The Sanders County Ledger (Thompson Falls, Mont.) 1905-1918, September 15, 1905, Image 3

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, • * . s '..;s• • ...N.'\ . • sea s as_ :v.v . +. • ,r • , ..1-a1shis lel 16 - Ai e . I . City and County happenings - 4 -14-14-111 i)11 It tt *--144- 11 For Fire Insurance see W. lasittotie. Roy Cameron trensacted business . Plains on Tuesday. Mn. Jas. Packard of Eddy drove in on Tumid,' on business. Dan DeLong of Nolen was a pleasant. • visitor in town on Tuesday. II. W. Goetzof Belittle') transacted business in town oil Tuesday. I. E. Keith left for Missoula on Mon- day for a few days busluess Ira Frazier of Belknap was in town on Saturday and again on Monday on busi- liells. Geo, S. Good was.excesed trona jou service and returned home on Monday evening. Corble and Verne Livesay of Trout Creek were business vioitors here -on Saturday. •Strs. W. Nichols and little son of Belknap were pleasant busiuess visitors here on Monday. -7- ---- -- M. J. McIntee, the efficient constable at Trout Creek, was a business vietVor hereon Saturday. - - Henry Larson, who is employed a t the Whalen mill a Whits Pine spent Sunday at home. -Otto Hendrickson nephew of John Bergstom of Belknap, was in town on Monday on buSne is. Henry. Daignault, the veteran mining man from Trout Creek, came up on Sun- day afternoon for a short stay. Dr. Robinson, the well known Mis- soula dentist, will surely be in Thomp- son, Friday Sept. 22nd for four days. Jac Herman returned home on Sun- day morning from a two weeks sojourn at the hot springs on the reservation. Miss Irene alcQuestion, sista,. to Mr - s. 1. IS Keith, left for her hoinSm at Mitt- soula on Sunday after a few days visit here. Wm Whittley and Lid. Gatwed com- menced the building of a new ice house and woodshed for J. C. Gain & Co. on Monday.' Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Murphy drove In from the Montana Standard on Prospect creek on Monday and were pleasant -- visitors in town. Theo. Bedard of the Thompson Falls Mercantile Co. went to the west -end on Sunday to bank after the company's business Interests. W. E. Nippert left on Tuesday for a several days trip to Belknap, White Pine\ and Vernillion In the interest of the lower school district. Andrew Burton, one of the progressive ranchers in I he vicinity of Trout Creek, was in town on Saturday attending to same business affairs. Scott Barnes returned sse s Sunday from his mining property on Swamp creek near Trout Creek where he has been doing assessment work. Messrs. Marlon Larson and Wallace Mann aecoinpaine.i . hy itifseee Ijutton and Gates went to Plains on Sunday afternoon for a brief visit. Casper Stocker and Mr. Butte his brother -in law from Belknap were busi- ness vlaltors on Monday. Mr Stocker came to file on a homestead. The Plains Land and Inueetment has limited a very neat attractive circular setting forth the many advantages of Plitles and Westeettliontaina. • Geo. S. Good and Frank Preston re- ported at the court room In Missoula on Monday having been eummoni as jurora for the fall term of the district court. Fred Bwrmeteter, Smith Morrison and Andrew Hillman drove in from the Shamrock property on Prospect Amreek on eitindansissitenjoyed a days outing In town. Pat. Burke, the manager' of the Shamrock Mining Co left on Tuesday for Troy, fri. Louis, Chicago and other points In the Interest of the company. Miss Leona Duncitn, teacher at the Belknap school, and Miss May Doughty teacher at White Pine were Thompson vletors on Saturday purchasing supplies for their respective wheels. Frank Larson of Belknap waft a Thonipeon business visitor on Monday. Be reports having enjoyed a good day's fishing on Clear creek last Sunday hav- ing calight shout 120 statist G. W. Lox of llozeinati arrived hers alay.