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4 4. r. 4 stkl4pE in 7/77 „,/ VOL. XXXVIIII Subscription $2.00 Per Yea DEpENDE Nier THOMPON ALL ONT; Thompson Falls, Montana, surrounded by majestic mountains, towering forests and thundering waterfalls is one of the most beautiful and scenic spots in the Pacific Northwest. A recreational paradise abounding in game. This paper, located at the county seat, reflects this community, its hopes, ambitions, and loyalties. *- Wednesday, DECEMBER 10, 1941 THOMPSON FALLS, MONTANA Ii Commissioner's Proceedings and Claims PROCEEDINGS OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF SANDERS COUNTY, MONTANA „MONDAY, DECEMBER Tat, 1941 .. The Board of County Commission- ers of Sanders ç6unty met in regular session on Mc$iday, December 1, 1941, at 9:00 clock A. M. Pres- ent were P. 4. ,Heater, Sr., Chair- man, Duncan bell and Austin Warner, Commi loners and Elizabeth Willis, Clerk. The minutes of the previous meet- ing were read and approved. A special meeting was ordered to be held on Thursday. December 4, 1941 at 9:00 o'clock A. M. for the purpose of meeting as a Board of County Commissioners and as a Board of Public Welfare. The Board approved the posting of the following listed lands prepara- tory to taking tax deeds: Description Amt. Due NEI/ 4 , exc. part lying N. of N.P. 121W, S20, T,24, R3I $67.70 WIASE, SWNE, S 1 / 2 SENE, S34, T26, R.32 101.50 Tr. see Rec. DB. 31, P 387, S7, T24,R31, Lots 2. 6, and SWSW, S8, T24, R31 47.00 NENE, SENE, W 1 / 2 , NESE, S34, T21, R25, Lots 1, 2, S4, T20 415.02 Pi'sk . of NESW, SESE, Lots 3. 4. 7, 8,NS.$7.,,T24, R3I, 185.65 NESW, (%SE, SESE, S20, T22, R30, )30.60 Lots 2, 3, less rlw, SI 7, Tit,' R28 :33.30 McDonald's 2nd add to Dixon, Lots 4-13, Block A. Lots 17 less 1.33 acres, 518, T I 8, R21 405.40 SE 1 / 4 , S26, T24, R24 149.70 NWNE. NWNW, NENW, S13, T23, R24, NENE, S14, T23, R24 115.85 NESE, S35, T22, R24 44.70 SY2NW, SWI/ 4 , S28, T21, R22, SWI/ 4 , S27, T21, R22, NIANW, S33, 121, R22 31.35 Arnold's Add. to Camas, Lot II, Block I. 6.20 McDonald's add. to Dixon, Lots 5-7, 14, 22, 23, Block 1, 21.30 Perma, Lot 3, Block 1, 20.90 Paradise, Lot 7, Block 3, 156.75 Whitepino, Lots....4-13, Block 1. A41- Block 2, 41.60 Thompson Falls, Lots 16, 17, Block 60 5.00 Thompson Falls, Lots 2, Block 3. E20' of lot, Block 3. 111.15 Thompson Falls, Lots I. 19, Block 83, 8.65 NWNW, S2, T2 I, R26 51.00 Lots 3, 4, S26, T2 I , R25, Lots I, 2, 3, S. 35, T2I, R25, SWNE, SEIA, S27, T21, R25, NENE, S34, T2 I, R25, 329.70 SWI/ 4 , S25, TI 9, R25 107.00 WIASW, S15, T 1 9, R25, NWNW, S22, T19, R25 54.60 The Board adjourned at 12 o'clock noon. The Board met at 1:00 o'clock P. M. The Board approved the monthly report of Gertrude Lee, County Nurse. The remainder of the day was spent in auditing claims and attend- ing other routine matters. The Board adjourned at 5:00 o'- clock P. M. PROCLAMATION WHEREAS, the United States has been attacked and invaded by the Imperial Japanese Government. WHEREAS, this country faces a long and relentless war We the County Commissioners of Sanders County declare our- selves in behalf of the people of this county, State of Montana, to be wholeheartedly in support of cur government and will do every- thing in our power and capacity to repel, defeat and crush the enemy. We ask unqualified support and cooperation of all our people in the support of all Federal, state and county defense agencies, con- tribution of material available for war purposes, and purchase of bonds and defense securities. From time to time the Board of County Commissioners and the County Defense Commission will issue orders and regulations for the public safety and defense of all and we feel sure the citizenship of our county will unhesitantly render their aid and support to such regulations as we may is - 'me. