The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.) 1908-1925, February 12, 1909, Image 2

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PE -RU -NA TONII; FOR COUGHS, CO[DS, LATARRII. JOSEPH HALL Cl-- se Peruna, Drug Co., Co (imbue, Ohio. (Ientlemen: I let ve used reruna and find that it cannot be equuled as a tonic, us well as a cure for coughs. colds und catarrh. You are authorized to use my idiot° with testiirential in any pub- licat ion. Joseph If. Chase. 804 Tenth St., Washington, 1). . Cold and La firiepe. Mr. C. Happy, Hard O, Ray Co., MO., writes: \I can safely reeommend Pe - runs as a remedy that will cure all ca- tarrhal t roubles. \It Virlt8 of great benefit to me, as it cured me of catarrh of the throat, and I took a very bud cold and had la grim* Felirtiary. It settled in my throat and lungs. 1 took three bottles of Beruna audit cured me. \I highly recommend it to all who are sick, and I am glad to add my eu- dorsement to that of others.\ Pe-rtena for Colds Mr. L. Clifford Figg, Jr., Siezit East Marshall St., Richmond, Va., writes that when he gets a cold he takes Peru - us, and it soon drives it out of his sys- tem. For several yeers he was not entirely well, but Pcruna completely cured him. People who object to liquid medicines can now secure Perlin& tablets. For a free illustrated book let ent itled \The Truth About Peruna,\ address The Peruna Co., Columbus, Ohio. Mailed postpaid. And He Probably Did. \What can • I do,\ roared the fiery orator, \when I see my country going to ruin, when I see our oppressors' hands at our throats, strangling us, and the black clouds of hopelessness and despair gathering on the horizon to obliterate the golden sun of pros- perity? What. I ask, can I do?\ \Sit down!\ shouted the audience. How's This? We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any new of ratarrh that ea.unot be cured by Bahl Catarrh Cure. CHENEY & 00- Toledo, 0. We, the undersigned. have known F. J. Chelley for the last 15 years. and believe him perfectly hon- orable In all business transaetknis and fliuusetall.' able to carry ot‘t any oblival ions made by Ede tire,. WALDING, KIN \ ot MARVIN, DrUggiNtg. Toledo. 0. WWII Catarrh Cure et taken Internally. arcing &Weeny upon the blood anti IDUCOlUI surtann el the arfatPal. Testimonials sent free. Price 75 rents pey bottle. Sold by all Druggists. 'take Hairs Family Plus for constipation. Yom Kippur. When everything else is surrendered that is distinctive of Jewish ceremo- nialism the atonement retains its grip on the vast majority. of Israelites. Kip- pur is the last link biding them to their community, their faith and its peculfse•observanee. Important to Mothers. , Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA a safe and sure remedy for Infants and children, and see that it Bears the Signature of 1644? In Use For Over :30 Tears. The Kind You Have Always Bought. W'hv is it clist, the divorce suit of one of her friends interests the aver- age woman more than her own mar - PILES (AIRED IN I To 14 DAYS. two ottrismeNT Is guaranteed to mire any case of itehing. Blind. Bleeding or Protruding Plies In 6 to 14 days or money refunded. 60e. - The words coined in the mint do not Increase our vocabulary. Smokers appreciate the quality value of Lewis' Single Binder cigar. Your dealer or Lewis' FaCtory, 'Peoria, HI. The more a girl smiles the less she means it. DODD'S '/)\ KIDNEY' PILLS ° la U tti r4 4 1 4uni t o lgit Gt ( biA l EATE.S. If) PdISINS Beware of the Cough that hang* or. pers,teetiv hrealoir yonr right's rest snel eshansting TM' with the virlets.-e of the parity -ma. A feyr doses Of Piso'S Cure will relieve ac , ” derfnlly CM , rough. no matter how far advance , : or It soothe., and heal, the '.rrIta•ed si;rfacea. L-lears the , 1,,gire4 so passages and the creigh pears. At all druggriete, 25 eta. r • flIE HARDIN TRIBUNE By L H. Ratisbone HARDIN. MONTANA ['ranee Is strongly tempted to sub- idize the stork. The average height of the Laplander Is less than five feet. In Sleety days the good citizen is known by the kind of pavement he keeps. England's tarbine fleet already' in- cludes 62 warships and 44 vessels of the merchant marine. Pittsburg girl eloped to Ohio and took her mother along. Thereby show- ing two varieties of good judgment. With an annual saving fund of a billion France ought to be very cone lorttible on the proverbial rainy day. Anyhow, Mark Twal , noir Wade sure that his patent on Huckleberry Finn shall not expire for a long, long Unit'. Thirty gallons of 'oysters were used at a church sociable at Hutchinson, Kan. Who says prosperity hasn't returned? A philanthropic but misguided fish doctor in New York city has succeeded In saving the life of a German carp. Cut bono? Orville Wright manages to get. about on crutches, which is some progress toward his practice of ignoring terra firma altogether. A Milwaukee doctor has married his eook. liut the scheme doesn't work. Just as soon as you marry them, they quit being cooks. A Parlidin journal - asks - the ques- tion: \Should actresses marry?