--astd-eieeertoprinfell-by--td Chnrles mind qr. and Mrs. J. 11. I s s . sss w I 51411 to the Portland fair Dish , ma en Sunday evening. En, Y. Thompson, the progressive raticRer at Little Beaver, recently sold a team of fine driviug,hories to E. Preston the livery man here. Mr. Thotnpsen brought the horses up on Saturday. At their meeting on Friday esvienims Ott Bonaire was chosen to represent local Odd Fellows Eneampteent at be Grand Encampment tam be liekl lo niteunda, Oct. 11.18. Wm Lutton aiád In. and Mrs. C. E. Slielledy also expect attend. Mr. Mitten going as repre• tativenf the subordinate lodge atiit re. Shelf;dy as,leletptle from the /wettish ,I lgo. T. W. Longley returned from a?two weeks sojourn at the reservation hot springs on Saturday. His health was IUlleil Jtnproyed end on Morality he eft for Eddy where he has secured e uy- ment. Mr. Baunigartnei an em h employe at te Paragon mine near Murray re& over on Monday. Mr, Baumgartner was Buffeting with rheurnaMont and was enroute to titiin,o hot springs for the beuelit of tint ballot Are you lacking ii strength and vigor? Are poi weak? Ar you In pain? ) you feel all run dow ? The bleseitie, of health and strength omataaijko use s Like Finding Money. Ifollister's Itocky Mountain Tea. 85 cents. -- IL W. Gates & Co. ,ii i h Mre. D. Manning lcag,o aster of -s in e n : i h i l l n ig k- li t e h a o l i t at h m i v s h il o te lin si l e i k ng . m W \ he e l y t Mrs. Otto Wolf of sBel nap, enroute to You have a cough, cold, Sore throat. Or the Portland f ai ' adhere Oa Wednes- ieieel - ' 11 'l i ttetiun, holterAsI '. promptly day night for -.slays visit. Mrs. like IV. C. Barber, of Sandi Level, Va.' Wolf - will itr'ebmptiny her sikter ( to 110 says: \I had a terrihle chest trouble,. Portland Its as (mawdays. • - - ' I - ----:-i,spd b,y_stmoice luta en:E.:dust on in Ed. _Fltsgerald mine over from lungs; but, after finding -no relief in yggis, - , e0 on Monday with a rarty of other remedies, I was cured by Dr. Watiaee people who will bhild the flume Kieg's New Discovery for Cousumption, at the Montana btanclord. 2/1-1% Rigt\ -CL \ k g h \\ 1 \ 4 \ .-1441. \ + \ \nCle-Cif an cough or lung medicine in the world. geraid expects to remain on this side for At the Thompson Falls dreg store; 50c awhile and asist In the flume works , and if1.0(); guaes.ntectl. Trial bottle free. .1. L. Adams of ,Butte and, Wilber Coleman left on Tuesday for the lakes on the mountains west of Thompson river for several days bunting. ft is said country abounds in big game end they will doubtless secure their share. E. S. Dorman and party who have been busy doing some survey work iti this vicinity . left on Sunday for Missoula. Mrs. Dorman and little son and Mr. Dorman's mother who have been camp- ing with them for several days &tem- panted them. _ Mrs. John Cunningham and family arrived here on Erlday from White Pine * I I I IV VII • and are temporarily Tocated in the • • • init•tuld grading 164 4 20 ft. if flume. When completed the dome will supply water for pun er to operate a comm. mato. Spokane interatate 'Fair October g to ts._ N. P. 11. It. will sell round trip ticket. for time above'oemision, Oct. 8th to 15th incluotee at rate of $6.80. On Oct 10th, nut I) tickets will be on sale at rate of $5.20 including admission coepon; good returning to and incletting Oct. 16th, • Western Montana Fair, Missoula Sept. 4-59, !nos kW the abuve elesmaion the Northern Pacific will sell tickets to Missoula and. return for a fare end n third for the round trip. Tickets will be ou sale Sept. 26 to 29 inclusive at rate of 44.10 with a return limit to Sept. 30th. ' Montana State Fair, Helena - Oct. 2-7,d1903 Far the itbove occasion the Northern Pad& will sell round trip • tickets to Helena an return for t'd SO. Tickets will be on side Sept. 30 to Oct. 6 ineles- iteielth return limit to Oct. 9. building occupied by the barber until they can secure other quarters. Mr. Cunningham is attending to the barber shop during Warreu McConneiTs absence. Good advice to women If you want a beautiful complexion, clear akin, bright eyes, red lips, good health, take Ilollist- er's Rocky Mottattaiu Tee. There is nothing likialt 33 cents, Tea or 'f miblets II. WSZIetes it Co. Alec Evneson, Wm - Cameron and Andrew Anderson mune up from IVIiite Pine on Sunday. Alec Evenson and %Vie .Camerou boarded a freight, and W110 time train passed through tuk_i it was going too fast for them to alight and they rode through to Woodlin and walked back to town. A. S. Ainsworth, the young attorney from Welter City, Iowa, who was here a few week ago lookieg over tne triton- tion returned here on Friday and !IRS decided to locate here. He rented the Russell house on the hill ftnil left on Saturday for Iowa, and will return shortly with his wife and household goods. , Rheumatism, gout, backache, weld poison, are the restita of kidney trouble, Hollister's Rocky . min Tee goes dl- recay to the seat -of the disease and cures when all else fails. 