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1941 The Board of County Commission- ers of Sanders County, Montana met in regular session on Tuesday, Dec- ember- 2, 1941 at 9:00 o'clock A. M. Present were P. A. Heater, Sr., Chairman, Austin Warner and Dun- can Campbell. Commissioners and Elizabeth Willis, Clerk. The Board approved the following: County Deed to W. Lew Thomas, Paradise, Montana for SWSE, E%SE., Section 24, Township 24, Range 27 W.; County Deed to School District No. 4, Whitepine, Montana jor 12 1110 acres in SWSW of Section 17, Township 23, Range 30W.; County Deed to Henry Latirie of Tuscor, Mon- tana for lots 10 & I I, Block 83, Townsite of Thomspon Falls; Con- tract of M. S. Michaelson of White - pine, Montana for closed bank land described as follows: SWIA, Section 17, Township 23, Ran g e 30. less MONTANA POWER tracts._ A revised map of Whitepine Cem- OPERATING At CAPACITY etery was approved by the Board and ordered (Wed. The Montana Power Company's Perry A. Heater, Sr., Chair- man of the Board of County Commissioners Austin Warner, Commissfon'tr Duncan Campbell, Commis- sioner Fred Symes, W. G. Dunlap & Mrs. A, G. McAllister, mem- bers of County Defense Com - mission. CONVENTION HERE The Sanders County A. C. A. community delegates met in Thompson Falls and elected the County Triple A committee for 1942. The delegates were: Paul Harlow, Thompson Falls; W. G. Pilgeram, Plains; Lawrence San- ger, Camas Prairie and W. W. VonSegen, Lonepine. The officers elected for the 1942 year were: A. R. Kruger, Plains - Chairman; W. W. VonSegen, Lonepine - Vice - Chairman and Lawrence Sanger, Perma - Member. The alternates elected were Paul Harlow, Thomp- son Falls and W. G. Pilgeram, Plains, F. A. Ralston, Thompson Falls was re -appointed Secretary and Ruth Smith, Thompson Falls re -appointed Treasurer, SANDERS COUNTY POMONA GRANGE ELECTS OFFICERS P. B. Argo was elected Master of the Sanders County Pomona Grange at a meeting held in the IOOF hall in Thompson Falls Saturday. Other officers elected were: Overseer, 0. J. Murray; Lecturer, Sophia Friel; Steward, Frank Helterline; Assistant Stew- ard, L. G. Dondanville; Chaplain, Katherine Argo; Tre!asurer, John Helterline; Secretary, Ivy Kendall Katekeeper, Ben Dickson; Pamo- na, Ruby Leary; Ceres, Flossie Helterline; Flora, Mabel Sanger; and Lady Assistant Steward, Gla- dys Sipes. The next meeting will be held at Trout Creek in March. Local Mention Members of the Ladies Aid So- ciety met at the home of Mrs. Floyd Crane Thursday afternoon with Mrs. H. 0, Ekern as assis- tant hostess. About sixteen were present to enjoy the meeting and program which was as follows: Two piano selections by Betty Henry, a piano selection by Betty Berg, and a vocal solo by Mary Greene, accompanied by Miss Mc- Donald on the piano. The next meeting will be at the church on December 18 when Mrs. Barto and Mrs. Mignery will en- tertain. Miss Eyer and her dram- atic students will put on the pro- gram that day. . The Board adjourned at 12 o'clock electric load is now at an all time noon. The Board met at 1:00 o'clock P. M. high. In addition to the tremen- A letter from the State Board of dous load used to supply the mines • Forestry pertaining to reclassification and smelters of the nation, the - Continued on, Inside Page - . company is supplying 200,000 A wedding shower, honoring Miss Catherine McKeel, was given Saturday afternoon at the Guild Hall by Mrs. A. W. Rew, Mrs. J. L. Adams and Mrs. Clarence Hel- man. Many beautiful and useful gifts were opened by Miss McKeel before an assembled group of twenty-five friends. A musical pro- gram was given by Miss Nelle Phillips, Bruce Saint and Mrs. Don Newton. The hostesses served delicious refreshments, Miss McKeel of Missoula and her fiance, Paul O'Hare of Deer