The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.) 1908-1925, March 12, 1909, Image 1

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f THE HARDIN TRIBUNE. VOL. IL NO.. to. HARDIN, MONTAN S , FRID NY, MARCH 1 2, • $2.00 PER YEAR. - Ast.temalllt.Y.att J. W. JOHNSTON, U. S. Land Commissioner Insurance Real Estate Notary Public HARDIN, MONTANA 4 i Department Favored Opening. The failure ot -,elliti4)1' Dixon's bill providing for the ,,pelling of the balance of the Crow, reser\ ation to become a law, at the session of congress just closed, is deeply regretted by all who are interested in and desiri the develdp- !tient of the agriceltural resousces of Eastern Iklentaiii. They not only de- plore the tail that tiw hill failed of pass,ige hill or. at a complete 1.1514 to under's! :1 tut N% It V It flitted. With no known eel...sown. .111.1 with the pro- It.•,!woi •111))•)I'l ut I, t 11 United States menet is from NtillEill:I. Representative tee.„ ‘ , „ e e ti „• ,i,•le eil tiens teen neigh - tar Mg ,, t;tte!, ha(•lied hy 91) per ceibt of the people of the vest .iiiil the , mw o ef the interior de !lta t wee m d t i the comm issioner of Indianaffairs t h.- bill e. as alliiwed to die a natural death from neglect at the crucial ine- ment That the interior -department and the commissiener of Indian at ,' tain layered the passage of the bill is shown by the follewing letter from the acting canninissiener. under Washington (late of March :ea to A. L. Mitchell, secre- tar\ of the Hardin chamber of com- merce Ile says; . . . '\I'lle t ntice is in receipt, by Depart- mental o foreece. ''f your letter of Feb- - B. J. LAMMERS riiiiia i I ielio transm ng itti a copy of For sale in any quantity. the loeoleile ns passed by the Hardin 0 (7, ailtin , r ,- 1; ,1 (11 1 1) 11111('`,I111!2; an early e na eeni , t th.• slIrpillS P1,(I,-, 11) the l'I'1)\% i{e'si'l'\ All,d1. NI,,iltail:1 • 1 .44 , 41 , 614.4,.• , ..•••••••• HARDIN BRICK YARD Sae Me Before Buy inq Brick B. J. Lammers, Pi opr. L. H. FENSK — E — , Wholeqale Li q uors, Cigars and Beer Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention. Billings, Montana , I 0 -••••1110. .1i42.0.4. AMEN. -4111=111*- -41411MIN. -40111111*. I A. E. CALAHAN j Contractor I and Builder I ESTIMATES FURNISH ED I Hardin or Foster I a immas•—•amm. -.OEM -oamo•—•asom- ........,...••••••••••••••••••••• - •••••••••••.•••• , e 4 ... '4 Denver LUNCH ROOM The Old Reliable Meals at All Hours G. H. THOMAS, Architect and Builder Est imat es furnished for CONCRETE, BRICK and FRAME WORK. Hardin, Mont. A. ROUSSEAU, BRICK Manufacturer AND Contractor Pinns And Specifications Specipitty. 12 1111121111 GET MY PRICES Before Building Hardin, Mont_ I There is a bill landing l'et(de the present ( '.,naress (Senate 2ee:1 , :tulle Pr - --- izing the S: 7 .cretary to de- 4 the surplus lands on the Crow ! ;II k, Montana, and in the earls al t the present year a copy et the bill referred to was transmitted to the Secretary of. the Interior for report. On January 2$, 1909, in reporting on the bill, the Department o•commended that it he given faverahle action at this session of the Congress. If the pending legislation becomes law, it will provide for the early open- ing of the reservation.\ Where lies the blame? Sells Mee:a - title Euiiness. Mr. E. C. Spencer has closed a deal with J. C. Borderwick of Billings whereby the latter will take over Mr. Spencer's mercantile business on April 1st. Mr. Borderwick is at present in business in Billings and has been ac- tively engaged in met ca,ntile pursuits for twenty years. The sal. ll not interefere in the least with M r Spencer's prop.ised build- ing 1)pCl'iit us. He will proi-etil with the co r nstratii his' two sto b ry usi- ness filial; Just as soon as the weather will permit and when completed Mr. ll()rdere . ick ovill occupy the lower floor with the exception of one room retained for the peseetlice, to which Mr. Spencer will de eyte his en ye time. In addition to the business - block Mr. Spencer (luring the summer will erect a number of residences for rent and one for his own use Butcher Big Hog. MacDonald & Mouitt, proprietors of the Hardin Meat Market, on Tuesday hutehered a ..,,hog that dressed 524 pounds. The hog has .been on feed since about September 1st. MacDon- ald's contribution toward the fattening process conaisted of three monstrous tills of \hot air\ daily, but Mr. Mouat chums the great weight was secured through his judicious feeding of Big Hewn alfalfa, chops and bald barley. At any rate, \Old Sandy,\ as the luog was called, was one of the largest pork- ers ever raised in this section of Mon- tana and would have been classed with the heavy weights in any country. Live weight, \Old Sandy\ would have tip- ped the bean] at eliout 1150 pounds. Call on Spencer for shelled per hundred. J. H. Kifer was a. Billings Monday. FOR SALE—One horse and buggy. Enquire at O. K Stable. Martin .1 all gli t -.acted business in Billings