The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.) 1908-1925, February 05, 1909, Image 2

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a. r q,i 4 N, S EkAiw S eXtUt ads 0,c.nkky yeit prompAy onAw, bOWQX,S*, dames t'ho syskem e•Sleduct\Xy etSAAS 01W . Vtl CATAQ11114 hettiAt‘oX cousIvpaixon parturaWW To kV% beneStc;ux‘ tAiee s,aways buy kIxe, • t5't T*It CALI FORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SOLD BY LEADING DRUGGISTS 50ASOTRE Western Canada !he Pennant Winner The Last Best West\ The government ot Canada now gives to every actual set- tler 160 acres of wheat-00..1nd land free and an additional 160 acres at $3.00 an acre. The 300,000 contented American settlers making their homes in Western Canada is the best evidence of the superiority of that country. They are becoming rich, growing from 25 to 50 bushels wheat to the acre; 60 to 110 bush- els oats and 45 to 60 bushels barley, be - lodes having splendid herds of cattle raised on the prairie grass. Dairying is an im- portant industry. The crop of 1908 still keeps Western Canada in the lead. The world will soon look to It as its food -producer. The thing which tuost impressed us was the auagnitode of the country that Is available for agricultural purposes.\ —National EtItttorkti irrespotidertor. /sots. Low railway rates, good schools and churches, markets convenient, prices the highest, climate perfect. bands are for sale by Railway and Land Cent - ponies. Desert ptive pamphlets and maps sent free. Fur railway rates and other Information apply to Superintendent of immigration, Ottawa, Canada, or the authorised Canadian Government Agent: R. V. SENNETT. Ni New Teak UN Sailleas. g,,thiessis. When your Watch Stops los cannot make it go by shaking It. 'V hen the bowels are s constipated you can disturb them with cathartics but, like the watch, they will not be able to do their allotted work until they are put into proper condi- tion to do it. One cannot mend a delicate piece of mechanism by vio- lent methods, and no machine made by man is as fins as the human body. The use of pills, salts, castor-oil and strong cathartic medicines is the violent method. The use of the herb tonic laxative, Lane's Family Medicine is the method adopted by intelli- gent people. Headache, backache, indigestion, constipation, skin diseases—all are benefited immediately by the use of this medicine. Dru :I; sell it at zsc. and 50c. \A Little Cold is a Dangerous Thing\ and often leads to hasty disease and death when neglected. There are many ways to treat a cold, but there is only one right way—use the right remedy. DR.D.JAYNE'S EXPECTORANT is the surest and safest remedy known, for Coughs, Croup, Br onch iti s, Whooping Cough, Asthma, Pleurisy. It cures when other remedies fail. Do something for your cold in time, you know what delay means, you know the remedy, too— Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant. Bottles in three sizes, $1, 50c, 25c .Ao•Peamme. SICK HEADACHE • l'ositt%ely cured by these Little Pills. They also relieve Din. tress f rem Dyspepsia, In. ion anti Too Hearty Rating. A perfect rem- edy for Dizziness, Nau- sea, Drowsiness, Bad Taste In the Mouth, Coale rd Tongue, Pain In the Side, TORPID LIVER. They regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable. CARTERS ITTLE IVER PILLS. SMALL PILL SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE. • EIVTE•RS ITTLE ER Genuine Must Bear Fac-Simile Signature 47,0\.de REFUSE SUBSTITUTES. SEED BARLEY Per Saleer's catalog . • 411 , 4 GO Is . a bu. Largest growers of seed barley, oats, wheat, spelt:, corn. potatoes. grasses. clovers and fat seareda in he world. Big catalog fret: or, send 100 in stamps and rec, ive sample. of b.irley yielding 173 bu. ver acre. Billion Dollar Grass, Oats, Soeits, etc., etc. easily iivorth sto.00 to get a start with Or, send 14c and we add a sample farm seed nalelty never .een by you before: SSLZER SEED CO.. Boa W. La Crosse. Wis. DEFIANCE PARCH Os work with sad .:arches ciotlics Wallet THE HARDIN TRIBUNE By E. H Rathbone ,HARDIN, MONTANA Champ Clark says the average wom- an's hat is worth live dollars. Puzzle ----find the average woman. It is as 'old as civilization that the baby is the tyrant of the household China must be up against it hard. \Where Is our country going to?' shoots the Texas Star. A conspicuous part of it counts on going to Africa. Still, the scientist who discovered the new kind of flea can hardly hope to be rewarded with the Nobel peace prize. Natives of German Southwest Africa are on the warpath again, but not be- cause of anything Emperor William has said. The founder of the — first English penny newspaper is dead; but he lived to see the development of the American comic supplement. It takes the - French - royalists a good many years to learn that by even the most fluent conversation they cannot turn back the wheels of time. Now they want to put Castro into prison. A wave of reform is well enough, but to flood the world with it may work indiscriminate havoc. The treasury department contem- plates new designs for nickels and cents. Leave the one -cent piece alone. It's the most artistic coin we have. London has a woman chauffeur. Now let English statesmen who are opposed to woman suffrage have a care when they cross the public streets. Venezuela can better a/fOrd, to let Castro remain in Paris and spend his ill-gotten wealth than to bring him back and let him carry off what he left behind. -Mark Twain has intorporated his name. Now we shall see whether or not he puts shares on the market at three cents with the promise they will soon go to one dollar. It cost $4,000,000 to bury the late emperor of China, yet he probably isn't any more thoroughly buried than he would have been if` the funeral ex- penses had amounted to only $60. Naturally the suicide of the hus- band of a mind reader suggests the notion that, being united to an indi- vidual who can constantly read your thoughts, complicates matrimony. A Pennsylvania rooster stole a 300 -mile ride on a car truck. This Is liable to cause the railway people some expense in further revising their arrangements to shut off an free trans- portation. Now that an Englishman claims to have discovered a way of making un- happy marriages impossibfe, there are many who will jump at the conclusion that his solution consists of the sim- ple little word \don't.\ Li Hung Chang has, since his death, been proclaimed a deity, and a temple said to be the finest of its kind ever erected in China has been erected in his honor at Lu Chou, in the province of Ngan-hwei, where he lived. The French court trying the case of the Count de Castellane against his former wife has a thoroughly impar- tial prosecutor. He gave about the same certificate of bad character to both the count and his successor. Those New York people who want- ed to throw eggs at a prophet who predicted that the world would come to an end and failed to make his pre- diction come true were very foolish. There was probably not one among them who wanted to see a general collapse. In St Louts $10,000 were lately found in a tomato can. This com- pletely outclasses the restaurant oys- ter and free lunch clam with their valuable incidental pearls. Hence- forth, remarks the Baltimore Ameri- can. in St. Louis at least, the sheep. as well as the goats, will be tender to stray tin tomato cans. The directions for the \rblier-skate walk,\ which is the very latest among society girls In St. Louis. are: \Keep your legs straight. .Don't let your knees wabble, stand erect, just touch the ground with the ball of the Clot, and off you glide.\ We doubt if it will become popular with the belles of society here in Boston, says the Globe. Millions of those who have attend- ed the schools of the country, ars well as the present generation of pupils. will utter protests both loud and deep against the idea of \turning down\ that story of Paul Revere's ris: , .s With the stirring poem laid on the shelf what will hoconte of those who have made it a favorite theme at prize - speaking contests? If the St. Louis man who makes the assertion that not one of his 200 hens ever lays an egg on Sunday will come on to Massachusetts, challenges the itoetrin Globe, we can show him some sens that don't lay on Sunday, or on any other day. The whales of the Arctic are going, to have a better chance for a while. The scarcity of whales and the com- paratively low price of the ,commer- cial peesluet they yield will prevent the sailing of the whaling fleet from San Francisco in the spring. OFTEN THE CASE, Women Struggle Hopelessly Along, Suffering Backache, Dizzy Spells, Languor, Etc. Women have so much to go through In - Ms that it's a pity there is se much suffering fcom back- ache and other coin - won curable kidney Ills. If you suffer so, profit by this St143111 - ZiII'li example: Mrs. Iartin Douglass, 52 tedar St., Kingston, N. Y., says: \I had a lame, aching back, dizzy spells, head aches, and a feeling of languor. Part of the time I could not attend to my work and irregularity of the kidney s secretions was annoying. Doan's Kid- ney Pills brought me prompt relief.\ Sold by all dealers. 50c a box. Fos- ter -Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. ONE THING AT A TIME. \Have you noticed that the baronest never talks about other women?\ \How could she? She is all the time talking about herself.