Lodge arrived Saturday morning to spend the week end at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McKeel. They will be married on December 20 in Missoula. A wire, just received byPMrs. One Heater from the American Red Croks, states that our chapter quota, to be raised for immediate release, is $1,100.00. The full con- tents of the telegram will be print - horsepower to national defense ac- tivities every 24 hours. They are also sending 40,000 K W to Utah and 25,000 K W to Washington. The Montana Power reservOirs are brimful and in fact they find it A birthday party for Phyllis Dunlap, age six, was given at her home Sunday, Dec. 7, and the fol- lowing neighborhood children were invited to come help her celebrate: Betty Faris, Gay Slack, Petie Rey- nolds, Jackie Carruthers, Phyllis Luke, Donnie, Margie and Janet Kartevold, Ruth Marie and Arthur Harlow and Gwen Scribner. A group of downtown business men are sponsoring a dance in the gym after the Hot Springs game Saturday night., The money is to be used to defray the expen- ses of the repairs needed by the cars damaged on the basketball trip. Neither car carried the type of insurance to care for this kind of accident. Dance tickets per couple $1.00, High school students per couple 25c. A 1:30 dessert-bridge was the offering of entertainment on Wed - nesday and Friday of last week by Mrs. Glenn Larson and Mrs. Don Newton at the home of the former. The tables were centered with holly and red tapers in crystal holders on each occasion. Wednes- day, covers were laid for Mrs. Phoebe Eplin, Mrs. Charles Bald- win, Mrs. George Grandchamp, Mrs. Walter Jefferson, Mrs. Geo. Sauble, Mrs. F. A. Ralston, Mrs. Mort Frisbie, Mrs. A. G. McAllis- ter, Mrs. Clarence Heiman, Mrs. Mel Walker, Mrs. G. S. Frogner, Mrs. R. E. Berrisford, Mrs. Rolf Fremming, Mrs. Jack Matlock, Mrs. A. A, Alvord, Mrs, Lester Wills, Mrs. Richard Ouellette, Mrs. Harry Racicot, Mrs. Wm. Whitley and Mrs. Henry Larson. Score favors for bridge were won by Mrs. Matlock, Mrs. Frogner and Mrs. Wills. The attractive tables held cov- ers on Friday for Mrs. Floyd Crane Mrs. Clayton Crocker, Mrs. How- ard Larsen, Mrs. Herb Harris, Mrs Donald Faris, Mrs. Leroy Hanson, Mrs. Lyle 1. Austin, Mrs. Norman Henry, Mrs. Dean Carruthers, Mrs Joseph O'Keefe, Ifrs. Herb Slack, Mrs. Roy Berg, Mrs. Floyd Mar - chug. Mrs. Wm. Johnston. Mrs. H. 0. Ekern, Mrs. Agnes Revile, Mrs. Orie Heater. Mrs. John Brau- er, Mrs. A. W. Rew and Mrs. W. G. Dunlap. Recipients of score favors were Mrs. Hanson, Mrs. 5. • DEFENSE STEPS A month or so ago the writer recommended that the Civilian Defense recognize the following dangers that prevail in this area. Our recommendations were made to the State and National agen- cies. l_The county has only about 2 inhabitants to the square mile. Bombers could never hope to do much material damage, situated as we are 700 miles back from the coast behind rugged mountain ranges unless suicide squadrons attempted to blast the dam at Thompson Falls. Therefore, bomb proof shelters and extensive air raid organization personnel was useless. More people could be kill- ed in one city block than in the whole of Sanders County. This county in area is bigger than many eastern states, and they could hardly find us if they want- ed to. The coast cities are under immediate threat. 