The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.) 1908-1925, October 24, 1924, Image 7

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• FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1924. TnE HARDIN TRIBUNE PAGE SWIM WATCHES, JEWELRY AND GLASSES REPAIRED SHEET MUSIC We carry the new and popular pieces of music. Orders for Int : and supplies are given our imv.ediate care. We ar e the \Home of the EDISON PHONOGRAPH\ We carry a big stock of records. Strand's Jewelry Store- eametemeaseemseeeeeememaie elletetteje et q' - uzuuunuu- II Lwa 1 Neci•S' 1 atearteteetialettsietraittzteuirhan uarttati Ilemstitching-M r s. E. A. Howell. 37 MARCEL-Phone 30 for ap- pointment -mornings. Mrs. (oldie Trussell. 20 'Get your clothes Tailor Made. Our Suits ranging from $25.00 and up. Fischbach's Tailor Shop. F. D. Tanner, wife and two children returned. this evening from Medina, Ohio, where they have been visiting relatives. Mrs. L. Arthur Drown, who has been . spending the past three years in southern Cali- fornia for the benefit of her health, has returned to the Brown farm heme on Pine ridge. She was accompanied by her 'two -year -old granddau vhter,Bet- ty Bell. Miss Bernice Carper was in from Halfway, where she is now, teaching, a n d attended the teachers' meeting held in Har- din this afternoon. Marceling, shairpooirg r .11 hair cutting at Gillette colt g. 40-tf Mrs. Daphne Bctt.1 J. S. Romine . and family and and D. 1 . 4. Egnew wore caring. for business matters in Bil1ings,1 Monday. Allen Bernine, who ; accompanied them to Billings, left that same eveuing for Boze- man where he vihl abtend nigh school this seJson. Hardin Di . / e Co., A. M. nicks. Prescription Druggist, Sullivan Block. 21-tf Rev. IL N. BlaKeway drove down from Billings this after- noon and is looking aftCr his ranching interests in this vici- nity. Rev. Blakeway is now pastor. of the Congregational Community church at Billings. lie reports that the members of his family are all well and Mrs. Blakeway nearly recovered frofn a fall she sustained while de -1 cending the basement stairs of! their home some time ago and at which time she suffered an injury to her right knee. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Haggerman of Sarpy are the proud parents of a nine and one-half pound baby boy born to them on Fri- day. W. J. Ferguson and Chas. it. Foley of Kirby, motored over to Hardin on a business mission Friday, returning - in the evening. Hallowe'en social at Congre- gational church Wednesday, Oct. 20th. Don't miss this if you - en- joy a good time. General admis- sion 35 cents, lunch included. 43 -bp. ••••••••••11•••••• Fifty tons of alfalfa hay and 160 acres of pasture for sale cheap. 3 1 / 2 miles south of Har- din. Write M. I. Hoyem, Gen- eral Delivery, Sheridan, Wyom- ing. 43-2t bp -pd Committee No. 2 of the M. E. church will commence serving dinner ab 5:30 on election day instead of at noon. Born -At the Gilmore hos- pital in Hardin, Big . Horn coun- ty, Montana, on Thursday, Oc- tober 23, 1924, to Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Elarth, a daughter. Moth- er and babe are reported as doing nicely while the genial proprietor of the Hardin Bakery is about the happiest man in the - city, and Mrs. Goldie Trus- sell is proud over her newly acquired title of \auntie.\ Mr. and Mrs. H. E. MosebY spent the week -end in Billings. Draying and all kinds of team work. Haul anything; go any- where. Henry G. Campbell. The latest owners of Radiolas are. Ira Hanie, Frank Kincaid, L. E. Benson , and the American egion. The demand for Radio - Las is so great that it is almost ,napossible to get them from !.Ite manufacturer. If you are planning on having. a Iladiola for this 'winter you will need to get your order in ea`rly. Pat's Radio Shop. H-1 FOR MT FOR SALE, ETC, FOR RENT 2 -room house with city water; t;35.00 a month; 4 -room house, cistern, well, 2 barns I chicken house, 88.0u a month; 15 -room apartment house partly fur- nished, modern except heat, $10 a month. See J. A. Lewis at Big Horn Pool Hall. FOR RENT -One seven room house modern and one six room house modern and furnished. 40 -ti. S. A. YERGEY, Phone 166J FOR SALE OR TRADE -1920 Buick Six, 5 passenger, touring, cheap. Good tires, all extras complete. Call at Savoy Cafe. 13 Oats, corn chop, bran and .horts, also Kirby opal. 6-tf DFNIO ELEVATOR. LOST -Wednesday eve, a sil- ver purse containing quita an amount of money, a check book on an Iona bank, and a vanity case. Finder leave ab this office and receive reward. 17-tT FOR SALE -Buick Touring car; a bargain. Ed. Galliher, Crow Agency. 2t -H -pd. WANTED -Second-hand Ford car. Address box 184, Hardin. 