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HIGHWAY CRASH FATAL TO 3 MEN AT PLAINS PLAINS - Funeral services were held Tuesday and Wednes- day at Plains for the three Plains men who were killed early Sun- day morning in an auto crash at the junction of Highways 28 and 10A just east of Plains. Services for Dennis Palmer, 22, were conducted Tuesday in the Community Methodist church with the Rev. Quentin Schwartz officiating. Double funeral ser- vices were conducted yesterday at the Church of God for John Kelly, 59, and his son, Kenneth, 24, with the Rev. Authur Freese officiating. The three men were killed when their car plunged into a concrete abutment of a bridge at the highway intersection. A fourth occupant of the car, Tom Risland, was taken to the Sand - Milton Dykstras Move to Snider By Mrs. Ralph Goode THOMPSON RIVER -Mr. and Mrs. Milton Dykstra Jr. have re- turned from Salmon, Ida. to their new home at Snider. The young couple was married Fri- day at Moiese. Snider neighbors wish them much happiness. Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Grimm have moved to their home they recently purchased in Thomp- son Falls. Bob and Jim Paige and Jack and Jim Culligan of Spokane are visiting the Harold Sharp family at Copper King. Visitors over the weekend at the Ralph Goode home were his son and family from Hot Spr- ings. Both Ralph and his son, Harold, got their deer, Ralph Saturday and Harold, Sunday. ers County General hospital at Hot Springs suffering from in- juries. The four men were returning to Plains from Paradise about 2:30 a.m. when their car slip- ped off the highway ran 400 feet through a snowy borrow pit and smashed into the bridge. Risland and Kenneth Kelly were thrown from the vehicle. First persons on the scene said John Kelly lived for a few minutes, while Kenneth and Pal- mer were killed outright. The elder Kelly leaves a wid- ow and one other grown son, all of Plains. The younger Kelly is survived by his widow and two children. Palmer was not mar- ried. The deaths sent Montana's traffic toll for the year to 215, compared with 178 a year ago and 193 for all of 1958. With more than a month to go, the death already is the sixth highest in Treasurer State history. 4-H Club Plans Basket Social WHITEPINE-Plans for a com- munity basket social at Belknap Dec. 4 and a Christmas party at a later date were discussed at the second meeting of the White - pine Happy Workers 4-H club for the year 1959-60 held at the Whitepine Grange hall with Jay Jopling as host. Mrs. Roy Cook gave a report on the 4-H leaders conference she attended at Ronan. Names for the Christmas party were exchanged. The Gardners will be hosts for the yule event. Marilyn Gardner, reporter. Refills for most Ballpoint pens Choice of colors -blue, black red, green. The Ledger. DR. R. G. STANSBERRY OPTOMETRIST EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED I will be in THOMPSON FALLS THURSDAY, DEC. 3rd Office hours from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Offices in Dr. Isbister's offices, 103 Columbia. Phone TAylor 7-3311 Let us give thanks Dear Father, as we bow our heads in thanks For these Thy gifts so bountifully bestowed: Our daily bread, and work that satisfies, And love that lights the way and shares the load - Help us to look beyond the feast for ways To bring all men the blessings that we know - Thy peace, and freedom to enjoy its boons; To move, unchallenged, safely to and fro, Freely without fear to speak and teach, To worship Thee as conscience points the way. Lord, give us grace to know how blest we are And make our lives one long Thanksgiving Day. MAUREEN MURDOCH 1111 MONTANA POWER COMPANY tOWLINGi ? Power City League FS Bank 3 -Turk 568, Cox 465, Taylor 593, Langley 435, Duffield 490; Huffs -Eldridge 388, Coeper 437, G. Eldridge 403, H. Eldridge 407, Lovhaug 443. Motor Parts 2 -Brockway 483, Breiner 381, Wilkinson 392, Lovhaug 408, Boyce 494; Falls Elec. 1 -Mahoney 408, Oliver 