2. The pressing danger is sabot- ap by enemy spies and agents. The writer recommended that every railroad bridge and strategic point such as the dam are guard- ed, This has now been done. The railroad has put on full crews of watchmen, and the power house be.s long ago taken such precau- tion. 3. The most pressing demand is a system of police pass identific- ation required of all strangers going into our forests, Spies could set a hundred fires during the fire season through the northwest area. We must have some form of protection from this danger. The smoke haze from huge incendiary fires would create a serious haz- ard to airplane operations and our timber resources would be destroyed that have taken the forest 'service thirty years to pro- tect and mature. On the basis of the above rec- ommendation Major Evan Kelley advises that the government has asked the forest service to sub- mit a budget of costs for this pro- gram of police protection. The writer interviewed Major Kelley Saturday before the Japanese at- tack, and he was uncertain of the government decision, but in view of our declaration of war these steps are almost certain to be taken. The writer also recommended that small army contingencies be established all through the north- west timber area during the haz- ardous fire season since our man- power has been badly depleted by enlistment and men going away to work in defense areas. We are -sure these steps also will be taken. W. G. Dunlap, County Defense TOWN EXAMINERS REPORT School News The plans for the Christmas program have been completed by the teachers with Mrs. Gladys Brown acting as general supervis- or, The program will be given Thurs day evening, Dec. 18th, at 8:00 The following program will be presented in the gym: Christmas Music - Music Dept. A Christmas Dream - Kinder- garten, 3rd & 4th grades Silent Night (two part song) - fifth grade Getting Out of a Trap (read- ing) Gwen Willis (fifth grade) Folk Dances - first grade. Away in The Manger (song) - first grade The Magic Hour (play) - 2nd grade A Dutch Tap Dance - Advanced tapping class The Boy They Turned Away (play) - sixth grade The Babe of Bethlehem - Jr. Hi -school assisted by carol singers from grades five, six and 'the hi , school, Everyone is welcome aria hoped all children of the district! will be present to receive the treat Santa Claus is presenting. Elsewhere in the columns of the Ledger you will notice the Report of the State .Examiner of - fice on the financial affairs of the Town of Thompson Falls. The re- port, you will note, is quite com- plimentary to the officials of our city. In comparing the report this year with the report last year the following facts may interest: The total vakiation has increased from $564,875 to $585,473. The debt reduction of the city during the past year was nearly $3,000. The debt reduction during , the preceding period 1939 to 1940 was $4,538.00 At this rate of debt re- duction in another decade the town will be out of debt and have a fine water department and other municipal improvements to show for it, providing our Town public officials continue with the same 'on 5 - All those who assisted in plan- ning and carrying out the plans of the \Fun Fiesta\ last week are to be congratulated on the fine success of this affair. Approxim- ately one hundred and thirty eight dollars was cleared. If all of this money is not needed this year for our Christmas treats a fund will be started for other Christmases to come. The people in and around Thompson Falls came out in good numbers in spite of the weather and the community is to be thank- ed for the fine spirit shown this worthy cause. The films being shown this week to the entire school are \Beautiful Tuatemala\ and \This Land of Ours.