\ SKIN ERUPTION CURED. Was So Sore, Irritating and Painful That Little Sufferer Could Not Sleep —Scratched Constantly. Cuticura's Efficacy Clearly Proven. \When about two and a half years old my daughter broke out on her hips and the upper parts of her legs with a very irritating and painful eruption. It began in October; the first I noticed was a little red surface and a constant desire on her part to scratch her limbs. She could not sleep and the eruptions got sore, and yellow water came out of them. I had two doctors treat her, but she grew worse under their treat- ment. Then I bought the Cuticura Remedies and only used them two weeks when she was entirely well. This was in February. She has never had another rough place on her skin, and she is now fourteen years old. Mrs. R. R. Whitaker, Winchester, Tenn., Sept. 22, 1908.\ Potter Drug S Chem. Corp., Sole Prope., Boston. Too much for His Mind. \My first impulses,\ wailed the Sad - Eyed Individual, \are invariably good. In fact, I think that I may venture, without fear of undue exaggeration, to say that they are very good. But I never act on them! I always act on second thoughts. This trait in myschar- acter has ruined my career, because my second thoughts are always bad! /n fact, I think I may say, without fear of misrepresentation, that they're punk.\ \Well suggested he who was lis- tening, \why don't you wait until third thoughts, and act on them\ Mournfully, despondently, the Sad - Eyed Individual shook his head. \My dear sir,\ he groaned. \I never had three successive thoughts about anything in my lifef\ --- - BRIGHT SIDE TO BUSINESS. Occasional Flash of Humor Enlivens Chase After Dollar. It is supposed that business letters are deficient in humor. Still there have been exceptions, and the latest, sent by a member of the well-known wholesale soap -making firm of (let us say) Cake & Son, is one of the most brilliant. A retail dealer in a small way had sent for a consignment of their goods: \Gentlemen (he writes) \wherefor you have not sent me the sope? Is it bekawse you think my money is not so good os nobody elses? Darn you, Cake & Son! wherfor have you not sent the sope? Please send sope at once, and oblige yours respect- fully, Richard Jones. P. S.—Since writing the above my wife has found the sope under the counter.\ JOY WORK And the Other Kind. Did you ever stand on a prominent corner at an early morning hour and watch the throngs of people on their way to work? Noting the number who were forcing themselves along be- cause it meant their daily bread, and the others cheerfully and eagerly pur- suing their way because of love of their work. It is a fact that one's food has much to do with it. As an example: If an engine has poor oil, or a boiler Is fired with poor coal, a bad result is certain, isn't it? Treating your stomach right is the keystone that sustains the arch of health's temple and you will find \Grape -Nuts\ AB a daily food is the most nourishing and beneficial you call Use We have thousands of testimonials, real genuine little heart throbs, from people who simply tried Grape -Nuts 311t of curiosity—as a last resort—with the result that prompted the testimo- nial. If you have never tried Grape -Nuts it's worth while to give it a fair Impar- tial trial. Remember there are mil- lions eating Grape -Nuts every day— they know, and we know if you will use Grape -Nuts every morning your work is more likely to be joy -work, be- cause you can keep well, and with the brain Well nourished work is a joy. Read the \Road to Weliville\ in every package --\There's a Reason.\ RHEUMATISM PRESCRIPTION The increased use of \Toils\ f i e. rheumatism is causing considerable discussion among the medical frater- nity. It is an almost infallible cure when mixed with certain other Ingre- dients and taken properly. The fol- lowing formula is effective: \To one- half pint of good whbskey add. one ounce of Tons Compound and one ounce of Syrup Sarsaparilla Compound. Take in tablespoonful doses before each meal and before retiring.\ Tons cornpolind is a product of the laboratories of the Globe Pharma- ceutical Co., Chicago, but it as we4e21 the other ingredienais can be had from any good druggist. Wouldn't Take Him Seriously. Ile—But I need you in orib.r to be happy. She—I couldn't think of marrying needy person. SPORN'S DISTEMPER CURE will cure any _possible case of DISTEMPER, PINK EYE, and the like among homes of all ages, and prevents all others in the lame stable from having the disease. Also cures chicken cholera, tad dog distemper. Any good druggist can supply you, or tend to mfrs. 50 cents and $1.00 a 'bottle. Agepts wanted. Free book. Spohn Medical Co., Spec. Contagious Diseases, Goshen, lad. The man of intellect is the noble - hearted man withal, the true, just, hu- mane and valiant mare—Carlyle. Strong drug cathartics simply aggravate the condition—the true remedy for consti- pation and liver trouble is found in Gar- field Ten. the mild Herb laxative. Many a man lives a regular cat -and - dog life. He purrs in the parlor and barks in the kitchen. -- A ONLY °NB \BROM° latININE\ That. Is LAJCATIV it BROM/ (113LNINIS. Look Os the signature of IL W. OROV_ .1 Used too World over to Ours a Gold in One MY. She. -- - Arms and laws do not flourish to- gether.