The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.) 1908-1925, October 24, 1924, Image 6

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1 1 .iti•E SIX TIN MIARDIN TR1BUIPI*, OCTOBER 21, 1924. :: :3 t5/,e HARDIN TRIBUNE _ rt TAI.Es mom Ttru.oc..3K rt VI ii i Everyone is busy but quite happy ir4ARISIIS ritusLsk.. Leila, PUBLItikilaim , on Tullock. That's our 'adults. ! Mr. Meat of Hardin has been visit- faulliSKT a VICKSR11.--.--a....-----.......-......--linitor and Malasior ing in the neighborhood and inspect- _ - - --••••-ae- --- - . ing cattle. feuoitsbed every France and eateied Jaumary 13., Miss 1)1.1h0C, state rural supervisor. !Sae. at the pustottle• at tiarets. Mouvesva, tor trans- 'and bliss Brown, county superintend- ent visited school Thursday. We I II. W. Bunaton has s. six -tube were quite dasappointed at not being superheterodytie now ready to. get envie to neve tir-lil longer. ' the electicin returns on Nov. 4. Two ot our respected bachelors! ld(•k Warren is operating a Gil - have invested in a Ford truck. Even , , f:Iti neittrodyne to bring in radio eta Mr. Lobban has gone back cm his .1.•rtitinnient from the big cities. faithful steeds. We are led to be- lieve the, e is a method in his mad -1 Piiimett Eschleman of C r 0 w ness. I A gen( y is now the proud owner oi We ace giving a program. dance. , of a Crosby Trirdyn Special which refreshments anti a general good lie purchrsed recently at Hardin time at Tullock school on Oct. 31. I le - had another well known set but Everything free to every one that eanted a radio that would ophrate a loud speaker successfully by the use of dry batteries. • a Lk* __fra.1 1 tv, ti :in go. mission through the quoits as Somata -t 'Isms matte/ lUdOr ket ui .. 011r1 - 4-••• t.r it- -- g REPUBLICAN NATIONAL TICKET' is U u U is a U Unarina a CAl% CAWS 1 0 1(Ohl CROW For Pect4dent aaaaa a LI a2.3 Wu 44 SI CALVIN, COOLIDGE itt i Ma.Caeltusetts Miss Greeg, supervisor of field 'matron work in the Indian service, i was a visitor here last v. e. k. For Vice-Preeident Dr. 1. D. Nelson returned from R CHALES 0. D rizona Vednesday AWES m Our pumpkin pies and home - of Illinois , • - teken some Indian bobs to the ,bani- he. wing made divinity ca •'t be beat. a 1 evening. co e.s• inErriuJemv sTATE TICK ET For IT. S. Senator -- FRANK B. LINDERMAN For Coegressnian— SCOTT LEAVITT For (Owe Justice Senreme Court: MILES J. CAVANAUGH For Governor -- JOSEPH M. DIXON A For Lieut.-Governor— W. S. McCORMACK For Attorney General— L. A. a'OOTIE Secre•arv of Siete— CHA t L ES la STEWART For State -Treasurer— , W. E. HAR MON For State •Auditqr— GEORG E P. PORTER For Suet. Puhlie instruction— MAY TRUMPER For It. It. ia Public Service Com.—• LEONARD C. YOUNG For Clerk. Suereme JOHN WARD CROSBY For Judges 13th Judicial District— O. F. GODDARD ROBT. C. STUNG COUNTY TICKET For State Senator— W. A. P EDEN - For State Remeeentetive— •-FRED E. GORDON For County Commissioner — J. W. SCALLY For Sheriff— ANSON H. PEASE For County Clerk CARL RANKIN • For County Treasurer— FRED E. MILLER For Clerk Dist. Court— , GEORGE H. MILLER For County Assessor— HARVEY H. BARNETT For C'ouutv Attorrev— T. H. BURKE For Public Administrator — C. M. SQUIRE For Count y Sun't Selools— NELLIE V. BROWN For County Cormier— J. W. DUMAS For Countv Surveyor— E. C. FLICKING ER NO ISSUE THERE Ole Grosfield is having a wee bit tartum there. • 'of hard luck with his threshing this Dr. Levee of Lame Deer Kant a year. It either rains or blows when few days here last week. baying S e \ Ole has threshers. He expects to 10k(ted a wet time for a trip and have them another week. Anyone waited the (trying or the roads.. 