\ We should say the answer is: - Not so often as they do.\ We should imagine, from some of the rambling remarks of Prof. Hugo Sluensterberg, that applied sociology was a good thing until one came' . tO apply it. Gold, silver and lead mines are, it is said, to be worked extensively in the bleak district of lnnishowen, Coun- ty of Douegat, Ireland, overlooking the Atlantic. \Forget it\ is said to be the favorite Maxim of the German emperor. Our guess is that he- has recently been compelled to work his favorite maxim overtime. One of the doctors says cocktails su- perinduce pneumonia. He must be trying to allay the fears that cer- tain people have had concerning pneumonia. Those countries - now adopting old - age pensions may not know the trou- ble they are bringing on themselves, since the professor is about to show us all how to live to be young at 150. When it comes to doing damage, mcn are puny things, after all. The six months' bombardment of Port Ar- thur by land and sea did far less dam- age to that city than the earthquake did to Reggio. President Roosevelt is expected to capture alive in Africa for the Wash ington Zoological park an oryx. a kleene-boc and a kahah. Probably he will be successful. He has captured even queerer game , in the United States. _ Record -breaking work continues in the Panama circa] zone. The total et cavations during December were 3,261,- 673 cubit) yards, against 2,920,404 yards in November and 2,201,734 yards iu December, 1907. And with like prog- ress In other directions the finish is steadily and rapidly drawing near. A man in New York was arrested and sent to prison' for begging for a cup of coffee with which to sustain his feeble strength while looking for work to feed his starving family. And from the fact that so many great crimes go \tinwhipped of justice,\ this treatment of poverty as a crime is one of the worst travesties Ripon our mod- ern civilization. Here is proof that the courts are not respecters of persons and do not draw the color line. By a decision of the United States district court in Oklahoma \Zeke\ Moore, a colored man, is awarded royalty on oil lands which will make him the richest negro In the otate. \Zeke\ is also an ex - convict, but his good fortune shonld help him to mend his wars. The fact that the new president of the New York Central railroad says in the next 15 years the railroads must spend billions, calla attention to what an immense difference it would make if everybody was content to stay in one place. It also emphasizes the fact, declares the Baltimore American, that persona who have passed their whole lives In one home or even in one town, or who have never been on a railroad journey in their lives, are written up in the daily papers tut hu- man curiosities - The invention of the seismograph for the study of earthquakes has led to the discovery of the surprising gen. tivenesa of the crust of the globe to forces that might have been thought too insignificant to cause distortion. LIIRAOROINARY INCREASE FARM LANDS. \SOUTHERN ALBERTA 15 MIGHTY GOOD COUNTRY.\ No stronger or better evidence can be given of the merits of a couttIry than that which comes from the teeti away of the settler who has deter- mined to succeet). This is why we reproduce the following letter, which speaks for itself. These people were in- duced to go to Westet n Canada through the solicitation of a Canadian Government agent, who secured for them the low railway rates. \Carrnangay Alta., Canada, 12-16-'08. \Mr. C. J. Broughton, Canadian Gov- ernment Agency, 135 Adams Street, Chicago: We had audacity enough to tackle the proposition of buying four sections of land in Southern Alberta, thirty' miles 'east of Clairsholui aud heading up on the Little Bow, and our two buys each got a homestead ad joining. We fenced three sections and the two homesteads, and built a noose, barn, corrals