits it.RMINI s CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. So(() Wr AL I LEADING Ow ,C. ( ASTS oat Site ciettY - FiECJI)L.J444 Pitr t PEW ISOTTLE A SPEEDY ONE. Miss Tapps—Qt course, some type- writers are extremely expert. Clerk—Oh, yes. I know of one who married a rich employer in less than three months. TOLD TO USE CUTICURA. After Specialist Failed to Cure Her In- tense Itching Eczema—Had Been Tortured and Disfigured But Was Soon Cured of Dread Humor. \I contracted eczema and suffered Intensely for about ten months. At times I thought I would scratch my- self to pieces. My face and arms were covered with large red patches, so that I was ashamed to go out. I was advised to go to a doctor who was a specialist in skin diseases, but I received very little relief. I tried every known remedy, with the same results. I thought I would never get bet- ter until a friend of mine told me to try the Cuticura Remedies. So I tried them, and after four or five applications of Cuticura Ointment I was relieved of my unbearable itching. I used two sets of the Cuticura Remedies, and I am completely cured. Miss Barbara Kral, Highlandtown, Md., Jan. 9, '08.\ Potter Drug a Chem. Corp.. Bole Props., Bostell. Work of Women Inventors. Women are said to have been issued more than 6,000 patents by the United States office. They are not all domes- tic by any means, either, as some of them are for car couplers, night sIgnal- trig, life rafts, car wheels, machities for manufacturing ozone and a type- writer for the blind. A pocket sewing machine and a sash that will go up wrthout sticking are other inventions by women. With a smooth iron and Defiance Starch, you can launder your shirt- waist jukt as well at home as the steam laundry can; it will have the proper stiffness and finish, there will be leas wear and tear of the goods, and it will be a positive pleasure to use a Starch that does not stick to the iron. The Most Dangerous Capital. London, which used to boast of be- ing the quietest and safest capital of the world, has become noisier than Paris and more dangerous than New York. Nearly 300 persons are now killed annually by street accidents, and how many more just escape with their lives cannot be computed.—Out- look. Good Judge of Human Nature. \Jones says he can usually tell men's occupations from their appear- ance.\ \Yes Jones can. He can spot a col- lector as far as he can see him.\— Detroit Free Press. When a youtig man tells a girl that he'll love her forever and ever no doubt he believes be is telling the truth all the time. ONLY ONE \BROMO QUININE\ That is LAXATIVE BROM° QUININE. Look for the sIsrnature of IC. W. GROVM. Used the World over to Cure a Cold In One Day. 25c. It is not what We intend, but what we do makes us useful.—More. Lewis Single Binder straight be cigar made of rich, mellow tobacco. Your dealer or Lewis' Factory, Peoria, Ill. A goe.' ietective makes light of his '•ility s shadow DODD'S KIDNEY PILLS THE SUNDIAL IN MEXICO. Primitive Timekeepers Still Popular In the Southern Republic. -- Mexico s'ity.—The sandlot still is in common use in many parts of Mexi- co. These primitive time indicators are to be seen upon many of the build- ings in the towns and cities. Even in the capital of the republic, with its many great clocks, sundials are to be found upon many of the ancient build- ings. It is in the smaller towns, how- ever, where the sundial is still relied upon by the natives as the true mark- er of time. Upon the high plateau, where the weather is seldom cloudy, One of the Many Ancient Sundials in Mexico. the sundial is in service most hours of the day. Some of these dials are two or three centuries old. They are carved out of stone with artistic pre- cision. - In order that the general pub- lic may obtain the benefit of the sun's markings the sundials usually are placed upon buildings having a wide and commanding view. WINTHROP TO BE KNOX'S AID. Massachusetts Man Chosen for First Assistant Secretary of State. Washington.—Beekman Winthrop Of Massachusetts, assistant sec- retary of the treasury, will be first assistant secretary of state under the incoming administration, succeeding 'Robert Bacon of New York, who is ex- pected temporarily to succeed Elihu Root upon the latter's retirement in the near future. The tender was made with the con- sent of President-elect Taft by Senator ,Knox, whose selection as secretary of state was announced a short time age. Mr. Winthrop, who is of the eighth generation in descent from John Win- throp, the first governor of Massachu- setts, and of the seventh hien John Winthrop, the first governor of Con- necticut, was born in Orange, N. J., and is 34 years old. He graduated from Harvard in 1897 and from the Harvard law school, and was admitted to the New York bar in 1899. He be- came private secretary to Mr. Taft as governor of the Philippine islands in Beekman Winthrop. November. 