Sanders County Ledger (Thompson Falls, Mont.) 1959-current, January 29, 1959, Image 4

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4—SANDERS COUNTY LEDGER Thursday January 29, 1959 LEGAL NOTICES or certified check, made payable to NOTICE -CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Board of County Commissioners will receive bids for County Printing and legal advertising for the period of one year from March 1, 1959 to February 29, 1960. Bids shall be in wilting and must be in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 12, Tile 16. R. C. M. 1947, and all amendnients and provisions thereto. Bids will be received and opened at the regular meeting of said Board at their office in the Sanders County courthouse, Thompson Falls, Montana. at 1:30 o'clock P.M., February 4th, 1959. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Dated January 7th, 1959. DOROTHY DOI/SON, Clerk, Board of County Commissioners, Sanders County, State of Montana. 15-22-29 NOTICE OF CLOSING OF REGISTRATION BOOKS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the registration of electors for the Town Election to be held in the Town of Thompson Falls. Montana, en the 6th day of April, 1959, close on the 20th day of February, 1959 at 5:00 o'clock P.M. Electors may register for said Town Election by appearing betook) the County Clerk at her office, or by ap- pearing before a Deputy Registrar or before any Notary Public or Justice of the Peace in the manner provit141 by law. Electors who voted at the last General Ejection held,, in Sanders County, Montana, on the 4th day of November, 1958, will not be required to register. All electors who did not vote at the General Election will be required to register in accordance with law. Those who have moved from the Ward in which they last voted should transfer to the Ward in which they now reside. The office of the County Clerk will be open for the registration of voters between the how s of Eglit (8) o'clock A.M., and five t5) o'clock P.M. on Monday through Friday. 11.' YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED YOU CANNOT VOTE. REGISPER NOW. Dated at Thompson Falls, Montana, this 9th day of January, A. D. 195.1. DOROTHY DODSON County Clerk and Fix -Officio Registrar. Jan. 15 - Feb. 19 the Bureau of Land Management. De - posit will be applied to the purchase price, refunded or retained in part as liquidated damages according to the conditions of the sale. The Purchaser The, shall be liable for the totalconSidera- tion bid without regard to the amount bid per thousand board feet, even though the quantity of timber seveeed or removed 18 less than the estimated quantity a4 set out in this notice. The right is reserved to reject any or all bids.. The right is hereby reserved to waive technical defects in this advertisement and to waive informa- lity in bids whenever such waiver is in the interest of the United Stales. I Before bids are submitted, full in- formation concerning the sawtimber the conditions of the sale, and the sub- mission of bids should be obtained from the District Manager, Bureau of Land Management, 316 Savings Center Building, (P. G. Box 1041), Missoula, Montana. 15-22-29-5 SAWTIMBER FOR SALE, UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF TI1E INTERIOR, BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT, subject to the Act of July 31. 1947 (43 U.S.C. Section 1185) and the regulations thereunder (43 C.E.R. Part 259), sealed bids will be received by the District Manager, 316 Savings Center Building, Missoula. Montana, up to and opened at 11:00 A.M., Mountain Standard Time. Febr- uary 12, 1959 for all the sawtimber marked or designated for removal sit- uated - in the SE%SW% Section 32, Township 23 North. Range 27 West, Montana Principal Meridian, Sanders County. Montana, estimated to be 31 MBE Douglas Fir, 84 MBE Western Larch, and 12 MBE Ponderosa _Pine. No bid will be considered .for less than $7.90 per MBE for the Douglas Fir, $7.90 per MBE for the Western Larch, and $18.40 per MBE for the Ponderosa Pine. Total appraised price $1129.30. Deposit to accompany bid $112.93. Deposit with bid must be in the forra,ef a money order, cashier's SHERIFF'S SALE IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FOURTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF MONTANA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY,. OF SANDERS. ALLEN GOLDBERG, and DESSIE L. GOLDBERG Husband and Wife , Plaint 'ff. • vs. LARCH CODY INC., A WASHING- TON CORPORATION Doing business in the State of Mon- tana 4 Defendant. 