470, Gill 452, Berge 415, Huff- man 550. TF Lumber 2-Rosdahl 416, Oliver 498, Shear 468, Dobson 487, Kerr 470; Richs 1-Truck- ner 438, Stromme 365, Stipe 389, Blake 498, Hertz 363. Saints 2 -Wood 530, Curran 500, Wollaston 420, Watson 496, Millar 414; Rainier 1-Goree 467, Moles 372, Mellinger 488, T. Moles 454. Motors Garage 2 -Vaught 555, Browne 460, H. Vaught 489, Sharp 454, Melnrick 559; Husky 1 -Davis 393, Fortner 427, Torgrimson 519, Turk 435, Size- more 391. Huffs 21 15 Husky 20 16 Falls Electric 19 17 Saints 19 17 TF Lumber 18 18 Rainier 18 18 FS Bank 17 19 Motor Parts 17 19 Motors Garage 16 20 Richs 16 20 High team game, First State Bank 1037; high team series, FS Bank 3058; high individual game Taylor 223, high individual series, Taylor 593. Cedars League Budweiser 1 1 / 2 - McCracken 324, Grimm 308, Brown 293, Hanson 357, Dodson 396; Pas- time 1 1 / 2 - McPherson 325, Sandy 294, Greene 356, Shog- ren 355, Hamann 491. Bud King 2-Kirkeberg 455, Ross 400, Delducco 404, Nelson 435, Oliver 493; Preston 1 - Bybee 382, Vaught 400, Halter 416, Koontz 381, Curran 406. Copper Queens 2 -Cross 393, Boyce 413, Sharp 401, Watters 429, Gill 418; Gill -Adams 1- Craddick 446, Carrico 434, Wood 382, Huff 383, Wollaston 437. Mahoney 2 -Thurman 349, Schmoyer 405, Bowden 346, Huffman 382, Mahoney 410; Rex 1 -Brockway 415, Haskell 291, Jensen 373, Davis 347, Graham 384. High team series, Bud King 2286; high game, Bud King 811; high series, Alice Oliver 493; high game, Martha Cross 192. Copper Queens 22 11 Preston 21 12 Bud King 17 16 Rex 17 16 Gill -Adams 16 17 Mahoney 16 17 Budweiser 13½ 19 1 / 2 Pastime 9 1 / 2 23 1 / 2 Ball and Chain League Stump Jumpers 4 -Oliver 378, E. Oliver 541, Miller 451, M. Miller 481; Milichdauphen- Babcock 295, Wollaston 394, M. Wollaston 385, S. Babcock 442. Bad News 3 -Britton 426, Eg- gensperger 474, G. Eggensper- ger 395; Channel Masters 1 - Flanigan 475, P. Flanigan 419, Kneeskern 374, B. Kneeskern 395. Loopers 3 -Turk 432, M. Turk 356, Mahoney 429, E. Mahoney 504; No Names 1-Pyatt 384, J. Pyatt 312, Knowlton 315, Shaw 308. Pill Rollers 3 -Ross 484, Rohwer 362, Mellinger 366, T. Mellinger 423; Doozndonts 1- Rosdahl 480, Brockway 341, G. Rosdahl 319, D. Brockway 496. Miss Fires 3 -Gill 458, H. Gill 423, Huffman 479, E. Huffman 486; Stinkers 1 -Duffield 436, M. Duffield 364, Heater 328, R. Heater 390. Water Wheels 2 - Roehling 331, H. Roehling 380, Droz 358, F. Droz 410; Community 2 - Dodson 338, H. Dodson 485, Mil- lar 366, M. Millar 445. High team game, Doonzdont's 740; high team series, Pill Rol- lers & Stump Jumpers 2064; higk individual game, E. Oliver 204; high individual series, E. Oliver 541. Stump Jumpers 38 14 Bad News 32 20 Missfires 30 22 Channel Masters 29 1 / 2 22 1 / 2 Community 26 26 Stinkers 25 1 / 2 26 1 / 2 Milichdauphen 24 1 / 2 27 1 / 2 Loopers 24 28 Pill Rollers 22 1 / 2 29 1 i No Names 22 30 Water Wheels 21 31 Doozndonts 19 33 Blue Monday League Darigold 2 -Davis 381, Ham- ann 438, Eldridge 335, J. Eld- ridge 388, Lovhaug 369; TF Drug 1 -Cross 415, Ross 396, Davis 330, Mellinger 373, Eggensperg- er 380. Olivers 2 -McCracken 354, Long 347, Dodson 402, Crab- tree 300, Halter 405; Jopling 1 - Doty 416, Hamann 430, Aasen 393, McPherson 388, Jopling 347. Norms 2 -Kinzer 369, Wilkes 282, Jonas 352, Scott 336, Gill 470; Eat -A -Bite 1-Auclair 328, Cernik 330, Melnrick 266, Lee- son 309, Hale 366. Ranch 2 -Haskell 411, Dean 361, Doyle 390, Brockway 382, Graham 383; Bankerettes 1 - Davenport 396, Suasn L. Thayer 327, Susan M. Thayer 342, Eld- ridge 344, Rohwer 324. Pyatt 2-Kirkeberg 397, Lar- son 418, Craddick 417, Curran 425, Nelson 352; Boyd 1 -Olsen 352, Roehling 346, Boyd 312, Bruce 373, Boyce 410. High team series, Olivers 2126; high game, Pyatt 748; high series, Nina Gill 470; high game, Kay Hamann 172. Pyatt 22 11 TF Drug 21 12 Jopling 20 1 / 2 12 1 / 2 Boyd 18 15 Ranch • 17 16 Darigold 15 18 Bankerettes 14 19 Eat-A -Bite 13 20 Olivers 12 1 / 2 20 1 / 2 Norms 11 22 Laundry