The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.) 1908-1925, March 05, 1909, Image 1

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• I HE VOL. II. NO. 9. HARDIN, MONTANA, FRIDAY, MARCH 5, *909. J. W. JOHNSTON, U. S. Land Commissioner Insurance Real Estate Notary Public _HARDIN, MONTANA .ormirworap.e• - •, HARDIN Y A k: H. J. Lammers, Propr. - I See Me Before Buying Brick 1 For sale in any quantity. - - L. B J. LAMMER,S I L. H. FENSKE, 4 L ' iiii i rrors, Cigars and Beer Wholesale Mail Orders E,eceive Prompt Attention. Billings, Montana -eass•--41111100-ionso- Amor -mow A A. E. CALAHAN - actor and wilder I ESTIMATES FURNISHED 1 Hardin or Foster ••••sime. 4111111111010-41111•10 - -0111•10.1011111110.-0 ;). enver I NCH ROOM The Old Reliable 1edsat All tIotirs G. H. THOMAS, Architect and Builder Estimates furnished for CONCRETE, BRICK and FRAME WORK. Hardin, Wont A. ROUSSEAU, BRICK Manufacturer Contractor Plans and Specifications a Specialty. Zr.. GET MY PRICES Before Building Hardin, Maa\ Crow Bill Dead. / The opening of the balance of ,the Crow reservation to white settlement has been eagerly sought by nearly every person in the state of Montana and it was hoped and believed that the bIll intnxlmed in the senate by Senator Dixon would become a law. Senator Dixon secured the passage of the meas- ure in the senate lust winter and from there it went to the house for the ap- proval of that body. During the z leo a sion which clotted yesterday the le bad a right to believe that, e bill would be palmed by thearower house and signed by the president. The Mon- tana legislaturepeased a memorial to congress pmying that the Crow lands be opeated; the Billings chamber of com- m e, the Hardin chamber of com- merce, and other organizations through- out the state followed suit, showing that Montana's representative in con- gress would have the backing of the' state in a tight to secure the passage of the bill. In answer to a telegram -sent, urging the passage of the bill, by Sec- retary Mitchell of the Hardin chamber of commerce, Representative Pray on March 2nd answered by saying: \\Vilegrum receivg1 Committee favorably reported Crow bill yester- day.\ .- . Yesterday congress Idjourned and nothing fdrther has been heard of the Crow bill. It is a well kniwn fact that the Interior Department the Indian office, the Indians, and all government officials to whom the matter would' be submitted, were in favor of the passage of the bill. Yet a.fter the favorable re- port Of the • committee there has bean nothing done so far as known toward pushing the bill through the house. No effort was made to have the bill called up and it now rests . among the other dead ones, the scalp of this one piobab- ly dangling from the belt of tsitne iiieui - her of the third house to whase inter- ests the defeat of the measure meant much. And so it goes -congress usual- ly represents the few to the detriment of many. Some one is responsible. Stable and Outbuildings ' Burn. About five o'clock Wednesday even- ing fire was . discovered in the yarn of E. A. Howell, adjoining which on the south was the coal shed and outbuild- ings belonging to Carl Rankin. The barn was partially filled . with hay, which caused the flames to spread rap- idly. Nothing in the balm was saved, but ready hands removed everything of value except about four ton of coal from the Rankin building, and by hard work prevented the destruction of Mr. How- ell's coal shed and chicken house which stood a few feet to the • north. It is thought the fire started from ashis which had been thrown out close to the side of Mr. Howell's barn. The loss will reach about $200, falling about equally on Mr. Howell and Mr. Rankin. The matter of securing hose for fire protection haa - heen under consideration by the commercial club for some time and Wednesday's blaze will doubtless cause our citizens to sit up and take notice that it is very important that something be done immediately in this line. A little breeze Wednesday com- ing from the West would have made it very difficult to save the Rankin and Howell residences, and possibly other buildings. It would be well to provide some -'Means for fighting fire before a more serious conflagration visits the city. Church and Sabbath School. Hardin 10 a. m., Foster 2 p. m. Sermon by Rev., H. G. Gibson. We are planning for special music. Subject. Christ's love for the lost living today. Text. \For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.\ Lu 19:10 \He that hath the Son hath Lite: he that bath not the Son of God hath not Life.\ 1 Jno. 5:12. \0! Jerusalem. Jerusalem. thou that killest the prophets. and stoneat them which are Bent unto thee, how often could I have gathered thy children to- gether, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under hey wings, and ye would not.\ Matt, 23:37. Jesus would gather everyone the same way today. but to a good many He has to say. \And ye will not 'come to me, that ye might save Life.\ 5:40. The Life He speaks of is spiritual and eternal Life. 14 a person fias al- ready taken Christ as his Saviour, he has this Life. If he has not taken (lniat as his Saviour he hasn't, fl )r will not have until be does. Hence there are two classes of people in this valley; those who have live sonls. and those with dealt souls. The test is, are you living for Christ.? Want New State. Creating New York City as a new State of Manhattan is the object of a bill introduced by Aatieniblyms9 Cu! liver at Albany. It gives the consent of the legislature to the creation of the State of Manhat-;' - to include the counties of WesU - hester, New York, Kin\ Queen, Richmond. Suffolk and 1 Nasaaa.