1900; governor of Porto Rico on July 4, 1904, and assistant secretary of the treasury in 1907. Sunday Afternoon Newspapers. The Westerly (R. I.) Sun rises up td remark that Frank A. Munsey of the Washington Times, instead of being a pioneer in his scheme of a Sunday afternoon paper in the capital, is real- ly copying after at least two other newspapers. \The Sun,\ writes the editor, \claims to be the originatcrr of the:Sunday afternoon edition business, except in the case of a New Orleans newspaper, which has been printed seven afternoons each week for a good many years. We are ready to give Mr. Munsey credit for being the first in a wide circle of periodical lit- erature, hut be is out of it so far as the Sunday afternoon newspaper is :oncerned.\ • . Dry Fall. \What are you doing with that cap on\' demanded the stern bouseatife as she took a firmer grip on the snow shovel. \Why mum.\ responded Gritty George. \I'm a distressed yachtsman. I just fell off me yacht and thought maybe ye could--\ \Oh. nonsense! If you had fallen off the yacht yer clothing would be Wet\ \Er—no. mum. Yer see, dis was an Ice yacht.\—Chicago Daily News. COULD NOT SHAKE IT OFF. I ESTERS LANADA S I Kidney Trouble Contracted by Thou- sands in the Civil War. WILL GIVE James W. Clay, 666 W. Fayette St, Baltimore, Md., says: \I was troll. bled with kidney complaint from Olt time of the Civil There was oonsta pain in the back and head and the kid- ney secretions were' painful and showed a sediment. The first remedy to help me was Doan's Kidney Pills. Three boxes made a. complete cure and during five years past I have had no return of the trouble.\ Sold by al! dealers. 50c a box. Fos- ter -Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. NO TEMPTATION. Wag (referring to Miss Oldbird)— Urn, I should think it would be more suitable if she were standing under \elderberries\ instead of. mistletoe - berries. Mice on the Pillow. \I'm not so much afraid of mice as some women,\ said she, \but I don't like them in my hair. The other night I finished a biscuit I was eating after I went to bed and naturally left some crumbs about, not meaning to, never thinking of mice. \Well about the middle of the night I heard scampering, and there were the mice all over my hair, trying to get at those crumbs. \I tell you, I gave one shriek, sprang up, lighted all the gas in the room and sat up the rest of the night watch- ing that pillow.\ MIX FOR RHEUMATISM The following is a never failing rem- edy for rheumatism, and if followed up it will effect a complete cure of the very worst cases: \Mix one-half pint of good whiskeY with one ounce of 'Furls Compound and add one ounce Syrup Sarsaparilla Compound. Take in tablespoonful doses before each meal and at bedtime.\ The ingre- dients can be procured at any drug store and easily mixed at home. Friendly Advice. \If I ever marry,\ said the bachelor who was beginning to be old, \I shall be careful to pick out a lady whom I can treat as my equal.\„' \Oh say, old chap,\ answered the married man. \I wouldn't do that if I were you. I can tell you from ex- perience that a woman who would submit to such treatment wouldn't be worth having around the house.\ There is more Catarrh in this section of the country than all other diseases put together, and until the last few years was supposed to be incurable. For a great many years doctors pronounced it a local disease and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly falling to cure with local treatment, pronounced it Incurable. Science has proven Catarrh to be a conertinational dis- ease, and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure. manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, Ohio. Is the only Constitutional cure on the market. It Is taken Internally in doseri from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer one hundred dollars fir any ease it fails to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. s A o dd l d essr tiv : Drugg l , J. ista. C11B 75 1t e l . EY di CO.. Toledo, Ohio. Take Hall's Family PUla for constipation. Absent -Minded Alderman. A Lynn (Mass.) alderman at a re cent aldermanic meeting inquired what had become of an order he had intro- duced some time before calling for an arc light on Willow street. The city clerk, after digging into his files, in- formed him that the order had come before the board nearly a month pre- vious and that he had voted against it. Important to Mothers. Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA a safe and sure remedy for infants and children, and see that it Bears the Signature of In Use For 0 (1 30 1 - ears, The Kind You Have Always Bought He's No Player. Bronson—I'm sorry the golf season has closed. Woodson—Why? Bronson—It is better to have people go and play the game than to have them sit around and talk . about it Folly. ii1M--I don't see how you can bring yourself to kiss that dog. Her—And I suppose the dog don't see how I can bring myself to kiss you We're a foolish sex, aren't we? A Giveaway. \I tell you my wife is hard to beat'\ \1 thought you told me that you got that black eye splitting wood\— Houston Post. Men are sometimes so good and so great, that one is led to exclaim: Oh, that they were only a little better and a little greater!