and granary, and have since enlarged some of these build- ings. We have broken 200 acres of land, which has been sowed to oats - and wheat. During the severe winter of two years ago the winter wheat killed out somewhat, and our crop yielded Only ten bushels to the acre. but the spring wheat went 24 bushels to the acre. In this country we must be prepared for storms and cold, at times 20 to 30 below zero, yet on the whole the winters are mild; and while there are exceptional crops, it is fair to say that the average farmer can depend on having a yield in average years of from 20 to 26 bushels to the acre for spring wheat; and winter wheat in our immediate neighborhood yields from 25 to 30 bushels to the acre on the average. We have now quite a bunch of horses, over 50 in all, about 350 sheep, after having sold 140 for mutton this fall. .We have 211 head of pure bred registered Shropshire, which are worth $20 each. The average price received for mutton sheep was $5.00 and a little oter. Pork brings 5 and 6 cents a pound. We have about 30 head of cattle on our ranch now, and last winter they picked their en- tire living from our pasture, running to the straw stacks for shelter at night. \The increase of land values has been extraordinary. Our land four years ago cost us a little less than $6.00 an acre. We have sold one sec- tion for $15.00, but we would not sell any more for less than $25.00 per acre, as we expect the railroad within four miles of our ranch within the next 18 months. Southern Alberta of West- ern Canada is a mighty good country for any manor woman who loves outdoor life, and who wants to get good .re- turns for their labor and -investment. \We have been pleased with our treatment from the Canadian a-overti- me/it, and can heartily commend South- ern Alberta as a splendid country in which to locate. \Yours very truly, \(Signed) \JAMES S. AINSLIE AND SONS.\ The Indians farm • who caught a neighbor whom he suspected of steal - inn corn from his crib, by driving natio into a lot of his norneobs, so that the local constable after ward found in the neighbor's bogpeu an armful Of cobs with nails buried in the pith, showed real Y - aikes ingenuity. Would Eliar the Judiciary. Young minister, say some very Irreverent lbiugm aticit Brat they get in harness, but seldom are So broadly condemnatory us the young A Cleigylnan who Was called upon to act ise chaplain at the opening of a receut term of court down in Maine, After covering everything he could think of as appropriate to say from re. !Won to law, he closed his prayer with the supplication: \And finally. may we all be gathered In the happy land where there are flo court s , lawyers and no judges.\ Then they changed chaplains. Laundry wort at home would be much more satisfactory if the right Starch were used. in order to get the desired stiffness, it is usually neces- sary to use so much starch that the. beauty and fineness of the fabric is hidden behind a paste of varying thickness, which not only destroys the appearance, but also affects the wear- ing quality of the goods. This trou- ble can he entirely overcome by using Defiance Starch, as it can be applied much more thinly because of its great- er strength than other makes. The Sneeze That Failed. A little maid of three has been taught to say \Excuse me\ when she Sneezes. ' The other day her mother had her attention attracted by a queer gasping noise, and, looking up quickly, saw the face of the little maid wrinkled up in a very distressing way. \You didn't say it,\ said the mother. \I didn't do it,\ responded the little maid. ITCHED FOR TWELVE YEARS. Eczema Made Hands and Feet Swell, Peel and Get Raw—Arms Affected, Too—Gave Up All Hope of Cure. Quickly Cured by Cuticura. \I suffered from eczema on my hands, arms and feet for about twelve years, my hands and feet would swell, sweat and itch, then would bes p ome\ callous and get very dry, then peel off and get raw. I tried most every kind of salve and ointment without success. I tried several doctors, but at last gave up thinking there was a cure for eczema. A friend of mine Insisted on my trying the Cuticura Remedies, but I did not give them a trial until I got so bad that I had to do something. I secured a set and by the time they were used I could see a vast improvement and my hands and feet were healed up in no time. I have had no trouble since. Charles T. Bauer, Volant, Pa., Mar. 11, 1908.