1 with a knowledge of cooking will W. S. Hanna and fatally of Bit- have no troutOe in pleaseng Ole, tinge spent a few days here last Saturday night, Oct. 18th. the week, Mr. Hanna going over irriga- community was entertained by a local ratio party. Mr. and Mrs. Gowan of Lon matters With local Thousands who cannot and thou - . : eels who would not otherwise at - An addition is •being built to the Big Horn installed a radio at the •••.I church services now listen to Harris house which will make it a Cunningham residence. It was church services regularly. e , very cozy cottage. Tile work is in greatly enjoyed by all. At a late a indicated by a letter reeeived a• charge of ‘Vilbur Fish, os Hardin. hour cakc and coffee were served r'e station KG0 at Oakland. ('el. The Sam ,Johnson family have by the ladies. It is believed that • • Jeanette Cahoon. • of Santa moved to Hardin for the winter to special carload of radios will . be or- •••'•• Cal. he more convenient to school, some dered for Tullosk at an early date. - Per years I have not been able of the children being in 11).a•lt school. Mrs. Ellen Warren and two chil- Station WERT, Boston. was recent - droll and Mary 'Rutherford arrived ly heard in Hardin with a Crosley a few days ago to spend some time Trirdvn at 6:30 in the evening. This here with their father, J. M. Ruttier- is a new station operated lw the ford. Edison Electric Illuminating Co. It l'ref. J. D. McDowell has been is about 360-eleter wave length. shaking hands here with 'old friends the past few days. He was princi- pal of the school ,here Ion two years, but is not teaching this year. Mr. aril Mrs. GuillIng of Glendive were Crow visitors Wednesday. mak-• ing son pe inquiry for • land, . having ,:ae notion of moving here. They have been farming on a 'considerable scale near Glendive. Frank Kyselka and Dell Hall visited Billings last Sunday to bring back a ear that wax stranded in the mud there a few weeks ago rind :Aft() to bring back a new ear that Mr. K. had recently bought. Word was rreeiv -A here this week of the death of Mrs. Ted St -fete-a who with her husband formerly lived here as employes of the Aeen- ey. • She died at Phoenix, Arizona, •rhere they were both empinyed in the Indian trairine school. - — - -- KANSAS CITY DOCTal INVENTS NEW TRUSS, New Discovery Heals Rupture; AVithout An Operation. I Kansas City, Mo., (Special)—A The school band, which was new discovery which, experts! tina:thi to • get enough of its j igitees has no equat for curative; meinly , rs relieved from their !effects Uc - all rupture ces, 1 : . •=11•MMNINIIM• Station WEAF of New York claims to have an average audience of 1,1)00.000 (parrots, canary birds. dors and cafe not included). The aye et: • mail brings 1,000 letters to 'V.'S:AP daily. The largest audience laa es in from 7 to 11 in the eve- ntne. \\ t 111V husband inside a church.' es Mrs. Cahoon. \not because he eyeteeth/ ineanacitated but aim - teen use he lacks interest. Now •N\ Senility Whet - v.., I return fro! II a.'h I find higt`Aistening in to sermons broaleatit by your set- . . Frenuently awo of our neigh- tg i z===.: . - reeeeeneera: 1 7:41 =71 wimiamirrartra=mr=2,LT-v - 1 • 1-1 ji 'Saturilay e.mploYment to play for the Republican 'afternoon meeting, 'was unable to play for the 'Democrats last Saturday afternoon, for thti same reason. ;tome people misun derstood the sittiaSion and blamed the bOvs and management but they I • the lateSS accomplishment of he well-known Hernia Special - 1st, Dr. Andrews, 75-H Koch! 1[1 Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. The ex - I ; 4 traordinary success of this new . /Oct hod ; proves that it holds, Tid heals a rupture. It . weighs, !E! . only a few ounces. Has no hard' I, • have been corrected and know lgouging no elastic belt, that there was no attempt. atIno leg strap,' no steel .bandS, discrimination; indeed quite the and is asAcomfortable as a lighb; contrary. Igrament.X.It has enabled hun-; • FOR Slit:MVP Idreds of persons to, throw away; trusses and &daft their rup- ture absolutely healed. Manyj of these had serious double I ruptures, from which they had: suffered for years. It is Dr.! Andrews' . ambition to have; every ruptured person enjoy I the. quick relief, comfort and; h2aling power of his discovery, and he will send it on free trial! to any reader of the Tribune who; writes him. He warps one per- son in each neighborhood to ; whom he can refer. If yoU wish So be rid of rupture fori good, without an operation, takel advantage of the docto - 's free! offer. Write him Soday. I an. e reielidate oil the •I• 7110- CratiC ticket for re-election to the office of sheriff of Big Horn county. If intrusted with the office a either term I will endeavor to conduct it as economiently and conectentiouslY as I have the past two ,a4s: I -M! appreciate your 'support at the elec- tion November 4.