Poplar Shopper (Poplar, Mont.) 1970-2001, March 19, 1970, Image 3

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MARCH 19, 1970 BUYING: Batteries Metals Radiators Hides FOR SALE STOVE WOOD TAPE RECORDER BAR-BACK BAR- BOOTHS AND STOOLS | HOSPTAL BED BOOKS BATHTUB-LAVATORY TOILET KITCHEN WARE SUITS & COATS . 4 VACUUM CLEANERS LUGGAGE MOVIE CAMERA & PROJECTOR 2- 12X14 RUG & PAD McCORMICK ELECTRIC CREAM SEPARATOR 3 SEWING MACHINES | TYPEWRITER REFRIGERATORS PHONOGRAPHS TAX! AND HAULING SERVICE < WATER CONDITIONING HEADQUARTERS AUTOMATIC HOME - OWNED WATER CONDIT- IONERS AUTOMATIC RE NTAL UNITS EXCHANGE TANK SERVICE REPLACEMENT CHEMICALS AND SUPPLIES WATER SOFTENER SALT DELIVERY SOFT WATER SOAP PRO- DUCTS SERVICE ON ALL MAKES OF WATER CONDITIONERS | OVER 22 YEARS IN NE MONTANA Wolf Point 653-2412 FOR SALE DETROITER MOBILE HOMES all widths ali lengths | New and Used Parts and Service TRAVEL TRAILERS and CAMPERS Winnebago, Starcraft , Rolite BOATS Shell Lake, Johnson, Starcraft. Larson FISHER SPORTS-MARINA Sidnev 482-2054 Local Representative MACK RED 768-3877 BUDGETARY PICTURE It has always been the in- tent of my office to keep the patrons of School Dis- trict #9 informed on matters which should be of vital concern. if | have missed the mark on occasions, | can truthfully say that | did not miss by design. This missive will deal with the budgetary picture for the 1970-71 school term. | hope that you take some interest in what | write, because the following mat- erials will bave an effect on_your \pocketbook\ how- ever indirect. As | have done in the past, | will break the budgets into Elementary and High School categories. This will, | hope, lend some clarity to the entire process. The Poplar Elementary school General Fund Budget for 1970-71 totals out at $505,009.00 as opposed to $467,842.00 for the current school year. This is slight- ly more than a 7 per cent overall increase. How will this new budget total be worked out with the found- ation Program. First of all, we use an approximate ‘ANB (Average Number Belonging) figure to determine the funds available under the schedules of the Foundation Program. In our case we used an ANB figure of 712. Mineral Bench, as a sep- arate school, is figured separately . Using the 712 figure the Foundation Program will provide $257,088.96. (Required Minimum Gene eral Fund Budget) and a Permissive amount of $64,272.24. The Permissive amount are those funds the school can secure without a vote. We now hove $321,361.20 figured under the Foundation Program schedules. We take the $321, 361.20 and add $330,107.20 supposedly furnished to School District #9 from the foundation program. We con now pro- ceed to use the General Fund Budget total presented at the beginning. The total was $505,009. We subtract $330,107.20 from the total figure to find out the add- itional funds needed to balance the budget. The additional funds needed ore $174,901.80 or 37 mills. This will be the figure, 37 mills, called for by the School Trustees during the election in April. Now that | have stated the figures for the special levies needed to balance the elementary budget, allow me to try to explain how the Public Low 874 funds are used to reduce the levies. Because many people become confused concerning Public Law 874 funds, | feel that POPLAR SHOPPER a brief explanation should be inserted here. P.L. 874 funds are those funds received from the Federal | Government for, property , etc., that are not subject to the normal taxation .sit- vations. In other words, these funds are in lieu of taxes. The unfortunate part about 874 funds is that they do not reimburse enough to take care of spiraling costs, but as | said before, any assistance in this area is better than nothing. The Poplar Elementary School District has $128,137. $128,137.00 or 27.1 mills of P.L. 874 funds to apply against permissive and special levies. The first step in the use of the funds is to take care of the per- missive levy (tax without vote) of $64,272.24 or 13.6 mills. We subtract 13.6 mills from the 874 funds of 27.