17-tf-bp WINCIff51171 The Best Flashlight on the market extra heavy cases and impossible to short-circuit same HARDIN HARDWARE Dr. and Mrs j W. A. Russell returnid Wednesday from an automobile trip to tho Decker section, Ni'here the doctor has been engaged in county health work. They were compelLd to lay over at the Nash farm two or three days because of rain. Hardin Local of the Faimers' Union will 'meet on Monday night, Oct. 27, ab 8 o'clock. All members are urged to be pre- sent and all who wou:d like to alliliate with the organization are invited to came. • The Continental Radio ana 'Electric Corporation ; the lead- ing radio house ef New York City, says the Crosley Trirdyn radio set, because of its excep- tional receiving 'qualities, will lead in the market of 1924-25. See Lyle J. Tintinger, the Cros- ley Radio Man for Hardin, about it. It's the radio Fet that saves you $100. Investigate. 43- Westside Maternity Home rates $25.00 Per Week Mrs. T. M. Whitledge Nurse in Charge Phone 11-F-11 Hardin, Mont. NOTICE OF LIQUIDATION .0.•••••••••••••11 The First National Bank 'located at Lodge Grass, fljg Horn County. in the State of Montana. is closing its affairs. All note holders and oriel creditors of the assiociatiee are therefore homey notified to Pre- sent their notes and other elairns fot payment. CARROLL CRESWELL. • Peesidt . _ e nt Carroll Creswell. Chairman of Liquidating Committee. lierst pub. Aug. 29. 1924. 25-1 N(YrICE OF ELECTION Referendum Measure No. 21 \An Act to Repeal Section 671. 672, 678. 674: 675 and 676 of the Re. vised Codes of Montana 1921. these sections now bein'g what was initia- tive measure entitled: 'A Bill to pro - nose by initiative petition a law to provide for the expression by the People or the State of Montana 'cif ;hair preference of party candidates for President and Vice-President o, the United finites. the election of , lelegaees to presidential conventions and. the nomination of Presidential electors by direct vote.' initiated and ::1. 9 1 ss 2 t . .) ,, d by the people of the State of efontana at the General Election of \An Act to Repeal Sections 671. 072. 73, 674. 675 and 676 of the Revised - odes of Montana 1921. these etec- ems now being *hat was initiativt neasure entitled 'A Bill to propose 'et initiative petition a law to provide i'or the exnresuion by the People or _he State of Montana of their pref- erence of party candidates for Presi- •1 •nt and Vice -President of the Unite, etates. the eleetton of &legatee to eresidential conventions and tie omination of presidential elector:- lw direct vote.' initiettel end pa-ssee by the People of the Stete of leton- 'ana at the ',extent I Election 912. and providing for a referendum tipon this act.\ Ile It Enacted by the Leaaletive Assembly of the State of Montana: Section 1. That Sections 671. 672. 673. 674. 675 and 676 of the Revised Codes 'f Montana of 1921. these sections now being what was initia- tive e n b le v as i t o ir i e tia e t n iN title ,e n d et; t A lon bil a l t i o nw pro to - provide for the expression by the people of the State of Montana of their preference of party eannidates for President and Vice -President of the United States. thet election of delegates to presidential conventions end the nomination of presidential electors by direct vote.' initiated are) passed by the people of the State et' Montana. at the General Election ef 1912. be and e the same hereby are repealed. • Section 2. 'There shall be a refer- endum unon this Act, and the Secre- eery of State is hereby required anti it is made his duty to submit this tneaeure. in accordance with Article V. Section 1. of the Conetitution of the Peat , 'of Montana. to the . people of the State for their annreval or rejection at the General Election to he held in November. 1924. Separ- ate ballots shall he used at such election which shall have printed thereon the title of this Act. and be- low the same shall be printed the words: For Repeal of the Presidential ''ternary Law. Against Repeal of the Presidential Primary Law. Each elector shall desienate his r-eference be marking an X in the Qqiiare before the Proposition for which such elector desires to vote. The votes cast for and neattist the 1 7w above proposed shall he counted. ..eterned and canvassed. and the re - shall he determined in the man- ner provided by the general eleetiott 'ewe of the State.\ \Section 3. This Act shall he in fell force and effect, if the same shall he lonrOVed at such election he a ma - 'city of those voting thereon. upon the issuance anti nnhlishine of the onvernor's nreela.mation, as pro- -hied by law.