\ Potter Drag k Onsma. Cora. Bolo Paw., Hostas Jamaica Ginger Output. The ginger grown in Jamaica com- mands more than double the pried: of any other. Under favorable conditions an acre will produce as much as 4,000 pounds. During the last fiscal year about 1,400,000 pounds was exported from that island. There is no Safer Remedy for a Cough, or throat trouble than \Brown's Bronchial Trochee.\ M cents a box.. Sample free. John I. Brown & Son, Boston, Mass. Those enjoying prosperity should al- ways be ready to assist the unfoi- tunat.e.—Demosthenes. WHY puffer with eye troubles, quick re. lief by using PETTIT'S EYE SALVE, All druggists or Howard Bros., Buffalo, N. Y. 1 man never realizes how silly his love letters are until be beArs some of them read in court Smokers have to rail Binder cigar to get it. Lewis' Factory, Peoria, - - - - Less than a pint for Lewis' Mines You- dealer or of whisky may no Cause for Complaint. Jones, the dairyman, loved his little ; bouts occasionally, and at such times celebrated riotously. He was pre- ' trailed upon to sign the pledge, and this piece of news was given wide publieity. But in a few weeks Jones turned upon his temperance friends and again sought old-time friends and acquaintances. \The idea!\ grieved Jones. as he told the waiter to duplicate an order. \Me driving a milk wagon, and those fellows advertising that I am on the water wagon!\—Judge. Prof. lifunyon says: Cure a cold and )ou prevent Consumption. His opin- ion is now shared by the leading physicians of the country, and the wonderful cures that are being made by Munyon's Cold Remedy have at- tracted the attention of the whole medical fraternity. These little sugar pellets break up a cold in a few hours, and almost universally prevent Bron cbitis and Pneumonia. Awful! \We had such a protracted fare - w ell,\ remarked So -and -So, ''that I lost my train.\ \You should have left farewell enough alone.\ he remarked. For a moment they looked at him with the Chopin \funeral march\ pression. But eventually they solved to let him live. MIX FOR COLDS ex re - To otgehalf pint good whiskey, add one ounce syrup sarsaparilla and one ounce Torts compound, which can hi - procured of any druggist. Take in tea spoonful doses before each meal and before retiring. This relieves in 21 hours, and cures any cold that is curable. A Great Care. Celia -Her hair turned perfectly white in one night from trouble. Delia—Really? What was the nature of the trouble? Celia—Chemical.—Judge. Rea. Weak, Weary, Watery Eire Relieved by Murine Eye Remedy. Com- pounded by Experienced Physicians. Ma- rine Doesn't Smart: Soothes Eye Pain. Write Murine Eye Remedy Co.. Chicago, for Illustrated Eye Book. At Druggists. — There is in man a higher than love of happiness; he can do without hap- piness, and instead thereof find bless- edness.—Carlyle. Do not neglect cditstipation, for this con - dition poisons the blood and leads to chron- ic ill thealtb. Garfield Tea, the mild herb laxative, corrects constipation, keeps the blood pure, and the health good. The young man who sets out to be the architect of his own fortune must not scorn to be the bricklayer and hod carrier as well.—Weatley. ONLY ONE \BRUNO QUININE - Mat. Is LANATIVIC letup!? QpINIISR. TANki , :I. Use signets)* of E. W. GatiV .8 Used the Nord over to Cure a Cold In One Day. Mc. The rule in a prohibition stay• seems to be \bar none.\ Mrs. Winslow'a Soothing Syrup. For effitdren teething, awftena the gum., reduces be. ganuriatiou.allayapsin, cures wind eullu. 2 , se • nozzle - A happy medium ought to good at a spiritual seance. — Those 'Thud. Aching Yost of Yours need Allen's Ifoot-suee_. Me at your Druggist's. Write A. Olmsted. Le Huy , N. Y., fur wimple. ------- -- Marriage is the hurdle between ro mance and reality. ' I • to , \ Do you know of any woman who ever received any benefit from taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Cimn- pound ? \ If any woman who is suffering with any ailment peculiar to her sex will ask her neighbors this question, she will be surprised at the result. There is hardly a community in this country where women cannot be found who have been restored to health by this famous old remedy, made exclusively from a simple formula of roots and herbs. During the past 30 years we have published thousands of letters from these grateful women who have been cured by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and never in all that time have we published a testimonial without. the writer's special permission. Never have we knowingly published a testimonial that was not truthful and genuine. Here is one just received a few days ago. If anyone doubts that this is a true and honest statement of a woman's experi- ence with Lydia E. Pinkham's • Vegetable Compound write and ask her. Houston, Texas.