marking pens $1.00. Refills 50c. Mark up to 3000 garments. Available now at the Ledger. WEDDING STATIONERY HELIOGRAVED • by the creators of The Flower Wedding Line elialograving-no( to be confused with engraving) HICLIOGRAVING is distinctive Mead elegant. HELIOGRAVING has that individual look of finest craftsmanship. But it costs only about half as much as you'd expect.. .and is ready within a week. Many other styles frosn which to choose. The LEDGER Dolores Weber ' SANDERS COUNTY LEDGER To Head Heron Trees, Shrubs Eagles 4-H Club Available Again HERON -The Heron 4-H club held its reorganization meeting Nov. 16. Officers for the new year are: Delores Weber, presi- dent; Nelda Lunnen, vice pre- sident; Gary Groff, secretary - treasurer; Glenn Weber, report- er and Eileen Groff, recreation and song leader. Plans were made for the achi- evement night which was sch- eduled for Friday. Due to road conditions the 4-H achievement night had to be postponed. It will be held in connection with the next 4-H meeting Dec. 5 when J. H. Mikkelson will be here. All parents and friends are invited to attend. It was decided to meet Sat- urday afternoons during the winter months. The next meet- ing will be held Dec. 5, at the Heron gym. Glenn Weber, reporter Son Is Born Mrs. Frank Fitchett went to Missoula the first of last week to stay at the Paul Fitchett home a few days. Mrs. Paul Fitchett gave birth to a baby boy Sunday at a Missoula hospital. The in- fant, who joins four brothers, has been named Paul Franklin. County Agent Henry Mikkel- son announces that young trees are again available for farmers to plant. These trees are grown at the State Forestry nursery in Missoula and will be shipped at planting time next spring. The following broadleaf trees are available in bundles of 50 trees each at $3 a hundred: Rus- sian olive, boxelder, green ash, American elm, Siberian elm, Golden willow, white willow and cottonwood. Everygreen trees in bundles of 25 trees each at $3.80 a hun- dred are: Rocky mountain juni- per, ponderosa pine, Colorado blue spruce and Douglas fir. Shrubs in bundles of 50 each at $3 a hundred are: caragana, honeysuckle, common lilac, Nanking cherry, sandcherry dogwood, purple willow and southernwood. Order blanks are available at the ASC office in Plains or the county agent's office in Thomp- son Falls. All farmers are urged to get their orders in soon. Heron Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Dean Winchester and two girls arrived Sunday evening from Spokane for a short visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Winchester. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Syth and two children recently moved into the Dan DeLong house in town. Henry Kraus, clerk of the Noxon school board, was a busi- ness caller in town Wednesday. A pink and blue shower was planned for Mrs. Harry Behmer- wohld Monday. Due to the bad weather no one ventured out but a number of nice gifts were sent to her. Albert Lunnen took Frank Fitchett to the Bonner General hospital at Sandpoint Thursday morning as he was suffering from over -exertion caused by fighting the snowbound roads on the 'schoolbus run the past few days. He was expected to come home about Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fitchett and boys brought Mrs. Frank Fitchett home from Missoula Thursday after hearing of Mr. Fitchett's illness. Ray Fitchett has taken over the school bus run for his fath- er. As Ray lives on Elk creek he brings both grade and high school children to town and then takes the high school students west picking up the Kenneth Wilson and John Harker chil- dren before meeting the high school bus at the Y. In the mean time Frank Vanek with the high school bus picks up both high school and grade students in the west end. A -lc Kenneth Kline of Fair- child Air Force base spent the weekend with relatives here. The PTA is sponsoring a card party at the lunchroom Satur- day night. Mr. and Mrs. Willy Sellmer spent a few days the past week with relatives in Spokane. Their daughter, Mrs. Don Sharp and two children, had accompanied them. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lunnen were in Sandpoint Friday hav- ing some work done on their car. Earlier in the week as Mr. Lun- nen was driving around the gym corner Gerald Syth with his pickup and trailer slid into the side of the car denting in the rear door and fender. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fitchett and children and Mrs. Frank Fitchett visited Mr. Fitchett at the hos- pital at Sandpoint Friday. The sophomore class of Noxon High school presented its play, \Roise Makes Good\ at the local gym Thursday evening. Mr and Mrs. John Harker took Mrs. J. H. Harker to the Bonner Local Bowlers Win in Tourneys Mrs. Tom Doyle of Snider won first place with 879 pins in the C division of the Women's Invita- tional tournament at Kalispell, which ended Sunday. Several Thompson Falls wo- men bowlers and team partici- pated in the meet. Harry Dodson recently won fourth place in a men's invita- tional tourney at Plains. his prize money was $16. General hospital at Sandpoint Friday suffering with the flu. Subscription lists for the School Christmas treats, are at the Heron store and the post office. Please leave your dona- tions as soon as possible so the order for candy and nuts can be placed. WANT ADS get result., fast! Thursday, Nov. 26, 1959-3 State at Top in Big Game Kills A recent report of big game harvests in 48 states for 1958 released by the U. S. Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Sports Fish- eries and Wildlife puts Montana right at the top as a big game hunter's paradise. Montana was first in bighorn sheep, mountain goat and grizzly bear harvest. In fact, this state provided the only grizzly bear hunting in 1958 throughout the entire nation and state hunters bagged almost twice as many goats as all of the rest of the states combined. Montana ranks second only to Idaho in the elk harvest and second to Wyoming in the total harvest of antelope and moose. Deer hunters bagged more deer in Texas, Utah and Oregon but Montana deer hunters enjoyed a higher percentage of success than any of the three. Black bear hunters found bet- ter hunting only in Washington, Idaho, Michigan and Maine. Last, but not least, Montana was 19th in the number of wild turkeys harvested. Indications point to an equally good season in 1959. FOR INSURANCE CALL Barry Benson in Thompson Falls Each Wednesday Contact at Martha Cross residence Ph. TA 7-3663 Stiff' farm 'Cala' Automobile Insersoce C. State Farm Life IRSuflifiCO CO Stale funk nni aed Casualty Co. pa.' orrice -ecoomimerrom. Sponsored by th(‘ Trout ('reek PTA THANKSGIVING Dance Saturday, November 28 Trout Creek Community Hall MUSIC BY THE OLD TIMERS Admission: $1 per person, school children free if accompanied by parents. Lunch 35c See the NEW 21 OVER-ALL NAG. MEAS.; 263 SO. IN. PICTURE VIEWING AREA . 4/1111/10 , - w FULL-SIZE TABLE TV IN ATTRACTIVE COMPACT CABINET Cabinet is slightly larger than size of picture tube. Golden ' . M\• Tubes and Parts, Tube FULL YEAR WARRANTY Sentry', 20,000 c'iiltm of ture Puy's!, Colors: Ma- On All Tubes and Parts. hogany Blond, Wail- $4.99 1960 MOTOROLA TV SETS .95' including Picture Tube. nut. Model LESS , UUll 21'1'64. FLANIGAN ELECTRONIC SALES Phone TA 7-3265 Sales & Service Thompson Falls NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS All Taxpayers in Sanders County Are Reminded That Nov. 30, 1959, Is The Deadline For Payment of First Half Taxes For 1959. UNPAID TAXES WILL BECOME DELINQUENT ON DECEMBER 1, 1959. , Montana State Law requires that the payments must be in the treasurer's office by Nov. 30th. Even though a tax payment bears a postmark before the deadline it will be delinquent unless it has reached the treasurer's office by the deadline. Thank you, RALPH GOODE Sanders County Treasurer

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