\ CNITED STATES OF AMERICA 'I ea State of Montana I. C. T. Stewart. Secretary of State of the State of Montana. do hereby certi- fy that the foregoing In a tree and cor- rect cony of Referendum Measure No. 27. entitled: \An Art to Repeal Sections 671. 672. 673. 674. 676 and 676 of the Revised Codes of Montana 1921. these sections now being what was initiative measure entitled 'A 11111 to propose by Initiative netition ,a law to provide for the expression by the Deseret) of the State of Mon- tana of their preference of Party candidates for President and Vice - President of the United States, the election of delegates to presidential conventions and the nomination of presidential electors by direct vote.' initiated and passed be the People of the State of Montana at the General Election of 1912.\ \An Act to Repeal ReetiOn 671. 672 e73. 674. 675 and 675 of the Revised Codes of Montana 1921. these sections now beinw what was ipitiative measure entitled 'A Bill to propose by initiative petition a. law to provide for the expression by the People oi the State of Montana. of their preference of parte candidates for President and Vice -President of the ttnited States, the election of del- egates to presidential conventions and t h e nomination o f nrepidential a el t ee e a tore and bY tasse d d irec b t r t y he o t r e . .' nrae lnit o l f - the State of Montana at the General Election of 1912, and providing' for a referendum upon this act.\ TN TESTIMONY WHEREOF. I have hereunto set me hand and af - fixed the Great Seal of the State of Montana. at Helena, the Capital. this Fourth day of October. 1994. (1111AL) CI. T. ST/CWART Ileersts ry el keels Atomic OF SAL'S In the Metric:, Court of the Tide- teeiali Jutioad ialaitrIet of the. State of Montana. Lu *and for the ()emits . el Big Horn. Loonis letriell Of D. H. Burrell. Jr.. Pis fig. vg. Carrel C. St. John. 'Defendant TO BE SOW AT SHERIFF' SALE. ort tee 1st day of NoVembor. 1924. at C hoar of one o'clock. le m. of said day at the front door of the Coutev Court House in the City of Hadkt. Big Horn °untie Montana, under older of .Court arse Decree of Floret:ham:0. the following describe.' ,e al property. sittiete. !vine and be- ing in the County of Big Horn. State of Montana. to -wit: The East Half of the West Har and the West Half of the East Hal* of Section Five: the East Half 0 . Sectien Eight: the North Half of the North 11-ilf of Set tion Three, all- in Township Nine. South of Ranee Forte -eve East of the M. P. M.. con- taining .800 acres. more or' less ac- corilitte - o the government survey thereof. Deli , 1 at Hardin. Montana. this 9th •• ‘• of October. 1924. It. P. GeLMORE. Sheriff. if. W. ritiretton. Hardin. Montana. Attorney for Plaintiff. First eublieatIon Oct. 10. 1924. 41-4 NOTICE OF SALE In The District Court Of the Tide- teeteh Judicial District of the State of 311.ntena. in and for the Comae et Big Horn. W. E. WARREN. Plaintiff. vs. HENRY BAKER and DAISYDELL EA KER. his wife. PERRY M. coNVER and MRS. PERRY M. tXVIelt. his wife. GUY H. CON - l'!: and Mina GUY H. CON- • ereet, his wife. arei JACOB E. teVER and MRS. JACOB E. •;1e V ER his wife Defendants. • T• • BE SOLD AT SHERIFF'S SA ele on the 1st day of Nov:labor it. 1924, at the hour of one o'clock P. IL. of said day. at the front door of the County Court House in the City or Hardin. Big Horn . County. Montana, under order of Court and Detatet of Foreclosure, the followine described property. situate. lying . and hisi;ur in the County of Big Horn. :at' of Montana. to -wit: Tile South . Half of Section thirty- two in Township Two North of .1; Thirty-two East of the M. P. '•!.. containing 220 acres. more or a. ee.ortliee . to the Government :tureen- thereof: Mee Lots One. Two. Tel en, Four, the South .Half of the North Half and the South Half of eeetIon Five in Tewnshin One Norte •e Range Thirty-two East of the t. P. M.: co - teenier 64E28 acres. ,• ore or less. according to the Gov- • • eel cat Bursar: thereof. R. P. GILMORE. Seeeiff ,i. \V. Burst on Hardin. Montana. ornev Plaintiff. .tethlient , en tect 10. 1924. 41-4 SHEItTEIPS SALE tUDOLPH A. ROSSBERG, Plaintiff, PIG HORN VALLEY LAND & DE- VELOPMENT COMPANY, a cor- eoration, Defendant. • To Be Sold At Sheriff's Sale, on the 1st day- of November A. D. 1924, rt. 2e00e0ecleelc p. at., at the front door of the Court House in Hardin, 'ounty of Pie Horn, State of Mon- tena, the following described real property, to -wit: The SE!; SW le of Sec. 21: the NEet, NW 1 4 and Lot 1 of Sec. 28, , Teen 3 South of Range 33 East of ee , M. I'. M. together with the im- • ..oeinticents and appurtenances there - 1 Pito belonging or in anywise apper- • editing R. P. GILMORE, _ Fevre'''. Big Men Comity, Montana. By JOHN H. TeIFF,R. Under Sheriff. :\-4..1 October 3, A.. D. 1924. a a • & Maaldoe. Harlin. Montana. • .