—J. H. Newman. Pettit's Eye Salve for Over 100 Years has been used for congested and inflamed eyes. removes film or acorn over the eyes. All druggists or Howard Bros., Buffalo, N. Y. A man's wife never thinks his ness is serious until he quits using lan- guage that wouldn't look well in print The Rest Laxative—Garfield Tea! Om - posed of Herbs, it exerts a beneficial effect upon the entire system, regulating liver, kidneys, stomach and bowels. Many a man has lost his good same ay having it engraved on the bundle of his umbrella. i8 C OP TO THE FARMERS OF WEST A SPLENDID RETURN. The following interesting bit of in- formation appeared in a Montreal paper: \Last December, in reviewing the year 1907, we had to record a wheat harvest considerably smaller In vol. eine than in the previous year. Against ninety millions in 1906 the wheat crop of the West in 1907 only totaled some seventy-one million bushels, and much of this of inferior quality. But the price averaged high, and the total re- sult to the farmers was not unprofit- able. This year we have to record by Tar the largest wheat crop in the coun- try's history. Estimates vary as to the exact figure, but it is certainly not less than one hundred million bushels, 8.nd in all probability it reaches one hundred and ten million bushels. The quality, moreover, is good, and the price obtained very high, so that in all respects the Western harvest of 1908 has been a memorable one. The result upon the commerce and finauce of the country is already apparent. The railways are again reporting in- creases in traffic, the general trade of the community has become active after twelve months' quiet, and the banks are loosening their purse strings to meet the demand for money, The prospects for 1909 are excellent. The credit of the country never stood as high. The immigrants of 1907 and.1908 have now been absorbed into the in- dustrial and agricultural community, and wise regulations are in force to prevent too great an influx next year. Large tracts of new country will be opened up by the Grand Trunk Pacific both in East and West. If the seasons are favorable the Western wheat crop should reach one hundred and twenty million bushels. The prospects for next year seem very fair.\ An inter- esting letter is received from Cardston, Alberta (Western Canada), written to an agent of the Canadian government, any of whom will be pleased to advise correspondents of the low rates that may be allowed intending settlers. \Cardston 21st, 1908. \Dear Sir: Now that my threshing is done, and the question 'Wh4 Will the Harvest Be,' has become a cer- tainty, I wish to report to you the re- sults thereof, believing it will b4 of in- terest to you. You know •I am only a novice in the agricultural line, and do not wish you to think I am boasting because of my success, for some of my neighbors have done much better than I have, and I expect to do much bet- ter next year myself. My winter wheat went 53 bushels per acre—and graded No. 1. My spring wheat went 48% bushels per acre, and graded No. 1, My oats went 97 bushels per acre, and are fine as any oats I ever saw. My ,stock is all nice and fat, and are out In the field picking their own three square meals a day. The weather is nice and warm, no snow—and very little frost. This, in short, is an ideal country for farmers and stockmen The stock requires no shelter or win- ter feeding, and cattle fatten on this grass and make the finest kind of beef, better than corn fed cattle in Ills. Southwestern Alberta will stain be known as the farmers' paradise; and I am only sorry I did not come here five years ago. Should a famine eve strike North America, I will be amon. the last to starve—and you can count on that. \I thank you for the persona/ assist ance you rendered me while 'coming In here, and I assure you I shall not soon forget your kind offices.\ Inconsistency. \Isn't that Jones over there—the man who writes the bitter articles about abolishing the tipping nui- sance?\ \Yes that's Jones.\ \What's he talking about?\ \He is raising a sarcastic howl over the fact that a noted millionaire Is alleged to have given a waiter a nickel tip.\ Early Conditions Important. Artists say that the surroundings of the child determine whether or not he may become an artist. Hideous sur- roundings warp and twist the percep- tion of the beautiful so that in later life the child cannot compete with those who have enjoyed a more artistic environment. Between Authors. \Why do you lay the scenes dr your stories in the far north? Because you know all about that country?\ \No; because nobody else does.