33 cents. II. W. Gates & Cu The Florin Sons celebrated the sifecessful completion of the moulding of the last kiln of brick for this season at the brick yard on Sunday and the wosk of flu ishlog up the kiln, prepara- tory to bnrning it, will be dune this week. For their first season the bays have done remarkably well and deserve praise for the effort they havektt s ferth. Sir. Caspar Stocker of Belknap Is entertaining his brother -in -lame and sister Mr. and Mrs. F Butte f. out Neb- raska. They are the parents of Fred and Oscar Butte of Belknap 811,1 are art their way horde after enjeying an ex- tended trip during which they . have visited 'Denver, Salt Lake, Los Anelos, Portland, Seattle and other points In- cluding the fait. They YOH remain abont a week longer before starting home. Scott Barnee who returned on Sunday from his mining property on Swamp creek says that the forest fires In that vicinity are the worst he has seen in years. Though this far no cabins In that neighborhood have been borne!, the residents him been conshierah'y alarmed and have - aught the dre back and saved their hinnies When he left toe aye wee remind/ g2. the north aide of Trout Creek and the west side of Satemp creek and If allowed to pummel its 1V111' Will destroy wine _very valuable white pine timher. The fire hte s sf y good start and will be bard to contr,d and has already ()fired off a big area s Contrast Let. J. IA Murphy Of the .3lontanafttandard returned frOm Wallace on Sat/m.13y where he Went to dose a contract for the flume to be built NC that property en i'rospene creek. Turner and Kincaid ef Wannest scented the contraet and they will commence oyeratIous at ones. The limber for the Alma will fko received and framed here and hauled out to the yroperty, The rcontencit'Elills for: bend- - • • • • 0 • • • • • • • • elt • * (P111 Silnoo • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Wines, Liquors • SANFACON & ALBERT Proprietors Complete line of Foreign and Domestic • • • Cigars • • • • • • FRESH IlF)Elt ALWAYS • • ON TAP • • • • es sa • Finest Lines of Ttfe — • • Choicest Goods. • • CALL AND eEE. • c e•e••••••••••• • • • • • • • • : Marlowe & Marlowe • • • littorntypat•Iats) Thompson and lvt..;oula Write Deeds, Slertgages, Contracts, Wills, Etc., nestly and correctly. unlace, Collections. Practice la all courts. 1 •411 office business a speelalty, Herd HUM - Thompson Office in Doenges' New Office Souiliing. • • • • • • •• • • ••• • •• • Dr. Morgan, Optician • linperfeet 'Vision, Cross Eyes, Head- • aehes and Alt Nervous Complaints • Ground Lenses, • I tit- when others • • • Cured by Properly Consultat Imi Free. fall. Room 9, Allen flock, Higgins Avenue MISSOULA, MONTANA • • • • • • • 0 • • • • • • • • • • H. W. Gates & Co. • • • Druggists • • • Carry a full line of • • 4 , Drugs, Patent Medicines, .• • Toilet Articles, Perfumes\. • and altos splendid assortment of • • • • • • • • Candles, Confections, Trults, Cigars • • and 'fancy Stationery. • • • • • • • • • • Prescriptions carefully .co • • mpounded • .0 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • SHELLEDY'S Restaurant and Lunch Counter MEALS AT ALL HOURS Candies. Cigars Tobacco and Nuts Bread and all kinds of Horne - ratant, ..s$ Ice Cream in Season .14,_ • • • • • and la prepared to do • \ • • Dew/rill Blacksmithing • • horse ShotIng and Wanon • • Making • • • • Your Patronage Solicited. • • THOMPSON, MONTANA • • • *•••••***••••.