••• - ieys for Plaintiff. • aicetien Oct. 3, 1924. 40-4 - - N't - rrIarT , 1 Or AMENDMENT Chanter 134. \An Act to Submit to the. Qualified if.lectors of the State of Montana an Aineeteneet to the Constitution of the State of Montana. Adding Thereto a New Article. Providintr for the Ac- ceptance and Administration by the State of Gifts. Donations. Grants and Legecies for the Creation of a State Permanent Revenue Fund, for the Creation of a State Permanent School Fund. for the Creation of a Perma- nent Revenue Fund, for the Univers- ity of Mcfntana. and for the Benefit of other Useful. Benevolent and Worthy °Meets: and Authorizing the State to Administer Other Funds To- gether with Those Hereinbefore In- dicated.\ BE IT ENAC'eleD BY THE LEGIS- LATIVE ASSEMI3LY OF THE STATE OF MONANA: Section 1. That the Constitution of the State of Montana be amended as hereinafter provided, and that the Question of such amendment be sub- mitted to -the nualified electors of the State of Montana for their approval or relectioe at the general election to be held in November. 1924. Section 2. That the Constitution of the Sttte of Montana be amendee and the sante is hereby amended. be adding thereto a new Article to be known and degignated as A tatter Twenty -One 421). reading and beine as follows: ARTICLE XXI. Section 1. (of Article 21). The State of Montana does hereby turree and covenant to accept from any natural person or persons. from !n- ettle or outside the State. rifts, do- nations. grants and legacies in any amount or value not leas, than Two Hundred Fifty ($260.00) Dollars each. for the creation of a Strae Per.nanent Revenue Fund. for the creation of a State Permanent Scheel Fund. for the creation of a Perma- nent Revenue Fund for the Univer- Re of Montana. and for the Benefit of scientific. educational, benevolent and charitable work. sublect. how- ever, to all the provisions and limita- tions of this article. Sectioa 2 (of Article 21). The State further agrees and covenants to hold in trust all such contribu- tions (rifts donations. reentry. fl r.. legacies), to administer the same nernetuallv, end to annlv the net ea/minors thereof as therein directed elueleet. however. to the provisions and limitations of this J.ct. Section II (of Article 1). The or- iginal amounts of all con ributione for the State Permanent Revenue Fund. for the State Permanent School Fund and for the Permanent Revenue Fund for th• University of Montana. shall be added to such funds respec- tively and become inseparable and inviolable nteas thereof. Contribu- Bons for other obiecte may contain a re -ovation to the effect that the net earnings thereof. or part of the net earninre. shall be added to the prin- cipal for a certain leneth of time. or until it has reached a certain an onnt. or until the hannenaig of a certain event. but 'met contineent event shall not be more remote than Permitted by the laws effeettnir per - Detentes: hut no contribution eon- taininw such provision as to Heeemn- lation shall be accented by the State until It tine been approved by the supervisory hoard hereinafter eon- stitutee. irthelt board shall have nower to reject any ouch anntribe- tion that it may deem unwise. Section 4 (of Artiele 11). The State Treasurer shall keen a Perma- nent record of all mush gifts, (Iona- tirms. grants and legacies atiowlnir the names of the Rivera the Tierney• of the rontritintion, anti ether Pf•- liPotint ?Acts reletinr thereto. A du- tgicate of this reseal shall be ken. by the Secretary of Batts Thew tosertts 'fun I. eregervett sorest wilt , . lie a lagelog aiesaesaa1 to the elvers and their interest In society. The Legislative Assembly shall from time to time make Deem ab to, e•• it , oubilcitv eoncernins these oenefac- tors of their fellowmen. Section 6 (of Article 211. The same btate Board and offieere that have charre of the Pivet, meet administration of the Public echool Puha of the State shall Live ^het g, of the uivestment and ate- tinietrita) of all the funds administered i neer this article. All these a ; Invested as Olik. ettetnion fund to be known and designated as the Mon- tana Trust and Leracv Fund, le case sew contrIbution is in some oilier form than cash, such bear. , shall eervert it into cash as soon as practicable none of the foiegoing provisions of of the Stete of Montana, •except wen - era! fund warrants whieh will be Paid within one year from the time of the Investment. No dieeriminitior shell es.'