\ The basketball boys returned from their four day trip through the Bitterroot valley not one bit dampered in spirit in spite of a not very serious, to the boys, car wreck and the loss of two games. The Hamilton game was played two hours after the wreok and was won by Hamilton by a score of 31-16. Stevensville, with but one let- terman on the team, showed ex- cellent sportsmanship and clean basketball. The score in favor of Thompson Falls was 29-16. \The Corvallis team couldn't stop us from shooting but we just couldn't hit the basket,\ so said two of the boys on the team. The lighting was bad but Corvallis does have a good team and we lost to them 24-32. Don't forget the Hot Springs game here Saturday night. GUARDS NEEDED The office of the Sanders Coun- ty Defense Commission will be held open from 9: , C0 until 8:00 P. M. for the purpose of reg- istering men for Guard Service in Sanders County, bridges, power lines, etc. The work is paid for at a nominal rate. The Defense Commission is tem- porarily utilizing the office of As- tiessor N. T. McIntosh. The girls' dormitory was the gathering place for a bridal show- er given by Mrs. Floyd Marchus, Mrs. Harry Racicot, Mrs. Kirby Price and Miss Mary Mulloy, Dec. 5 at eight o'clock for Miss Betty Johnston, a member of the music faculty in the schools here. The following guests enjoyed a pleasant evening of contests and a delicious lunch with the hos- tesses and the bride elect: mem- bers and wives of the school facul- ty, Mrs. Jefferson, Mrs. Sauble, Mrs. Carruthers, Mrs, McCurdy, Mrs. Henry, Beth Bemis, Mrs. Friable, Mrs. Rew, Mrs. Newton, Mrs. Ainsworth and Mrs, Popham. Miss Johnston and Mr. -Bennett Brudevold, also of the music fac- ulty here, will be married at the home of the bride at Roundup, Montana during the Christmas bol - MEN WANTED FOR THE FIRE DEPARTMENT Earl Davis, Chief of the Thomp- son Falls Volunteer Fire Depart- ment, urgently requests men to serve as volunteers for the depart- ment. The department is under- manned, and in these stressing times men should not hesitate to offer their services if they are at all physically capable. \RST AID CLASS _ witi- office here, we are advised, will be glad to conduct a first aid class for anyone wishing to attain this training. In view of the perilous times, first aid knowledge may prove highly. desireable. There will be a meeting Friday at 2:30 at the Rex Theater in the interest of First Aid work. All persons interested are urged to attend. NOTICE Mrs. Clarence Heiman and Mrs. George Grandchamp will be hos- tesses to the Episcopal Guild on Thursday, December 11 at 1:30 at a dessert luncheon at the Guild Hall. Red Cross work, sewing and knitting will be the diversion of the afternoon. State Examiners Report Next Week The State Examiners Report covering the County of Sanders will be published next week. The report is very complimentary, It is not lengthy, but will take up more room than our columns would permit this week. In some counties in the state the State Examiner gives the County Commissioners and county officials \hell in general.\ In fact at times they devote a whole page to omissions, shortages and dis- crepancies. On such occasions the printer makes more for publish- ing lengthy criticisms, but we would rather have the satisfac- tion of being in a county that we are proud of. In one recent examiners report they inferred that the supposedly burned record books were not burned at all but secreted away so as to destroy evidence of mis- management and illegal and ir- regular expenditures. One very interesting fact will be brought out in the county re- port next week. Justice J. P. She- ridan of Thompson Falls has a record for fines and assessments. Our J. P. here collected nearly $2,000 in fines and forfeitures during the past year. There is no record of what the other justices collected but evidently very in- significant and with nothing show- ing for Earl Davis. Justice Sheridan clearly is the \Law West of the Pecos\ in Sanders County. We doubt if there is any justice in the state in a similar class county who has an equal record. Anyways we will give J. P. Sheridan credit for the severity of sentences handed out against drunken drivers, with which we I

The Sanders County Independent-Ledger (Thompson Falls, Mont.), 10 Dec. 1941, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.