Sanders County Ledger (Thompson Falls, Mont.) 1959-current, December 25, 1963, Image 4

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13 *$ 313112A3*;1)112°3*131* \ zw2$313z ` ;15 ' s53z ' av A z al l fomiistii 32 A= gt 4 -SANDERS COUNTY LEDGER To wish you every joy and a very merry Yule. JOHNSON JEWELRY 3 Vi Merry Christmas and best - wishes: a GREENE'S w ELECTRONICS MERRY CHRISTMAS, 1963 Belknap Women Stage Path 4 By Mrs. Rex Thompson BELKNAP—The sewing club .held its Christmas party at the ,Rhome of Mrs. Rose Hill Tuesday Rafternoon. Gifts were exchanged aby Mesdames Helen Wuerl, Al- %tha Thompson, Sophia Moles, ;Angie Meadows, Laura Branson, gMary Larson and the hostess. WDessert was served during the a afternoon. % Mrs. Roland Matthews return- ed from Spokane last Monday Rafter spending since Thursday athere getting acquainted with %her new granddaughter, Lisa Marie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. gLee Matthews. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hertz and Paula drove to Missoula Satur- day and returned the same day. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hill at- tended the family reunion and a60th wedding anniversary party %for their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Hill at Rollins Saturday. 1AMrs. Kurt Jacky, sister of Glenn, areturned with them and left Where by train Sunday evening iii 3t535;;;33za5* - Av:;333t533tyA3ws3w1 g ici:$13wit y l y =4);%03z03*;33tflia g os% for her home in Portland. Mrs. Helen Wuerl visited Sun- day with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest aButte. % Mr. and Mrs. Orville Branson m mand family have gone to Wait- Rburg, Wash. to spend Christmas To friends everywhere we send greetings. REX THEATER with the latter's parents. Ira %Branson will spend the holiday ;in Orinda, Calif. with his sister, L(Adelle Harlan. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Branson and family of Tuesday to spend Christmas ,„ 14 with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Branson. W W a Eight tables of pinochle were W %in play at the Community Cen- ter Saturday night with Mrs. Rex Thompson as hostess. Prizes W etwere won by the following: Mrs. W WBoyd Davis and LaVern Moles, W whigh; Sherrill Brauer and John May peace be your gift during this Holy Season. ,Long, second high; Mrs. Helen RWuerl and Art Noll, low; Mrs. hIVaSophia Moles and Andy Marich, 1963 %goose; and Sherrill Brauer and ;LaVern Moles, 1000 aces. The LAnext party will be in two weeks Harold Hietala, son of Mr. and Rwith Mrs. Glenn Hill as hostess, here this weekend from Ana - Bea's Beauty Shop heim, Calif. He will then accom- a File Application Mrs. Arnold Hietala, will arrive pany his parents and brother to W Fredrick Dean Risser of Chic- Bozeman where they will spend aago and Miss Katherine Ann the Christmas holidays with an - Lawyer of of Eddy and Chicago other brother and family, Mr. ;have filed an application with and Mrs. Leroy Hietala and two Clerk of Court James H. Smith children. Monday they will at - for a marriage license, tend the funeral of a friend, Joe Mr. and Mrs. Art Graham left huagv:gutozzlzazg'izaz 3 : 13 zawimgmg Sunday for Eugene, Ore. toi spend the holidays with a daugh- ter and family, Mr. and Mrs. JimI Patrick. They also will visit theira other children in Oregon beforew returning. Maxis Fleisher and her bro- ther, Donald (Butch) Fleisher, arrived home unexpectedly dur- ing the weekend to spend Christ- mas with their parents. Mr. and0 Mrs. Frank Holt, grandmother, Mrs. Eva Perry, and other fri-% ends and relatives. Mavis is em- ployed in Los Angeles and Butcha is serving with the U. S. Navy. a The Misses Marsha Rounsley m and Karen Repp will leave Thu- rsday for Portland, Ore. to spend0 several days at the Emmanuel Lutheran hospital where they% both hope to take nurses train ing following their graduationa from Thompson Falls Highw school in the spring of 1965.% They will visit Janice Repp, sis-; ter of Karen, who is a nurse atg the hospital. Pvt. and Mrs. Bill Jonas arriv- ed home Saturday evening from,,,,v Fort Ord, Calif. where Bill has° been stationed with the U. S. Army attending finance school. Sutherland Realty May's Barber Shop He will report back to Fort Ord t ,_ Jan. 2 and expects to leave theretr'\\ 1= ' 1= ' 3) ''' w=vA ' v \ 2°Y ' v4=3=31:513 ' 2v1)z gva!\: 9 A 3 ' = g )z gg v il 2 g ,* -m`Dzso s s about Jan. 21 for further fin -a ance training in Indianapolis.