\ he phown for or against any loan annlicant: provided. how- ever. that In neesing on n loan or investment, consideration shalt he given. not only to the noteleneal of the secuilter. hut also the character fine earning temerity of the anpli- cant are to the ntirnnse of the leen: and nrovele further that an long as the available funds are inadeneere to meet the demand. nreference Pesti be given to the smaller loans. 1 . 1 , e rate of interest shall always he a reasonable rate. consbierine the char - actor of the loan or Investment, bet different rates may he cheered for different classes of loans and invest- ments. Section 7 (of Article 21). It is the meaning at , 4 - 1 intention, of this Article that all investments of these funds shall he confined exclusively to safe loan investm ng investments. drawi a fixed rate of interest and being in aid of home making, farming and . ednea- tional wore, or otherwise coed/idea , to th epregress and well being ef ll ty l A ong term Investments shall be on the amortization nlan. Further regulations and limitations enncern- lre these investments shall' be pro- vided ,by law. Section 8 (of Article 21). When- ever the security given for a loan is liable to damase or destruction be fire, the insurance company ace - elle- ins the risk shall be absolutely liable to the State for the full amount of the policy. and the nnliee itsete see?: enecificallv recite such full liability. The State may itself Provide for in- surance on any, nronerty constituting security for its loans. Seetion 9 (of Article 21). The Legislative Assembly may proyelt other anti additional ways and means for beginning or leereasing any of the fends created or antherieed hr this Article. Section 10 tot Article 21). The State of Montana shall accent for in- vestment and administretion together with the aforesaid funds conetitutine the Montana Trust and Legacy fund, but its seneraele nerts thereof, sink- ing funds. permanent Olivia. ane en- fnulative fuels belonging to the State and its nelitical subdivisions. end also other funds designated by the Legislative Assembly, when re- utionted to do so by the authorities having the care an tl ce te etedv of eth funds. All such funds and the ac- crued interest, less the State com- pensation hereinafter fixed, shall be repaid when due. The provisions of this section shall not annly to the Public School Funds of The Setae whleh school fund shall be ndmInie tered . senn telv as already pre- scribed be the constitution. Seetion 11 (of Article 21). The State shall be entitled to receive as compensation for the ad minietrat in: of all the runes administered under Ibis act one twentieth (1-20) of all the interest collected thereon each year. On the last day of December of each year. the State Treasurer shall transfer. to the State General Fund such one twentieth (1-20) of all the interest gollecteel durine the Year. less all the losses escertained during the year. which losses seal! be deducted front the one twentiete eopstituting the compensation of the State. The balance of the Interest collected shall be the net earnings anti shall be credited nro rata to each and every fund constituting the Montana Trust and Legacy Fund that was in the keeninrr of the State on January 1st of that year, based on the total thereof on that date. anti retch shall he added to each fund or held available for the beneficiales Fla the case may be. Sums due benefici- aries shall he paid out during the ensuinor month of January. as far as practicable. - Section is (of Article 21). All the net earnings accruine to the State Permanent Revenue Fund shall annually he added thereto until It has reached the sum of One Hundred Million Dollars ($ Thereafter only one tv enttetti of the flannel net earnings shall be added to the fund itself, and the remain- ing nineteen twentieths of the net earnings shall he used for the gen- eral expenses of the State. Section •13 (of Article 21). All the net earnings acerutne to the State Permanent School Fund shall annual- ly he added thereto until It has reached the sum of Five Hundred Million Dollars (S500.000.000.00). Tbereafter only one twentieth of the annual net eernines shall he added to the fund itself, and the remain- ing nineteen twentieths shall annual- ly he apportioned to the school dis- trictsof the State on the basis of the araregate actual school attend- ance in each district during . the pre- ceding school or calendar year by persons between the agree of six pea eighteen years and shall be used ex- cluelvely for educettionel purposes. sublet - 1 to such regulations and limi- tations RR may be prescribed by law. Section 14 (of Article 