'l'o be sold at sheriff's sale on the 13 day of February, A. D., 1959, at the hour of 2 o'clock P.M. of said day at the front door of the court house in the town of Thompson Falls, Sanders County, Montana, the following des- cribed land and premises, to -wit: Government Lots One (1), Four (4), Five (5), Six (6), and Nine (9); the East Half (E%) of the Southeast quarter (SE'/) and the Southwest quarter (SW%) of the Southeast quarter (S14:%) of Section Thirty-four (34) (also described as that portion of Section 34 lying Easterly of the Clarks Fork of the Columbia River): Government Lots One (1), Two (2). Three (3), Four (4), Five (5), Six (6), Seven (7). Eight (8) and Nine (9); The East half (EL) of the Northwest quarter (NW%); the Southwest quart- er (SW') of the) Northwest quarter, (NW 4), anti the Southwest quarter SW%) of Section Thirty-five (35) (also described as all of Section 35; all in Township Twenty-three (23) North, Range Thirty (30) V1'est of Montana Meridian. ALSO, Government Lots One (1), Two (2), Three (3), & Four (4); the South- west quarter (SW%) of the Northwest quarter (NW%); the West half (W%) of the Southeast quarter (SE%) of the Northwest quarter •(NW%); the West half (\V 1,) of the Southwest quarter (SW%) and the West half (WY of the East half (Elk) of the Southwest quarter (SW%) of Section Two (2); Government Lots One (1), Two (2), Three (3), Six (6), Seven (7), Ten (10), Eleven (11); the Southeast quarter (SE\) of the Northeast quarter (NE') and the Northeast quarter (NE%) of the Southeast quarter (SE%) of Section Three (3) described as that portion of Section Three (3) lying Easterly of the Clarks Pork of the Columbia River; Government Lot One (1); the West half (W%) of the Northeast quarter (NE/) of the Northwest quarter (NW'), and that portion of Govern - Thompson Falls Business & Professional Directory ment t.t Three (3) lying West of a 'drawn due North and South through a point 660 feet West of the North quarter Section corner, of Sec- tion 'eleven 11); all in Township T%eenty-two (22) North. Range Thirty (3(t). West of Montana Meridian: ALL EXC'EPT roads and that portion of Section Three (3) and Eleven (11) bordering on the Clarks Fork River. heretofore conveyed to and or, appropra r iteti by Inte-State lowerCoMpany, and ENCEI\I\ that portion of all of said property border- ing on said Clarks Pork River con- veyed to The ‘Yashington Water Pow- er company, a corporation, by deed dated April 15. 1957 and recorded in Hook 66 of Deeds, page 418; all situated in Sanders County, Montana. Leited at Thomuson Fails, Sanders County, Montana, this 17 day of Jan- uary 1959. Wally Britton, Sheriff A. Hen Cox, Under-Sherif1 oIMP.••••41”...14.1•104.111i0.”,41MON 04111•11.41•04111•4 , 411.1.04MPIMMINP0.11111.04=1.4,4•1•0.•NN MIK .4=0.0.11=14 P.M Look Your Best Visit Ray's Barber Shop .41 CLOSED MONDAY .11.1 INQUIRE McAllister Realty Farm & City Properties Listings appreciated .1•11114 , 411 Dr. C. E. 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Tillapaugh and Mrs. Frances Dodge were hosts when the Western Sanders County unit of the Montana Education Assn. met here Monday night. Those coming from Noxon were David McGuigan, David Sanks, James Forker, Warren Stone, George Cussen, Miss Betty Lowry and Bill Finnegan. Coming from Trout Creek were Mr. and Mrs i , Edgar Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Don Naegeli, Mrs. Vera Hammond and Mrs. Guptil. Cussen and Taylor were selected to attend a general assembly meeting in Helena in March. Mr. and Mrs. Wes Wolf have Jim and Shirley Orr at their home and are undertaking necessary legal action to adopt them. Jimmy is 13 and his sis- ter, Shirley 7. Their sister, Eileen, is making her home with the Cecil Groffs. Mrs. Groff is their aunt. Hones Behmerwohld return- ed home a week ago Monday from Spokane with Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Syth and Mrs. Art Syth who had been in the city for dental work. Hones recently un- derwent major surgery and is much improved. Mrs. Ray Winchester was hos- tess, when the Heron Chat and Act club met at the lunchroom Friday afternoon. Several ladies plan to attend the project lead- ers' meeting at Thompson Falls Thursday on \Preparation of Wild Game\ and \One Dish Meals.