| mills leaving 13.5 mills or $63,864.76 to apply against the special levy of 37 mills or $174,901.80. We subtract the $63,864.76 from $174,901.80 leaving a total of $111,037.04 or 23.5 mills. During all of this subtracting | wish to remind you that it is still necessary to vote the 37 mill added levy. | am only trying to point out that by using the 874 funds the actual extra levies will not ge 37 mills. When you figure the permissive levy of 13.6 mills taken care of by the 874 funds, and the 13.5 mills of 874 funds used to further reduce the levies, we can say that there is, in actuality, an approximate 10 mill increase even though you are voting on a 37 special mill levy. The 10 mill increase would amount to $47,260.00 using a figure of $4,726.00 as what one mill would raise. It is the hope of my office that this article will serve to clarify the budgetary need of Poplar Elementary District * 9 for 1970-71, and how these needs will be provided for by law and by vote. The op gen of School Distritt #9 will have to decide whether the programs now initiated will be continued, and whether some promising ventures for the future can be carried out. After the high school budget has been written up, | will endeavor to tie both budgets together for an overall view. WEATHER II THRU 17 HT (0 PER. March I| 26 II .02 March 12 25 4 O March 13. 32-5 March 14 38 14 March 15 38 Il March 16 50 13 March I7 46 3 .2i Total precp. since January 1,.1970 .95 oo - oO NOW APPEARING AT JESSIE’S SUPPER CLUB fec3rcwrecewewecenrwwereeweweweoee es ——— THE CRAWFORD FAMILY JUST OFF THE GRAND OL’ OPRY ; WITH LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS DINING ROOM OPENS THIS WEEK FEATURING PRIME RIBS AS DINNER MUSIC RE.: GAS RATE INCREASE Testimony of R. E. Pete Coffey before the Montana Railroad and Public Service Comm. in opposition to the MDU Gas rate increase . | am appearing here today as Chairman and in behalf. of the Board of County Commiss- ioners or Roosevelt County in opposition to the MDU application for an approx- imate 17% increase in their gas rates, expecially when you consider the fact that they have just completed an in- crease of 35% in residential rates and 51% in commercial rates. The people of Eastern Montana are beat down to their knees now with the reduced farm prices, average cuts and in- flation. The housewife, the wage earner, the businessman, the retired couples, the schools, churches, hospitals, etc. can- not stand another increase . The MDU could very well be in the position of the man that killed the goose that laid the golden egg if they were gronted this increase . In reviewing the MDU report to their stockholders dated June 30, 1969 one cannot help but note that gos revenue for the preceding 12 months is up $2,300,000.00 Net profit after taxes is up $1,038,000.00 . Dividends to the stockholders is up over 5%. Net earnings per share is up over 17%, This certainly does not reflect @ struggling company that is not making money. We feel that granting this increase would be more harmful . to the people of Eastern Montana than the refusal would be to Montana Dakota Utilities Co. We respectfully request that the Montana Railroad and Public Service Commission deny this rate increase . EVERY NIGHT PAGE 3 Coa-coe THEIR SPECIALTY Dani Lee Clark, a PHS graduate and currently a student at Montana State University and Laure Blea- zord, another University student are here this week observing classes at the High School . POGI ALAN ARKIN RITA MORENO RATED G SATURDAY SAVAGE WILD CARL SPORE MARIA EASTMAN RATED G SUNDAY SHOW TIME 8 P.M. WEDNESDAY TAKE A CHANCE SEPTIC TANK PUMPING — & DIGGING CONTACT: EDWARD SMITH | PHONE 768-3392

Poplar Shopper (Poplar, Mont.), 19 March 1970, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn86075285/1970-03-19/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.