hoe it See Rankin & hid] for fire ID - Files On Homestead. Ross A. McComb came to the Big Horn to visit relatives but after a few days sojourn became infatuated with the valley and on Tuesday night tiled 1 a homestead entry on the N. W. of Section 33, Township 1 north, Range 33 east, three and one half miles north and west of Hardin. This is one of the choicest pieces of land in the valley, be- ing the same character and desirable location as the land seld at the recent inherited Indian land sale at from $30 to $40 per acre. Mr. McComb has a position with the U. S. reclamation bureau and will not be compelled to stay on his claim the usual amount of time. but he will nevertheless remain with us a good share of his time and improve and put _his land under culti- vation in the neat future: Church and Sabbath School. Hardin 10 a. m., Foster 2 p. m. Sermon by Rev. H. (4. Gibson. Subject: Does it pay to serve God? Text. \To him that overcometh will I give to eat Of the Tree of Life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God. and I will not blot out his name out of the Book of Life, but I will cenfess his name before my Father, and before His Angels.\ Rev. 2:7 ---$:(1. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption: but he that 14oweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap Life Everlasting.\ Ga. 8:8. Build Addition. • Mrs Mary Brennan and Charles Bal- i , pi riiii-o.tors of the Denver Lunch losan. thi , - week built an addition of t er i t t.. e i feet on the rear of their • former building, which will he utilized as a kitchen. Their dining room will • forty feel deep, giving ample seating capacity for giutate. Increased business demanded more room and better Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Sweeney are vi' ng and attending to property inter sts in Kansas. A new p Nil table has been aaded the. Exchanee Saloon this Weeli Alfalfa seed, Timothy seed and hard wheat seed for sale by J.\W . Johnston. Born. on Friday, March 5th, to Mr. and Mrs. H. 0. Harmsm, of Hardin, a J. W. Johnston will have Wnew car of all kinds of feed and seed stuff March 1st. t \V, Hutton Co. for freeh gar- den Sl'edS. D. M. Ferry & Co s seeds are the best. George Curd, came down Iron' Bil- lings Tuesday night, and is attending tot business mattArs hi this vu•inity. The dance given by Iii' be Br. us-. at their ranch near Piister. last Satur- day night. was well aut.:tiled. every- one rep. citing a good time. Superintendent Young, of thy Sheri- dan-Billinge division of thy Burlington, slient Tuesday forenoon iii U,ai'thn ii railroad, business. WANTED—Ploughing teant werk laterals, ditches, etc. Write. Frank Rhomberg at Hardin or leave w.ird at the Tribune office. Party having T. E. Gay's I N o v( 1 ::en wire stretcher will confer a lasting favor on the owner by returnine the sam., to the T. E. Gay hardware store. Mrs. Charles L. Harris, wife of' Regis- ter Harris of the Billings land office. and Mrs. A. \V. Bobbe, of Billings. r1 .4 - ited over Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Schneider. Mrs. Mattie 'Anderson returned .Sat- urday last front Kansas City. where she was called by the serious illness ef her mother. • When Mrs. Anderson left for home her mother ,was much im- proved. The J. W. Hutton Co. have just added one of the latest automatic seed cleaners, for cleaning all kinds of seed grain and grass seeds. Parties desiring seed cleaned will do well to call on them. W. H. McMeekin has secured ser- vii!es of James Sterie, of Brush. ( an all-around blacksmith, 1 d opened the shop to the public. Mr. Stone arrived Tuesday morning. Buy your farm machinery at home. Hardites implement dealer, Mr. T. E. Gay, has a complete line to select from and at prices not to be duplicated by buying elsewhere. B. H. Rathbone left Wednesday morning fie- Marshalltown, Iowa, be- ing called there by the serious illness of his mother. who is 77 years of age. In the event of the Tribune showing any marked improvement, his absence will be accountable. On the other hand, if the paper is not up to its usual stand- am d it will be in order to lay the blame in the same place. C. C. .Calhoun returned Wednesday morning after a three inenths abs.