—Caesar. Lewis' Single Binder straight 5c. Many smokers prefer them to 10c cigars, Your dealer or Lewis' Factory, Peoria, Silver is of less value than gold; gold, than virtue.—Horace. It Cures While Yon Walk Alien's loot...Base forearm eau bunions, but. sweaty callous aching feet. Woo all Drugg,iste.. A light heart lives long.—Shakes- peare. °. T.TITT1` , 71\I'fr. i t IMI\Trit'llImInnmirnirort 1.I II1,61, Ale(mot.--3 PER (\es AU-gr table Preparation for Asi, siartia titig the Food and Regina nog the :)tonvachs and tiowyls of 11311MIMMEISI Promotes Digestton,Chee rful ness and Rest Contains: neither Opium .Morphitte liar Mineral NOT NARCOTIC . Ref we .101d 1454. 4 11/61 Alla15111 fis s iSs. Sal 2 1 17=aateSesta - Wraktyrerro nate, ligarm 41.. Armada - Itikoidle Saks - • sal - A perfect Remedy for Cons bps lion. Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea. Worms ,Convulsions .Feverish- ness and Loss OF SLEEP Ear Simile Signature of THE CENTAUR COMPANY, NEW YORK. Ato months, old 35 DOSES -35c it.NT'Sii ' 'jinn - Mitred under the FOod an° Exact Copy of Wrapper. r ...... ...,,r:::.,,,,..r,,,:v.„,,,:.„.111Ztt..TiNurd:Lirgr by ELECTROTYPES . ] .. MT STOCK AND MISCELLANEOUS 0111111ftir W. N. U.„ LINCOLN, NO. 5, 1909. APLEI ASTORIA For Infanta and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of In Use For Over Thirty Years STORIA Yea c•aveue mos versa err% W ANTED u Y s ou .p ntg r.. i. i l i r ., ! t t of, t learn Young Nognivitig tilmyewelry Business. CHICAGO, .11 WEI.R1 1•. 1 •11.1tAli IN1.1 CO. gto„, o Chicago. DEFIANCE STANCH for starching finest linen/. E A flavoring that is used the same as lemon or vanilla. By dissolviog granulated sugar in wa- ter and adding Mapleine, a delicious syrup is made and a syrup better than maple. Mapleine is sold by grocers. Send 2C stamp for sample and recipe book. Crescent Mg. Ca. Seattle. au t o sterna U. S. Pat. Office Ask for the Baker's Cocoa bearing this trade- mark. Don't be misled by imitations The genuine sold everywhere THREE MONTHS FROM SEED. THE WONDERBERRY Luther Burbank's Greatest Creation. A Luscious Berry Ripening in Three Months from Seed. Seed 20 Cts. Per Pkt., 3 Pkts. for 50 Cts., Postpaid Trutt bine-black like an enormong rich blueberry in looks and taste. Unsurpassed for eating raw, cooked. canned or preserved In form. The greatest garden fruit ever introd Al , • -I arid equally valnable in hot, dry, cold or wet ('limates. IL/Latest 1 * -, 1 in She world to grow, succeeding anywhere and yielding great of rich fruit all slimmer and fall—and all winter in pots plant it Is both ornamental and useful). The greatest boon to the family garden ever known. Everybody eon end will grow it. Luther Burbank, of California, the world famons originated this new fruit and turned it over to me to intro.! sage of It; \This alisolntely new berry plans is of grew • ferret and value as it bears the 'float delirious, wholesome and ilthful berries In utmost profusion and alwaN. eiime. true ' rorn I AM THE SOLE INTRODUCER AND GENUINE SEED CAN BE HAD NOWHERE ELSE. F . 13 0,,, iror FOR CTS. A,.t.,) ..nd i1711ver•• ” • i., - pm) 1 will 14ed Ot n I t. Worsierberry seed ;HEAT CATALotal - E which tells all about it and n3y BIG CASH PRIZES to agents. AClENTEI WANTED. MY GREAT CATALOGUE of Flowers and Vegetable Seed, Bulli• Planta and Rare 4.•421 New Fruits FREE to all who ap,-,ty 140 plges. 600 illustrations and colored plates. 1 have been in ho.ioosi .44 years and hav• half a million customers ani ov e r ihe Corootete utisfactIon guaranteed to evisrVolati. Do not fa.I to •e• the r•any great Noveitiirs 1 am offering this year of which the WONDEREIERRY is the gee:test ever known. Address JOHN LEWIS CHILDS • Floral Park, N* Y • P. 8.—This offer will not appear again. Write for Wonderberry need. and C••%stalogue at once. Do not neglect or delay. You can be the first to grow it In your town and make big money selling both berries and seed. I raised MO from a few plants PUTNAM FADELESS DYES C.01,4 more goods hril54•• risrt n ,, e lot ns , k•os entnes all fiber*. The., , n.h 4 water fo- , t^ 'hart any nth. , dye Yrx: ara garment witNout ripping apart. Write for free booklet...41o* to lira, itteach arid hlix AIONROs CRtIC. Co., o il , 'roc i n ,

The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.), 05 Feb. 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.