—\ When I first began taking Lydia E. Pink - ham's Vegetable Compound I was a total wreck. I had been sick for throe years with female trotablee, chronic dyrowpsia, and a liver trouble. I. had tried several doctor's medicines, but nothing did Inc any good. \For three years I lived on medicines and thought I would never get well, when I read ,an ad vertisment of Lydia E. Pink - ham's Vegetable .Compound, and was advised to try it. \ My husband got me one bottle of the Conij)ound, and it did me so much good I continued its use. I am now a well woman and enjoy the best of health. \I advise all women suffering front such troubles to give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a trial. They won't regret it, for it will surely cure you.\ --- lIrs. Bessie L. H kith, 819 Cleveland St.., Houston. Any woman who is sick and suffering is foolish surely not to give such a medicine as this a trial. Why should it not do her as much good as it did Mrs. Hicks. COLDS CURED IN ONE DAY linnyon • s Cold Remedy Reiteves the head, throat anti lungs almost immediate- ly. Checks Fevers. stripe Diseharges of the none, takes away' all aches and pains ,caused by voids. It cures Grip and ob- stinate Coughs and prevents Pneumonia. Price MC. Have you stiff or swollen joints, no mat- ter how chronic? Ask your druggist for Munyon's ItheutnatIsm Remedy and see how quickly you will be cured. If you have any kidney or bladder trou- ble get Munyon's Kidney Remedy. Mauston's Vitalizer makes weak men Strong and restores lost powers. SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these Little Pills. They also relieve Die - tress frOm Dyspepula, In- d I gest ion and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect rem- edy for Dizziness, Nan' sea, Drowsiness, Had Taste In the Mouth, Coat- ed Tongue, Pain in the Side, TORPID LIVPIR. They resmIeste the Bowels Purely Vegetable. Western Canada MORE BIG CROPS IN 1908 Another 60,000 set- tlers from the United States. New , dis- tricts opened for set- tlement. 320 acres of land to each set- t -----150ler„ free homestead and 160 at $3.00 per acre. \A vast rich country and a contented pros- perous people.\—Extract from rorrrijlonartsm Of a N'ational Editor. whose Milt to 14\rstorts Cz'isitda, is Ativist, igeS, VACS as nesiaratioa. Many have paid the entire cost of their farms and had a balance of from $10.00 to $20.00 per acre as a result of one crop. Spring wheat, winter wheat, oats, barley, tlax and peas are the principal crops, while the wild grasses tiring to perfection the best cattle that have ever been sold on the Chicago market. Splendid climate, schools and churches in all localities. Railways touch most of the settled districts, and prices for produce are always good. Lands may also be pur- chased from railway and land companies. For pamphlets, maps and information re- garding low railway rates, apply to Superin- tendent of immigration, Ottawa, Canada, or the authorized Canadian Government Agent W. V. BENNETT, III New Torii Lite Building. Omaha. asersolta. DR. McINTOSII eeiebysted NATURAL UTERINE SUPPORTER gives itionodlute relief. Sold by all surgical ins el, went dealers and leading druggists In lJnitort Stases it Canada. Causing & orlon Ilst !font on ity•pl raiion. rule. 1 ASTI. NI SS & Tal, Set CO., 91f. Walnut St.. I'M larlelphist, Pa.. mann Nettleton, of trusses and sole makers of the genuine stamped \ MCI NT( /101 \ Cii ',porter. SMALL PILL, SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE. r_ Readers CARTERS ii TIE IVER PILLS. Genuine Must Bear Fac-Simile Signature REFUSE SUBSTITUTES. DEFIANCE Cold Water Starch makes work a pleasure le oz., pkg. Mi. 01 this 1 ,s,r-r tie - Airing to buy scything sdvrt tilted in its columns should insat upon having what they ask lot, re -fluxing all sulsititutes or imitations, W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO :90q R.egt store. I u '(Ti • Ask for the Baker's Cocoa bearing this trade- mark. Don't be misled by imitations The genuine sold everywhere make a peck of trouble. stIs •ee ' , , -

The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.), 12 Feb. 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.