-- -7- The governor is , required to ! istmea general proclamation calling a general election for the first Tuesday ' after the first Monday in November 1910, at which the question is to be submit- ; tedao the voters of the state for ap- proval or disapproval. i If approved by a majority of the votes cast the representatives nf the state in congress are to he requesed to use their best endeavors to obtain the consent of congress to the admission of the State of Manhattan into the Union.- 1 A constitutional convention' of dole - gates to be elected in 1911 for the neer State of Manhattan also is provided for. Elect New Directors. At the meeting of the stockholders of the Big Horn Low Line Ditch Co., at Foster postotlice last Monday. the following gentlemen were elected as directors for the ensuing year: W. H. Roach, P. .1. Dowd, J. A. Stark - weather, W. P. Belcher and E. K. Bowman. The meeting was largely attended and the fact that it was -the first meet- ing following the construction of the canal made it one of importance and interest. Reports of the retiring officers and directors were made and approved and a vote of thanks and appreciation for the faithful performance of their duties A meeting of the 'newly elected di- rectors will be held tinnorrow at which officers of the company will be chosen. It Pays to Feed. A representative of a Tacoma packing company has Veen buying beef cattle In . the Yellowstone valley for the past two Weeks and shipping them to the Puget Sound city for the . local market. Two hundred head were shippedjues- day i l eci they are _said to,„beathe cEoiceat in die - valley. The buyer is still on the ground an buying everything in sight that will make good beef, but he says the farmers and stockmen of the valley are holFling their stuff at higher prices than they will bring on the Chicago market. Regardless of this sales are being made every day, which demon- strates that the Yellowstone and Big Horn valley farmers can command the top prices for fat cattle during the - win- ter and spring months. Will Build Residence. S: K. and C. V. Gibson, who on Tues- day bought two residence lots on the corner of Custer Avenue and 5th street, have commenced work on a residence' building 28s30 feet. The Mrs. Gihsons arrived yesterday morning from Okla- homa and until their own residence is completed they will occupy the Roos- aeau cattago. Later these gentlemen will build a business house on their lot north of J. H. Kifer's furniture store. Stillwater Bill Defeated. Reports fro' m Helena say that the feature of the day in the legislature Tuesday 'was the . defeat of the Still- water county measure introduced by Senator Annin by a vote of 16 to 6. The bill was . defeated over the earnest protests of Senators Annin and rEd- wards, who championed tile' measure. The opposition was led. by Senators Meyer and McDonnell, The defeat of this division scheme guarantees the present boundaries of Yellowstone county for at least another two years. Call on Spencer for shelled corn; $1.75 per hundred. FOR SALE -One horse and buggy. Enquire at 0. K. Statile. s 3'.3r,..Johnston will have in a new car of IU1 kinds of feed arid seed stuff March 1st. Rev. D. H. Hansen, of the Adventist faith, is holding evening services in the Hardin school know this week. • John - MacDonald, who is attending business college In Billings, spent Sun - flay with his parents in Hardin. LOST -Between my ranch and Har- din, one 'steel crow bar, branded V. B. and E. K. Finder please return to , owner and get the price of a new one. V. B. McCUMB. The J. W. Hutton Co. have just added one of the latest automatic seed cleaners, for cleaning all kinds of seed , grain and grans seeds. Parties desiring seed deemed will do well to call on them.' Frank Biide, Sr., came down from Laurel last night on a short visit. Mrs. F. W. Lee returned last niglat after a several days _visit in Park City and Billings. MDS1 Beatrice Reilly, of Wymore, Nebr., who was enroute to Lewiston, Idaho, stopped over in Hardin yesterday and visited with her brother, Martin Reilly. George W:Fraw ford, of Red Lodge, an old friend of J. W. Hutton, is visit- ing the latter this week and looking over the country. Mr. Crawford is a rancher of Parbon county but thinks seriously of disposing of his property there and coming to the Big Horn val- , ley. ..1. C. Bonlerivick, of Billings, was a v:aitor in the city Wednesday. Mr. Bonlerwick is an old friend and former - partnea* Poatmaster Spencer and was his guest whils40 Hardin, He is now in business in the Sugar City but will in all probability dispose of his inter- ests there and move to Hardin this spring. Bert Helwick and wife returned Sun- day night from their visit to Michigan. Mr. Helwick saytathey.had. szeidlont trip, but after all there is no place like the Big Horn valley. He says there be a large immigration to thi- ciiiintry frusta Michigan during the a •; ing summer and thinks the country around Hardin will receive its full share. R sts K. McComb, of Madison, Wis., a nephew of V. B. McComb, is visiting the latter and family. Mt. McComb has recently graduated from the state aniversity of Wisconsin, taking the engineering course, and has secured a position in the government reclamation sexvice, in which he will commence his labors in the very near future. Wednesday 'evoning Cecil Hutton found a box contaiuing several pounds of dynamite under the side of the Mc- Avoy House. It is not known whether the explosive was placed there with in- tent to destroy or whether it was hid- den by, some person for safe keeping temporality. The quantity was suf- ficient to have blown that part of town Into slivers in case the dynamite had been exploded. , A tuad''frotn .1*.lfrritaipeV, Wale& at' Wenatchee, Wash.. 