21). All the net earnines aceruine to the Perma- nent Revenue Fund for the Univers- ity of Montana shall annually be added thereto untie.' it has reached the am of One Hundred Million after only one twentieth of th T ti lle a r n e- - Dollars (2160.000.000.00). tiled net *amines shall be added to the fund itself, and the remaining nineteen twentieths shell be appor- tioned to all the educational institu- tions then comprising the University of Montana on the basis of the ag- gregate actual attendance in each institution &nine t it e preceding school or calendar year, and may be used for all purposes properly con- nected with the work of these insti- tutions, sublect. howeve- to such regulations anti limitations as may be prescribed by law. Section 15 (of Article 1111. When- ever the Purpose for which a certain contribution was made has been aap- cemplished or ows new longer be as- certained or followed. then the total amount et seek fund shall be trans- ferred be the State Perasanent Oehool Feud and liamionle a Permanent and tavistable *art thereof. All es si4 t Section (of Article 21) AB in- this section shall anolv to any of vestments of these funds shall he .afely and conservatively made. Pref- trepee shall be given to lone tea Maps secured by first mortgages on town and city homes or on cultivatati and producing farms in this State tree from all prior liens and encum- brances and also to Montana Bonds issued for educational purposes. Al! such loans and bonds shall be pay- able on the amortization plan. Nb loan in which the security Is a mort- gere shell exceed fifty Per cent of the actual cash value of the real es - state elven fig security. No farm loan shalt be for a longer nerioe than forty veers. and no loan seenree on residence property shall he for a longer r•eried than twenty years. No loan secured on town or city Property shall he made until the par - Heeler town or ity and Pnheliv1Flop themef in which it is located has been eccented and approved by the State Alford. having charge of the investment. ele permanently estab- lished. Inneng an assured future and being in every way rate security for thew. inve , tmetits. Investment way also be male in other safe interest relating thereto. The Clerk of the benrine sece ei\--• provided. hew- Supreme Court shall be Ex -Officio ever. that no nart of such feeds Clerk of this Supervisory Board, shell ever be invested in oblientiona Section 18 (of Article 21) The these funds until it has reached the specific amount fixed by this Artiele. Section 17 (of Article 21). The Justices of the _Supreme Court of the State ia• Montana are hereby made and constituted a supervisory board over the entire administration of all the funds created or author- ized by this article and the income therefrom. Duren, Jantiary of each year. this board shall review the administration for the preceding Year. It shall decide all uncertain or dieputed Points a - rising in the ad- ministration of the. funds whenever reauested to do so by a beneficiary. by a State Official charged with some nart of the administration of the fund, or any other interested Party: and it may .do se upon its own initiative. It shall be the duty of the supervisory hoard to do and oerform all acts and things that It may deem necessary in order to cause the board and officers haying direct charge of these funds to ad- minister the same carefully and wisely in fell comrlittnee with the provisions of this article and such further leeislation as may be enacted buttons without a specified purpose shall be credited to the State PErnis- neat School Fund. Section 16 (of Article 21). Should the tune ever come when any , e/ the three aforesaid Dermalient fund be- come ati large that no further in- caease is necessary or desirable, then, in such case. the Lerislative Assem- bly shall have power to provide for the use of all of the net income frooi such fund for the Purpose for whieh it was created, or it may use the one twentieth of the annual net in- come which was to he added to the fund itself for the creation of other Permanent revenue funds, or for any other public purpose that It may deem wise: provided. however, that 'Legislative Assembly shall teem time to time enact such further legisla- tion as it may deem necessary to curry into effect the Provisions of this article. Section 3. Separate official ballots shall he provided at the general election to be held In November. 