The Sanders County Ledger (Thompson Falls, Mont.) 1905-1918, January 10, 1918, Image 7

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'THURSDAY, JANUARY 10, 1918. 1re llla Mt Ins NA Pla IIle lc Vas IIla let let THE SANDERS COUNTY LEDGER vs ins Int Ins Pt Ns en Ilele IIle MI le Me Ile ea les Ile PAGE SEVE/11 LOCAL ITEMS Robert Iff was up from Tuscor on business Sunday. D. C. Dexter of Eddy, spent Sun- -day here with friends. H. S. Keagy of Camas Prairie, was a visitor in town last Friday. W. R. Ginther of Trout Creek, at- tended to business matters here Mon- day. E. L. Johnson of Plains, was shak- ing hands with friends in town Mon- day. Jimmy Vandersteed of Plains, was shaking hands with local friends yes- terday. Mass will be celebrated at the Cath- olic church at 10 o'clock Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Frisbie left for Butte Tuesday morning for a visit of several days, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Abernethy and two children left for Missoula yes- terday afternoon for a visit of several days. William Crego came up from his ranch at Tuscor yesterday and is spending a few days in town on busi- ness. H. M. Ross returned yesterday from Walla Walla, Wash., where he was called last week by the illness of Isis father. Mrs. Chas. Prpngua accompanied her husband to town the first of the week and remained during the session of the board. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Near wel- comed the arrival of a new son at their home Monday evening, and are receiving the congratulations of their friends. Dr. Riesland, the optical 'specialist, well known here for many years for his superior ability in fitting eyes and grinding, will be at Ward Hotel, Thompson Falls, Monday Jan- uary 14th, one day only. See this specialist of long experience if you need skilled service. PROGRAM AT THE Sunday BLUEBIRD PICTURES 15c and 30c Tuesday World -Brady made Pictures None Better 15c and 30c Thursday BUTTERFLY FEATURE UNIVERSAL WEEKLY 10c and 20c Saturday \THE RED ACE\ 10c and 15c The Best Place to Eat Try the new Union Cafe, just opened. Everything first-class. We strive to satisfy. Our bread and pastries are made in our own plant fresh daily. The \Velvet Crust\ is the finest bread that' can be made. MACHO & MITCHELL S. K. Beebe of Plains, was a busi- ness visitor in town Tuesday. Jesse Barrett of Belknap, trans- acted business in town Monday. C. W. Hagel of Trout Creek, was in town on business Wednesday. W. C. Robb of Whitepine, was a Thompson Falls visitor yesterday. W. E. Williams of Alger, came up to purchase some supplies Monday. George Herman came down from Whitepine on business last Saturday. L. 0. Christenson was over from Hot Springs Friday attending to busi- ness matters. George Jamieson and C. R. Weare of Noxon, were business visitors in town Monday. Chas. First has returned from a ten days' visit at Helena, Butte, Missoula and other points, Don't neglect your eyes. Correct your sight. We test them thoroughly. W. A. Darling, Optometrist. Miss Francis Gunther, who has been assisting at 5t. Luke' ' hospital, left for her home at Alger Friday. • W. B. Worthen, E. L. Jackson and J. F. ,Maine of Sloan, came over Monday to transact business at the court house. Tom Peasley came over from Hel- ena Tuesday to visit friends and to file his questionnaire with the local exemption board. County Agent Hillman was a vis- itor at Heron 'Friday and returned to Noxon Saturday to attend the meet- ing of the Community club. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Macho are the proud parents of a 10 -pound baby daughter born at St. Luke's hospital Monday morning. Mother and child are doing nicely. John . R. Kruger came down from Plains Friday to look after some county matters, and in company with john Brauer, went to Tuscor Satur- day, returning Sunday to be present at the regular session of the board. Lillian Graybill, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Graybill of Heron, was brought to Thompson Falls Wednesday morning suffering with a fractud arm. She is receiv- ing attention/at St. Luke's hospital. • FOR SALE—Tent house, three rooms completely furnished, dishes and kitchen utensils, 400 lbs. po- tatoes, somg canned fruit. First rea- sonable cash offer gets it. Address P. 0. box 363, or inquire at this office. W. C. Christie, who was engaged on the Thompson Falls power plant during the construction period, and who has since been located at the Holter plant, arrived