'where he is visit- ing. among other things says: \All you see and hear is land, land, land and real estate firms. Had\ fine time in Spokane and will leave for Seattle Mon- day.:' Tupper's friends in this vicinity will be glad to know that he is enjoying his vacation to the utmost, and if Steve can't find a good time there is no use for others to try. Thos. Higgins is fixing up the camp at the head of the Two -Leggin canal preparatory to resuming work in the near future. The remaining work on the canal will be rushed with all pot - Bible speed as *ion as the frost is en- tirely -out of the ground, the promoters itaiing anxious to tarn the water into the canal and have it in tip-top shape :when the irrigating season opens. A resolution passed the senate Tues- day, introduced by Senator Carter, which provides for a congressional com- mittee to investigate all features of the administration of the reclamation ser- vice. The committee will visit all pro- jects under construction and proposed, for the purpose - of - gaining information to be a basis of future legislation. Mon- tana projects will be visited this Sum- mer. According to figures compiled by the house committe on appropriations, pro- vided all the bills are enacted into law which are now pending, the appropri- ations of the Eleventh Montana assem- bly will total more than $2,500i000. This amount covers the maintainenci of the executive and judicial departments of the 'state for the next two, years, the maintenance of the state institutions deficiencies, bounty claims and money for the bounty fund. On March let Wm. C. Crum, collect- or of customs at Charleston, S. C., port, resigned to take effect March 4th. thus remedying a situation which threatened to estate President-elect Taft much em - harassment. No appointment ever made by President Roosevelt has given rise to more discussion than that of Dr. Crum, who is a negro. A hard fight against his confirmation was made by Senator Tillman and others when he was first named in NM and within the last few weeks following his reappoint- ment, Senator Tillman conducted a filibuster against him. Dr. Crum says no pressure has been brought to bear upon him now to cause him to resign but that he does so in part because he wishes to save Mr. Taft, for whom he entertains great respect, from any pos- sible embaraasinent as to his reappoint- ment and chiefly because he feels that he has been especially identified with President' Roosevelt's administratior and he wishes to retire with his chief ata'a $2.00 PER YEAR. ' U z\. 'NVI] E ) To Investigate Our Business Methods In every essential detail of its business this bank fol- lows the safest and most approved banking methods The First National Bank of Hardin Capital Resources HARDIN, MONTANA $ 25,000.00 150,000.00 G. F. BURLA, President E. A. HOWELL, Cashier Your PAisines Invited H. M. ALLF Lath Shingles Sloth Doors B'idg Paper Wholesale and Retail Dealers tn LUMBli Hardin, Dry C. C. CALHOUN, Manager Gen‘ Mer- IIIIIMIIIMMRSIMINSSESSO ... Goods, Shoes, $ Hardin, Mont. talS/11111/11#111.11,11116111ellati. a The li onia Saloon W. A. BECKER, Mgr. — Lime, Hair Wall Paper Cement Mixed Paint Linseed Oil Montana Groceries, Boots, Clothing. Stock Complete $ %e• AS. %Vt.-IL 1101. 0.AIM Diplomat Whiskey. \JUST RIGHT\ B udweiser and illings E E R ® ® IMPORTED WINES Corner Central Ave. and Second Streets, CIGARS', Imported and Domestic 0 0 0 HARDIN, Mont. 13nrsmairrirsrrrrrs - irririrrry - r 777112111r 1r2 Rig Horn Saloon, D. R. WILLS, Manager, Dispenser of FINE Wi o, Liquors and Cigars HARDIN, MONT. Ir I rITITTIMII 1 HARDIN • • • • • • • • • 14 Feed, Livery & Transferco 14 04 14 14 14 14 wish to reach. Teams with or without drivers. Prompt service. 14 Express and Dray Orders Promptly Done NNW FRANK BODE, Proprietor. First-Class Turnouts to points on the Reservation or any place you !1\Z=CXXXXXXXXX.XTXXXXXXXXX - 2:17.\'''''• 4 1 .11. \MI ..,,, IF al ir a , 111 1 llIt t Ii 1 IIIal * * Leading and Imp ortcd and Domestic CigarsBest Liquors Little Horn Saloon STOLTENEURG & COFFIN, Props. 0 sunny Brook Ronded Whiskey Lowi a ar wairrir , itam 'VIM a 11:1111111 a a 111 a • Family Trade a Specialty... \. 4 at sass ip Is 40 04/W • • •~\.\\\*\.\\W\^\..\4. 0 %W AOVNIA •••••*\/ \AAA 1 Hardin Meat Market MeeDON AI & 001,0, Proprietors. Highest Price Paid -for Hide' and Furs. Deolern in liorvo - ii and ( stile Naiaaeaaaraasi.a.....a./ sa.aasaaroaaes, seseesaaNaseasesaseasaseataieaVaNIVNISAAitestaa. was/

The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.), 05 March 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.