1924. which shall have printed there- on all of Article Twenty-one (21) of the Cone - Welton of the State of Montana as pronosed by this act. There shell also he printed on Field official ballots, below the said article, snearee and the words as follows: For the forgoing amendment to the Constitution. Against the foregoing amend- ment to the Constitution. E tch elector who apnroves this amendment shall mark an. X in the first eneare above printed. and each elector who reelects it shall mark an X in the seeond square. Section 4 . The vet' s cast for and against this proposed amendment shall be canvassed, determined and declared as provided by the laws of the State of Montana: Section 5. All acts and parte of acts in conflict with the provisions of this act are hereby renealed. Section 6. This act shall take ef- fect an I be In full foree and effect from and .after its passage and ap- proval. Approved March 3. 1923. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA et& STATE OF' MONTANA. I C. T. STEWART. Secretary of the State of Montana. do hereby cer- tify that the foregoing is a true and correet cony of an act entitled: \An Act to Submit to the Qualified Elec- tors of the State of Montana an Amendment to the Constitution of the State of Montana. Adding There- to a New Article. Providenr for Co Acceptance and Administration bif the State of Gifts, Donations. Grants and Legacies for the Creation of a State Peru - eine - et Revenue Fund, for the Creation of a S••tte Permanent School Fund. for the Creation of a Perm itnent Revenue Fund for the University of Montana, and for the Benefit of other Useful. I and Worthy Obients: andjuthorieine the State to Administer 'ether 1 , aa. ' Together with Those Herelnbefore Indicated\ IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand anti af- fixed the Great Seal of the State of Montana at Teflon& the Cenitel. this 1st day of Aueuet. A. O. 1924. C. T. STEWART. (SEAL) Rearetery of State. First publication Aur. R. 1924. 32-1k NOTICE OP ELECTION - CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT Chanter 97. \An Act for the Submission to the Qualified Electors of the State of Montana of an Amendment to See- tion 10 of Article IX of the Consti- tution of the State of Montana. Re- lating to the Qualifications of County Superintend mts of Schools a n d School District Officers.\ BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGIS- LATIVE ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF MONTANA: Section 1. That Section 10 of Ar- ticle IX of the Constitution of the State of Montana be amended as hereinafter provided and that the question of sal I amendment be sub- mitted to the qualified electors of the State of Montana at the next general election. Section 2. That Section 16 of Ar- ticle IX of the Constitution of the State 'of Montana oe and the same Is hereby amended to read as fol- low \S s e : ction 10. All personal ltesselleIcti the qualifications for suffrage ore - scribed by Section 2 of this Article as amended and such other apatite - rations as the leirislattve es:Tenthly may by low prescribe, shall be ell - ethic to hold the office of coenty superintendent of schools or any. other school district office.\ Section 3. Separate official nallota shall be provided at the general elec- tion to be held in Noveneer. 1924* which shall have printed thereon nli of Section 19 of Article TIC ,f lbs comoittition of the Stete of Moine tans as at lended he this Act. rod below the same shall be preia.1 elks words: LI For the above written amend- ment to the Constitution. Against the above wrilttea amendment to the cereltjte, . Each elector shall dertirr his nreference by marking an ' in the aivare before the prove for which such elector desires is vote. Section 4. The votes col for aid against the amendment shove im pro- posed shall be canvass., determined and declared as nro by the general election laws the State et Montana. Station 5. All AA: and Darts of Acts in conflict heilerith are aepailly repealed. Section 6. This Act shall take ef- fect and be in tiN force from aid after Its plumage and ainDfnraL Approved Mih 7, 1913. UNITED ST Or AMICRIQA1 III STATII eir MONTANA. 1. C. T. W1LFWART. Rscretal\ of State of 0 . State of Montana. do hereby ty that the foregoing lie a true correct CODY of an see entitled: An Aot for the euhreste- , to the Qualified Electors of tam State if Montana of an Ameniment to lesition IS of Article IX of the Con/Mutton of the State of Monthi t Relating to the Qualifications le rt e tiveerlatendr a t ev o i f , Schools Scheel Tiourrs p lirrA WHIIRIDOT. I . the Great Peal et ba have he set mat lbs at MeIegia. the 1.1 tag el t ter l ow i s ,:i. • 1=n IINII ewitilleattea Auer. S. liltr • a MIlft tra •

The Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.), 24 Oct. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.