**0 • • • WC* • • 0 • • • • • • • C.E. SHIVELY ' • • Has opened the shop formerly den/fueled by Henry Sehwitzer my.. flono • • • DEAI : EitS IN WINES • • • • • LIQUORS' • • • • • • • • • • BUDWEISER SPECIAL AND 4, --LAGER ncen ON DRAUGHT. • • • AND CIGARS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 0. • • • • • • • • • • • 4 - 0 - 0 , • • 0 - 40 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • IF • • • • • • 0, 1 Blankets and QuIlts Thompson, WEBER, A complete line of Montana General Merchandise MANVILLE CAMP No. :',198 ROYAL NE10111tORS of Atnerien, meets every .814 , ..1 Red- fourth - Weilimesdny oreae month at 6-p, in, at the I, 0. 0. F. hall. MINNIE COuirrENISa's Oracle. ANY SIIELLEDY, Recorder. IF. S. HOUGLAND 11 * C* • • * • v • • • • • • • • • • • • e a • * 0 • • * ** *** NEW STOCK OF FALL AND WINTER GOODS FOR THE MEN ' We have just upened a tine line pr Men's Fall and Winter clothing aid invite your insp6ction. The line Inelndea a splendid assortment of men's SHIRTS, PANT..1' , , UNDERWEAR, - HATS, CAPS, SHOES, SO:KS, GENUS FURNISHINGS and a full line of OVERALLS and WORKING CLOTHES L,A b/ES Thert• are many plunning new styles In the stock jest art (red. Call and see them. The line inoludeam tine assortment, of Fall and Winter weariug apparel such WAISTS, SKIRTS, WRAPPERS, UNDERWEAR, HOSE, SHOES, HANDKERCHIEFS and a spent/id - line of DREISS GOODS, ETC. A COMPLETE LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES A Fine Line of THOMPSON CAMP NO. - 101119 M. W. A. -Meets every first and third Wed- eLeses iflAfli - - . 0. 0: le . Hatt. - • • Visiting Woodmen always welcome. • FRANK P.1ESTOSS, V. U. I). V. lIk:ItItIOTT,, Clerk. , LONE STAR LODGE, NO 33, 1. 0. 0. Is., Thwunsou. Mont.; ni. , ets every Saturday at 8 p. , m. Visiting. mem- bers always welcoine. Hall corner Ferry and F rent streets -- ARTHUR pitt:sroN, Noble Orsini C. IL DOENGES. Secretary, HENRI J. BURLERiti. AlfeffNey and Counsellor at taw Wilted States Commissioner - OPFIC/C IN 'I Ilk 111 111111,1. ii 11,1/1N(1. NION'1 ANA . Practice in all the -State and Fed- eral Courts. GS E. MARLOWE Thompson. Mont. T. N. M 1RLOWE Missoula. Mont. • • • • • • • THOMPSON, • MONTANA. • • • • • • 4 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • KILL-Tbin COUCH AND CURE THE LUNGS *iTli Dr. King's .New Discovery ONSUMPTION Pries FOR OUGH8 and 50c &$h.00 OLDS Free Iris!. &treat an Quickest Cure for ruM THROAT and LUNG TROUB- LES, br MONEY BACK. MM. ale Sanders County Eedgr ORDFR IT NOW. CHAS. • • . • •-• .-4 - 4 • • • _ - aueessset,!* stiles Houniureer- -- - \ •-• DEALER - Beef, Pork and Mutton FRUITS and VEGETABLES A pecialty. Thompson, Montana • -1 new Era Tor Plains Dawns with the openirig of the Reservation . It is the commercial gateway to this BPIV 1)111111C do- main to be openett to met notion soon. 'Wide li wake people are seeking the . New Metropolis of Western Moaatria Because it is surrounthed Willi untohl natural resourceg _n„grjeitItitre, tiinisi•r, fruit growing stud stnek raising; its Oiniate is untairpassetimi 'Montana. 7 - -7--- ----- I . ' ,)roperty for jaishiess or homes (quilt.. I, (I heap, for l i c cash or on reasonable terms. Humes built -if eslred. • • 310NEY I NVESTE D Volt NoN.11ES I DENTs. -• 111 . rite ror Nil informal ion 01 Use . Plains Land and Improvement Company, • PLAINS, - MONTANA . 1. on'Aittin 1 int. of Nod hero .Piteitle -•• - E. Ni t ro N 140 Years xperienceIn the Jewe ry Business J. T. Ceamer LIVERY, BOARDING AND SALE STABLE RIGS OF ALL KINDS FURNISHED Dealer in I - 1AV and GRAIN °RAYING and FREIGHTING DONE Proprietor of the Thompson Larry Isjoeparegl to do All Kinds of Repair Work ON - CLOCKS. WATCHES, JEWELRY, SEWING MACHINES Ail kinds of mounting. 'Ms Teeth. Lion and Bear Claws, Hair Chains. Engraving in any Alphabet (Semolina Lamps and Stoves Repaired. All Old Country and Fine Watches • Specialty Ail work a arranted and done on short notice, even' while you wait. Call and be convinced. - THoeiPsort, MONTANA -- THOMPSON. MONTANA GOOD BEER Ask for liardeit tits end you get the Best Beer in Ale country. Brewed in absolute cleenlinese from the inotre - ostly materials. Aged for months In refrigeration prevents billImienese, Insures pIllitV Herr that hi tried for you. When you drink specify Garden City -the Beer that is bll'Wf1 , 1 at home. Garden City Brewing Co., MISSOULA, - MONTANA. .t — - •

The Sanders County Ledger (Thompson Falls, Mont.), 15 Sept. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.