-ins during which time he visited his par- ents in Wagner, Oklahoma, and also his former home In Missouri. He was sueprie‘d at the growth of the city dun ing his absence and expressed himself as being glad to get back to a good. live town enc.. more. W. H. McMeekin Wagon Work Blacksmith florseshoeing p. Competent workmen, quick sei e. General blacksinithing and r..! , . r work. Vi businems solienei Hardin, Montana corn; $1 75 1 J. W. Johnston made a business trip to Billings Wednesday. FOR SALE—One 150 -egg incubator. George Ball, Crow Agency, Montana, Frank Karsten is spending the week In Billings attending to business mat- ters. Buy trees, small fruits, plants, etc. from the Montana Nursery Co., Bil- lings. Largest and best line of Montana grown nursery stock. Montana Nur sery Co., Billings. Mrs. Owen F. Burla left morning for Billings on a friends in that city. $50,000 to loan on irrigated lands at 8 per ceut interest. Reasonable op- tions. Rankin & Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. II.e‘eier, of Fos- ter. mime in wednesday and are spend- ing a few days in the city. Wm. Cochran has resigned his po- sition with the H. M. Allen & Co. lum- ber yard anti gone down to his ranch on which he will put several improve- ments during the 'spring months. Bob Leech and Win. Brown returned Wednesday night from Billings, going out to the headgate yesterday morning where they will resume e,,r1; th- n i t i g it ate ati soon as .the weather Will The recent cold weather tied up work .,n the irrigating canals for a short time but with the return of warm weather work will be resumed and the canals pashed to a rapid completion. LOST—Between my ranch and Har- din, one steel crow bar, branded V. B. and E. K. Finder please return to owner and get the price of a DPW one. V. B. Mc(X)MB. A large party of land seekers from the Gallatin valley came in Monday . night and have been loosing over the c.buntry during the weda. They all expressed surprise at the magnitade of tile Big Horn valley and ceniuder it one ot the very best in Montana. They are impressed greatly with our splendai bench lands and conmider the conditions ideal for the growing of winter wheat and other dry farm crops.. We under- stand it is the desire of mast of the vis- itors to tile on benen lands and become residents of this section. When you are in town drop in anti get acquainted with Kifer, the Furni- ture Man. 14 --e will be pleased to show , t you through his store as he feels sure it will be the means of securing your fu- ture patronage. Kifer doesn't sell on credit for even a day, therefore does not have to add a profit to goods to make up for the losses on bad accounts. (4. L. -Kent, of Bozeman, who bought eighty acres of inherited Indian land at the last sale, just west of Hardin, is in the city this week visiting his uncle, .1. \V. Johnston. and arranging for im provements on the farm. He will plow most of the tract this spring, fence it, and raise considerable grain. In the fall Mr. Kent will build a residence and other buildings and make the farm Ills permanent residence. J.W.Hutton Co. —Dealers in— Hay,Grain Flour, Feed, Seeds and Grass Seed We have an Automatic Seed Clean- er for cleaning grain. Come and see us. Opposite the Bacheller- Scott Lumber Yard, Herdin. Mont. Studebaker Waggons and Bu gg ies 2. YOU ARE INVITED To Investigate Our Business Methods in every essential detail of its business this bank fol- lows the safest and most approved banking methods The First National Bank of Hardin HARDIN, MONTANA Capital $ 25,000.00 Itesouices 150,000.00 G. F. BURLA, Preeident E. A HOWELL, Cashier Your Buqines Invited H. M. ALLEN ra CO., Lath Shingles Sash Boors Whig Paper— Hardin, Whcde!-.ale and Retail Dealers in Lime, Hair Wall Paper LUMBER, Cement Mixed Paint C. C. CALHOUN, Manager Linseed Oil Montana 1. 4 0/11s1e1Ntilelk11611.11.1.0ellava/ls 416 taliel•lielleelsWiellallel.11/ 4 0Th• ; $ $ E. C. SPENCER, General I Merchandise I 0 i Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Clothing. I $ Hardin, Mont. , Stock Complete Ti ontana Saloon W. A. BECKER, Mgr. vow •••• Diplomat Whiskey. \.11 Si RIGHT\ Imported and Domestic CIGARS B udweiser and illings E E R @ (1) IMPORTED WINES Corner Central Ave. and Second Streets. HARDIN, Mont. e ) Big Horn Saloon, D. R. WILLS, Mana g er, Dispenser of FINE Wines, Li q uors and Ci g ars HARDIN, MONT. • • e xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .xxxxxxx 14 MARDI N Feed / Livery&Transferco FRANK BODE, Proprietor. First -Class Turnouts to points on the Reservation or any place you 1 wish to reach. Teams with or without drivers. Prompt service. , .............. ............. ) . 1 Express an ray Orders Promptly one • 4=xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx .. 11110110 ' .01 . 11110-401 ...• AMMO* . 04 1. 10 10-01.1111.- - 1 1111=0.- -1011•116. 441111.8- -••••110.8. -011111O10.- Visit ii' \I. inlay t.. *Now is the time to hay your Waggonx and Bug- gies. We have a complete line of the above make . 1 11.100. 0411.0. 414OIDe. •••10.• -*MO+ - 0 4021 1 *--011m. - 1 •22sb• *am+ odmi. •rneamo• a W. LEE & CO •• • • ir • 4 • 4 • • * • • • STOLTENBURO at COFFIN, Props. • 0 1 0 1 . • 0 • 411 • a a a al la WI Si a' al a Leading and Best Liquors XXX)! a seam* an wavainal Imported and , Domestic Cigars • Little Horn Saloon Sunny Brook Bonded Whiskey Family Trade I a Specialtyj WI 'S '111 1. *9555 • S Hardin Meat Market & MOW. Proprietors. Highest Price Paid for Hides and Furs. Dealers in Horsea.ind .............. ............ .#4\ • • • klecDONSI Cattle.

The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.), 12 March 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.