\ This material will be presented to the club at the next meeting, Feb. 14. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lunnen were hosts at a waffle supper Saturday evening at their home. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Tillapaugh, Mrs. Cecil Groff, Mrs. Frances Dodge, Patty and Jon. Unable to attend were the Clarence Wilsons, the Wes Wolfs and Cecil Groff. The Heron Bobcats went to Clark Fork Friday evening to play basketball with the Clark Fork grade team. Clark Fork was victorious 18 to 9. Frank Fitchett took the group in his bus. Others attending the game were Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Brooks, Mrs. Fay Rasmussen, Mrs. Frank Fitchett, David Runkle, Tony Ballenger and Glenn Weber. Miss Neva Lunnen, assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jones, was hostess at a surprise birth- day party at the Jones home Tuesday evening for Norma Jones, who celebrated her 18th birthday. Games were played after which the gifts were open- ed and refreshments served, Be- sides the above mentioned and Norma's brother, Marvin, and grandmother, Mrs. Mary Ander- sen, those present were Bertha Jo Fitchett, Sharon Shields, Au- drey Singbeil, Dolores and Glenn Weber, Leonard Jensen, Jack Koeneman, Harold Wilson, David Runkle, Kay and Don Ras- mussen. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Jensen Tuesday visited Norman's uncle, Lester Rice, at the Bonner Gen- eral hospital. Lester is much im- proved and Friday was able to come home. Mrs. M. Jensen and Leonard drove in to get him. Everett MacSpadden of Spo- kane stopped briefly Thursday to visit his mother, Mrs. F. E. MacSpadden, on his way to Whitefish. He returned here Friday evening and went on to Spokane Saturday. Cecil Groff and son, Leon, left Saturday morning for Grants Pass, Ore. to get the planer they recently purchased for their sawmill. Son Born Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lunnen of Salt Lake City are the parent! For Houses. . . In Thompson Falls For Ranches In Lake & Sanders Counties — Contact — Duke Sallee, Thompson Falls Realty Phone TA 7-3498 /r5 tA PRO F/ • • flu RU rA LE s 10, T4I E - r0 v Buy, Sell, Firld or Swap with a Want Ad! WANT AD Rates — 10c per I ne, 40c minimum. Order three insertions and get a fourth insertion FREE. Count five words to a line. * FOR SALE * DON'T FORGET YOUR HOME— See us for FHA remodeling loans. • No Down Payment * Low Monthly Payments * Long Terms • Pay as you use * It's a home investment * Low & Controlled interest rates PYATT LUMBER CO. WANT ADS provide extra cash! SC Homemakers Fete Husbands At Annual Dinner By Mrs. S. J. Stonehocker TROUT CREEK—The Swamp Creek Homemakers club mem- bers each year take their hus- bands out to dinner, usually to some large cafe. This year they did a very neighborly thing by asking the PTA if it would like to put on the dinner for them, thus helping our local communi- ty. They enjoyed a very deli- cious dinner Saturday evening at the school lunchroom with about 31 present. The tables were decorated with charming little snowmen for centerpieces and tiny snow- men adorned the nut cups, all made by Mrs. Hammond. Mrs. Edgar Taylor, airs. Jean Taylor and Mrs. Bob Jopling were the committee in charge of putting on the dinner with sev- eral others helping. A 4-H meeting was held Mon- day evening of last week at the school. It was called to order by Clinton Brown, president. Bob — Hanson, county agent at large, gave a talk on 4-H pro- jects. Seventeen members and three guests, the leader Mrs. Kiern and two assistant leaders attended. The PTA has changed the date for its games party to Feb. 14 as there were_ too many other activities Jan. 31. This is to be given for the March of Dimes. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Zook and family were guests at the Walt- er Kirschbaum home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Iff visited Mr. and Mrs. Bud Iff in Thomp- son Falls Sunday. Campfire Group Selects Name We decided to name our group Nowitomkiya, which means we are friends banded together for a purpose. The meeting was held at the home of our leader, Mrs. Robert Millar. We made symbols for our own names. Jacquie Dufresne, Gayle Tay- lor and Karen Repp brought treats for the meeting. Virginia Thurman, scribe. of a boy born January 18. The infant has been named Michael Leroy. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lun- nen. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Runkle and three children of Kalispell were weekend visitors here at the Elmer Runkle home. 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Eci's Rattio - TV Service 29-5 IC Grange Takes Gavel to T. Falls By Mrs. Leonard Dickson SWAMP CREEK—The Trout Creek Grange No. 99 took the traveling gavel to Thompson Falls Friday evening. The Libby Independent Log- gers defeated the Trout Creek Independents Sunday afternoon 78 to 60. The Trout Creek Independ- ents were defeated Wednesday evening by the Hot Springs In- dependents in a game played in the spa city. itirs. Bennie Dickson and dau- ghter were in Thompson Falls Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Laws and sons have moved to Thompson Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Garvin Taylor and family visited Monday even- ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Taylor in Thompson Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cox and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Dick- son were in Thompson Falls Tuesday on business. Mr. and Mrs. Clint Brown, Derry Conklin, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kraus and Lois and Reta, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dickson and Xr. and Mrs. Leonard Dickson visited Saturday evening at the Kenneth Cox home. Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Dickson and son were in Hot Springs Saturday to get their baby, Christi, who was released from the hospital. Lois Kraus was home from MSU over the weekend. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kraus. CALL TAylor 1-3611 For PROMPT SERVICE & Clean Burning STOVE & FURNACE FUELS CROSS it BUTTE, INC. IIersh Norm Ceretana Feeds Poultry and Dairy Concentrates Mountain Gem Butter and Ice Cream Sanders County Dairy Co -Op., Inc, Phone TA 6-3582 Plains, Montana * FOR SALE 1 * PETE'S SAW SERVICE, Plains, Phone TA 6-3581 After 6 p.m. call TA 6-3494 Homelite Chain Saw Dealer Parts, Service; New and Used saws for sale. - • 10-16tf NEW SHIPMENT ROOFING. Still low prices. Thickbut as- phalt shingles, 215-1b. wt. only $8.50 per sq: All colors. PYATT LUMBER CO. Jim Says: By the time you have money to burn the fire has gone out. 1957 Chevrolet 4 -door sedan. Powerglide, power steering, V-8. 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SEE PYATT LUMBER CO. Sanders Receives Marine Promotion OAHU, T. H.—Richard B. Sanders, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sanders, Thompson Falls, was meritoriously promoted to Mar- ine corporal Dec. 23, while serV-- ing with the 1st Marine Brigade at the Marine Corps Air Station, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, T. H. Before enlisting in Feb. 1958 he was graduated from Thomp- son Falls High school. Make Honor Roll Two Sanders county stu- dents—James Smith of Thomp- son Falls and Kathryn Johnson of Plains—were among 388 stu- dents placing on the honor roll at Montana State university for the fall quarter. * FOR SALE * FOR SALE -1948 UNIVERSAL Jeep. Don Morgan, Niarada, Phone Hot Springs 2778. 29-5-12-19* USED SPINET PIANO. Wonder- ful savings. Excellent condi- tion. Was rented this area. Party moving. Your chance to save. Your old upright can be down payment with easiest terms. BAKERS MUSIC CEN- TER, 310 N. 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FOR RENT TA 7-3365. 15tf FOR RENT—NEAR NOXON furnished one bedroom dup- lex, modern, oil heat, electric ranger and heater. See Mrs. Minnie Larson, Hiway 10A, one mile west of Noxon bridge or write Box 76, Noxon, Mont. 15-22-29-5 * NOTICES * LIVESTOCK HAULING Spokane or Missoula nearly every week. Will take one or a truck load or when I can put a load together. Dale Gardner, Plains, Mont. 8-15-22-29 HAULING — CAPACITY LOAD anything, anywhere, anytime. Phone TA 7-3884, C. D. Chest- er, Trout Creek. 8-15-22-29* CLEARANCE SALE ON ALL Fall and Winter merchandise. Ruby's Shop, Plains. 1-8tf INCOME tAXES PREPARED. Call TA 7-3500 or see T. W. Scott . 1-29 to 4-2 SERVICE STATION HOURS: Motors Garage will be Open All Day SUNDAY and until 8 p.m. each evening next week. The following stations will be closed Sunday and close at 6:30 p.m. weekdays during the winter months. 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Sanders County Ledger (Thompson Falls, Mont.), 29 Jan. 1959, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.