Sunday to look after some property near here. He left the following day for Seattle where he expects to locate. FURNITURE FOR SALE No. 8 range, kitchen table, 8 chairs, extension table, 4 rocking chairs, 2 beds and mattresses, sanitary cot, 2 art 'squares, dresser, writing desk, 2 heating stoves, sewing machine, cen- ter table, phonograph and, about 50 records, commode, new 3 -piece li- brary set, 16 yards of new linoleum, crosscut saw, buck saw, 8-1b. hammer, 6 iron wedges, shovel, picks, garden rake, 12x14 tent in good order, pic- tures, about 24 young laying chickens, 300 feet 6 -ft. chicken wire fencing, 50 ft. garden hose. 5 -room house for sale or rent, all in first-class condi- tion. Conic early and avoid the rush. First come, first choice. Mrs. L. B. Winter. PARENT - TEACHERS MEETING Association Will Hold First Session of the New Year Next Wednesday. The first Parent-Teachers meeting for the new year will be held at the school house next Wednesday even- ing and in an effort to encourage a larger attendance than has been in evidence during the fall meetings, an unusually good program is being ar- ranged. The address of the evening will be upon the subject of \The Home Folks\ by S. G. Skulason, and the music will consist of a special number by Miss Ina Getchell and singing by the audience. The pupils of Miss Erickson's room are also planning a surprise for the occasion. The officers of the association be- lieve that the welfare of the school \PIONEER BRAND\ FARM SEEDS Seat for the *..t—Sy Actual Test Ware ''Ploneer Brand\ seeds vow better and yield better than seeds not selected for the section. Sin 18E1 hun- dreds of metamore ham beret satiefied with the field. garden. and floee mode bcpaht Imes thp Pioneerlieed House sod Nursery. wuns Seed Annual WU about the best made for the Nortliweet. Rend I/ .tedar lot • witty—free tO mureaders of this paper. OSCAR H. WILL 111 CO. Jusamas..ashaitow children should not be neglected at this time because of the many other demands upon the parents' time and hope that renewed interest will be shown at tbe next meeting. U UUEUUUIZUUUU • NOXON NEWS U te U et U U Si tt UU # r , • James Watson was in town Sunday. Earl Lockman was in town Sunday. Miss Amber Divers* is on the sick list this week. Miss Goldie Fulks returned up Bull river Sunday. John Doyle from Colburn, Idaho, is visiting in Noxon. Mr i and Mrs. Andy Doyle returned from Sandpoint Sunday. Everett Divers is vititin his par- ents, Mr. and MM. F. J. Divers. Ira Bartholotnew went up Bull river Sunday to get a load of hay. Miss Conley of North Dakota, ar- rived Saturday to teach in the place of Miss Ettien who recently went to Spokane. UUUU IIU U BR Vt 12 It U HERON ss s: st tt :s Hy Schwindt was a county seat visitor between trains Monday. J. H. Brauer, county surveyor, was in town Wednesday on business. James Miller of Noxon, was in town Monday, returning home the following day. Dan DeLong of Noxon, came down Tueday for a short visit, returning home the same day. Miss Gertrude Lee left Saturday for Hot Strings, after spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Lee. Miss Edith Newman left Sunday for Plains where she will attend school. She makes her home with Mr. and Mrs. Amos Riley while there. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kerr and chil- dren returned home on Monday from Hillyard after spending a couple of weeks visiting relatives and friends. They were accompanied by Mr. Kerr's brother. • UUUUUUUURUUUU • PERMA — CAMAS PRAIRIE ss U ill 12 it it it Jos. A. Bauer has taken the mail route out of Camas. Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Abel returned from Spokane Saturday. Rose and John Krier spent Sunday at Mrs. J. Weber's home. A good time was enjoyed by those who attended the dance at Perma last week. Henry Whitlake of Kila, Mont., is staying with Pearl Spickard for a few days. H. A. Gilbert was appointed to fill the vacancy on the school board, Geo. Wells having resigned. Much of the hay stacked in the flat is being damaged. The water is ruining it as in the spring'. Many of the farmers are taking ad- vantage of this fair weather and are busy plowing, repairing fences, etc. Miss Aurora Pocqueta, who has been visiti t the home of Mrs. P. Spickard, returned to Missoula Sun- day. The much advertised Jazz orchestra failed to reach here for the dance Saturday. They missed No. 3 at Ravalli. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Burke and son and Mrs. L. N. Burgess were callers at the home of Mrs. Karl Diederick Saturday. The appraiser for the Perma Na- tional Farm Loan association has spent several days recently invcstigat- Keep Clef( Keep clean inside, as well as outside. Do not allow food poisons to ac- cumulate in your bowels Headache, a sign of self- will point to 1 poisoning, numerou s I thousands of others do, a dose or two of the old, which are sure to follow. Keep yourself well, as by taking, when needed, other troubles I reliable, vegetable, fami- ly liver medicine, Thedford's Black -Draught Mrs. Maggie Bledsoe, Osawatomie, Kan., says: \Black -Draught cured me of constipation of IS years standing, which nothing had been able to help. I was also a slave to stomach trouble ... Everything I ate would sour on my stomach. I used two packages of Black -Draught, and Ohl, the blessed relief it has given me.\ Black - Draught should be on your shelf. Get a pack- age today, price 25e One cent a dose. An Druggists situ fiefie edie. i ti GRAVELY'S CKLESRATED Before tim Invention of our Patent Air Proof Pouch Many Demers Could hot Keep the Flavor end Freshness in Ft (AL GRAVELY PLUG TOBACCO. flow the Patent Pouch Keeps It Fresh and Clean and Good. A Little Chew of Goevety Is Enough and Last* Longer then • big chow pf ordinary plug. J?J3.9ravelg A/nava Sesea5,n111ff\ • we HERE IS THE SLOTH -THE ANIMAL THAT SHUTS HIS EYES TO EVERYTHING. HE MISSES A LOT -AND SO DOES THE MAN WHO SHUTS HIS EYES TONY GOOD NEWS ABOUT r -- TOBACCO. r 1 LOOK YOR. THE PROTECTION SEAL IT IS NOT HEAL GRAVELY WITHOUT 0 IlleS SEAL ing the property of new applicants. The next number of the lyceum course will be held at the C. P. A. hall Saturday, January 12. It will be a musical number and all who attend are promised a pleasant and enjoy- able evening. The Camas Prairie high school basketball team defeated the Dixon high school five Saturday evening. After the game, dancing was enjoyed, the music being furnished by Mrs. Karl Diederich and Mrs. )oe Nich- olson. WOMEN GIVE OUT Housework is hard enough when healthy. Every Thompson Falls wo- man who is having backache, blue and nervous spells, dizzy headaches and kidney or bladder troubles, should be glad to heed this Hamilton resident's experience: Mrs. M. C. Kearney, 605 N. Sixth St., Hamilton, Mont., says: \A few years ago I had a bad attack of kid- ney complaint and suffered severely. It began with a dull, heavy ache in the small of my back and my back got so lame and stiff I could hardly bend over. I was also annoyed a great deal by my kidneys acting ir- regularly and I suffered from inflam- mation of the bladder. I was finally laid up in bed for a week. Nothing I tried helped me until I used Doan's Kidney Pills and they soon cured me completely.\ Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy—get Do . an's Kidney Pills—the same that Mrs. Kearney had. Foster -Milburn Co., Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. Y. (Adv.) AT THE REX THEATRE =.4\ SUNDAY, JANUARY 20 BETTER THAN THE SPOILERS SPECIAL MUSIC A TREAT, DON'T MISS IT 2 SHOWS -3 P. M., 8 P. M. ADMISSIONMVSc AND 50c They guide the feet through the growing period. Four Years. At this ego the ahdcr• feet era let and almost flat. The flesh end home are soft and plastic. For this reason Buster Brown Shoes are made wide and easy, with plenty of room in the length lin the crawl of the toes. Twelve Years. Am this age the e i tfh I. alenoet com- pleted and the pads on the heel. ball e nd large toe are well &melons& As • reeult the toe. •re tapwed. The shoe• fit the heel more closely and hug the an -h more snugly. The true mean. ins of Shaping team,, now in evidence. Eight Years. Right hero is where the true shaping of the foot begins. Th. exermii of play hes caused the fat to disappeer, lraving • more or lew elan foot - which is too frequently ruined by short shoes. 50 plenty of length is given the growing loot. The heel is hugged. the arch is ii\ttetted• and the loot grown shapely. Sixteen Years. At thia age the arch is finishej. the foot is neatly tapered, shapely. without blemish. The gram and elegance of the finished loot is • continual delight, well repaying the care •nd thoughtful- ness of providing Nlalef &Own Shap- ing Lees Sham Put yOur children in Buster Brown Shaping Last shoes — and teach them to stick to this last. Thompson Falls Mercantile Co. - 1 U ,.--....-\--'-

The Sanders County Ledger (Thompson Falls, Mont.), 10 Jan. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.