- R: P. GILMORE RUPTURE EXPERT HERE Seeley Co's truss expert from Chi- cago will personally be at the North- ern Hotel, and will remain in Bil- lings Saturday and Sunday only, Nov. 1st and 2nd. Mr. Seeley says' \The Spermatic SIdeld wilt not only retain any case of rupture perfectly, but eontracts the opening in 10 days on the average case. 13eing a vast advancement over all former meth- ods—exemplPying instantaneous ef- fects Immediately appreciable and withstandiug e,ly strain or position no matter tie size or location. Large or difficult c e• s, or inciselonal rup- tures (followiee operations) specially solicitel. TI,is instrument received the only nwo:al in England and in Spain, produeing results without sur- gery, injections, medical treatineitts or prescriptions.\ Warning— All eases should be cautioned against the use of any elastic or web trims with under -straps, as same rest where the lump is and not where the opening is, producing complica- tions itecessitating surgical opera - Gone. Mr.- Seeley has documents from the United States Government, Washington. D. C., for inspection. Our representative Will be glad to demonstrate without charge or ru them if &aired. Business demand prevents stopping at any other place In this section. P. 8.—Every statement in this no- tice has been verified before the Federal and State Courts.—P. H. Seeley. Home Office: 117 No. Dearborn St., Chicago. (Advertisement) ANNIMM•0011.001 1,1 •1 1 . 1 .-1 1 1. DR. RANSIER DENTIST A -Ray Work MAU INAT I ON NEL Moose i 510111Pme IOUs VOTE FOR FRANK B. LINDERMAN Republican Nominee for UNITED SIAM SENATOR '- - - - 5 -- \I .. have no individual platform. Individual political platforms are prom- ises of .porsonal performances, and I do not feel - :ompetent to reconstructoz11 things for men. • - I will st^_ri with President Calvin Coolidge in ea:Tying out the promises contained io the National Republican platform, which is my platform, and I promise alv.rays . to Le a Montana citizen and a Montana Senator as well as a United States Senator. I am anxious to see taxes reduced, the farmer helped and our border safe- guarded in the interests of the new im- migration law.\ FRANK B. LINDERMAN A vote for Linderman is a vote for Montana. Circulated and paid for by Linderman for Senator Club, W. R. Hopkins, President, Helena, Montana. =-..1========. bora. also non -going (.11 tirchni. n. lot The latest owners Ractiolas him with coital interest. I the of i . 0 Joust powerful radio are: Ira Hanie, Prank Kincaid, ca:Ac . or IV 011tI . V:a, I %math*. l's to- Legiim. stations on the coetInent now IS I C. E. Benson and The American The demand for Radi- cal power output is 5.000 wettis, teni times that of the_ ordinary ran o f olas is so great that it is almost stations 'l' oorf plioso of this iilipti,isible to get them from station ha; been outlinedas th a ma _ it facturer. If you are for _the 5,000 eee French nr...q. planning on having a Radiola fteatteare I throierhout c-nodtt. for this winter you will need to 1Tnited Matte+. end West' a nouneee.rnss art' mule in Engl a , get your order ill early. Pat's and Irrotich. Radio Shop. 17 -IL bum Of inteent a rd rdije.ltion ERNES T WILD INS Flit CTOIZ ' 1,101,IN IN 11 ‘111)1N . (01 WEDNESD1,1', O(:T. 29 STUI)10 AIRS. CARL LONG rtur . :10, 145 PIANO BARGAIN We have a piano in this vielit- Ity altieli we rash to illepose of at a hug:tire If you are thinking of pureltasitig. •tt O. it will pay vim to write to vs for partieulars. U. M. LINDAMOOD aft - SIPCO. '2'4 North Itroailway Montesal or Stipple( Will Be Appreciated- • .4ev e lt ••• 1111 - i E, 2 4' 1 ... ar:A nil ; 1 ! , ' ', •'''''''k -,/ rt ..- 1 EA 1 n n i , 1 Le.mocratic Norniee for , F ...„, r 1 0 L; fj i 1 I A fair and square deal to al. No favorites to reward nor enemies to repa y. (Political ad,r. paid for by C. C. Guinn) Getting dow ti \brass tacks\ \The State government does not need more income. It needs less extravagant operation and the elimi- nation of duplicate work and of the extravagant luxuries of State employes. It can be run on far less than $3,000,000 a year.\ is -.judge Erickson, Democratic Candidate for Governor Paid political ado. by Democratic State Central Committee • .11,111,

The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.), 24 Oct. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.