\ For Lameness mliors,t? Much of the chronic lameness in horses is due to neglect. See that your horse is not allowed to go lame. Keep Sloan's Liniment on hand and apply at the first signs of stiffness. It's wonderfully penetrating—goes right to the spot—relieves the soreness — limbers up the joints and makes the muscles elastic and pliant. Sloan's Liniment will kilt a spavin, curb or splint, reduce wind puffs and swol- len joints, and is a sure and speedy remedyfor fistula, sweeney, founder and thrush. Price, soc. and $i.00 - Dr. Earl S. Sloan, - - Boston, Mass. Sloan's book on horses, cattle, sheep and poultry sent tree. I POSITIVELY CURE 45 to 50 Bu. of Wheat l'el Acre urruRE have been grown on farm lov. 1 n WESTERN CANADA I have a treatment for the cure of kupture gulch, ta Sate and is convenient to take, as no time Is lost. lam tha Inventor of thin system and the only physician who holds United State, Patent trade -mark for • Rupture mire which has restored thousands to health In the pant,* years. All others are linitatione. I have nothing for sale, Di my npecialty is the Curing 09 Rupture, and if • person has doubta, just put the money In • hank and pay when satisfied. No other doctor will do this. When taking my treatment pat - tents must come to my office. References: U. IL Nat'l Sank, Omaha. Write or call, FRANTZ H. WRAY, M. D. 306 Bee Building, OMAHA SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these Little Pills. They also relieve Dig - tress from Dyspepsia, In- digestion and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect rem edy for Dizziness, Nut, - sea, Drowsiness, Bad Taste In the Mouth, Coat- ed Tongue, Pain In the Side, TORPID LIVER. They regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable, SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE, CARTERS ITTLE IVER PILLS. Genuine Must Bear Fac-Simile Signature .401 ,31 e REFUSE SUBSTITUTES. 1LLION $ GRASS Cost:, 60c 9k per acre tot seed. nderiulgram of the century,y holding trom o( hay per acre and 10 toti of pasture Le aides. It simply growearrows,growe! Cu iii today and in 4 weeks t looks for the mower again , and so on. (I rowm and flourishes everywhere, on every fermi n Ainerita. Cheap as dirt; luxuriantasue bottom lands or Facyrt. Btir seed catalog free or send 100 in etamps and receive sample of tide wonderful gram, Alen of NW tz, the cermet wonder. Barley .thats,Clovere, etc.. etc. and tate, oot foe. Or send 140 and we will add a sample arm seen novelty never seen by you before. SALZER SEED CO.. Box W. La Crosse, Wis. STOCK AID_ 7] Ingreat variety for ..„le at the lowest prices by A. I. hILIANat/ tieliRCO.„ 7It MISCELLANEOUS ELECTROTYPES DEFIANCE STARCH easiest to work with sad starches clothea names Much less would be satisfactory. The gen- eral IlVeTage is above twenty bushels. \Allure loud in their praises of the great crops and that won- derful country.\ Ex- tract from i•orrespondence National hilliorial Association of ALUMS!, jeaL It is now possible to secure a homestead of 160 acres ftee and another 160 acres at $3.00 per acre. Hundreds have paid the cost of their farms (if purchased) and then had a balance of from $10.00 to $12.00 per acre from one crop. Wheat, barley, oats, flax -all do well. Mixed farming is a great success and dairying is highly profitable. Excel- lent climate, splendid schools and churches, rail- ways bring most every district within easy reads of market. Railway and land companies have lands for sale at low prices and on easy terms. \Last Best West\ pamphlets and maps sent free. For these and information as to how to secure lowest railway rates, apply to Superintendent of Immigration, Ottawa, Canada, or the authorized Canadian Govern- ment Aaent: W. V. BENNETT, SO1 New 'fork Lite Building. Omaha, Nebraska. The Reason I Make and Sell More Mean $3,00 & $3.50 Shoes Than Any Other lianufsctures Is because I glee the wearer the benefit of the most complete organization of trained experts and skilled shoemakers in the country. The selection of the leathers for each part of the shoe, and every detail of the maktng in every department, is looked after by the beet shoemakers in the shoe !ndratry. If I could show you how carefully W I. lloug,las shoes are made, you would then understand why they hold their shape, At better, and wear longer than any ether make. My Method of Tanning theSoles makes them Mere Flexible and Longer Wearing than any others. Rhoee for Every Member of the Family, Men, Boys, Weariest, Misses stud Children. For sale by shoe dealers everywhere. CAUTION ! None genuine elthout W. L. D mesa name and price stamped on bottom. gait Color Eyelets Used Excladvdt. Catalog mailed free. W. L. DOUULAS,114 Spark St., Briclase, Mass. RKER'S HAIR BALSAM Cleanses and beautifies the heir. Promoted a luxuriant growth. Never Palls to Restore Grey Hair to its Youthful Color. Cures scalp did -wets k hair falling, 60c, Ltd st Druggist* \ RUPTURE 'MED WHILE teu W0R9 sAS• III FREE TO ADVERTISE $ial Nolo cu. etstssaas NI 9214 I liimated with Thompsses Eye Water sore OJOS. use i W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 4, 1909. BAD COLDS are the forerunners of dangerous CIV\1:0 ^ 4 of the throat and lungs. If you have a cough, you can stop it with Piso's Cure. If you suffer from hoarsen -u, sore throat, bronchitis or pains in the lungs. Pisa's Cure will soon restore the irritated throat and lungs to normal, healthy condition. An ideal remedy for children. Free from opiates and dangerous in - For half • century the sovereign remedy in thousands of Even chronic form* of lung ch.:eases RESPOND TO PISO'S CURE C 1\.) Ui Reg' of Ask for the Baker's Cocoa bearing this trade- mark. Don't be misled by imitations The genuine sold everywhere •

The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.), 29 Jan. 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.