% Mrs. Jonas will remain here until; he finishes the school in Indiana- polis. Mrs. Lila Ross will go to Mis-% soula this weekend to spendR Christmas with her sop and,„g family, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry RossR and two daughters. Also spend -a ing Christmas with them will be% the younger Mrs. Ross' parents b . and brother, Mr. and Mrs. JakeR Weigand and Jerry. Mr. and Mrs.W Bob Ross and two daughters of% Coeur d'Alene will arrive in Mis- T ,i soula after Christmas to visit the„,g group and also visit her parents.R Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kelly. a TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY LOST—FEMALE BEAGLE AN - i5 swers to Angel. Disappeared Saturday in or near town. Call 827-4554, Larry McKenzie. a 26'w FOR RENT -2 BEDROOM FULl ly furnished house, 1 block% from school, $40 per month. Contact Ernest Franke, 8274 26Y1 FOR SALE -1954 1954 BUICK, GOODW inside and out. Call 827-3340,a —1:71 / she s egiy3rsizzio:ssms.13;AzzixsA W w/35:5z u miuz;x3;z4=533z , wza5m;A)*;Dt jA 3 esicp : plAwasli ) z 5 3)za vgi 33A moz$32 , Gowan, in Belgrade. Kathryn 26-2-9-161 NON ISE RS /V5V53125334253 PZ4 3S20M331 SS SSA ISA R:53 3SM4 TSC 3t1a VA 3Si ISE =31 / rad mope w• 1 111 4° 963 , All good wishes 1 / / to our many patrons. w W Carnation Dairy ! W R W & Holsum Bread w W Products V Dick & Georgenia Wilkinson W OW% MS ISS WA SSA ISA 3SA ISUS4 '7-'3 Si We hope Santa brings you gifts of joy and peace. Thompson Falls Drug Co. May Yule be long treasured for its great joy. INTER - CITY FREIGHT LINES Bob & Stella Koontz 3ts..uzz 3tss Asa rza less lam ica aLind, Wash. were to arrive here Briefs Miss Alana Rogers, daughter .)f Mr. and Mrs. Percy Rogers, s spending the holidays here .v,th her parents and brother, Mike. She is a senior at Holy \;ames College in Spokane. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Vacura and daughter. Clarice. left Tues- day for Mattawa, Wash. to spend the holidays with a daug- hter and sister, and her family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Arnold and daughter. Mrs. Lucille Smith and sons, Terry and Drew Hendren, left Monday for Portland, Ore, to spend the Christmas holidays with the former's daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Kraus and daughter. Ruth Ann Weldon. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vern Weldon, arrived home last week from Missoula to spend the holidays with her parents. She has been employed in Missoula for sever- al months. Mrs. John Oliver arrived home Saturday from Dillon where she had completed her practise teaching as a student at Western Montana College of Education. She will remain here now and has enrolled in several corresp- ondence courses. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Cornett left Monday morning for Big Sandy to spend Christmas at the ranch with their sons and families, Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Cornett and two daughters, and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cornett and three chil- dren. Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Berge left Monday for Washington where they will visit their two daugh- ters and families, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Puyear and two children of Pasco, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Haskell and two daughters of Kennewick and a son and family. Mr. and Mrs. John Berge and baby of Spokane. g g a g ELLO/ g g a a a g a W g W W g 11 V g W W h ) g V W \ g W V ____ N g V (._‘, ) I ‘- 1 \ 't,1 - 1 -0- - 1 g W ii ii , \, •'.. N, - , W '. '\..- -'''''...- \'\• -. ...' -''''' g il ii \ . .- •......-.. .... '''' g ii a g a a 11 1963 il W And thanks for li — .,...- g your patronage. W g May you have I FLO's I We appreciate g a joyous and I il Eat -A -Bite Cafe / W your support and happy holiday. I Wciosed chZt 1 , 1 1;a r ip e a k y — ii Huff's Lounge great friendship. 1 1 Black Bear Hotel 1Falls a 1 Au - 3013 ; 3 0 3 :=C 3tie rkti5251)S1 Va 3S1 =WW1 )25i MOSS 3:0 3SI3SS SS 3S1 SZI3Silakt 7:53 ;Si VaTSIMOSSJIIIi W i! il il ii Yi I To wish you peace, I I joy and happiness If Joy and peace be W I for the Yuletime. I with you during ii I I il this Yule season. I 1Duffel's Pis lumbing 1 / Bill's & Heating I Barber Shop 1101102011571141111MCOSESIMMiffi y ew vs e a j e siti s amoaDianommu s gu a g 5.1430 3da V 01114311011ADOSEMENallalSi VIkDSSISISSI 7:513SMORMIalelli /CZ ISSMAIIMOVAP HRISTMAS We sing his praise and glory for this day. VanCampen's Ready to - Wear 1 .- t' I s j c:joy to greet our friends. w Wishing you joy A merry Yule all. / this Christmas. CHRISTMAS We're headlining our greetings for a happy holiday sea- son to wish all our friends and patrons health and good cheer at Christmas time! Baxter Manufacturing Co. A 3SA T:53 YS1 NSA Ig55 ISA VA ISA =3520 3=VASSI VSI VSX 52513:SA sza Sza 5:g Mg 3S£11 it's Christmas and a joyful time. Let's celebrate and give thanks for our abundent blecsings. Building & Electric Supply Co. .5A VSA 5z51 ISA ItiA Szi Trf4PaTZalitiA less 3:2:4 3 , sa SZ5X SSA SZI 3tg 'SS Peace and joy be with you evermore. Norm's Cafe Sag Sta 3t51 YeSS 101 Rig Yealeginii1S4RISIZEilltliall

Sanders County Ledger (Thompson Falls, Mont.), 25 Dec. 1963, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.